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  1. Not to mention quite a variety of mods that renders any frame invincible in a way. Ehm.. Actually there is a way to 1 button all the grendel farm missions if you want it. (Cheese mechanic is still there even without mods).
  2. No matter how much DE tries to tweak stuff there will always be a meta that obliterates everything with 0 effort, even in SP. I personally don't care if they nerf melee or buff guns, or w/e, cus there will always be toys.
  3. I don't think because it won't be, simple as that. That 0.3% usage speaks for itself, unpopular weapon.
  4. And this topic is to draw DEs attention into nerfing proboscis cernos or am i missing something here?
  5. I've been asking myself the exact same question, how do the game stats calculate the accuracy %, i mean i've seen numbers even like 6k+.
  6. God damn, this, this is a great definition. And it will continue to be unfortunately.
  7. Try again without using any Volatile mods, like Volatile Quick Return or Volatile Rebound.
  8. As i mentioned, people come, people go. Same charts which i bet was the steam ones show it that warframe never had a steady playerbase. Correct me if i am wrong, but does steam take into account playerbase that use Standalone and Epic store launchers or its only Steam users? If it takes only steam data, then that data can be considered flawed, but i can be also mistaken so all we can do is wait and see how it plays out. But considering its a PvE game and still holds its popularity against the pvp games that are massively popular is still something. He asked for content and gamepla
  9. People come, people go and we are not losing players, its quite the opposite we gained some so i am not really sure where you are getting the data of "losing too many old and new players" from. Relax.
  10. If someone else is the cause that we failed sortie spy, i will ask politely if everyone wants to restart and i will speedrun it (assuming the connection between me and the host is alright). If i am the cause that we failed the spy sortie, then i will apologize and if they want to restart i will tag along to fix my mess up (if i can because my connection is crap as a host, so imagine how it is if i join even an average host, those doors are roughless when they don't open and suddenly u got a trash mob appear in front of u out of nowhere). And thats why i mostly solo, the cons of having
  11. Um, wish i knew where the problem is, i am still spending time in simulacrum, testing the glaives but nothing so far, i can't figure out what is causing it to happen. And again for me it happens only after ~100 kills and max stacks, so something else is the trigger. Guess i will spend more time there, hoping i could find something as a solid proof till then i guess rip glaives.
  12. Wings, i personally got mixed feelings about the ephemera, while yes they look quite nice on some frames, they literally cover half of your screen and you can't see anything thats in front of you, unless you aim 24/7.
  13. Well its strictly my opinion on how i look at the current "scythes", ofc everyone has their own views on weapon arts and i won't judge, but for me: Hate looks like a pickaxe. Reaper Prime looks like a golden pickaxe. Anku, i don't even know what part of it even is considered a scythe. That thing looks more like a mini axe. Ether Reaper, a big hatchet. \o/ Caustacyst, okay fair enough, just cus of the whole infested theme.
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