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  1. Chewarette

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Most players will still never get on Kuva Fortress level, though. But I see that hyperbolic language is never understood on forums : a huge chunk of players will never go over the C Rotation of any Endless mission, thus the max level they'll ever encounter is lvl 100 in Sorties, once a day on a specific mission you don't gain anything to do more than once.
  2. Chewarette

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    Oh, you already played with Garuda ? Tell me then, how much damage do her spell deals ? How much armor does she have ? Thanks for the information !
  3. Chewarette

    Hallowed Nightmare Speedrun?

    Done two times, twice the Jack'o'naught bugged in the tree. Won't try a third time, I'm actually glad there is no reward.
  4. Chewarette

    Garuda Feedback and Discussion

    You know that all Warframes shall not be balanced for level 2000 bombards content ? Most players will never experiment past level 30 stuff, that's where the Warframe shall be fun to play. Stick with Ivara if you want to do Mot 20 hours, nobody really cares tbh. Garuda seems extremely fine and fun right now.
  5. Chewarette

    Vitus Essence - Arbitration honor shop suggestion

    I'll never have enough Illuminas in my liset
  6. Chewarette

    Once again... The Ghoul Purge (Facepalm)

    The Plains should never be a free roaming area deprived of any threat or any annoyance. This event is always nice for the intended population: low-mid MR people. MR25s being slightly annoyed by lvl 20 ghouls when they're trying to mine ? Not a big deal.
  7. Chewarette

    Once again... The Ghoul Purge (Facepalm)

    I might have missed the part where you describe the actual problem I don't particularly enjoy Lotus telling me a new Alert is available, but am I asking DE to remove them entirely ? No, I just, you know, ignore them.
  8. Chewarette

    Arbitrage - Avis, Remarques, Commentaires.

    C'est surtout un bug, des fois ça affecte, des fois non - Hier j'ai même eu le cas du buff qui marchait pas sur le Staticor, alors qu'il a même pas de version Prime/Prisma/Wraith/Vandal.
  9. Chewarette

    Arbitrage - Avis, Remarques, Commentaires.

    Le don de puissance a un intérêt sur 100% des Warframes, dans l'Arbitrage justement (vu que t'es blindé de puissance, tu peux bien en sacrifier 30 pour en donner 90.).
  10. Chewarette

    Arbitrations are hard

    A survival with 2x empowered Oberons is not that impressive though
  11. Chewarette

    The very simple reason I'm disappointed with Arbitrations

    The Star Chart completion criteria is perfectly fine. It will push people to tilesets they never went to, for missions they never cared about. And it gives them Mastery points. But sure, let's block Arbitrations behind an arbitrary MR18+ requirement which is absolutely not at all something not fun to grind for. You find doing random missions boring, that's fine. But some people probably find leveling useless weapons for MR fodding boring too. Stop believing you're the only one whose opinion matters here.
  12. Chewarette

    WHY Devs.... WHY did you ruin Bladestorm !?!?

    Fatal Teleport is still very useful. Ash is better now than in his previous state. He actually is ...
  13. Chewarette

    Phatasma alt fire nerf WHY

    ... kinda why
  14. Chewarette

    - Questions from a Noob to vets or normal bois -

    1- They're not. 2- Probably not. 3- Don't you dare 4- No servers, players are the hosts, some people are still seemingly playing with 1990's internet connection, so please no. 5- Why not 6- That's a farming game
  15. Don't we all want to play as a Unicorn Atlas wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, wandering on Pluto with a pink rainbowed sky Plus, online.