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  1. As long as you don't scam people (ie telling them you'll buy for 20 and putting 2 hoping they won't notice), you're fine. If the price is agreed by the seller and the buyer, then both click 20 billion times on the different pop-up windows during the trade, then you won't face any issue, ever.
  2. And wtf does a +5% in one stat will do to fix Ember ? I think Ember's problems lie more within her lack of survivability, which won't be solved by +5% HP, and Fire damage being lame overall (which won't be solved either by a +X% to one stat). Anyway, you don't solve potential balance issue by adding something that affects all Warframes and Weapons. Otherwise DE would just blanket buff everything in this game by 500% and boom everything solved ? Edit: Anyway, Ember is good past lvl 60. She will for sure hit a wall sooner than Saryns and Mesas or any scaling Warframe, but if you really want to use Ember, you can probably do 2-hour Mot survivals without any issue. Sounds like a "you" problem here.
  3. Huge, huge, huge, huge NO to stats boost on formas. They already provide an INSANE boost by allowing you to put more/more powerful mods, why tf would we need them to add ANOTHER layer of stats ? Stats are managed by Mods. And that's it.
  4. But why deploy a fully independent Spector when you can have two ? Because with this way of thinking, why do you even take a secondary weapon when you can already have one primary ?
  5. What you would want to do is transform Ivara into a Lokivara. There is literally no point for DE to even think about doing that. That's as dumb as asking DE to change Ember to be able to place Fiery Spores on enemies that spread when you shoot on it to make her on par with Saryn.
  6. For the other people's colors, they could probably add an option to change allies' energy color to yours (only valid for you, of course)
  7. Thanks for this topic mate, that was one of the biggest mystery for me in Orokin tilesets. Hopefully I've never had any important stuff to find there so I never bothered looking for the solution.
  8. I think that's possible but they should find another solution than simply changing "Black energy" to be full black. I know there are some people who are using Black energy to make their spells nearly transparent, so if they ever make the black to be black, they should also add a transparent "color" somewhere in the palettes. Meanwhile, you can still use the Dark-but-not-totally-black colors that are available. I am using a very dark Red (from the Fire palette) for the Smoke Ephemera on my Nekros and that rocks.
  9. I guess that's funny for someone who thinks the game can and should be balanced around regular Starchart levels. The fact Saryn, Mesa, Oberon, Hildryn, Inaros, Octavia, Banshee, Nova, Trinity, Chroma, Ash, Baruuk, Ember (if well modded, ok), Equinox, Excalibur, Frost, Gara, Garuda, Harrow, Ivara, Khora, Loki, Nekros, Nezha, Nidus, Revenant, Rhino, Valkyr, Volt, Wisp and Wukong are all useful in challenging content while bringing different tools to the squad is the proof this game is well balanced. I can guess that's a pity for Vauban or Mirage mains but hey.
  10. Self-damaging weapons with Fire element and some Status I guess Tip: Avoid Tonkors, Zarrs or any self-damaging hard-hitting weapon though
  11. I fail to see the point of your post. There isn't much DE can do in that regard, they tell you to report them, you tell us you'll do that, well great, congratulations, and ? What do you expect from us/them ?
  12. What I meant is that if you need Armor Stripping, it means : - You're facing Grineer - You're planning to face Grineer at high-enough level for the armor to be a problem Thus, you HAVE at least one corrosive weapon somewhere. I really don't think that it's reasonable to ask for one Augment to be superior to Corrosive's status, especially when it's an AoE spell with a potentially huge range.
  13. But why would you prefer having to cast your 4 5 times before stripping armor, instead of using it once, one-shot this painful target and his friends during the debuff window, then re-cast if you really need it ? Anyway, if you're gearing yourself for a high-level grineer mission, you have the augment, you have CP, and you have Corrosive-based weapons (and probably a Saryn somewhere).
  14. The problem is clearly on your side : you've joined Clans which were never supposed to suit your needs in the first place then complain about their own rules. Try to find a clan with any voice stuff, find a clan GM with whom you'll first discuss before entering to ensure it fits your requirements, but stop complaining about your clan if you joined blindfolded.
  15. Would make it too powerful as it already provides an insane control against Grineers, imo.
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