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  1. Did you ever regret using a potato on an item?

    I usually don't potato something unless I enjoy using it.
  2. Problems with Trade and why we are going in the wrong way to fixing it

    Nope. I'm content with how trading works. Its been even easier ever since they added the chat filter. Just filter for: NOT wts, NOT wt s, NOT selling, and WTB. It cuts the scroll-speed of trade chat down by a whole lot.
  3. What are they going to show for Devstream 99

    Everything they have planned for PoE won't be there on day one. The next devstream will cover things coming to PoE...eventually. Set mods (a la Diablo gear sets), custom primaries and secondaries (maybe?), etc. Or maybe DE will give us artwork for the Corpus-themed PoE coming next year?
  4. I doubt it would be both Volt and Loki. Over the past three years that vaulting has been a "thing" DE hasn't unvaulted more than two frames every year.
  5. How do you guys value riven mods?

    Pretty much this ^ BTW, I've got 4000p if someone can find me a zenith riven with status chance, multishot, and damage.
  6. Problems with Trade and why we are going in the wrong way to fixing it

    DE doesn't want an AFK trade system in Warframe. Players have asked for one several times over the years and the answer has always been, "no". /story
  7. How do you guys value riven mods?

    Values will vary from player to player. Veiled mods, 20p-70p depending on weapon type. I think the drop rate for shotgun rivens is still 1.2% or something ridiculous like that. Unveiled rivens can be all over the place. Unpopular weapon with bad rolls, 20p-40p. Unpopular weapon with god rolls, 100p+. Popular weapon with bad rolls, 60p-400p. Popular weapon with god rolls, 1500p+.
  8. Next to be vaulted: Saryn, Nikana, and Spira. Next to be unvaulted: Loki, Wyrm, and Bo. Along with Frost's third unvaulting and Ember's second unvaulting.
  9. So Arcane slots are a go. Plus other PoE stuff.

    I think all the confusion with this is when [DE]Scott mentioned that mined gems would be used to craft custom arcanes during devstream 97. Edit: yeah, devstream 97, timestamp 20:00 to 20:28. Gems are for crafting arcanes for battle operators and custom weapons.
  10. So Arcane slots are a go. Plus other PoE stuff.

    Arcane slots for custom arcanes on your battle operator and custom weapon, yes. I don't believe those arcane slots will apply to raid arcanes. Those will still need to be attached to your helmet or syandana.
  11. Best all round build

    Different strokes for different folks. Personally I like 170% efficiency on all my frames (streamline + fleeting expertise r3), even on Trinity, a frame with near-infinite energy. I mod for survivability and min-maxing useful skills after that.
  12. Orokin Reactors and Catalysts

    The 2-hour alerts are random, they do not appear at set times. You can also earn catalysts and reactors from... -Post devstream, "Gift of the Lotus" 24-hour alerts. (once every couple weeks) -Invasion big reward. (they rotate in once every three or four weeks) -Log-in reward milestones. -Sortie -Events and/or Operations
  13. Primary and Secondary choices

    abbacephas is correct when it comes to the raids. The LoR is more about hard-cc'ing enemies rather than killing them. However, in the JV you'll need to kill enemies for stage resource requirements. But as long as your mods are leveled, it truly doesn't matter which weapons you bring.
  14. Melee Combo Counter Mechanics

    Extending the combo duration with either body count or drifting contact is more of a playstyle preference. If you like to use equipped-melee often, then it makes sense to equip one of them. If you only use your melee weapon to break containers and little else, then you can go without either.
  15. Nekros or Nekros Prime

    Yes, to both. For mastery points if nothing else. Personally, I discard the stock variant after leveling it to thirty, if a prime variant is available.