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  1. Chewarette

    Arbitration Rewards "Not available due to inactivity"

    But you always get the rewards you got when you were alive, even if you're AFK for the last few minutes. Maybe the end of mission panel tells you you won't get S#&$, but you actually do. All the Rotation Rewards are automatically in your inventory since whatever update. And no, when you have a "Mission Fail", you've got no loot (otherwise, what's the point), not sure about rewards though. Been a long time since I've last failed an Endless.
  2. Chewarette

    Arbitration Rewards "Not available due to inactivity"

    Why ? If you were solo, it would just be a mission failure. Thus no reward. The AFK mode denies you loots (obviously) and rewards but only when you were AFK. If you're doing 40 waves but are AFK from W38 to W40, you'll just miss the W40's reward but you'll get all the rewards and loots from W1 to 38.
  3. Chewarette

    Vigilante Set Mods Set Bonus

    30% chance of getting instant +100% crit, that's not "useless" though. But I don't think that's worth to destroy your build just to fit those mods. Just put the mods you'd normally put there, if it happens to have a set bonus that's great, but don't be specifically looking for the bonus.
  4. Chewarette

    Vigilante Set Mods Set Bonus

    Increase Crit tier just means it grants you another step of crit (if it procs). Normal crit becomes orange crit, orange crit becomes red crit
  5. Chewarette

    uniting with enemy factions to take down sentients

    We collaborated with Alad V regarding Hunhow though. I have trouble seeing the remaining Queen accepting to fight on our side but we don't know what may happen if we get rid of her first.
  6. Chewarette

    Prime Time #236's Twitch Drop is what?

    Watch it and you'll see
  7. Chewarette

    How do you level up a amp fast?

    Banshee, forever. Spam Sonar like a dumbass at the beginning of each wave, then wander around the map one-shotting everyone
  8. Chewarette

    What time/reason for mission failure?

    Rescue can fail if the hostage dies and is not revived. I had the case a lot recently where I didn't have any sound when he was down instead of shooting "Help, please", that's quite easy to miss if you don't have this indication. Captures can only fail if you don't Capture the guy, i.e. you just "kill" him but don't press X. He'll die a few seconds after, failing the Capture. You can also fail Sabotages after having done all the steps. Usually the ship will finally explode in the end, but in this case you have a 1-minute countdown to urge you to extract. I think that occurs like... 10 minutes after the sabotage maybe ? Sabotages on Mars also have a 5-minute countdown before the base blows up, but this one is shown too.
  9. Chewarette

    PoE losing connection to host

    I get your complaint but DE cannot prevent people from leaving the game.
  10. Chewarette

    Make Ember Great Again, Please

    Well, in the case of Equinox, if you pick her for long runs, it is exclusively for her damage. And in this case, she has no defensive ability, because you can't use Maim and her Night 3 (forgot its name) at the same time, so she's squishy af if you're expecting her to deal damage. I agree that Ember would probably be more played than she is today with some layer of defenses, as nearly all squishy frames have one (either in the form of heavy Crowd Control, a direct buff, evade, stealth or distraction). Maybe that could be dealt with an improvement of her World on Fire, which I consider to be the lamest Ultimate right now. Her 4 should be some kind of "Phoenix", she'd be completely in fire hovering over the floor dealing insane damage (a S#&$ton of additional damage compared as today, but at the cost of an increase of the energy drain for sure). With something like that, you could argue that she's radiating so much heat that projectiles would melt approaching her, thus justifying a -90% damage reduction. But in terms of damage dealing, she's actually quite insane because her 2 is one hell of a damage multiplier. Edit: S#&$ DE, this is something I want for Ember's 4
  11. Chewarette

    Avoiding Gantulyst light pillar things

    The Warframe. Before he stomps, hop back in your Warframe, jump, move until the pillars are here (so you're sure you're not standing in one), go back to Operator for the shield. Or jump with your Operator to avoid the shockwave, hop back in your Warframe and avoid the pillar, but that's a bit more tricky depending on your latency and the positioning of your teammates. With some habit, it's a 2-second operation that will become automatic.
  12. Chewarette

    Make Ember Great Again, Please

    She's not supposed to facetank damage, so she has Controls. She's very fine for 99% of Warframe's content. Oh no you'll never see an Ember in a random PUG for 2h+ Mot ? Exact, but you don't see any other Warframe than the Meta either. She definitely needs some tweaking (WoF is still S#&$ as of today, her 3 makes a better impression as "World on Fire" than World on Fire itself), but not a full rework to make her reliable for lvl 2000 content nobody cares about.
  13. Chewarette

    Avoiding Gantulyst light pillar things

    Yeah, Stomp = move, one pillar per player. Sometimes when he gets really zerg'd he may spawn pillars randomly (had a few occurrences of this happening when he's in "final phase" with vomvalysts), but that's very rare.
  14. Chewarette

    I love Saryn

    Who doesn't
  15. Mmh, your team was really slow DPS-wise then. I don't know what DPS-Warframes were in your group but enemies should just ... melt, nothing should ever "pile up". Anyway, hiding behind containers while keeping the de-activated Ambulas on sight will just ease the fight by 3000% by removing the Cannons. I'm not even sure you're supposed to have any Bursa during this encounter. Did you leave an alarm on while running to the Ambulas ?