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  1. DE is arbitrarily boosting the "difficulty" by adding random immunities or "specialities" everywhere. Fortuna have "enemies immune to some abilities for no reason", Deimos has "enemies immune to some status for some reason". Basically all you have to know is that DE rebalanced the Statuses because Corrosive was too strong, and 2 months later they added new units immune to Viral, so now Corrosive is... too strong again. Just don't change from the basic 2015 meta. Go Corrosive, and #*!% all the other statuses that would have deserved some love, but instead only had a couple of months o
  2. I played the Voidrig quite a lot when it was implemented and the affinity was near impossible to get, with the amount of bugs/despawn and S#&$. Re-tried this week, done 2 runs, no affinity from either, honestly that's painful. I'm failing to find the fun in Necramech either. Everything seems extra-slow, the movements obviously, but even the sprint sucks by having animations on end, the 4th ability from Voidrig locks you out for a few seconds when activating and de-activating, damn in fact everything is sooo slooooowww, it's the exact opposite of why I'm playing Warframe f
  3. "Fixed Necramechs losing all their affinity for whatever reason" Day 52145 of Deimos update : Still dreaming. Avoid Necramech until we can level them reliably. Probably waiting for the update where we can summon anywhere, so that we use them in Hydron 5 times and call it a day I guess.
  4. Even if we don't rush, these things are available in game, you can level them in 7 months, the content where it will/should be used won't exist, the problem will be the exact same. The fact DE has made the Necramech available without any relevant content to use them in, is beyond me.
  5. I don't think they can even remove those things, but I agree on the principle, I hate Hold X to [whatever] spells. It just breaks the pace of the game so much and I hate this trend that infects any Warframe now. It seems DE wants to add 10 abilities to Warframe without changing the basic "trinity" (does one word exist for 4 ? :D ) of having 4 abilities. It, imo, shows a lack of thought behind the Warframes' design. When designing Xaku they basically thought about 6 spells, but they didn't want to chose so they have fit 3 on the same button. I love Garuda but I can't resolve myself to
  6. After years of adding disconnected islands everywhere in the game, I think this argument falls flat though. Necramech are MR Fodding batteries that you suffer through to reach 40 in the most efficient way, then you dump it in the same garbage bin as the other stuff to never talk about it ever. That's the problem with islands. If they come with something in 3 years that need you to use them, you won't care anymore. Because you played that 3 years ago without seeing the point. Necramechs having a point ? Probably. The update which makes them relevant will come, maybe, in a few years fr
  7. It's been in the game for months now, consider that as a feature.
  8. They don't want you to play Warframe content. They want you to play Conservation, Fishing, Necramech, and K-Drives. That's tons of fun dude, can't you see ?
  9. That's the biggest "meh" patchnote I've seen in a while, and that's a big one. Deimos, Isolation Vaults, Necramech, Kitguns, worthless Arcanes, Conservation, K-Drives, but absolutely no Warframe content, except a few weapons which will probably be MR-fodders as usual. Steel Path could have been interesting, but I absolutely expect the Acolytes to be either Wolf-level of absurdity (cheese it or get #*!%ed), or outright not-threatening-but-20-minutes-fights thanks to absurd armor and HP. I hope I'm wrong on this one, but DE has proven they can't make high-level enemies interesting and they
  10. Oh yes K-Drives and Necramech, what a hype /s
  11. 1- Frohd Bek 2- Parvos Granum 3- Kela de Thaym 4- Tyl Regor 5- Honorable mention for Hunhow
  12. I was worried about the unreasonable grind that would be needed for the new Arcanes. But thanks to this post and their description, I feel better, I won't even need to get them at R0 in the first place. I yawned when I read "Standing in a zone..." and immediately my interest dropped to 0. So in a sense, I want to say thank you. But don't waste too much time developping/balancing Arcanes that are entirely pointless, dev time will be appreciated anywhere else (even balancing the MK1 weapons would be less of a waste, as people actually have to use them at one point).
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