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  1. Tubsie

    Kitgun charge sound

    I am using the Pax Charge (fully ranked) on a beam weapon kitgun, and whenever it charges, it sounds really bad. The first 2 times I thought my computer was going to crash with a BSoD until I realized it came from the kitgun. These are the parts I am using: Edit: Oh! And I was using Wisp when I noticed this bug, which meant I had an increased fire rate active.
  2. Would it be possible to have different types of Arbitration mission types with each rotation? Been defense 3 times in a row. And sometimes I have also had the same warframe as the power buff there more than once. Edit: Make it 4 times in a row.... back to waiting... again. Only reason for me to play at least a little bit, is to collect vitus essence and buy some kuva, and you can't even let me do that efficiently? Wish it was 2020 already.... would have other stuff to play.
  3. Was hoping to get kuva in the Nightwave offerings this week, since it was last 2 or 3 weeks ago. Guess not again. So my question is: Is there a reason why things like nitain and kuva couldn't be in the offerings every week? So far it looks like that you value alt helmets over some actual important resources.
  4. This popped to my mind if someone would copy your fashion look in Warframe and take credit for it:
  5. My only wish for melee 3.0 is, that you guys would get rid of stupid looking slide attack coptering that is currently going on. It looks so silly and is like the some of the large AoE abilities: takes out the fun. Thanks. 😃
  6. Tubsie

    Cyanex + glaives

    Noticed a bug where if you have Cyanex + a glaive weapon, like Falcor equipped: When Cyanex's magazine is empty and you try to do a charged throw with the glaive weapon, it will automatically cancel the animation and try to reload Cyanex. Every time, until you have reloaded Cyanex.
  7. The new stuff is nice and all, but I rather take the old working combos. Since we are unable to do the combos which use right mouse button currently (unless you equip only melee weapon to a mission), I assume you are going to fix this in phase 2? Or are you going to rework all the combos that use a right mouse button? I hope this won't be one of those things you half-ass and leave behind and move on to other projects.
  8. You mentioned incursions will be gone. I have a melee riven mod that requires to complete an incursion. So will bounties work for the unveiling then?
  9. When can we expect a fix to the Profit-taker bounty stages? Currently only 1 reward per stage, instead of the listed 3 stages. And Profit-taker itself does not always drop a Crisma toroid either.
  10. My monitor does not allow 1080p sadly since a bit lower resolution than 1920x1080:
  11. With the Arbitration update, we also got the global lighting bug and it is still present. It effects everything (also fashion frame) and is starting to be quite annoying. When can we expect a fix for this?
  12. When would it be possible to implement the individual extraction to survival and excavation missions? Same as in defense and interception.
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