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  1. What if I used Mecha Empowered as the aura slot? Explosive Legerdemain has a 100% status chance, obviously Mecha.E only activates every 60 seconds but could it be useful at higher levels?
  2. It does work outside of Sanctuary Onslaught but mainly on missions where you can afford to lounge around a single area like survival, etc The idea behind equilibrium is to make use of the health orbs that dispensary drops so I can be more lax with my energy management so to speak
  3. I have a Mirage build I've been tinkering with and thought I'd fish for suggestions to improve it It works well as is but I'm curious what minds there are out there that see the flaws and improvements that can be changed Note: I put Dispensary on Mirages 4th and put Synth Fiber on my companion so I can consistently pick up health orbs even while at full health (Edit: Just realised if I forma the exilus slot for Power Drift then I can swap out Augur Reach for Stretch)
  4. I made 2 imprints of my Panzer Vulpha and it showed 1 as a Vasca Kavat and the other as a Panzer Vulph as expected but when I try to breed a kavat using those imprints it only shows one and doesn't let me select a second imprint.
  5. Are the genetic imprints for Vulpaphyla and Predasites borked for everyone?
  6. Necramech Repair 45plat Necramech Streamline 20plat Necramech Thrusters 30plat Necramech Continuity 15plat Necramech Deflection 20plat Necramech Intensify 15plat Necramech Flow 15plat Necramech Rage 40plat
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