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  1. The War will probably be about us having to use K-Drives or another additional gameplay element to defeat the enemy once and for all, because they've found a way to disable Necramechs this time !
  2. You can still scan Kavats by a gentle hit from Synoid Heliocor on their skull (Correct me if I'm wrong though, that's a long time I didn't have to scan Kavats :p )
  3. Relogging to the forums or clearing the cache should do the trick
  4. That's not only VFX, that's the full damage (even though damage is usually negligible here). Weapons ephemera is a lit idea !
  5. Rofl, that's lit mate ! On my side, welcome aboard the Air Force Ten-Zero !
  6. No idea, I'm only using them at Extraction while waiting for teammates, so for me they only last one minute tops
  7. Most of the time, people do that. But i really think that when people are playing the game in autopilot, they might enter in the vault (as it's already open) and go on, without noticing they didn't hack the first door beforehand. Also, I'm pretty convinced that outside of sorties, people don't care. They just want to trigger any alarm as soon as the objective is reached (one or two data centers hacked).
  8. If you play normally, you'll get those resources without even noticing. I don't even get the appeal of specifically grinding for very common resources to be fair. If you only run missions when you need to craft something, of course you'll find "busted" situations like this one, but honestly...
  9. To be frustrated as hell to never see one Coupon during the three-months runtime of the Prime Access ? No thanks Coupons are here for sales. I fail to see what they'd win if a Coupon reduced the price of everything in the market.
  10. You can click on a node to "deactivate" it. What is that "Glow of the Void" skill ? In which school ?
  11. I don't know, why is that needed ? They're... in game. Hop in a tileset you want to learn the patterns of, and just do it That's as weird as requesting all Sabotage missions to be added to Simulacrum for someone to know where all Caches can be hidden. Also, there are several variations for the same vaults (not all shortcuts are always open for example), that is to be taken into account.
  12. Well, single player is viable. Probably a bit less optimal than group play but definitely not "unplayable". Regarding your "getting kicked every time" story, I just don't know. Never happened to me.
  13. Not as dumb as a post saying that "players who don't play the game anymore" know better how the game should evolve. Those players mostly should realize this game is maybe not fitting their needs/wishes, instead of wanting to transform it into a game they would maybe like. The fact that most changes fit the current playerbase should give you some hints.
  14. Vets should stop thinking they're the only one playing the game, or that their opinion matters the most. Reality is, vets opinion never matter more than any other casual, and in F2P games, they even matter less than beginners'. Maybe this game is no longer designed around you.
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