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  1. DE, can I like... have my 375 platinum back, please? So, I was opening the new Nidus Deluxe skin bundle which has several skins, right? I saw a claw skin, was it called Deimos Claw skin or something? I forgot... so I opened my text or chat message and I was linking the skin on the chat, usually to send the text you press "enter" right? Well.. I pressed "enter" and the game BOUGHT the bundle for me as well as sending the linked text on the chat box... C'mon now, can't this simple thing be fixed or something??? Now I lost some platinums and got a skin that I don't even know if I would like it or not... Would there be any explanation??? There was not a thing that stopped the confirmation of purchasing the Nidus skin Bundle when I pressed "enter" to send my message to the chat box... I am now in between of furious and confusion... please, do something about this... Thanks, best regards, reverb6.
  2. can you check on why we can't jump off from Darygn? But if we do can then how did I miss this information lmao The other thing is, if the Darygn explodes... why is my Warframe invisible? LOL and after transference, my head did not appear lol Thanks thou heheh
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