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  1. To those wondering about the time limit and the completion rate needed, the first post in this thread says it ends on July 5. This means there'll be 4 weeks, each with 5 regular weekly tasks worth 6000 standing and 2 elite weekly tasks worth 9000, for a total of 48,000 non-daily standing per week, or 192,000 total. Ignoring dailies (because those hitting all the dailies aren't remotely in danger of not finishing), this means you'll need ~78% completion (150k/192k) of the weekly tasks to finish the intermission. Even with no dailies done, you can afford to miss 42,000 weekly standing, which is: 7 normal weekly tasks, OR 4 normals and 2 elites, OR 1 normal and 4 elites, OR even more if you do some or all of the dailies More to the point, you can comfortably get through Nightwave without doing resource sink tasks (use 3 forma, gild 1 item, socket X sculptures). We've seen two of the four weeks so far, and only two normal tasks have been resource sinks. Unless DE puts all three resource sinks in both of the upcoming weeks (which they probably won't), it's safe to skip them all and a few more besides.
  2. Honestly, "good" and "without Maiming Strike" are mutually exclusive on melee weapons, but take any of those builds and replace Maiming Strike with a 90% elemental mod.
  3. Rank 1 in the Nightwave intermission is 100 Nora Cred, which is enough to buy 30 nitain. You can easily get there in an hour or two. As for your friend's distaste for the pace of Nightwave, DE said at some point that there'd be a way to go back and get Nightwave loot after the challenges expire.
  4. False. Most of the things that can take forma are mastery garbage, not things to forma (except to satisfy Nora). There are maybe a dozen or two things to forma (useful pieces of gear plus Paracesis for mastery) in this game, and they take no more than 200 forma collectively. The forma challenge is trivial, granted, for a low- to mid-level player who'd be doing that anyway. New players don't have 3 forma ready to feed Nora at a moment's notice and/or haven't unlocked popular ranking nodes (i.e. ones where they can reliably find public players to carry them if need be). Veterans, many of whom do have thousands upon thousands of hours sunk into this game, have all the forma they need in their useful gear and Paracesis already. The forma, sculpture, and gilding challenges are resource sinks. They incentivize hoarding those resources (forma and usefully forma-consuming gear, empty sculptures and their requisite stars, and eventually modular weapon MR whenever the Duviri or whoever come out with the first batch of it to be released after Nightwave) in case Nora demands them. They disincentivize spending those resources organically, as needed to achieve their normal effects (fully functional farming tools, endo/platinum, and MR). I acknowledge the need for resource sinks, and I struggle to imagine a better one (since the people who need their resources sunk most will just neglect to sink them without the feeling of obligation such as Nightwave provides), but I and so many others would love to see these challenges just deleted.
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