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  1. I like the new missions and look forward to them reaching a more polished state, I think they will eventually become fun to play more regularly. But as it is now, the flow of Railjack mission entry and exit leaves much to be desired.

    When I am on my Railjack and select a mission from the Nav, that means I should be hosting the mission, not joining other squads. That is why I am on the ship, because I have selected my Plexus configuration for Pilot and intend to use my ship.
    If I wanted to join an existing squad, I would do so from my orbiter, and I would select one of my Plexus configuration for a supporting role.

    This brings me to another point which is, there should be a checkbox for Plexus configs: "Use when Host". That way when I am piloting my ship the Plexus setup will always be my preference regardless of the config I have selected for joining active missions, because there is no opportunity to change Plexus once a mission starts, and as things are now, you don't know if you are going to be hosting or not until you select the mission.

    Another thing is, that while I get the "immersive" or "narrative" reasoning for needing to visit the Dry Dock to configure your Railjack, it is cumbersome to require loading screens, cutscenes or various fiddly navigational efforts just to access essentially, another equipment menu. Our Orbiters should be equipped to allow routine maintenance of the Railjack. "Why even have the Dry Dock then?" I don't know... but it does look cool.

    Lastly, we need a way to Leave Squad at the end of a run, to keep our rewards and depart the ship if the host wishes to continue with more missions instead of Dry Dock. Just like with Open World and Endless missions, you need to be able to opt out of serial runs.
    And the mission rewards screen does not need to pop up two or three times at each transition screen at the end of a mission: once when the mission concludes, once at the Dry Dock, and AGAIN when you return to your orbiter. It doesn't even always show the same results each time and it's confusing and tedious. If I want to see it again, View Last Mission Results exists.

  2. 4 hours ago, Dark_Lugia said:


    But one thing about the upcoming unvault:
    Why Chroma? There are frames which have been vaulted much longer and some have ridiculous prices (especially on consoles)

    I still have more than enough Chroma relics to farm another dozen full sets at least, I didn't even realize he was vaulted

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  3. I feel like recent updates to Railjack are definitely going in the right direction, most of the new modes (except Corpus RJ Defense) are fun when everything works right.
    Regarding the void storms though, without rehashing other ppls criticisms or already-reported bugs, I feel like what the Void Storms need is a visual indicator of Storm intensity, and what the effects of that are. Even if it's just a little pop-up like with Conduit effects in Disruption.
    It is not clear what the void storm is doing to me or why, how to avoid it, or if there is any way to mitigate being zapped dead (I found operator mode to be helpful somewhat). It seems the recent hotfix may have gotten rid of this mechanic altogether but I think the problem with it was more how incomprehensible the status and situation was to read, rather than it just being 'no good'.

  4. I'm sorry but I don't see how the current state of this update justifies a suspension of further hotfixes. There are seriously a lot of new problems, with connectivity, Railjack mission bugs and UI glitches.
    Can anyone answer me this one question, how do you properly extract from a Railjack mission if the squad decides to continue instead of returning to Dry Dock? If I abort the mission even after the new mission has fully loaded and I've gotten the rewards screen for the previous (showing me Plexus xp and salvage), upon returning to my Orbiter all that stuff is gone, even though Mission Results shows that I earned it. Plexus unchanged, lost the mods, the salvage, everything. Twice now, so clearly either I don't know how to play Railjack properly or something is screwy on your end.

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  5. After playing the new Corpus Railjack I have some thoughts about some of the new mission structuring. A lot of what I wanted out of Railjack is now present in the game, however it still needs a lot of polishing in some areas, obviously. I'm going to leave aside matters of loot and resources, bugs and such and focus on mission structure.
    Volatile is a fun sabotage variant mission type. It's cool to see the Orphix back. The capital ship attack objective is very well done and is up there with Kuva Assault and a few others as favorite missions: it encourages some coordination, and has a narrative element to it, and various sub-objectives that make you feel like you are actually participating in some kind of operation. More stuff like this please.

