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  1. Normally Id dissagree with nerfs but the Catchmoon is way to overpowered. However they may have nerfed it to much.
  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Id rather wait for almost perfect than get an update thats half broken.
  3. In one of the last 2 Devstreams DE had mentioned that the Nightwave was going to end on Oct.13th but the Emissary was going to continue. I was still able to get the Pathocyst from the boss but a lot of players were collecting there codes an now what they said would stay is gone. Why?
  4. It dont take all that long for the consoles to get the update after the PC does. Ive been playing Warframe and only Warframe sense the release of the PS4 and it seems like we get the updates within a couple of weeks. I can wait that long for them to fix most of the bugs that come in the updates.
  5. Id like to know if theres any thought in giving us a Primed Streamline and a Primed Stretch?
  6. He delays for me as well, but maybe only 5sec. In a squad its a lot longer but that's only cause i get there way before everyone else in the squad. So i think the 5sec delay when playing solo May depend on how fast you get to him. At least thats how i feels to me.
  7. At the bottom of the screen when looking at the Nightwave Acts there's a Tips tab. It says to press R2 to read the next tip but all it does is turn the Orbiters Radio on and off.
  8. In the Nightwave Tiers, Just wondering why there's no Tier 61 or 31 however you want to look at it. Now there no way I can get more creds till the next Nightwave. Yes we tap out at Tier 60 with 10,000/10,000 standing..
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