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  1. Hi, I've done the Salacia - Neptune Archwing Nitain Alert (Corpus, Sabotage) right now, and it seems the Archwing's inertia was greatly increased. The flight speed seems faster than before by a little bit but that was not a big deal. The inertia was a bigger problem in my opinion. Impossible to stop without flying backwards, curves had to be anticipated by 2km if you don't want to kiss every wall of this wreckage... Was that in a hotfix ? Didn't see anything about this, only option for the previous archwing controls and I didn't touch any archwing-related options, was this change supposed to impact Archwing physics ?
  2. Can confirm this happens. Not often, because this extraction point is nearly never the one we get, but it is buggy since TWW. Hint for people that cannot extract in this position : the Operator and Void Dash makes you reach the extraction.
  3. Ferrox, Octavia, Pandero, Tenora, Nidus didn't require Nitain. I don't know all weapons by heart though. :P
  4. Well, I have everything maxed with a GTX1070 and I cannot come to pictures as perfect as yours Guess I just don't know how to use this Captura.
  5. Never implement such a thing please... That's the best and quickest way to scatter the community and make us deal with 20-billion-hour matchmaking trying to recruit people. You covered it in your post but I don't really care : Go solo, friends only, invite only, or recruit in the dedicated channel. Don't tag in public or if you do, don't complain, that's the risk.
  6. Well... Nitain Extracts are required for Amesha (10), Ivara (9), Wukong (6), Caustacyst, Destreza, War, Javlok (5), Ohma (4), Hirudo, Inaros, Staticor, Titania (3), Pox, Zhuge (2), Everything else is Prime stuff or Cosmetics. Very few things here are really required for newcomers. Wukong may be newcomer-oriented, but all the abovementioned weapons are far from necessary or even accessible at low levels...
  7. Hey all, First of all, thanks for this tool. That really makes us enjoy our customizations, that's just perfect. Some things that deserve to be added, one day, in my opinion : - Archwing ! Corpus ship, Earth in the background, thrusters, Grattler/Fluctus... - Some glory for long-forgotten bosses : allow us to drop a Scene while defeating them, so that we can use their environment in Captura (where they would be as well, for glorious captures of Valkyr eradicating Salad). - Some superb rooms deserve to be added as quest rewards : Spoilers below because TWW, TSD, Octavia...
  8. ODS only become difficult at the 60-minute mark, when Parasitics eat all your energy constantly. which could be a complete gameover with some frames. Overall... There is little to no difficulty in fighting level 20 infested. Especially in ODS, low level survival, where you'll face 2 mobs at a time for the first 30 minutes... If you have to bring Mesa to survive in ODS, I guess there is a big problem with your loadout modding or your gameplay.
  9. Zarr is fun to play with Mag. Gaz Lanka is terrific. Amprex is quite nice as well
  10. 1-2 hour sessions 3-5 times a week will get you at least 2-3 nitain a week, dood Unless you check for Nitain Alerts and connect exclusively between them...
  11. Yep, having the possibility to switch between 5 saved songs with a hold-X key (I was more thinking of the Metronome instead of Amp, that's the one giving a real benefit from the synchronization movements and once you unlock your 3, you can play the full song anyway) would be great. I've only played Octavia on a 40-wave defense, but I think playing her on a 2-hour long mission would be incredibly boring with just one song.
  12. Does +120% Critical Chance increase the skill requirement ? What kind of "skill" is involved on the Bladed Rounds acolyte mod which requires you to simply kill someone/something to trigger the effect ? I personally don't really like to right-click-aim as well, and I found the perfect solution for that : I don't use these mods (except on Soma P, it benefits very well from both mods so...). That's exactly the same thing as the Channeling mods. Do you ask for the removal of the "Channeling" requirement on Life Strike mod ? No, either you channel and you use it, or you don't channel and you use another mod. I don't really see the point here. The request is simply to transform the Powerful-but-with-a-condition Bladed Rounds / Argon Scope into a regular rare mod with flat stat increase as Vital Sense, and that's really sad for diversity purposes.
  13. We would all love to see negative things be removed. I would definitely love a Blind Rage without negative stats, but guess what, that won't be a thing. Ever. You don't like to aim ? Fine, don't equip Argon Scope or Bladed Rounds. Problem solved. What you want to do is simply transforming Argon Scope into a random mod +xxx% Crit.
  14. That's not a restriction, that's a condition
  15. Octavia doesn't have the love she deserves... Forgot to remove Carrier Prime for this one and he decided to show himself... Without ruining the pic. Thanks dude.