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  1. Chewarette

    More Uranus hate.

    I feel a bit of exaggeration here
  2. Chewarette

    @DE, More Riven capacity, please.

    That has nothing to do with the topic, though.
  3. I'm running max efficiency (175%), plus lots of duration and power strength for the rest. No Waltz, never needed it, just get used to short Peacemakers while jumping / moving around with quick mouse movements. I think I don't even have any defensive mod. Or maybe a redirection.
  4. Chewarette

    @DE, More Riven capacity, please.

    Only an idiot would buy a Riven at 4000% its value, it works too. Today, lots of Rivens are worth 500p tops, because nobody cares enough to put in more. But you, and a lot of people with a huge amount of plats, would buy them 20k plats, transforming the Riven market into a "Rich people only" market. I guess you'd love that because you're one of those, but this game is casual-oriented, you'd basically destroy the Riven markets for a huge chunk of the playerbase for your own use only.
  5. Chewarette

    Why Vauban Sucks and Ways to Fix Him

    Erm I'm sorry wut, best Augment in the game right now. Regarding all his set, his problem is that he is, in fact, really fine. Of course, now his Bastille sucks because Stasis Limbo is ridiculously overpowered, but I don't really want DE to start empower every frame so that they can control the full map with one button. I'd rather they bring back Vauban into the game by decreasing the ridiculous powerlevel of the other frames.
  6. Chewarette

    Give us Umbral polarities please

    That's actually the point. They provide you with dilemmas, all the contrary of the maybe-incoming Primed Intensify which will be 100% powercreep with no penalty.
  7. Chewarette

    Fix somachord tones

    Never happened to me (yet). If you encounter such cases though, the most efficient is to provide screen captures or at least some information about the tilesets, planet, faction, type of mission... They can't do anything with such feedback.
  8. Chewarette

    Non stealth Focus farming

    The best is to put one Lens on the frame and another one on the weapon, and unequip all other weapons (otherwise they'll suck affinity from the weapon with lens). ESO is quite nice for Focus bursts at beginning of each wave, but can be tedious with a bad group or simply a bad week with poor tilesets.
  9. Chewarette

    @DE, More Riven capacity, please.

    You are not playing 90 weapons on a regular basis. Make your choice, and stop retaining Rivens. Sell the ones you don't need, that'll also contribute to a healthier market.
  10. Chewarette

    I can't seem to party up right now.

    Usually, no Trinity or a lot of useless Warframes for a Tridolon hunt will lead to everyone leaving. Because even in PUGs, people are expecting at least some efficiency. So Warframes like Mirage, Zephyr, Excal Umbra, Nyx or stuff like that may be instant NopeNopeNope.
  11. Chewarette

    Farming arcanes Vs Trading for arcanes

    I've done like a hundred tridolon caps over the last few weeks, only in PUGs, and I've never encounter any toxicity. For sure, I've stumbled upon some Zephyrs, Excal Umbras, or people unable to reach the island on the lake without Archwing, but I've never failed to do at least 2 caps a night. To me, farming is better. Trading should only be reserved for the legendary arcanes you really want.
  12. Chewarette

    Ignore after sending messages privately

    What's the point ? You're seeing an offensive message, the guy blocked you afterward, so you can't reply something even more offensive, and your problem is that you're seeing this message on your screen ? Have a good laugh at this guy insulting you over nothing, ignore him back, and continue playing. There is literally no issue there.
  13. Vauban is not supposed to be a tank by himself. It's a control frame. Stop trying to make all the Warframes the same. He's still quite solid, his only problem is that his control abilities are hindered by all the other Warframes rework. Limbo's stasis basically killed all the Control Warframes and this is where the real problem lies. Vauban is still a solid CC frame, his 4 Augment is still a lot fun to play with
  14. I would trade Quick Thinking and Primed Flow personally. With 2k armor you won't take a lot of damage, so every time you need to heal, hit 4, kill one or 2 guys, and you're full life again. For Primed Flow, I don't really see the point with an Eternal War build. You won't cast a lot of spells anyway (and you'll regen through Hunter Adrenaline). I'd put some Strength mods for a better War Cry, or Armored Agility if you want to push the tankiness a bit more. Or more duration.
  15. Heya, The launcher was doing the update. It reached 100% but didn't move for a (too) long time. Had to kill it. Now each time I'm trying to launch the game through Steam, I get this error message : "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail." (0x36B1) I have no idea what to do to solve that. Impossible to get to the launcher now.