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  1. Adding-removing X ability should have no costs on a Warframe if you've already added X ability one time already, it's very difficult to experiement when putting abilities on costs materials. If I put firewalker on my Warframe, then switched to banish, and decided I liked firewalker better it's super irriating to have to pay again to put firewalker back on.
  2. You realize that they didn't create the forums from the ground up..? Another company provides the service. This same change has been rolled out to other communities using the same provider. That being said it's weird that it was updated instead of waiting because it's clearly not polished. It's always been borked for me on iOS like the guy above said. Absolutely bizarre it's 2020 and things aren't mobile friendly.
  3. They were probably trying to knock out 2 Nightwave challenges in one mission.
  4. They're hiding from Nekros and Inaros to save energy. I don't see him too often either. Wisp is definitely a more popular choice if your team isn't on the move, which is a lot of gamemodes, and what Nailclipper said. Most groups don't require healing support because they have ways to sustain themselves in casual content.
  5. Try checking if legacy color palettes is enabled under options > gameplay.
  6. I've had this issue too, where it's sort of low poly and doesn't load in. Bump.
  7. Bump, any skins on them still look massively oversized and constantly clip, double or no sheathe, blade clips out of sheathe when moving etc.
  8. Feeding costs 100% agree with the costs - namely Railjack - being very high. Railjack missions aren't really farming missions, they're kill and get out. Looks like mat costs finally being addressed but only the Railjack part. Bile is painful to fill, the only "oh yeah I have excess"-type material I've had in there is Thermal Sludge. Argon is fine too. 30 extractors for 1 feeding I'm not sold on... as time goes on less and less playerbase has that veteran cryotic glut stockpile (tm) that DE seems really determined to get rid of. Also Thermia is godawful boring to farm and it comes f
  9. When I try to play Jordas Golem assassination twice in a row, I get the message "Failed to create session. Please try again." It doesn't matter if I use the repeat button, start it manually from star chart, exit navigation and go back in. Other missions work fine, and if you load into any other one the problem corrects itself temporarily. Playing on public matchmaking although no one is in the squad.
  10. Thanks for improving mining visibility, will check it out.
  11. Super frustrating. It's like trying to find kuva cloud on Eris tileset, everything is similar in color like MBaldelli said. The mining points also disappear/reappear, even worse on parts that move or pulse, which is kind of half the map.
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