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  1. Maybe you should inform people what these parts will be replaced with for Syndicates. Hexis's Crusader requires Vectis Prime Stock while Red Veil's Exalted requires Ash Prime Neuroptics.
  2. Captura during missions is unlikely to happen. The only possibility would be during Solo missions (that you can actually pause)... For the additional Captura scenes, that has to be done indeed. The Mountain Point or the Queen's Throne from TWW, the Reservoir from TSD, Archwing tiles (yo dawg I'd love to Captura with Earth in the background), anything in Orokin tile, Dojo...
  3. Well honestly, I think I'd use my Kavat because it is way more fashionframy than my Carrier Prime (no offense my flying ballsack !). But yeah, Universal Vacuum won't solve the problem in my opinion... Because Sentinels are strong and have very interesting weapons - that have access to Riven.
  4. Well we have to admit they would've blown us away for us to give up the Feyarch skin. The only thing I don't really like about the Feyarch is the helmet. I'm not sure the Prime Helmet will be better though. Likely stay with Oryx. We'll have better ideas after customization.
  5. Yeah, just copy the Rescue room from any Corpus or Grineer tileset and put it here, just change the colors, nobody will notice. Please, don't.
  6. Let's be honest, the mission type from Pacifism Defect should not be a new gametype. It should replace the current Rescues that are completely nonsense with this transdimensional hostage that teleports through the map.
  7. They should add something when you overload an excavator. - Magnetic or Electricity aura around the Excavator when it reaches 100% energy, lasting for XX seconds or until it reaches XX% energy, dealing medium damage with nice status chance. - Excavators have a chance to extract one rare resource upon completion, depending on the amount of energy it had when it finished (40% charge when it finished will give you 40% chance to get an additional reward) - Whatever, I'm sure there are plenty of solutions for that. They definitely should add something, either positive or negative (overloading an excavator may slow it, dunno).
  8. Well Mesa is a paperframe, her 2 and 3 are nice but won't save the day if you facetank level 100 Corpus. Plus, if you have negative range (seems like you do with your stats orientation), your 2 won't disarm/stun a lot of enemies anyway (that's why I like playing with Stretch to keep my Range not far from 100%, I noticed an increase in survivability). For Excav of Mobile Defenses alone, you should chose a tanky frame or a control one.
  9. Wow really ? I've seen quite a few dropships since the end of events, most of them in Pluto (lots of Kuva missions out there recently), and never seen any Ambulas since. Looks like an awful chance.
  10. - Mesa, even Valkyr, even whatever weapon if you hit her on the back (like Bursas). - SHOOT THE DAMN SHIP'S TURRETS (the 2 in the front). They hit like truck at the regular level, that's insane damage in Sorties and they have low HP. - Hide behind containers when the big pewpewlazergun is shot from the main Ship (I didn't know I had to say it until I saw people getting destroyed by the laser each time it fired). - Try to group up the 2 Ambulas if you're having trouble dealing with both sides. If you're too far away from one, she will leap up to you anyway.
  11. Sorry for the stupid question but do you have a melee weapon equipped ? I've never experienced this problem. It can also be a range+lag issue : If you're weapon has low range (like daggers without Reach) and enemies are moving/you're lagging, maybe you're too far from them even with this teleport, thus Ash cannot perform the finisher.
  12. No, I mean, there isn't a "good" one in the Orokin sense. Why would there be a sound for the one with the Operator inside and another sound (or no sound at all) for the ones with Infested inside ? Makes little to no sense. And I still don't get the fact. You're all here asking for a specific sound when the correct console is hacked... Even if there is literally already a specific sound. I'M IN HERE. If the problem is that "people are not listening", then adding 20 different sounds to this Rescue won't help them.
  13. Dis. I can't run any Kuva mission without Duration Trinity, because I'm the kind of guy that will destroy his screen after the 20th stun from these monsters. Yeah, the Kavats/Kubrows, if they are killed while you're in Operator form, will simple die. Same goes for Sentinels with (Primed) Regen, it won't proc and they'll just die as well. Boring as hell. I agree on your rants, OP. Big up to Eris spawns. And big up to Stalker's scaling with the Floods.
  14. But the principle of Lua's Rescue makes sense. You're redirecting Portals, there isn't a "good" one. All of them are prisons and working fine. The "I'm in here mudafuka" scream from our best friend is way, way enough. If people doesn't listen to you just leave. That's what I did today, I was about to launch the mission, I asked if anyone wanted to hack, one guy answered "it's rescue anyway", I left and went alone.
  15. Mutalist Ospreys, as well as some of their flying nightmare brothers, seem to be immune to most of the Crowd Controls this game offers. That's a long-known issue that DE seems to be openly not interested in at all.