    The integration of classic mission types into RJ missions is a good thing, but some of them are better suited to the amalgamation than others. Defense in particular, is a dud. It feels absolutely anticlimactic to do all this space stuff and then go camp yet another cryopod for 5 solid minutes. And then Endless rotations..? No thanks. Please think outside of this box. Defense could be better if it had some stages to it: (hack this, set up a barrier, deal with/shut off some environmental hazard, repair the barrier...), but as it is, just not really shiny alongside newer stuff, throws how dull it is into too much relief. If a player does want that kind of experience they are better served to simply go straight to Hydron or whatever, drop straight into Defense gameplay without all the extra hassle.
    Mobile defense, while only slightly different, fits better due to the action. Alternately, adopting a feature of the Uranus Defense tileset, where the objective location can change significantly would also be an improvement. Perhaps the problem is more with the newer Corpus Ship Defense tile itself, its a very slow tile action-wise, with poor flow, where enemies wander around lost and every wave you have to hunt the last of them down in every little nook, I must admit I groan every time this tile pops up.

    The other thing I'm not really sold on is the transition from RJ to "Classic" mission mode. It's like a worse Friendship door, a bottleneck to the action, and it feels inconsistent with other locations that can be freely and seamlessly explored. I'm not really sure how to suggest resolving it because I'm sure you have your reasons for that choice, but it doesn't feel right and in the worst cases, is pretty annoying when one guy is off flying around, you're waiting to enter the ship and watching the Railjack health get pounded down.

  6. Since I've already griped in this thread, let me first offer some positive feedback before going into more problems.
    The new event is reasonably fun, I like being able to use mechs in a "normal" map, the event being mech-centric has finally given us a way to rank up mechs without grinding open-world in solo free roams (because in an open-world squad mission the risk of losing all xp gains still persists, what, 3 months since launch?). The rewards are satisfactory IMO, at least at the endurance tier. Vilcor's dialog is satisfactory. The event is grindy as usual, but the action with the mechs is fresh, and I like having a new excuse to be using them.

    Okay, now the problems. Some of these have existed since the launch of the mech content and are now seriously annoying.
    1. Mech weapon appearance cannot be customized. What is the point of having a Mausolon skin etc., with no way to apply it. Colors etc. I can customize the Iron Bride but not the main weapon in the mech loadout. It's been 3 months.
    2. Mechs need crouch movement and crouch firing. Doorways in ships cut off line of sight making it difficult to target the Resonators spawning in other rooms. The mach have a crouch pose, but no functionality to it at all. Let's say this does take some work to implement, so I am understanding of that. That said, this needs to happen. Preferably during the course of this event, due to the foregoing citation.
    3. Mech/mech weapon xp loss. This is huge. It has persisted since the launch of the content. When people accuse DE of not testing their own game, this is what they are talking about and the criticism is well-deserved. You gave us a new arch-weapon (very cool!), and an obvious channel through which to rank it up, but nope. I had to run Salacia in archwing to rank up the Prisma Dual Decurion(s!). Still needs forma too but I have this event to run, not inclined to divert into ranking up again with arch-missions while Orphix is active.

    BTW is it a Dual Decurion or Decurions?
    I still like this game, but for players who have dealt with such issues time and again, it starts to trigger a frustration reflex.

    e: also this is comparatively minor, but the controller force-feedback for the mausolon is kinda... intense. It's at 11 right now and I'd say dial it back to a 9 or so. Before it rattles my controller apart, pls.

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  7. Now that I've finished all 3 nodes, every time I want to do the Endurance node on Jupiter, I get sent to Saturn instead. This happened both when selecting the mission from the Alerts tab, and specifically selecting the Jupiter node, end up with Grinners on Saturn. Also as others have mentioned the Prisma Dual Decurion(s) are not gaining XP at the end of mission. Well, it says they are, but in the Arsenal it has been reset to 0. Meanwhile my Affinity booster is about to burn away, so thanks for that.

  8. +1 to the general feedback that having to chain all three vaults, plus the bounties, with the amount of mission-ruining occurrences that can happen (host disconnect, menu bug, other showstoppers), is too much.

    Let us select the Tier of vault mission we wish to run, and if we want to chain them without returning to the Necralisk, great.

    I'm not gonna mess with these new missions too much, it's simply not a rewarding grind, especially with a higher than average risk of catastrophic mission failure beyond player control. The actual new bounties are more or less pretty fun, but the means to fully access them is too freakin' tedious and fraught with frustrations.

