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  1. In my earlier post I mentioned how the fight took unnecessarily long (around 30 mins or so). Now that I have played it 7 or 8 times solo, I figured out how to cut my time to around 15-18 minutes. I simply focused on getting thermia and throwing it against the Exploiter orb and did not focus on killing the coolant raknoids too much. Of course I killed them where ever I spotted them, but focusing on throwing thermia canisters seems to be the trick, at least partially. So going to edit my earlier post reflecting that. 😃
  2. Just going to list the good and bad things here. Also do note that I did the Exploiter orb solo, so my feedback is regards to that and not of a squad. Done it 3 times now but it's way too annoying for now. Also actually managed to log in to forums through sheer luck. Good things: -The mechanics of the Exploiter orb are good on paper. The intention is right as you don't need super duper powerful weapons to kill the parts. I used a non-riven catchmoon kitgun all the time basically aside when sniping the coolant raknoids. -Conclusion to at least part of Fortuna lore. -Good reward at the end. The mods are okay. -Forgot to mention, that also a very good thing is that no constant knockdowns or something similar. 😃 -Also, very good voice acting on the Exploiter orb! Not so good things: -The coolant raknoids also seem to be shooting the coolant sometimes from behind covers and tight spaces where you need to be in almost melee range (there is a building + the cliff and only a small space between them where there were 3 once for me). Perhaps just make them spawn out of the hills/general open area direction instead behind the mountains. Also this I have no longer experienced as much, since keeping the Exploiter in the open area is very important and reduces the chances of these happening, so this is not too bad at the moment. -For some unexplainable reason, sometimes the Exploiter orb just creates this flame wall around her which overheats her quickly. No idea what causes it since I kept throwing canisters at her but it seemed very random. It felt like it was timed and scripted. As in "Oh you've been trying long enough, here let's end this." kind of mechanic. Still not sure of what triggers this (aimed canister to a certain spot or during some move or something?) but seemed to be getting it faster as I kept focusing on throwing thermia at the Exploiter. -When the Exploiter orb dies, for some reason the loot is not affected by Itzal's cosmic crush (the skill that pulls in everything). I literally almost missed having one Hildryn part because of this, which just unacceptable. Why can't at least the Hildryn parts be automatically given to you after the fight? Never understood that. And the fact you can't just go through the Exploiter orb to get the loot but you have to hope it drops to a good spot and then circle around her and get it, since pull in skills don't work. That's the most things that came to mind. After fighting the Exploiter orb 7 or 8 times solo, figured out how to cut my time in half to around 15-18 minutes.Comparing this to the 10-12 minute run I usually have with the Profit-taker in solo, so not too bad at all. Especially since there are no hordes of Corpus + possible bounce arounds and knockdowns. Also a general note about the event: I didn't mind the grind really, but the way you handled the opening of the Deck 12... I really would have liked at least to try and solve the code myself. I felt kinda robbed out on that. Perhaps give us 1 day next time to try and figure it out? Even went so far to translate most of the Corpus alphabet, even though one of the letters was missing from the translator. I understand that there are people who don't know how to use google and search for things for some reason, but I tried googling the pass phrase (if it made any sense, as in it's a word) on reddit and forums but found nothing yesterday. And of course there are those who complain that they actually have to do some thinking and searching if we would have needed to do the code, so not too much of a big deal but I hope you won't start dumbing down the game. All in all, I have liked the event. And the if this is the beginning of future boss fight mechanics to come, really looking forward to those. As long as they are not something similar to the old raids. So thanks.
  3. Since this ain't an in-game bug, posting it here. This happens now way too frequently for me: I login, it does not show that I am logged in. Even after refreshing. I click the "Existing user? Login" thing again and it goes to the main screen of the site (not forums) and claims I am logged in. I go back to forums, claims I am not logged in. Finally if I click something it says I'm logged in.
  4. The new stuff is nice and all, but I rather take the old working combos. Since we are unable to do the combos which use right mouse button currently (unless you equip only melee weapon to a mission), I assume you are going to fix this in phase 2? Or are you going to rework all the combos that use a right mouse button? I hope this won't be one of those things you half-ass and leave behind and move on to other projects.
  5. You mentioned incursions will be gone. I have a melee riven mod that requires to complete an incursion. So will bounties work for the unveiling then?
  6. When can we expect a fix to the Profit-taker bounty stages? Currently only 1 reward per stage, instead of the listed 3 stages. And Profit-taker itself does not always drop a Crisma toroid either.
  7. My monitor does not allow 1080p sadly since a bit lower resolution than 1920x1080:
  8. With the Arbitration update, we also got the global lighting bug and it is still present. It effects everything (also fashion frame) and is starting to be quite annoying. When can we expect a fix for this?
  9. When would it be possible to implement the individual extraction to survival and excavation missions? Same as in defense and interception.
  10. Guess I'll drop in my 5 cents as well to the sea of opinions. In the last dev-stream, Rebecca demoed the melee 3.0 and how you could quickly change to melee in the air for example. Does this mean that when we change to full melee in 3.0, we will no longer get the cool equip animation? I at least would prefer the style factor of actually seeing my warframe equip the melee, than take the 2 seconds or so saved time for effectiveness factor. We're already efficient at killing the enemies with all sorts of different ways...doubt you need to shoot, melee, shoot etc. It kind of looked silly. Unless of course it was the quick melee only...I just hope that the equip animation will still be there. 😃 Oh...and please...get rid of the completely stupid reach of whip weapons (among others) with primed reach mod. If a melee weapon kills everything in a room within 30+ meters, it's no longer a melee and it's even worse than coptering was. Thanks.
  11. Would it be possible to have placeable lights in the dojo that actually light an area? For example similar to the fire, smoke etc. placeable effects, but with a simple scalable radius of light which you could place in a certain dark spot that you want to illuminate. Currently, you can only have a fully dark themed room only. This would improve the atmosphere a lot. Also, perhaps placeable flowers as well? =)
  12. I'm most hyped about this particle system, the melee re-work and the UI update. Some questions to, I guess Steve mostly, about the particles: Will the particles have a light source? Like if you're in a dark corridor, will they light up a bit against a wall for example? Will they cast shadows? Mainly asking because I know how taxing shadows/lighting can be to GPU. And if so, please add an option to turn off the possible light source(s) and shadows from particles. =) You mentioned that this is a new kind of system for the Evolution engine. I have no idea if this has been used before anywhere or anything, but definitely apply a patent to it (if it's even possible? No idea, how these things work since I'm not a programmer nor a lawyer.). And the most mind-blowing fact that it barely has any FPS drops?! Looking forward to it.
  13. Will we be getting more story/lore for Kavor (the grineer defectors) at some point? =)
  14. Do you have any plans on giving more lore and/or story to the Kavor (the grineer deserters)?
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