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  1. Chewarette

    Fortuna Big spider gameplay ideas

    We'll probably get to use Archweapons for this encounter. My guess would be that either whatever Corpus unit has a way to disable our weaponry but Ordis will show out of nowhere to send us the Archweapon, or regular weapons are simply not efficiency against heavy machinery so we'll have to use something bigger.
  2. Chewarette

    [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Having fun with my girlz ❤️
  3. Chewarette

    What do the shiny numbers doing k-drive tricks mean?

    Your score (capped at 3k per trick) gives you standing, at a 25% rate. So, for a 3k trick, you'll gain 750 standing with the Ventkids.
  4. Actually the two spawns in front of the altar are separate. With time you'll be able to identify which one it is. (the "closest one" will be the left spawn, if it is located exactly in the middle between the two shores, it will go right) Anyway, you can see its limbs so you know where he'll go.
  5. Chewarette

    intermediate eidolon advice

    Regarding this, don't forget you can mark the Synovias. This can be done even when the Shield is up so, feel free to use it, that'll help.
  6. Chewarette

    asset in orb vallis needs some use

    Maybe we'll uncover some secrets through Railjack (likely) / New War (unlikely, except Orokin stuff)
  7. Chewarette

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Oh no, RIP Orbiting Kavat, that was so cute actually.
  8. Chewarette


    Don't insult people
  9. Chewarette

    What Warframe should I get next?

    Out of the 4 you have mentioned, I'd go for Nezha or Nidus. But look up some gameplay around the internet/ingame, because they're drastically different. Pick the one you prefer. Atlas is kinda meh right now but will be reworked probably soon, Garuda is fun but imo kinda limited in terms of teamplay
  10. Chewarette

    Mesa Fanboys in a Rad Hazard Sortie !!

    Didn't notice that, that definitely sounds like a bug. Even though I have to admit these missions would be way more challenging and potentially fun if we were just affected by Radiation status for the full mission !
  11. Chewarette

    Mesa Fanboys in a Rad Hazard Sortie !!

    Well no. Radiation Hazard sortie, with Radiation Clouds. Sometimes they're not visible, or hard to avoid, but in these cases you just have to be reactive and go hide somewhere. Elemental Enhancement - Radiation sortie, which happens like twice a year, you may be subject to Radiation Status whenever you get hit. The whole point of Elemental/Physical Enhancement sorties is to avoid getting hit, as you're likely to die unless you're playing some immortal warframe. In the second case, Mesa ensures that you won't get hit, because everyone in sight will be dead already, so it actually helps. In the first case, if you're getting Rad'ed in the plain line of sight of the Mesa at the moment she's Peacemakin' (which shouldn't last more than 2 seconds), then you're either unlucky or simply willing to die. But you won't repeatedly get killed by Mesa if you actually work your brain. For sure there will forever be trolls in these Sorties affixes. If you can't deal with them, then : - Solo this round - Set up a group - Protect yourself by stopping being a victim and pick Oberon/Nezha, so that you can protect yourself AND allies ! - Counter-troll the trolls
  12. Chewarette

    Mesa Fanboys in a Rad Hazard Sortie !!

    I often bring Mesa in Sorties when I want to (and you won't force anything to do what you want), and most of the people randomly dying are people who are getting affected by Radiation, not me. Clean your own mess, most of the times you're the faulty one.
  13. Chewarette

    Warframes with weapons setup

    You can use Equipment Sets, this function already exists, to save your favorite setups. I think you gain one "free" set per Mastery Rank (or every two Mastery Ranks), and you can buy additional ones for 20 (I'm not even sure about the price though, if someone can confirm). This function is located somewhere in the bottom right corner of your Arsenal. :)
  14. Chewarette

    What's the best setup to farm focus?

    Greater/Eidolon Lens on an offensive Warframe (Saryn, Equinox, Volt, Mesa) + ESO Or stealth build for stealth kills affinity boosts (with Banshee or Loki and a high-range Melee weapon) => This require two lenses though
  15. Chewarette

    Radiation: The teamkilling problem

    Radiation Sortie ? Hold my beer