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  9. 2 hours ago, R4dioS1lence said:

    It feels bad to have lots of reasons to use Simaris reputation now (with subsuming of locked-out-of-drops frames), but still no constant source of rep from him. Specially worse when some frames take 200k rep to get from him, 75k more than the maximum limit. Lots of times the daily scan targets give way less than the daily limit. And this is not counting on the way the daily target limit works: got on one day, completed on that day, but delivered on the next? Locked out of a new one!

    For a Cephalon so greedy for data, you'd think he would care more about scans.


    I'd scan his daily and then cap off by running a single Adaro exterm with a stealth frame. A little tedious but I'd hit cap halfway thru the mission and then slaughter my way to the finish. Doesn't take *that* long.
    Farming dupes of all the bp's does add up over the days but if you prioritize the few actually valuable subsume powers offered there, it's not as huge of a task.

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  10. I feel like I've put my screed about this into every other recent official Deimos thread but since this is a dedicated topic on my pet peeve, I will add my two cents. This is not angry post but it is critical. I do not resent being your guinea pig, it is the burden of getting to play the best version of the game on PC :). I cannot entirely hide my frustration and bewilderment at the sequence of events in development that resulted in the problems I go into here, but accounting for all of the chaotic factors of 2020, the benefit of the doubt is duly given.

    The reason I even bother to flag the following problems, which many others have raised as well in many threads, is that a lot of players still do not realize that the mech caps out where it does. Curious players are going to try to see what they can squeeze onto it, and at a certain point they are each going to arrive at the same appalling conundrum:

    Being forced to forma every slot restricts the versatility of builds, rendering all but the first configuration slot pointless, rendering maybe 25% or more of the mech mods pointless, obviating one very clearly optimal build -- perhaps accounting for personal playstyle and more importantly the order in which you obtained the mods which of course you are going to try to slot until you get better, there are going to be slight variations, none of which can ever 100% satisfactory.

    Let's say the design all along was for not all mods to be used at max rank. Which mech mod exactly is worth even half a crap below max rank? Shields is maybe the only mod common enough and with enough ranks to keep multiple ranks of mod for, and maybe it could be viewed as a similar tradeoff between Vitality/Redirection and just Vigor. But it is not satisfactory, nor consistent with the overall modding balance for all the rest of our gear.
    It feels wrong, because it is out of sync with the design of the game's CORE modular system which we have learned to experiment with.
    The functional word here is "modular". Mods, and their configurations, are the essence of the player's ability to upgrade and fine tune their gear. It's the lynchpin of the entire game. Which is why this half-baked frankenstein is so incongruous.

    I want to like the mech. Using it is fun. Any other gripe I have about it such as some of the recovery animations, or its currently limited utility, is a distant concern compared to the fact that the uncertainty surrounding your intentions for this clearly untested theory of a gameplay element results in wasted resources for players and a gear item where the forma count actually represents the number of mistakes you made hoping to max it out, before you realized that DE didn't do their first period homework.

    I'm an endgame player. Personally the wasted forma is not so much the issue for me, I wanted to immediately see what the extent of the mech's abilities were and had the resources to play around with it. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it, so if anything the most egregious thing is the shameful blemish of an unnecessarily high forma count on one of my items -- I'll live, lol.
    But when you think of the number of other players who did the same thing, and how easily both this and the "unintended" 9th Arquebex slot should have simply never even made it past internal testing, I'm really shocked at the size of these blunders and their potential impact. And they were both avoidable, and now probably not entirely mendable, not with just some script. I mean I don't think it is being snarky or disrespectful to point out the obvious.

    And so, yeah it shipped like that. No big deal. How has it not even been addressed yet when Fish Trophy/Captura-gate got immediate an band-aid?
    Even if you don't FIX it right now, please TELL us what you intend to do so that players can make informed choices about how to approach this new vehicle.

    None of the other issues with the mech have a costly impact. This is the most serious flaw, and every day you fail to even acknowledge it and advise us, another batch of players are baking their mechs into a single rigid configuration. Not to sound dramatic, but the cumulative negative effect is conditioning newer players to be skeptical of anything outside the core game loop, the result is a lukewarm reception, which in turn de-incentivizes DE to develop the concept, stranding it in another "content island".
    The view DE should be taking with the many recent and bold extensions of the game, in my humble opinion, is a unified endgame where mech, railjack, operator, and our best gear etc. are all permitted roles in more dynamic missions, in a body of high-level content designed to integrate them all.

    e: All this criticism out of the way, let me say a few nice things that I do like. Obviously, the sound and weighty feel are great. It is not pointless to be able to use the mech in the other two open worlds: fighting thumpers with the Necramech is a blast in PoE as well as the defense objectives, and just raiding bases in Orb Vallis is a lot of fun, you can wreck purple spiders and jackals and all kinds of stuff.
    I want more of these high-level battles where absolutely insane stuff gets thrown against a squad, where mechs can serve as surrogate tanks and support frames can assist them. That's where these babies need to be headed.

