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  1. Its pretty pointless, its a pve game you get no real advantage -.- you can buy them easily ingame with a bit of trading. Yes, pointless.
  2. They are bloody useless, why should I use them over the current existing mods that give me so much more power? I guess if you wanna have fun with weird builds sure, but wont be used in normal gameplay for sure. And gamechangers, most liiiiikeeely nooooot.
  3. There hasnt been anything new since before fortuna lol fortuna didnt really add much new, its the plains just cold. Railjack is gonna be legit new content.
  4. Why use it when there is no reason to? If need be, just meet up on discord/teamspeak what ever. The ingame voice chat is terrible quality anyway.
  5. Just because you dont get burnout, doesnt mean other people dont. Hate those kind of comments "I DoNT HaVE IT so OtHErS CaNT EiThEr Hurr Durr"
  6. Even with that its just way too many mobs though, its crazy why they thought its such a great idea to add that many
  7. Can it please be considered to lower the amount of Corpus spawning during the profit taker fight -.-. The Orb alone does alot of dmg as it is but the constant barrage of lasers and knockdowns really makes that fight very unpleasant :/ It takes too much investment to do that fight without any issues (arcanes etc etc)
  8. Nothing wrong with that, they lessen the grind by alot. And why should they refund anything? Everything is subject to change, dont be so entitled please.
  9. They already said its coming with part 2, this year still.
  10. Any chance the fish baits are gonna be converted into actual blueprints? As it stands now, im sure many others including me will not waste standing on them
  11. Im sorry but including RNG into this whole thing, was a major mistake and makes it not worth it to even watch anybody.
  12. Thats why im sure everyone would appreciate just not saying anything at all until you guys are actually 100% sure its gonna drop. Just makes everyone sad tbh if news like this arise.
  13. Can we please have the old Dark Theme back. The background being a slightly darker version the Light theme doesnt do it. Please give us the actual dark theme back, anything bright like this kinda hurts my eyes.
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