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  1. Future Prime Weapons

    And Helios is an energy lab item. Faction means nothing in regards to what can and cannot be prime.
  2. Future Prime Weapons

    Not really. DE usually uses prime access as a "grab bag" opportunity to prime whatever they like. Sometimes they go with a weapon from the original bundle, sometimes not.
  3. Future Prime Weapons

    Which weapons came with Zephyr's bundle? Phage and Jat Kittag, there you go.
  4. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [Launching July 24!!]

    People still play Destiny? I suppose the hype train has a lot of suckers believing Destiny 2 will somehow be different a experience from the first game.
  5. Account Reset

    Just pick up where you left off. The only way to start fresh is to create a different account. Concentrate on leveling your weapon damage mods, maybe level redirection and vitality for your frame until your damage is up to snuff.
  6. Volt Build

    Volt isn't bad. Bad players make Volt bad. Anyway, he's my favorite for pug captures. His damage doesn't scale into endgame well, but the utility tied to his 2, 3, and 4 are all very good. Energy Siphon / Handspring Quick Thinking / Streamline / Fleeting Expertise r3 / Stretch Shocking Speed / Transient Fortitude / Primed Continuity / Constitution
  7. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [Launching July 24!!]

    Very awesome. Thank you for the update, Megan.
  8. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [Launching July 24!!]

    I'm in heaven. ED has given me everything No Man's Sky didn't. When I was younger, I was the child who looked forward to going to the planetarium for the school field trip. I've always wanted to traverse the stars. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I was neither intelligent enough nor well educated enough to ever work for NASA. So I settled for a virtual adventure. In No Man's Sky there's too much upkeep. You need resources for life support, resources for your weapon, resources for your vehicles, resources to craft resources for building other things that need resources. There's no downtime to just simply enjoy exploration. I earned the prepatch platinum trophy for NMS, but it felt more like work rather than fun. But in ED you're given a ship and you just...go. Go (almost) where ever you want. Do whatever you want. Earn upgrades however you want. There are no guidelines for progression, it doesn't hold your hand, and that's what I love about it. For me, it's the boyhood dream come true.
  9. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [Launching July 24!!]

    Considering this update is a massive unused content dump, shaving file space, I'm not surprised Sony and MS are going over the build with a fine tooth comb. I've already accepted that it'll probably release next week rather than today. More time for Elite Dangerous, so I'm not bothered in the slightest.
  10. PS4 Chains of Harrow Remaster Build

    No. I shall continue to cry because that how I roll.
  11. PS4 Chains of Harrow Remaster Build

    What is it about this thread that makes you believe we'll have to wait another month? Those two new weapons released with 21.1.0 on PC will be released with our next update in late August or early September.
  12. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [Launching July 24!!]

    2pm EST today would be the fifth day its been in cert. In any case, unless DE gives us good news today it's looking like a Monday or Tuesday release.
  13. Login Weapons, Prime? Not PA.

    No worries. It's nice to see a follow tenno on the same train of thought.
  14. Login Weapons, Prime? Not PA.

    Hey. HEY! Are you trying to steal my thunder, tenno?
  15. New Primes

    Anything from the tenno lab that hasn't been primed yet.