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  1. Hell no! This is great, if anything it will bring people back! Pick your lip up, this Is just what we needed!
  2. Orb Heist Phase One needs to be fixed ASAP! Cannot take the base as no enemy’s are there or spawn. Very frustrating!
  3. Nothing left to do for us veterans. No talk of next update. Time to play other games.
  4. Very disappointed with the Prime Acessories. Not much thought or effort was put into the Syndana or Sigil. Its not cheap here in New Zealand to get both packs it costs me 200 New Zealand $ and ive been playing a very long time investing probably 2000 - 3000 New Zealand $ into Warframe. I love the game and will continue to do so I just feel as though this time round ive been ripped off, the syndana is short and ugly and the sigil just doesnt match well with anything.
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