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  1. It was still bought out by a different company, Multi Dynamic Games Group. If its PWE or not dont matter at this point.
  2. Is it now? https://www.digitalextremes.com/news/2014/10/partnership-announced 🤔
  3. A lil late for that. They were already bought by Perfect World, a long while ago. But it didnt really change much so meh.
  4. Go get on Microsofts/Sony's case, not DE's fault it takes so long.
  5. Because WF doesnt need pvp, it never was meant to have a pvp mode nor is it really in need of one. Warframe was and always will be a coop dungeon crawler, purely pve. Plenty of other pvp games out there.
  6. Revenant is nothing but Rebs wish, its just a bad frame in general.
  7. Thats just another frame. Not content. Fortuna/Railjack is content.
  8. There IS a content drought. I collected all the fragments thank you very much but that isnt what a content drought is about. Those are just collectibles, much like in Pokemon you dont need to finish the Pokedex to finish the game. The majority of veterans and long term players got every warframe and weapon, YOU are just talking about collectibles, that is not content. We done all missions, all quests, grinded our butts off, got all the good stuff and now there is nothing to do (I say we but I just speak for myself). So YES there IS a content drought, you are on XBox, its alot different for pc
  9. No thanks. Not needed AAAAT ALLLLL. Stick to VRChat if you wanna be a cringelord and memer
  10. Again, no one cares about pvp. Literally a very small % plays conclave, thats how insignificant pvp is on warframe. Get over it, you wont get more then conclave.
  11. Then warframe is just not the game for you. Thats just how warframe gameplay is. Go play some competetive game then that fits your needs, Warframe is not gonna get any more pvp then Conclave.
  12. ANd why do you think it has to compare to competetive games? Its a coop dungeon crawler its pve. It doesnt not need to be compared to competetive shooters/moba's. No really doesnt need any pvp at all lol. Pvp is even more boring than the endless grind. Speak for yourself please the majority will not ever want pvp in warframe. There is only a fraction of players who actually bother with conclave, there is a reason why its only a very small dev group for conclave. Its not popular and not demanded/wanted.
  13. Nope thats it, we waitied 3 years for that. A freaking black excalibur and a huge dissappointment from the quest. Conclusion my ass...
  14. Im pretty let down myself. TSD and TWW were great but this? Lotus just goes poof, ballas the big badass gets stabbed once and just falls down. And a huge ass cliffhanger and more questions. Im sorry but no, the wait was so not worth it, im actually not wanting to play anymore thats how pissed and annoyed i am.
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