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  1. Phage, Dread, Ninkondi, Despair. Don't see many Quantas last time, but can't consider it as a "unpopular" weapon - it's fairly great and easy to mod
  2. This skin again gets no approval https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1552756160 And this is heartbreaking how long this guy polishes this skin (don't look at the posting date, it was readded), how flawless it looks and it is still neglected. I can't imaging how demotivating it should be. We need a diversity of styles in the game, not the same authors be pushed every time
  3. The worst warframe right now is probably Nyx. No DD abilities, questionable CC, low armor and so little for self-preservation
  4. Hmm. Valkyr and Mag when? :) I also would like to see a Nova skin, the recent is fun and all as a joke concept, but it would be cool to have one that have a chance to be accepted.
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