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  1. Unfortunately, Lotus is known for eating Kavats. Yours is already in the oven right now. RIP (the guy above said the truth though)
  2. Unfortunately, Lotus is known for eating Kavats. Yours is already in the oven right now. RIP (the guy above said the truth though)
  3. Reading patchnotes is for the weak, it seems
  4. They already told 200 times throughout 50 topics and hotfixes you should disconnect/reconnect to get it.
  5. Then you should absolutely not report it under the "Report Bug" section, especially when it was supposed to be hotfix'd. DE would love to know if that's not.
  6. How many AAA game do you spend thousands of hours on ? On-topic : Not sure this unvault is worthy. I bought it because I wanted the Targis and I'm lazy enough to take every opportunity to avoid Rhino's stuff farming, and I'm a bit disappointed. Targis set doesn't suit well with any of my fav warframes (especially the chest piece that is the same as the Pakal but uglier), and the Syandana doesn't deserve its "Prime" name. Looks like the ugly 50 plats Syandanas DE is delivering from time to time. So, considering the weapons are not top tier (Boltor is fine, other 3 are meh), I think this pack doesn't really deserve the 50$/€/whatever.
  7. That's an assist/buff frame, not full support. There is a difference between Trinities and Octavias/Harrows. You misspelled Imperator Vandal ReceiverI think
  8. What a bunch of ungrateful mofos
  9. Is Nef Anyo the Prophet of Profit, or the Prophet of Grofit now ?
  10. Well obvious, yes. But it was not obvious to be in "Enemies corrupted by Void Fissures". I was thinking a C reward in Mot would be obvious as well, maybe
  11. GG Do we have the list of available stats on Rivens ? I've seen Critical +% on slide attack, Finisher damage, do we have combo-related stats ?
  12. Ah, didn't read the full patchnote, everything is clear : The part from Void Fissures seems astonishingly random.
  13. Better like that. You probably don't play 60 weapons on a regular basis, so you'll have to free some mods to the community in order to get new Rivens. That's always better like that, especially in economics point of view.
  14. Oh wow so they really added this stat to Riven. That's a huge burn to Maiming Strike, they should think about buffing acolyte mods if they want them to be farmed next time (Maiming Strike and Body Count are already severely nerfed with recent additions, I'm sure the Argon Scope & co are already very situational now also...).