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  1. would be easier to understand if they just put it day/night then a countdown beside it
  2. So they made it a pain to get subpar pets... Ah hell why do i even bother trying to get these...
  3. i captured a medjay and pharaoh predasite and they dont appear in revivification. i captured a panzer vulpaphyla and that one appeared in revivification.
  4. Let my companion get affinity while i use my necramech
  5. can we just have the bows auto charge instead of holding down the mouse button?
  6. Please also add a way point or highlight on the map because sometimes people lose track of where people left it Also resummoning the mech should have full health and energy. I had full health and energy when i went out of my mech then when i resummoned it only had half health.
  7. Please add vacuum, energy/health regen and remove stamina from necramechs. Also increase mods and gun parts drop rate.
  8. sometimes the symbols on the door are all the same making it impossible to solve
  9. 1. exp doesnt save on necramechs and weapons. I rank up my necramech & weapons but when the results come in theyre back to the previous ranks like i didnt rank up at all. 2. When jumping into the necramech my warframe sometimes despawns preventing me from going back to it and be stuck in operator mode. 3. Jumping out of the necramech makes you fall through the floor or get into walls which results in you getting stuck.
  10. Id rather have a killstreak system that multiplies the affinity for consecutive kills than a damage multiplier
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