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  1. Wildrider123

    When raids come back, what rewards should they have?

    You basically hit the nail on the head in what is wrong with raids and Vauban both.
  2. Wildrider123

    When raids come back, what rewards should they have?

    Raids were only difficult at first, afterwards they became braindead easy with CC spam. Now our CC and individual power is even stronger than before with Vauban the raid killer being considered "weak." So I can only imagine how trivial they will be now with the additional sustain we have on our frames now.
  3. Wildrider123

    Lotus transmission issue

    So to make it brief, the Lotus transmission window just appeared when I checked on my inbox. The little window of her has her saying no lines, though it is animated and not going away. Due to the context of the current condition of the Lotus, I am finding this haunting and adequate a creepypasta. Though I assume it is just a bug and thought I should post it here. Please help its like a haunted memory.
  4. Wildrider123

    Holy Staggers & Knockdowns Batman

    I knew the moment when we started to face Corpus who are not pushovers who only have Nullifiers as a actual threat was going to trigger most the folks to cry about it. But DE, this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, units who have roles and purpose, that make me think twice in rushing at them and facerolling. When you hold out and watch them scale it becomes a real battle, with constant reinforcements and heavy mechs being deployed in a scale that fits when facing what people see as "God like beings." Putting that claim to the test with the latest of Corpus technology - like the mass production of bosses and combat tools that are non-conventional (bouncing pads, eye laser beam visors) Hopefully you can make the infested a threat sometime too, they are long due for some work.
  5. Wildrider123

    Fortuna excavation introduction mission

    I have noticed the quest has been rip and tearing apart newbies while decked out folk seem to easily breeze through it. Perhaps they should knock down the intro quest one's difficulty just to help the newer Tenno get by, since the quest seems to insist one does it solo.
  6. Good to see these changes finally are in. So many people lost sight in what rivens were meant for and simply turned it into another way to make their meta weapons even more meta.