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  1. I just want spikes that stay for a few seconds and cause slash procs bec the ability says its razor sharp
  2. Tesla: I actually like this rework but i just hope that charging the ability doesnt take forever that it forces me to use Natural Talent. When tossed at a console/alarm it would automatically fry the system and hack it like a cipher. Also would like a visual change on it because roller balls kinda make it look a bit lazy when its reused as an ability (same problem with Octavia but her deluxe skin fixes it). Mine Layer: Tether Grenade seems kinda redundant since we have vortex. Dash pad is just a troll ability that doesnt really do much unless it boosts our movement speed temporarily and not just function like a horizontal bounce. Nail looks really weak as a CC or damage ability. If i were to change these 3 i would: Healing Grenade: contains 500 health restore points that tags (similar visual to Tesla) friendlies giving them 500 health recovery. That 500 health is increased by power strength and is divided among the allies in radius. Energy Grenade: contains 150 energy. Same function as Health Grenade. Ammo Dispenser: restores 20% ammo in 5 seconds rolls towards and latches to one ally. Orbital Strike: I just hope the jump animation doesnt lock you in one spot Bastille/Vortex: it seems like a good combo ability so i have no complaints.
  3. Sure he can dual wield exalted blades but he will only do 50% damage so he won't be broken since he can fire off 2 slashes in 1 button press
  4. Nope I wanna buy some weapons and that is the only thing i spend plat on (also cosmetics) i dont have the patience to farm for a new weapon Also i dont buy platinum i just trade with people and this is the only way i support DE is by buying stuff from their market Fewer enemies is a no from me I want more things to shoot at in a third person shooting game If i wanted few enemies i would play something else
  5. can we just mod or use an alternative way to strengthen it instead of requiring a specific melee to fully utilise the abilty. i mean just give Atlas/Khora/Gara some built in non equippable weapons to mod in kinda like Garuda's Claws minus the equippable part when no melee is present. To enable us not to just stick to one specific melee weapon stat stick bec of a single ability.
  6. Would be easier if they just give us a passive damage reduction (depending on the melee weapon) while in melee stance...
  7. I just want an augment where it allows me to deploy all motes at the same time.
  8. well with your reasoning by comparing them to other warframes with other playstyle lets just delete him then because no matter how much you rework a warframe there will always be something better and more specialized Hydroid Tempest Barrage inconsistent CC due to random hit zones of the ability and also have you seen Hydroid in regular missions? Because he is a rare being in missions. Wisp Motes can provide longer buffs bet no one will wait for Wisp to lay down the motes in a short mission unless you are camping in one spot. Volt can just activate his on the go without stopping. Frost/Gara's defenses can be destroyed easily and they don't give damage bonuses when shot through them. Revenant/Mesa cannot kill/cc enemies behind walls nor all directions simultaneously. Revenant has to be on equal level of the enemy. Mesa has to aim at an enemy you can shoot in front but you cannot kill those behind or beside you.
  9. Volt specialties Shock: Short Duration & Long Range CC. Good for killing low level trash mobs. Speed: Group movement speed and melee aspd buff (still faster than Wisp). Electric Shield: Can block projectiles while increasing damage of projectiles shot through it. Good for High Crit Weapons and often used for Eidolon Hunts and wont be useless ever. Discharge: Long Duration & Large AOE CC and Map nuking capabilities. ESO Map Nuker and is on par with Saryn. Plus the Augment that restores and gives you overshields. so I am correct and you are misinformed plus others are not replacements they are alternatives in play styles
  10. Can we please remove them now? I don't mind if they break and I don't mind if I have to pay 10p just to remove it. I actually sold some primed and non primed weapons just to get them out of my sight. I don't want to delete some prime warframes just to get rid of those lenses.
  11. Gauss tweaks i thought of after playing him up till now Passive: shield regeneration is nice so i wouldn't really change anything here Mach Rush: Power Strength should affect the speed of Mach Rush. This ability should drag every enemy along his runs. Also it should be enabled aimed upward or downward for overall better movement (like Excalibur's Slash Dash). Lastly while in the middle of Mach Rush, activating this ability again while pointing it in another direction should enable him to do quick turns/directional changes without stopping resulting in an endless/sustained run. power strength increases initial slash damage while duration reduces the meters required for the additional slash damage Kinetic Plating: Power strength should also affect damage reduction not only by the gauge. Consume energy when activating but no energy drain or duration. Thermal Sunder: Ability range could use a buff because of how small the radius is. (20m would be fine i mean 12m is too low) Red Line: Ability boosts should be affected by power strength and not duration and also the animation should be a slightly bit faster than the usual. and that's pretty much it of what else i could think of...
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