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  1. This has happened three times in a row. When someone leaves the squad in the middle of a round, *everyone* reverts to shields and health like they would be in normal mode. The guns are so weak it's almost impossible to take anyone down that way, so there is nothing left to do but find a hiding spot or keep running around. If you get multiple enemies on you, they can still take you down, but one-on-one is useless after someone leaves the squad. This has also been noticed by new players who come in when someone else has left. They will also start with whatever shields and health they would have on any regular mission.
  2. Well, there's been no response, so I'll take it that's a "no". 😔 I'll still get the pack for each of them, but I guess I can't make it the surprise I would like it to be.
  3. Is there any way to buy these as gifts? I want to be able to give each of my kids (all three are now Warframe addicts) the TennoCon digital pack as a surprise, but I already bought and received the code for my account. I was hoping to get codes for each of them, make a custom card with each one's code in it, and give it to them. Unfortunately, it requires me to log in and I'm afraid that by doing that it will apply the pack to my account again which is exactly what I don't want. Is there any way to buy three packs and get only the codes?
  4. Honestly, I'm really hopeful for this! This could get rid of so much of the frustration of randomness. For example, it took me months to get a Grineer sheev set because I had to get lucky to finally look when the last part was available! It was absolutely frustrating! This method is potentially a LOT better! "You want the Sheev? Here it is. Go run some missions to get the money to buy it!"
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