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  1. That challenge is so old that it was named before the outbreak started...
  2. Not gonna immerse myself to a painful grindfest like this one bec this is as much as a pain thermia fractures was but worse... Im still suffering from burnout and if i try immersing myself in this mode i might just uninstall altogether...
  3. Can't equip any ammo mutation mods on penta. Not sure about other explosives.
  4. If the 100% status of these shotguns got nerfed atleast increase the crit & status chance to make it reach 45% or above when modded so we can atleast make hybrid builds. I modded my boar prime for crit and it only reached 28.5% cc while tigris prime only has 19% when modded. We cannot have weapons end up having no status or crit because it will end up like a stug...
  5. The stagger on concealed explosives make the mod and weapon unusable because of how large the aoe is. Concealed explosives damage isnt that great either so equipping this mod will render anything unusable.
  6. Can we please have a warning from Cephalon Cy that the ship is within firing range of a Shipkiller/Missile Platform? Random people like to park it near these things and wonder why the ship keeps dying and always in need of repair... I mean the name of the objective isnt obvious enough for these people i sometimes play with -_-
  7. things i would love to have in Railjack 1. Side guns auto fire at nearby enemies without needing to be mounted by an ally 2. resources dropped in space should be auto picked up instead of vacuumed 3. some npcs or hired non player helpers 4. forge does not go on cooldown when you craft a single item. it should go on cooldown when you craft 4 items. 5. remove refine function bec when one person refines all resources needed for repairs and ammunition disappear resulting in mission failures 6. increase certain resource amounts in some cases (crafting requires 600 asterite but the mission gets you 12 or less per run) 7. less bullet sponge enemies and maybe limit the amount of enemies at a time 8. have veil proxima prevent players that dont have mk3 guns on railjack from entering bec i hate it when people bring their mk1 railjack and expect everyone to carry them 9. lessen the nodes bec they only contain like 1 game mode...
  8. the canceling should have been available day 1 instead of further patches...
  9. really i cant use a rush repair drone on mk3 parts??? nothing said it couldnt be used to rush mk3 parts i just wasted 50 plat on something i wont be able to use...
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