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  1. I think that's part of the theorycrafting job, finding the correct setup and having to sacrifice one setup for another. I agree that would be a huge improvement in the QoL for some Warframes, but that's in my opinion too limited to justify a heavy change to the Forma. If it has to come to the Store to find the solution as you propose, I think I'd just rather build another version of this Warframe and put a 20 reactor in to have an extra 3 builds and a completely new Polarity setup.
  2. Chewarette

    Void sabotage quote

    I'm not so sure it is that easy. First, Ordis doesn't really know where you are. On Earth, right, but where ? Second, Ordis doesn't know at all the configuration where you are. Is it safe sending the Orbiter in an unsafe area to pick you up ?
  3. Chewarette

    Good damage frames for ESO?

    Saryn, Mesa, Equinox, Volt are the regular "nuke dat map" Warframes, with the correct builds. Mirage, Mag (?), Oberon (with the correct build), Valkyr, Chroma can deal enough damage to sustain efficiency by yourself. Banshee, Octavia, Harrow, Trinity, and the likes are too dependant on the group composition to be really helpful. Picking one of them in PUG is like gambling. I don't talk about tanks or stealth because those are clearly for survivability and you won't bring much to the group anyway (except with a few specific builds, like range disarm Loki but meh)..
  4. Chewarette

    Prime Idea (for Void Missions)

    The effect on the Warframe is double range and double power as far as I know. At least yesterday it worked, I had a 1125% Eclipse on Mirage, so it seems to be still working (didn't check the range). - Anyway, I have a hard time to flag it as broken, you're supposed to have nearly finished the mission when you collect 10 reactants, and the buff already lasts until the next relic in endless
  5. Chewarette

    What relic do i need to get Mirage Prime BP?

    You can find all these information in your codex. Go to the relics/arcanes section, type the Warframe you're looking for, and it will filter all the correct relics with their locations.
  6. Chewarette

    Mesa Prime (and rework) thoughts

    Mesa is very fine as she is right now. The only "change" that I could see is to revert the reticula on Peacemaker. Having the "fully expanded" reticula that shrinks over time instead of the other way around doesn't really make sense in my opinion. That's more logic if she starts with the small one, having to actually aim at targets, and the more she hits enemies, the bigger the reticula. Other than that... I don't think she needs any kind of rework tbh.
  7. Chewarette

    Prime Idea (for Void Missions)

    Indeed, or just make this "corruption" affect automatically all your prime items instead of randomly affecting one Would be lit !
  8. Chewarette

    Allow us to display our Captura image as orbiter decoration

    Yes ! Could even be used as Profile background.
  9. Wut ? (12:03 si le link envoie pas directement là) Sans Umbra qui nous sauve la face, on se prenait un sacré barrage de tirs sentients dans la margoulette Gneu gneu gneu et les MR0 sont absolument pas spoil par le fait de croiser des mecs MR25 qui sortent un enfant de la Warframe pour tirer des rayons lasers Ils sont censés faire quoi ? Empêcher les gens de jouer ensemble si ils sont pas à la même avancée ? Tu réfléchis avant de dire un truc ?
  10. Chewarette

    Can't hide in void for sortie Kela De Thaym?

    I didn't even try. But I got killed by something (not rollers for sure) while I was in a Limbo's Cataclysm, so maybe something is just buggy here.
  11. "We took our greatest, volunteers or not" Stalker was maybe one volunteer and knew it was a necessary sacrifice at that time. All the suffering he'd go through was required to hope defeating the sentients. We'll understand that in the next quests I think. Hunhow will likely be involved.
  12. Yeah I'm more expecting a full rework rather than a fix on this spell. This spell just doesn't fit the fantasy ("world on fire" and that's a passive around you that spawns some campfires from time to time), it should be something like the fiery Eximus with extra effects, dunno
  13. Chewarette

    Amprex and Dread nerf

    Dunno man, Amprex is still a beast, red crits or nah Saying it's no longer reliable is a bit... exaggerated to say the least (And I played Dread yesterday without being aware of this nerf, it still is good though)
  14. Chewarette

    Prime Trailer..........coming ?

    1- Spoilers, for console Tennos. :P 2- 3- Pretty sure all the Prime Trailers were "recorded" near the initial creation of the Warframes, not now.
  15. Chewarette

    Quite An Astonishing Game (For F2P)

    Welcome ! But don't stay here too long, there is a lot to grind for !