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  1. Primes are little more than a different skin and slightly better stats. Get your hands on a stock Nova, she is in no way less effective. You won't be disappointed.
  2. You cannot let the rarity of a item influence it's value. For instance, rifle ammo mutation and split chamber are both rare, but could you honestly say they hold the same trade value? Then how about arcanes awarded for completing a raid? Some uncommon arcanes fetch a much higher price in trade chat than many rare arcanes. Supply and demand control price more than anything.
  3. I hope it's for control modules. I think I have around 25k of that "rare" resource.
  4. A player owning multiple primed chambers.
  5. Is your match set to private? Standing gains are turned off in a private match.
  6. Nova's amazing. Spova for reducing wave times on a defense. Slova for high level content. The players that complain about a spova in their squad are players who aren't equipped to handle speed-increased enemies.
  7. I'm down to a little over seven hundred o cells. I was thinking a resource refill was in order. Excellent timing, DE.
  8. Myth I've never had an issue of a particular relic never being awarded due which node you're playing. Which makes Eris - Xini so amazing. Neo relics on waves one and two, Axi relics on waves three and four. Repeat.
  9. You're right, relics aren't a guaranteed reward, you might get a garbage mod or endo instead. But it's like that regardless of where you farm. The nodes I listed are just my favorite pajama-jams.
  10. DE wants you to grind for reactant. They want you to play longer. The longer you play, the better chance of you spending money to bypass time walls.
  11. It depends on what parts are attached to which relic level. Lith = ODD Meso = Jupiter, IO Neo & Axi = Eris, Xini
  12. Black/white, gold trim on accessories, purple energy.