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  1. And why don't you simply respect the Riven Limit ? It's your own fault you're locked out of Sorties. That's not like you didn't know what you were doing. You are PURPOSELY above the limit. Stop asking for DE to lift restriction when you can't restrict yourself. You're the kind of player who will hoard 2 billion Rivens as soon as the limit is lifted for literally no reason.
  2. That complaint sounds like a non-existent problem. Maybe try to find a more adult/mature name for your amp. And I can understand your can't NAME a weapon with only numbers. In that case that's not a name, that's an identification number. Try to be more inspired and you won't have this problem ever.
  3. -% Multishot is always a dead stat imo, better keep the old stats and continue rerolling it. You can compensate with the other multishot mods but that still an important net loss imo
  4. So you just create the topic and we have to fill it with our potential ideas ? That's no feedback
  5. Submit a ticket here, the Forums won't help you. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. Toggle is a huge benefit as there is no downtime at all. So yes, I'd rather we keep the movement restrictions, because if they were to disappear, that'd mean Prowl would be changed to a set duration. This would effectively transform Ivara into Female Loki.
  7. Yeah Umbral Vitality + Flow + QT seems like overkill imo. Regarding the 27% duration... Well, I simply think it's better to have Umbral Intensify + Vitality rather than Transient Fortitude + Constitution. I've always despised Constitution, even more since the Augur mod only gives 4% less Duration but at half the cost. I agree with you on the Umbral cost though. I have only maxed Intensify but keep Vitality and Fiber R8 otherwise it screws up a lot of other builds.
  8. Not an exploit, but a bug. I have had this bug occurred twice in my life. The "best" was when people were getting killed every minute, I finished the 40-minute Arbitration with like 20 revivals.
  9. Well probably because it's better to have Umbral Intensify (+55% with Umbral Vitality) rather than Transient Fortitude (+55% but losing 27,5% duration in the process)
  10. I probably have 1000 Jupiter Scenes so far. 😛 "Too many" is a concept that does not exist !
  11. Technically Natah's "prison" was her helmet. Sure she was physically imprisoned somewhere, but what Ballas freed her from was the helmet which controlled her thoughts/inner-self
  12. Personally ran all those Plague Star runs with my SpeedNova P, with Corrosive Pyrana and Shattering Impact Sarpa (+ Dual Acolyte Soma P but that's not really relevant). Nova P for : Damage boosting, Portals to teleport the Drone to accelerate phase 3 (Speed Nova allows you to put Overextended as well), negative Strength to increase the Hemocyte's speed when he spawns, plus Infested Speeding, that's always a great thing. All this while being able to facetank everything thanks to her latest augment. Using 2 on the big infested spawns to clear up the % faster is also a bliss. Pyrana P : zerging heads at an insane speed, ofc ! Soma P to snipe those dudes on their ships (and for nostalgia purposes) ! Important point as well, I used Amesha as Archwing and not Itzal for Thumpers reasons. Everyone and their mother run Itzal nowadays anyway, so deal with the capsule yourselves ! 😛
  13. I'm in this kind of Moon Clan with a lot of newcomers, so usually most of the contributions is done by a handful of MR27. The Statue is far from being ready yet (still missing 25k Hexenon I think), that gives the "vets" a reason to do endless missions or vault runs in Jupiter instead of Liset AFK. I don't see a problem with the 60k Hexenon cost. Anyway, not everything has to be instant-craft or instant-completed. Then everyone complains there is nothing to do... Plus, I don't expect people to pour all their Hexenon into the Statue this close to an Empyrean release/reveal, where Dojo Docks and Personal/Clan Ships will have to be built, sinking thousands of resources. I have contributed quite a lot of Hexenon but now I'm keeping them until the Empyrean release just in case. I'd rather the Statue be late by a few months than the Dojo Dock or whatever.
  14. Grineer consoles are not impacted by the latency.
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