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  1. I said that already. Its a pve grinder and thats it.
  2. Ya'll need to give up the idea of ever having fully implemented pvp in warframe. Its not gonna happen this isnt a pvp game, its a pve dungeon crawler and thats it. End.
  3. I for one am not one of those ppl using the obvious cheese things but am still nuking everything, its called being a long time player.
  4. As someone already said, its just a safe haven for DE to use, any game gets changed alot beta or not, thats not an excuse to use.
  5. Yeah WAAAY back, but now its not that anymore, its become nothing but a kill fest and the difficult stuff gets made easier and easier because ppl cant adapt.
  6. So in that sense, spending the time to make a strong weapon is also progression and now ppl want them to be "punished" for making that kind of progress and having a fairly strong weapon, what ppl are crying for is a straight up NERF not a balance.
  7. Well Guess what, its never gonna happen in warframe no matter how much ppl beg for balance. It always been a part of warframe to press one button and nuke a whole map. Its always been the gamestyle of warframe to just one shot everything in a fast paced manner, if they change that in any shape or form do you know what will happen? Thats right, it wont be warframe anymore.
  8. It was still bought out by a different company, Multi Dynamic Games Group. If its PWE or not dont matter at this point.
  9. Is it now? https://www.digitalextremes.com/news/2014/10/partnership-announced 🤔
  10. A lil late for that. They were already bought by Perfect World, a long while ago. But it didnt really change much so meh.
  11. The moment you brought Division and Anthem into this you already lost. Warframe has plenty of balance, im not saying dont balance it, just dont be so damn anal about it in a pve game, its supposed to be fun and warframes fun has always been killing everything in the map as fast as possible, thats always been a thing and it'll always be like that even if they do nerf kitguns. Besdies, getting to the point where you actually meet 120+ enemies, takes awhile anyway, its quite the grind.
  12. Again, not the weapons fault. Its the broken mod system not just the weapons, and AGAIN - that does not apply to someone who plays solo, like me. Plenty of weapons available that can do the same thing just fine and those arent getting an outcry.
  13. That doesnt apply to someone who plays solo only so no, still rather have them not nerf stuff to the ground because of some ppl in pugs getting outkilled.
  14. As long as they dont change the broken mod system, that problem will never go away and as long as they dont, im gonna enjoy murdering hordes of enemies. Thats what warframe is about.
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