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  1. Never said something like that. I just said that we went to kill him, and he never did an aoe that OS'd everyone as you described. And the fight was still kinda long as we cannot bypass his invulnerabilty phase until he gets his collar off.
  2. Hello, I'm not sure whether this topic should've been in Missions or General, I hope it's the right place. I have noticed that the Shiny Focus Proc thinggy in missions stops coming as soon as someone in your group has maxed his daily focus. We had this issue a few days ago when we tagged in ODD with one of our clanmate who already did his daily cap : we didn't have any proc. Yes, we had lens'd stuff equiped. And we had again this issue today, I had regular procs every ~2 waves up to Wave 40 I think. And nothing else until we leave (Wave 60), and I was not capped yet (50k / 100k) I never paid attention to this before so I don't know if it's a new bug, an old one, or if it is supposed to work this way. But we cannot farm focus in a reliable way if it stops coming without information or reason.
  3. I don't even know what kind of "OHK" AoE attack you're talking about. We killed him yesterday without any effort, and nobody died. Hell I'm not even sure anyone dropped by one HP ? I'd suggest you avoid the forum when you're obviously angry. Because you're just flooding the forum with some impossible-to-read complaint based on " S#&$ " stuff. So yeah, S#&$ the S#&$ because S#&$ S#&$ is S#&$, yeah, that's not really interesting to read. And I'm part of the "No" to Token system as well but I'll not discuss it there as this topic is complete nonsense anyway.
  4. Soma prime is entirely Vaulted. You may have some remaining Relics but they cannot drop anymore in the Starchart. You can find a list of Vaulted things pretty easily though. Carrier Prime is not vaulted so all its Relics are obtainable as of today. One part may have been obtainable through one or more Vaulted relics, but one part can be contained in more than one relic.
  5. As long as Riven mods and Syndicate Weapons are not mandatory for Sorties (Are they ?), there isn't any problem with having MR8 in Sorties. They may be as optimized as you are, they could even have more forma in their stuff than any random MR23.
  6. Giving self damage to a weapon that has a fixed range ? You mean, forcing every Simulor users to be revived after each vortex ? The only way to increase Simulor's range is to increase its flight speed. Self-damage on Simulor would either be too low (like Tonkor, so nobody will ever care) or too high (one-shotting everytime the vortex detonates). Solution 1 = no change, solution 2 = removed Simulor from the game. Self damage to something "controllable" like Tonkor, Zarr and co makes sense. Not Simulor. That's like giving Ignis self-damage as well because fire is hot, you'll end burning your hands everytime.
  7. I think that the greatest part of the Limbo's rework is that his 1 and 2 will (?) be merged (they do the same thing so that makes sense), so that there is a free space for another spell. Indeed, the rift itself should give Limbo some survivability. Maybe something like "10% of all damage taken by Limbo inside his Cataclysm is redirected evenly to all enemies inside the rift, +10% for each enemy inside, up to XX%" (that would not be broken, that would be the same kind of thing as Trinity's or Nidus' Link). Lore-wise, he needs to be, as you said, the master of this Plane. Not some kind of one-shottable victim. I also feel like they atleast need to add a stun/confusion effect on enemies that enters the Cataclysm. I hate launching a Cataclysm somewhere and enemies instantly killing me.
  8. As far as I understood, Gas status deals a 125% Toxin damage per tick, while "pure" Toxin status deals a 50% Toxin damage per tick.
  9. Yes, the ability / trap requirement applies to the squad mates, but I think the Key requirement doesn't. I think I helped a clanmate with a "Survival without killing anyone + whatever key" challenge, I didn't kill any target without having the key and it worked fine. I'd rather do that challenge alone, because maybe one of your colleagues took an explosive damage that impacted the pod. Honestly, solo Hydron is the easiest. You will face maybe 15 enemies at wave 5, a well-modded Frost can 3-shot them with his 4
  10. Well that's a farming game where you mainly go into missions to loot resources. Killing is rarely an issue. Thus, the efficiency in looting stuff is preferred to a battle efficiency. I prefer Kavats but I have to say I cannot play without the Vacuum anymore. That's even worse with the Carrier's precept, as I play a lot with Ignis, Amprex or Soma, the extra ammunition is so comfortable Allow us to have Sentinel kitties or puppies, non-battle pets before maturation, that would have a "Fetch" precept !
  11. I did it with Frost on Hydron, max efficiency. Spam 3-4-3-4 and you're done (4 only should be enough, but with the invulnerability phase of the 3 you can be safer)
  12. And ? You would prefer a "Veteran" with 600h played between 2013 and 2014 than a "newbie" with 200h played over the last 3 months ? Being a "Veteran" doesn't mean you're the best player of the solar system. That just means you likely know how to play... on obsolete gameplays with now obsolete mods and loadouts. Sorties MR doesn't have any issue. Put a MR23 restriction if you want, you'll still find useless scrubs in your sorties.
  13. They should increase the aggro generation from the Molt. It is supposed to draw aggro from enemies but I'm always ending being hit more than the Molt. It doesn't distract anything.
  14. We totally want need to see Rhino or Atlas Razorwinging everywhere. Or Excalibur Peacemakering the whole tileset
  15. I've always thought that the Circle while Peacemaking the whole planet should not be shrinking but expanding. The fact that it is more efficient at clearing room for the first second, making us re-cast it regularly, seems weird to me.