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  1. Some Part of Community dislikes opertors ...

    The Operator as per The Second Dream was perfectly fine. You understood who was in control of this metal puppets, and you understood that this being was extremely powerful and extremely weak at the same time. Thus, using him/her only when fully focused to unleash a huge burst of energy made sense. Then, TWW arrived, and you became a random kid able to teleport from one point to another, still being extremely weak but invulnerable (???). To be completely honest, I have nothing against the Operator himself, he/she can give a few emotion and humanize this game (we were playing as robots killing robots, clones and jelly stuff previously). I'm heavily against what they're trying to force us to do with them. Simply check all the promotion videos of Warframe. Ninjas jumping everywhere, destroying everything, high speed stuff, tons of actions ! Then you download this game to give it a try, you enjoy it up to TSD because it is truly a fast-paced horde-shooting game, then from TWW it goes slower and slower. Up to TWW you destroy everything. From TWW you start using your operator to dash through clouds (m'okay). From PoE you start fighting with your operator at an abysmally slow pace and ... you're fishing, yeah boiii exactly what I created my account for
  2. A vote kick button?

    No. Refer to the thousands of threads asking the same thing for the explanations.
  3. Focus 2.0, what's the point?

    Wow Warframe now is a tactical shooter, that's the first time I hear that. This game may eventually become a bit (A BIT) tactical when you face lvl 2000 enemies for sure, but how often do you get to face those enemies in the regular game ? Very tactical indeed. 98% of Warframe's missions are lvl 30 or below, and you can even go to Corpus Sorties with Corrosive weaponry and you'll still destroy absolutely everything. Warframe is a horde-shooter, and you simply cannot deny the Operator is completely out of step here. They can try to force us you to play him 50% of your time, but from all the people I know in Warframe, nobody came here to play with some kind of underaged mage shooting beams with their hands. Most of Warframe's players downloaded this game to play with Warframes (incredible I know). Nobody every downloaded Warframe thinking "Oh hell yeah I'll switch to my kiddo to give my Warframe some kind of buff every 30 seconds, then I'll go fishing for 75% of my time because I love it".
  4. PoE can't run on bad pc's

    Don't worry, having low-FPS on a high-end PC kinda kills the fun of what used to be a fast-paced game. I think I had a 5 FPS lag when I first approached the door. And maybe 20-30 FPS in the Plains. And I didn't buy a good PC to play at Warframe in ultra low settings. (and I didn't even have a complete HUD for whatever reason)
  5. New Focus is a HUGE ripoff to Zenurik

    They're just shoving the operators down our throats. I couldn't care less about him/her. Previous Zenurik allowed me to cast 5 once per game and forget about his/her existence. Now we're supposed to 5/Dash/5 every 30 seconds to have approximately the same thing as before ? Impractical as hell. Zenurik was overpowered probably, so they decided to make it even better but boring to use. Not sure that's a great design : people will still use it (as it is more overpowered than before), but without enjoying it. DE seems to still have not understood that Zenurik was overpowered not by design, but only because Warframes' energy management is problematic. A Warframe with 0 energy and poor energy management will transform your game into a futuristic PUBG/COD/Battlefield. Thus, every player enjoying Warframe for Warframes will use every tool that allow them to use spells. The best way to balance this was to put Energy Overflow out of the Focus system and make it baseline (even nerfed at 2 or 3 per second if they want). Then they could've balanced all schools with literally 0 problem.
  6. Plains of Eidolon Issues

    I feel you guys with not-masterrace computers. I have a brand new gaming computer and I felt the low fps all around Eidolon and each time you approach the gates. I have to say that, having logged back to Warframe to test it, playing with 20 FPS, ATH failing to load, no explaination from Lotus or whoever on what to do / where to go, I accepted one bounty (well I think ?) where I had to go somewhere and once there nothing happened, I alt-F4'd and will most likely not relog. Focus looks boring and too heavy for what it seems to be useful, and discussing with 3 NPC makes you realize how much of a grind this update seems to be... A bit of grind is ok, lots of grind is acceptable, tons of grind is boring, even for a game like Warframe, heavily relying on it.
  7. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    "Sacrifice" does not necessarily includes death of anyone. There are tons of things you can "sacrifice" without killing anyone.
  8. Plains of Eidolon

    Or a permanent option letting you decide on the initial enemy level or rotation count. For example, you could chose to start Hieracon at the 2k cryotics mark or a Hydron at the 40th wave. Of course you would skip all the "missed" rewards and could only start with the first A rotation, simply at higher level. For non-endless missions, maybe having the possibility to chose enemy level (capped the same as Simulacrum, based on your MR).
  9. Plains of Eidolon

    Well, I think the high-level-instancing should be spread solar-system-wide, at all. We don't need to have only one challenging area. I want to do challenging runs on Venus, Saturn, Earth, Lua, EVERYWHERE.
  10. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    What about Light giving buff or whatever advantage with Primes and Dark for Umbras Regarding the Sacrifice part, I'm not 100% convinced it is necessarily someone who'll die. It can perfectly another kind of Sacrifice. Perhaps we will sacrifice our freedom to definitely bind ourselves to one Warframe. That'd just be lore-wise of course, you'll still be able to play with everything in your Arsenal, but maybe you'll be able to only have one Umbra at a time, and the Umbra Warframe may be mandatory for a dedicated mission-type.
  11. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Lotus to be sacrificed to definitely cut the link between the Operator and the Warframe, the Warframe becoming an Umbra without Tenno control. (I know, highly unlikely)

    C'est juste un truc développé vite fait, rien ne dit que ça sera implanté un jour. Et j'espère que ça ne le sera jamais, c'est répugnant.
  13. [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    My smol Harrow ! + 1 pic that Hostingpic doesn't care about orientation it seems ! Bonus track : Harka's Frost !
  14. [SPOILERS] Man In The Wall

    Harrow's 4 has a "Tap" when the invulnerability phase ends I think (probably a "Rap" when it begins though, didn't pay much attention).
  15. [SPOILERS] Man In The Wall

    I assume the "Don't take me away from me" refers to his Warframe. One of these 2 "me" is the Warframe and the other is the Tenno.