  11. On 2020-09-16 at 9:07 AM, outseeker said:

    Agreed. It would be super nice if your operator focus changed along with the frame you've equipped. Like my Nekros doesn't need energy, so every time I use him I should change to a different focus school, but I forget/can't be bothered changing it all the time, so the other schools mostly get no use at all. I hadn't really considered tying the operator's gear in as well, but it's a good idea too.

    The focus school IS saved along with your frame loadout. Amp and any operator arcanes are not however. I still think the main suggestion is a good one however, additionally it would be nice to have Operation loadout AND appearance slots, which could be associated with the frame loadouts. ex: you could have some operator outfits to complement various fashion frames and be a stylin' frame pilot.

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  12. Ok, having played this update for the better part of a month, I am ready to provide some feedback. Since I don't see a thread for the map or missions itself, I will include that feedback here.

    There is a lot that I do like about this update, the story is decent enough (for those of us that got to see the cutscenes anyway). The world is spectacular and the smaller size does make it easy to explore, while still boasting a variety of interesting landmarks.

    Regarding the economy, more than anything the stores just seem threadbare. All of the other planet syndicates took much longer to max out due to the shops offering many tantalizing and useful wares, and thus reaching max rank felt more earned, more satisfying. In addition there were many other optional purchases after max rank to provide a reason for players to continue to visit and grind out some standing. I do understand that more is coming, but as it stands, so far my victory feels a little hollow.
    I suggest some upgrade to the tranq rifle, either a direct upgraded model, or some enhancement widgets similar to those offered by Simaris for the Synthesis Scanner. A directional/proximity detector, and something to enhance the trails which tbh really cause me a lot of eye strain to follow sometimes, would be greatly appreciated.

    The token system is fine, it definitely has its advantages. But the interface for buying all the tokens is really tedious and could be improved.
    First, if the player does not have enough resources, indicate that with red text for the missing requirement.
    Second, make the interface into a checkout-like system similar to the Ducat kiosk, Helminth feeding UI, mod melting, etc. One click adds the token bundle to the checkout list, a checkout button completes the transaction with one verification step.

    I do find conservation tasks to be much easier to pursue for the most part (maybe if avichaea are fixed now this can be true across the board). If the tranq rifle got some QoL improvements, it might even be fun eventually.
    Velocipods are cute but I've never ridden one since they are more valuable tagged. I guess this is remedied by the new K-drive skins.
    I need to test the new fishing tweaks before I speak to that again, but at least until this update there were some problems for sure.

    Mining on Deimos is completely unnecessary. Which is fine since I hate mining possibly even more than animal caps. I'm fine with this being the gimme for Deimos, especially because the pulsating geometry often makes the ores difficult or impossible to see, in addition to them appearing on incongruous surfaces that are inaccessible with some frequency.

    I have provided Necramech feedback in the appropriate thread but I will just mention again here that the mod capacity is a serious issue; and the vault missions, while being the most fun and interesting content in the update, quickly become discouraging to play for two main reasons. One being that the drop tables are still really poor overall, but the most significant flaw in their design is that the rarest mod rewards are loaded BACKWARDS on the table tiers.
    Because of this, there is no reason for me to stay past the T1 vault anymore. And to a lesser extent for many players still lacking the slightly less rare mods, its the same for T2. It is easier to clean out the rewards for T3 than it is for the lesser tiers, which incentivizes me to be THAT guy and bail on the squad before completing all 3 tiers. And hey, my time matters, best believe I will.

