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  1. Seems like the Sentient arrived early with their interference drones
  2. Yes, because 5 of the formas I got in the login, paired with the affinity booster, went straight to my Bramma. Another 3 for my Nukor. Don't know about other guns. I already got+maxed 5 of the galvanized mods, but only got a couple arcanes. The mods can provide effects right away, but until I can get enough arcanes to rank them up, the effects seems negligible. However, I might change my old strategy of solo SP survival farm of gliding Wisp+GlaiveP to Wukong+Bramma, because the wind up time nerf is annoying me (but still perfectly viable). Also, bad guns will still be bad: slightly better than before, but why use a weak gun if the top guns got way better? Sure, there may be new synergies with the new CO mods that will make a forgotten weapon shine, but those will be exceptions.
  3. RIP Helios. No longer a stat stick. Now we will only use Smeeta, the reviving kavat and ocasionally a Carrier if you're running a weapon with abysmal ammo economy. If you're removing the only utility sentinel weapons had that means you want us to use them as actual weapons, so please buff the hell out of their damage because they can't kill anything even if we mod them for damage. Also, as you're fixing "long oversight bugs", remove the melee weapons affecting exalted weapons. Surely having a godly riven for a trash weapon with high disposition isn't intended to buff Khora's Whipclaw, right?
  4. Luckly I didn't go all out with helminth and was only rank9, and this week with 2 subsumes I got to rank10, so I'm holding frames in the foundry to stockpile helminth subsume xp when the update launches, but it must really hurt for the players who missed all the subsume xp. As for the buffs, I'd rather have a daily buff instead of a weekly one, simply because: - If it's for a frame I play a lot, it will be good - If it's for a task-specific frame (chroma Profit-Taker, saryn ESO, revenant Index), I won't play that mode the whole week, maybe just 1~3 days. If it would be daily, today I could focus in farming that mode and tomorrow move on to another thing - If it's for 3 frames I don't play and have no clear task-specific role, I might give it a shot in the first day, but would let it gather dust the remaining 6 days. Daily, it would mean today I will be playing a dusted frame and tomorrow I could give a shot to another one. - If it's for 3 frames I don't have, it's just fodder for the premium invigoration, and for 1 week the system won't exist for me. Being daily, I would only skip the system for 24h, so it would be way less boring
  5. In my opinion, Invigoration should only offer buffs for consumed warframes. Doesn't make sense for Helminth to be able to buff Frost if I never let him consume it. He needs a taste knowledge of the frame in order to know how to improve it.
  6. For me, the key shown was incorrect: it's the same key that you use to shoot the ordnance from railjack (in my case, Mouse3), even tough it was shown as LAlt ============================== As for the quest, I thought it was visually great, but too short... and the part where we play with the new frame was a mess because we don't know what his abilities are, so it said "press 3" and it just emits some FX but I still have no clue what it does... The descriptions should be like "<Ability 2 name>: Press [2] to dash into the enemy, causing damage and effects X, Y and Z."
  7. TYPE: In-Game (UI) DESCRIPTION: Keybind shown for Tempestaari quest's ordnance is different from assigned REPRODUCTION: Change keybinds for ordnance from LAlt to something else, then play Tempestaari quest EXPECTED RESULT: Ask to press the current keybind to shoot the quest ordnance (in my case, MButton) OBSERVED RESULT: Asked to press LAlt, and then nothing happening when pressing it REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% as long as you changed keybinds
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