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  1. PoE can't run on bad pc's

    Don't worry, having low-FPS on a high-end PC kinda kills the fun of what used to be a fast-paced game. I think I had a 5 FPS lag when I first approached the door. And maybe 20-30 FPS in the Plains. And I didn't buy a good PC to play at Warframe in ultra low settings. (and I didn't even have a complete HUD for whatever reason)
  2. New Focus is a HUGE ripoff to Zenurik

    They're just shoving the operators down our throats. I couldn't care less about him/her. Previous Zenurik allowed me to cast 5 once per game and forget about his/her existence. Now we're supposed to 5/Dash/5 every 30 seconds to have approximately the same thing as before ? Impractical as hell. Zenurik was overpowered probably, so they decided to make it even better but boring to use. Not sure that's a great design : people will still use it (as it is more overpowered than before), but without enjoying it. DE seems to still have not understood that Zenurik was overpowered not by design, but only because Warframes' energy management is problematic. A Warframe with 0 energy and poor energy management will transform your game into a futuristic PUBG/COD/Battlefield. Thus, every player enjoying Warframe for Warframes will use every tool that allow them to use spells. The best way to balance this was to put Energy Overflow out of the Focus system and make it baseline (even nerfed at 2 or 3 per second if they want). Then they could've balanced all schools with literally 0 problem.
  3. Plains of Eidolon Issues

    I feel you guys with not-masterrace computers. I have a brand new gaming computer and I felt the low fps all around Eidolon and each time you approach the gates. I have to say that, having logged back to Warframe to test it, playing with 20 FPS, ATH failing to load, no explaination from Lotus or whoever on what to do / where to go, I accepted one bounty (well I think ?) where I had to go somewhere and once there nothing happened, I alt-F4'd and will most likely not relog. Focus looks boring and too heavy for what it seems to be useful, and discussing with 3 NPC makes you realize how much of a grind this update seems to be... A bit of grind is ok, lots of grind is acceptable, tons of grind is boring, even for a game like Warframe, heavily relying on it.
  4. Six in a row.

  5. Gain d'XP mal répartit

    Cela dit c'est pas un nouveau système, c'est comme ça depuis fort longtemps. On est bien d'accord sur le fait que ce soit un peu bancal, étant donné qu'avec ce système-là, le plus rentable pour xp une arme pourrie (inutile, MR-fodder ou qu'on ne compte jamais jouer pour X raisons), c'est de prendre une frame de soutien et se faire PL en mission (Trinity, Nova ou Harrow sont très bien pour ça).
  6. Should we call this a shooter?

    Dunno maybe people just like using stuff they enjoy playing with. That's dumb right ? Haha as if games were designed to have fun
  7. Le Rang de la Warframe est indiqué... Donc au pire si tes 2 Frost sont non-classés, fais une mission avec celui que tu veux conserver pour le passer rang 1 et vire l'autre.
  8. Gain d'XP mal répartit

    Vous avez gagné exactement la même quantité d'xp, si vous êtes restés dans l'affinity range (50m, 60 et quelques avec Vazarin et le passif qui va bien). Juste réparti différemment. Si tu comptais gagner de l'xp sur une arme en utilisant Banshee Quake ou Saryn Spore, j'ai une mauvaise nouvelle pour toi... À raison de 25% sur la Warframe et 75% partagés entre les armes équipées (75% si une seule arme, 37,5% pour 2 armes, 25% pour 3).
  9. C'est juste selon l'ordre de sortie des Warframes non-primes, ré-arrangé pour avoir l'ordre préconisé par DE (à savoir F-F-M-M-F-F-....). Donc sauf exceptions (Banshee aurait dû être avant Valkyr et Nova a aussi eu un tour chelou), ça devrait ressembler plus ou moins à ça.
  10. Révisions du système du kuvas

    Le Kuva n'est pas du carburant pour la forto sinon... Par contre oui, du Kuva devrait être drop dans la forteresse, Au moins sur la Défense, étant donné que le truc qu'on défend est un "Extracteur Kuva" (ou injecteur ? j'sais plus). Donc on va là-bas pour défendre un Extracteur Kuva contre les troupes de la reine et on repart sans rien, logique.
  11. Mod Riven Pistolet

    1- Il était équipé sur le pistolet utilisé en mission ? 2- C'était bien une sentinelle et pas un kubrow/kavat/chargeur ?
  12. Sorties rewards

    Fix the RNG ? Why should that be a thing ?
  13. Nullifiers + Oberon Prime

    Yeah, we totally need to have a Warframe with a Nullifying aura that will nullify itself and your surrounding teammates. No, honestly, I don't even see the point of adapting an anti-Warframe feature on a Warframe. Would be like adding Fire Protection on your Ignis to prevent it from heating.
  14. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    "Sacrifice" does not necessarily includes death of anyone. There are tons of things you can "sacrifice" without killing anyone.
  15. Plains of Eidolon

    Or a permanent option letting you decide on the initial enemy level or rotation count. For example, you could chose to start Hieracon at the 2k cryotics mark or a Hydron at the 40th wave. Of course you would skip all the "missed" rewards and could only start with the first A rotation, simply at higher level. For non-endless missions, maybe having the possibility to chose enemy level (capped the same as Simulacrum, based on your MR).