    Now, as with Fortuna, the mission design is rather thin, and the utilization of the world's various points of interest is woeful. The bounties all feel very samey, and furthermore the reward tables for them are very underwhelming, and in addition to being static tables unlike those of Fortuna and Cetus, the rarest drops are infuriatingly rare.
    On the positive side I will say that the Purifier objective seems like a novel mission type without analog elsewhere in the game, and this is good, you need more of this. The contest with the grinners is also kinda fun, and I like the new NPCs Garv and Latrox.
    While there are definite landmarks to be found, at least half the mission stages are in a handful of stagnant locations. Most notable to me is the mission where you are ultimately sent to reclaim some Entrati "base" which is just a nondescript mound in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile there are ruins all over the map, occasionally with pillars to be restored that could actually feel like something Otak claims to be sending us to do. Likewise in the caves, there are some ruins to be found (not the vaults), some even provide good space for battle, but we are never sent to them.

    In fact let's talk about the caves. Random caves is a cool idea on paper. Sounds neat, until you realize that for the most part all the random caves on Deimos are just meaningless little cul-de-sacs devoid of any significant features that would cause you to seek them out, unless I'm missing something. There are no scannable easter eggs that I've found, nor anything of interest whatsoever that you cannot already find in abundance in one of the static caves in the map, which are also vast compared to the procedural ones (excluding the vaults which can only be accessed during one specific mission).
    The static caves are better for fishing because at least you can know where to go for reliable cave fishing, and mining because they are huge and have plentiful ores. Also, at least mission stages sometimes send us into the static caves. The procedural caves hold no lasting interest whatsoever, they appear to have no depth or significance to reward the effort of seeking them. Superfluous waste of assets much like the many unused points of interest on Fortuna (hint hint, Deimos isn't the only open world with glaring wasted potential).

    It's great that you have a steady output of new gear and cosmetics that your talented art teams are clearly busy with full-time, and it is always nice to have, but what there isn't enough of is expansion of the game into the voids in the existing content. Narrative missions that feel like part of a significant operation, such as Kuva Assault or the Profit Taker bounties are generally among the most enjoyable in the game to me because their design involves objectives which feel meaningful rather than just, "stand here for some reason and kill stuff for 2 minutes".
    This unto itself is already more digression than I meant to get into but if the writers and designers responsible for actually creating mission loops were half as prolific as your art team, this game would feel a lot less grindy even if the rewards were the same. I'll assume the existing staff have their hands full with new things, so.. hire a couple new brains to backfill some of the desolate, pointless dead ends in the game. More space dungeons, more crawl.

    So, while I did enjoy the update in general while it lasted, it feels very superficial, under-utilized just like Fortuna remains, and its rapid conquest was a bit unsatisfying. The most exciting new piece of gear has fundamental problems which completely frustrate and even punish any attempt to maximize its loadout. The Arquebex fiasco was astonishingly clumsy. The Deimos Captura one was as well, directly caused by the underwhelming trade options in the first place. It will probably take me another week at best to clean out Grandma for all her Captura scenes. Beyond that, there's Necramech Thrusters. But despite that being literally the only mod in the entire game I do not possess yet, the fact that my chance of getting it is astronomical, coupled with the fact that even if I obtained it I CANNOT SLOT IT without compromising something on my 7-forma mech build, despite my normally obsessive collector's streak you know, I really couldn't give a toss right now.

    I'm not salty about anything in the new content so much as just, unimpressed with its incomplete design overall. It just hit me too, all of a sudden I have already simply had my fill of what there is to do.

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  13. Can we please get some acknowledgement of the problem with the mod capacity for the Necramech? Forcing us to load up every slot with a forma polarity means some mods can't even be played with, it acutely limits configurabilty of the mech and instantly consigns the more niche mods (melee) into the garbage. You can't just introduce this thing in this flawed state and then get around to fixing it when you feel like it.

    Honestly there is no other piece of gear in the game with a completely inadequate mod capacity such that not every slot can even be used. It's ridiculous. And those who only found this out after adding a forma to every slot... well the damage is done. Wasted forma and a mech with a completely restricted mod grid.

    I have to say it really shows that very little thought or testing was put into the mech and its mods. Just the simplest test of a maxed mod build on your behalf would have revealed this issue, in a second.

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  14. 10 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:
    • Deimos Landscape Captura Scene is now an option for Rank 5 Entrati Syndicate Reward.

      • A Fish Trophy is great, but it needed a bit more variety!


    Great, so my reward for completing the syndicate early is that I got a fish trophy worth 10k rep instead of a Captura scene worth 130k rep which I can now grind out for 5 days. That's... really great. Thanks.

