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  1. If they ever add the possibility to "reroll" or "cancel" a Lich, I think that'd be with a copy of EACH Requiem Mod at full capacity, at least. If not 2 of each. Cannot cancel a lich that freely, especially when it's an Opt-In feature you can chose to not get at all in the first place.
  2. Won't even buy it. It's absolutely not useful except on a freaking niche build on a niche weapon for niche contents. Even at 100 ducats I'd leave. And I don't even see why you're complaining (except if you bought it for 30k+ but that's 200% on you).
  3. "Get rid of my Lich" is an instant pass for free Ephemeras without the grind, I don't see any justification for DE to implement that. They'd rather just debug the larvling to show the weapon 100% of the times and that's it. You don't implement a whole system just to avoid a visual bug that should simply be (and which will be) corrected, come on. Plus, that's 200% on you for hitting X after downing the larvling.
  4. I think the murmur farm is right, even for the third, but what I'd love to see is more frequent spawn rate for Liches. Sometimes you can go through 80% of the planet and this mofo doesn't show. More frequent spawns = faster Murmur grind (as failing an attempt gives the equivalent of 10x murmurs, and you have more chances to get a correct guess).
  5. Yeah, nightmare modes without specific changes are higher level baseline. Dunno what it does for Sedna but that's definitely really high. And requiring CC, I'm sure in for this, but 1) Broken mods / no mods means pitiful range, duration and efficiency, hence painful to even play a control frame (which in return won't even have useful defensive mods, so kind of death sentence, not really skill related). 2) Narrows the meta once again. Need CC ? Forget about anything without CC.
  6. Sounds awful tbh, that means everything would be sloggy as hell, Warframe/Weapons without mods yeah, and you can't even change throughout the COMPLETE starchart ? yeah, gotta find that meta weapon for all enemies. Have you tried a Nightmare node on sedna with no mods ? Neither did I, but I highly suspect this would be nigh impossible - or like a 45-minute mission. The point of Warframe is to progress through the empowerment of your items (through mods, mainly). Get rid of that and the whole game (hence your game mode as a whole) will become irrelevant and 100% not fun. If you ever want to propose a challenging game-mode/content, think about something that is adapted to fully powered warframes/weapons, not something that forces you to go there naked, nobody wants that.
  7. Abandoning a Lich would be a free pass to Ephemeras, I don't see that happening anytime soon.
  8. Do you have it ? If you do: - Equip in Tactical Avionics - Hit L while in the mission - Use (on the left of the UI) !
  9. Yo dawg, I heard you wanna scratch those Liches to death
  10. I know, the experience is painful in solo. But if you let Crew Pods hit you, you'll be even more on fire, not even talking about mobs harassing you when piloting. If you have access to the Veil, it could be a good idea to look for Void Cloak so that you can have some tranquillity to fix your ship, craft flux or destroy one or two crewships.
  11. Shoot the crew pods launched by the crew ships, Cy even warns you about it
  12. I totally agree. But anyway even if it's "too easy", it's not a problem. The quick thing I proposed was just to have nearly the same "difficulty" as a starchart boss, with a minor RNG (10% chance for the "big thing" you'll be after) that may guarantee you get the Ephemera while grinding for the Shedu, I think that's acceptable. Imo RNG is mandatory in this game, but it has to be balanced. The RNG we got so far in Warframe is fine (except for Riven, of course), but everything with ridiculously low chances should be reviewed (mostly Ephemeras). Token system is as bad as 0.1% RNG in my opinion, at the other extreme. That's like "congratulations, you did something totally normal, take that".
  13. Yeah I know but that's sad. I'm not saying we need some ultimate difficulty stuff requiring perfect teamplay, meta team and the likes. Just kill 20 sentients in 3-5 minutes, which isn't something you absolutely need a meta for, and kill a boss which isn't Hydrolist of Profit Taker but more a... Raptor-like ? Dunno, something that you may need to work toward but not sacrificing any virgin to the Meta god
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