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  1. One word, kohm. It’s completely destroys anything and everything in game.
  2. Probably where you live, I mean, it does sound self explanatory
  3. DE’s logic for not announcing that the disposition changes were coming was to avoid scams as only certain people would be aware. This same logic can be used against people’s claims that dispositions were ‘always meant to change’. Which was a claim on a forum post in late 2016. So to be aware that dispositions were indeed ‘always meant to change’, people have to do that which DE seems to think is hard, be active on the forums since late 2016.
  4. I’m at a loss as to why they didn’t just buff older dispositions, nothing even with a godly riven is game breaking or overused and it allowed veterans something to actually strive for.
  5. When you don’t clarify the purpose of rivens for 2 years to bode players into righteously spending thousands on plat, then nerf it all with no warning.
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