    I am grateful for some of the many much-needed fixes, and the inclusion of mods to the Loid syndicate, particularly Intensify which I needed. However this hotfix has left me a bit salty, so forgive me if I sound a bit put-out. There are problems with the design of some of the new mech gear which need to be promptly addressed before they spin out of control and cause costly and frustrating consequences for players that will not be easy for you to remedy. Example 1:

    • Fixed the Arquebex having an unintended 9th Mod Slot. 

      • Any Polarizations done to this now removed 9th Mod Slot have been transferred over to a free universal (blank) Mod Slot upon login of this Hotfix. In the very rare case of having Polarized the 9th Mod Slot to be universal (blank), the Forma is refunded.

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but this was a real jerk move and you're telling me that an unusual (and interesting) 9th polarized mod slot was an *oversight* after it's been in the game for two weeks and we sunk our forma into it to build around that slot? Real smooth. Here's the problem:


    Before, when I had the Naramon slot in the upper right, putting an additional 3 Madurai seemed reasonable. Now I am left with a rigidly Madurai-heavy grid that is not as flexible as it would have been if I had been building around the new grid from the start. Furthermore, if the Naramon slot were simply added back to this grid, I still would have had no reason to add the third forma.
    So, ok I wasted a forma, that's not really a big deal. The thing is, with the kind of spastic thinking demonstrated by the above, I am left with an uneasy feeling about what you are going to do about the bigger problem, the Necramech itself. Let's look at two different mod configurations:


    As has already been pointed out by myself and others, even with a forma'd polarity on EVERY slot, it is not possible to equip 12 maxed mods. The obvious solution is that the mech needs to go up rank 40. It needs to do this SOON because what is going to happen is, people are going to bake their mech rigidly into the optimal configuration for max strength only, and all other build types will be hamstrung by the rigidity of having 12 slots (cool!) that are all polarized (wait what?). Here's an example, what if I want to attempt to create a melee build (for the lolz)? Since those mods do exist, let's try to play with them:

    Nope. Already not possible for me, the way I have forma'd this mech, even with 2 neutral slots. Rank 40 is the only thing that will fix this, and it needs to be fixed ASAP. I am highly reluctant to apply any more forma to the mech. My greatest concern is that you will pull another Arquebex and leave me stuck with an unnecessarily cumbersome build. Not looking forward to spend MORE forma to actually remove polarities I shouldn't have needed in the first place.

    e: one last note, because Necramech xp acquisition is so broken as a client in a squad, in order to rank this mech up 8 times (initial + 7 forma) I had to solo Orb Vallis open world and raid bases for seven (7) days. It was admittedly the most fun I've had killing Corpus and spiders on Fortuna, a lot of fun actually. But 7 days. So pretty please, when you do increase the rank to 40 like you have to because there is no choice, do not reset and refund forma because if I had to spend another week rebuilding this thing I would go stark raving MAD.

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  15. Loving the update so far. Mech issues though:

    Ok so I put 7 forma into my mech, 10 of 12 mods slotted. There's only enough capacity for one more mod, and that's if I add another forma.

    *A 12th maxed mod is not possible to slot.* Read that again.

    The mech really needs to go up to rank 40. And this is just for essential mods. Being forced to add polarities to every single slot reduces the flexibility of the mech when new mods are introduced. Being unable to equip a maxed mod in every slot is also a buzzkill that means the mech will never be at optimal strength. This ideally needs to be addressed BEFORE applying the mastery boost that should also come with this equipment.

  16. Having trouble figuring out where to get Damaged Necramech Casing + other dmgd mech parts (not the dmgd mech weapon parts, they are on the Iso Vault drop table). I presume they drop from mechs but I've been farming all day and not seen one.

    Also I didn't see the Voidrig Mech and the Mausolon in the Profile>Equipment tab, although the Cortege is there. Was this an oversight or will these items not gain rank/mastery?

    Overall I am enjoying the update, some expected bugs but nothing that really killed my joy on Day One.

    e: also Operators should be able to ride k-drives. Ventkids do it and they ain't even magical. Weapons while riding is a big improvement though.
    e2: Please reduce the intense RED filter that applies while Loki is invisible. It's already bad on PoE where everything turns super ORANGE but with the color palette of Deimos, it's so bad that it washes out detail of your surroundings, making everything a flat, intense RED. Especially in the caves. It's too much, by far. Try it and see.


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