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  1. Because this is valid with Chroma, Oberon, Inaros, Hildryn, Valkyr, Wukong, hell it even works with a tank-oriented Ivara and her high energy pool if you want to try it. This is not Inaros-only. And I can guarantee you all the Bramma-wielding Inaros I've stumbled upon recently were definitely not playing around Guardian Derision builds. You're talking about this as if all Inaros were ever playing like that. Maybe 0.1% do ?
  2. Erm what ? Inaros is a solo tank, which means he can protect... himself. That's not like he has a taunt to protect allies from incoming fire or whatever. I know literally noone who ever use Inaros "to protect other players", because nothing in his toolkit can do that. Maybe the storm ? Yeah, in that case approximately 99% of Warframes can fit this role actually. Also: I'm not even sure about the Arcanes statement. I'm pretty sure slapping Vitality, Steel Fiber and Adaptation is enough for Inaros to survive 20 hours on Mot, with or without R5 Grace.
  3. He's a walking pile of HP with little to no "personality". Like, the thing you use when you don't feel like playing something else. Because he has A LOT OF HP and is AFK-people wet dream. He has no interest. He really needs a rework. The only people not wanting an Inaros rework are the ones who enjoy passive invulnerability (probably the same who complained about Wukong rework).
  4. Why would you not use them though ? Very often I'm forgetting about, but when you do... It's 10 seconds to deploy all 3 (or 4), not like you're gonna insta-die if you dare
  5. As long as they have poor AI, yeah, please. Pets dying are just a major annoyance to your QoL (losing passives such as Vacuum or Radar), and once they're dead, they're dead (even worse in Arbis). And most of the time, you can't even do S#&$, poor pathing leads them to inevitable death, or sleeping in AoEs... I don't see DE giving them full immortality though. I could see a "De-activated" or "Exhausted" status, which would work the same as Djinn's Reawaken mod: Upon "Death", pet goes into stasis / sentinels and Moas into auto-repair mode, rendering them "inactive" for 60-90 seconds. When pets are "deactivated" or "exhausted", you lose active capabilities (like Charm, attacks/pewpew, or most Precepts), but you would keep Passive (vacuum, radar...). I think this is the better compromise. Giving them straight immortality would mean DE has to remove/transform most of the Survival mods. But with a system like that, it's up to you, either you mod your Pet to be a bit tanky, so that your uptime of Charm or whatever active buff is optimized, or to maximize DPS, or you go full GTFO and build your Pet to be only a pure Utility tool.
  6. The "no 2 augments for one spell" rule is a general rule, not dedicated to Nyx. And yes totally agree with OP here. This augment is dead right now because 15m is nothing in PvE, and imo it wouldn't be "overpowered" either as we can't combine it with Assimilate anyway (which in my opinion is a lot more broken ).
  7. They've removed it for Arbis, they won't put it back here. Plus, this doesn't give credits to skilled people, it just incentivize people to just use the immortal warframes and never risk playing a squishy Warframe. That's not the good way to go here.
  8. Anchor already prevents her death, what does this change bring to the table ? That makes her ult even worse as it currently is.
  9. Because a not-crafted weapon doesn't bring DE any money, unlike a crafted one which may use Affinity booster, Formas, Catalysts or Eidolon Lenses Of course the people going for MR will craft anything even if they know the weapons suck. For this part of the community, playtesting doesn't grant anything interesting, you eventually will test the weapon... during the leveling. For the rest of the players not caring about MR, well this might interest them, but at this point I fail to see what DE would gain. The problem in the OP seems more like a player problem than a system one.
  10. I don't see the point though. If you are interested in the Warframe after testing, you will craft it. If finally you don't care about it, you won't. What does DE even gain with this implementation ? Why would they implement a mechanic that would outright make you not willing to craft stuff ? I don't get it. That's pure suicide. Oh come on. Don't say that as if it was 20 minutes of coding/programming. It's probably not.
  11. The only thing they will do with your topic is lock it to oblivion. For your information, they read the Feedback and Bugs section but they don't care about General Discussion though. And you're not better than anyone, there are rules you should follow, ie you should post where the topic belongs. So either Feedback or Bugs, both will be read. But not here. It's not a general discussion, unless you want us to talk about how we love simulacrum.
  12. They probably won't. Especially not with that kind of "request" posted in "Fan Concepts", with no argumentation as to why it would be beneficent for everyone without being completely OP and mandatory.
  13. We can see it since day 1 though It's ... weird but I guess we'll get used to it. I'll rather keep my Scimitar though as I've always loved its Prisma skin. I'll check it back when it'll have a Prisma skin too eventually. P
  14. Once again this hits a few days after you have gilded all your wanted to, rofl. This time I won't fall for it though, I'm 28 so I guess I have the luxury to chose which Challenge I can avoid safely, even more than before. This one is instant pass, I don't even want to suffer through a mote amp leveling in ESO. Not this time. Not again.
  15. I did, not that much probably, and this augment is useless and Nyx needs more than a simple tweak to become functional. Singularity could become okay-ish if Range affected it, otherwise it is useless in the current state. Even more for the other Augment's aficionados, as both don't stack, and the other one (which name eludes me right now) is definitely more useful than Singularity.
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