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  1. Hydroid and Oberon are the oldest male frames without a prime variant, and the next two prime accesses will be male. Nobody except for DE knows which will be picked for the next prime access, even Limbo has an outside chance of being selected. The average length of a prime access is 95 days, and we're only 55 days into Banshee Prime's access. We're still over a month away from the next prime access.
  2. Ah Thanks for that.
  3. Come now, my friend. You should know better than that. What platform you play on has nothing to do with it. I'm fairly sure raids are still just as messed up on PC. We won't get a fix until well after PC gets a fix.
  4. Were they ever worth it? Maybe, back when key sharing was popular, and players wanted to get the most out of their lone tower iv defense key. The relic system did away with all that. Now DE has added 25% boosts to credits, affinity, drops, and drop chance to endless survival. (Did they do the same for defense, interception, and excavation? I haven't noticed.) That's as good as it'll get I'm afraid.
  5. If you ask me, putting forma into every piece of gear is cray-cray. Not every piece of gear deserves forma. If I'm not enjoying using something from level zero to thirty...that's a pretty good indication it's not worthy of being formaed.
  6. The colors on wraith weapons cannot be changed. The dojo-join-system has been changed from members-only and/or invite-only to players being pulled in if a someone in the squad goes to their dojo.
  7. My Octavia, pandero, and tenora will be out of the oven today. I can't wait!
  8. There's a difference between changing code currently in the game (which can be changed with a hotfix) and adding code to the game (which requires a cert submission).
  9. Keep the RV sigil equipped always. Only do NL missions if you have enough SM standing to take a loss without going into the negative with SM.
  10. Endgame? Not far really. Everyone around here defines Warframe's endgame differently. DE would like players to consider raids and the sortie as the current endgame. While some veterans consider going over two hours into an endless mission as Warframe's "true" endgame. Then there are others who consider there to be no true endgame in Warframe. For them, fashionframe is the be-all-end-all endgame.
  11. If you want four syndicates open at one time it's either SM + CS or RV + NL. For maximum efficiency there's really no option or alternative.
  12. Yeah, sorry about that, the build I use is fairly high end. It'll take a good amount of time, endo, and/or maybe plat for you to put it together. But again, it's the way I like the weapon. You could go with a less expensive, raw damage build using 90% element mods and multishot mods.
  13. No room for it on my build, that's right.
  14. You could say "yes" to either. But my personal bias recommends that you forma the akstiletto prime over the dex sybaris. My build.... Jolt / Scorch / Frostbite / Pistol Pestilence Primed Pistol Gambit / Primed Target Cracker / Hornet Strike / Seeker I'm a fan of 100% status and radiation procs on my secondary since I use corrosive+blast on my primary. The naysayers will tell you that 100% status is overkill because of akstiletto prime's rate of fire, but hey...to each their own.