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  1. 10 runs at 22% equals to roughly 90% chance of getting at least one - and 90% being lower than 100%, it's not guaranteed.
  2. Definitely the only time I had a graphical glitch - Shiny af, sad that I never experienced it again
  3. I think the problem also comes from their body suit, which is clearly lacking... something. Anything, really. My Suda Railjack Crewmate has a suit with the corpus-like writings scrolling all along the lines, and that should have been implemented in their suits as well. I've had three Sisters so far. I think all three were like exactly the same, and honestly, when they're lacking Ephemera + helmet and everything else, they just look like random trash mob you don't even have to care about. Clearly Kuva Liches looked more like elite Grineer/Kuva warriors. Sisters of Parvos look like Lil' sister of parvos you have to pick up because she's out of school in 10 minutes
  4. And why MS+CD, and not whichever of the hundreds of combinations available ?
  5. Aww yiss, powercreep, totally what we needed Will the invigorations buffs stack with Arbitrations' ?
  6. I see, didn't watch the workshop/devstream, but I hope then they'll heavily increase the base animation speed of heavy weapons. Even with 2 nanoseconds as "Delay", I wouldn't use the Fragor Prime if it remains as slow as it is today without all the speed mods. I guess that it needs to "feel" heavy, but at one point they should make their choice between "gameplay" and "realism".
  7. As long as some actions lock your character, of course Speed mods will be mandatory. If two-handed weapons become slow af with no way to improve that, they'll just die as being static in Warframe is very often a death sentence
  8. So, the plan would be to put on hold whatever they have planned for the future, just to "overhaul" everything, which could be a disaster (in terms of content, bugs, communication...). I have no idea why DE would even do that. The only reason would be that there are like 10 players remaining, but I think we're a bit far from that.
  9. He's on whichever side will benefit him the most.
  10. Come on, we're not talking about nuclear winter. Applying correct barrier gestures is enough to allow you to go outside, I don't see why Amazon Prime would be that "mandatory". If anything, I ordered lots of things on Amazon BEFORE the lockdown but I have stopped since, for the simple reason that nowadays the carriers do not even try to reach you and leave your packages wherever they want. I only saw that in US beforehands, but now even in France they've done that, and I've stopped ordering anything online since they've left my 1k$ package in the lobby of my residence, where anyone could have picked it, but I was lucky enough to pick it up myself...
  11. I am used to receive Scam/Phishing emails on random email addresses, but I didn't expect to receive such scams even in Warframe from Darvo rofl. Free stuff ? Check. Click on this link ? Check. Find out it's not actually free ? Check. I'm not even far from checking if my computer didn't get a free malware in the process... Oh yeah it's free because we don't pay anything at DE. Instead we give money to Jeff. What a deal. I was on the verge of giving money to DE for the Kavat skin, because I thought they deserve it. But with such S#&$ty practices I'm not sure I will now. Wtf really.
  12. They usually do that when the newly Primed Frame sucks and is not played at all. Like, there is no point in Priming a Warframe if it sucks so hard nobody use it. But Gara is not in this kind of spot. She could probably deal with some adjustment here and there, but more probably on the "nerf" side, so if any, they'll do that after the PA, not before, they're not crazy. :p
  13. If we can "easily destroy lvl 9999 enemies with MK1-Braton unmodded" as you suggest, what would you proposal change ? A level 225 enemy, even with -75% random nerf, would still be shred the same way.
  14. We're getting used to that RJ UI with time but yeah, it's clear there is some work to do (that will likely never be done though). The end of mission is particularly weird. Nothing is clear here and you have to "trial and error" it until you understand how it works, but it could very easily deal with an overall simplification and more clarity. It's nothing more than a S#&$fest since the beginning.
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