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  1. I think damage 3.0 was canned but I do think I remember Steve tweeting earlier in the year about trying some stuff with damage/armor and Railjack. I don't really understand how armor scaling isn't crazy - I don't know the exact math but there is a noticeable difference when you get to higher levels, and it is not just lots of health. At level 100 the "heavy" infested unit has 59,000 EHP. The "heavy" corpus unit has 90,000. The "heavy" Grineer unit has 976,000. There are ways to deal with armor but it feels like slash/corrosive are really the go to elements in particular because they help deal with armor. Adding all these armor reducing methods and powers is great but I'd rather address armor itself (and on a side note powers just scaling terribly regardless). Maybe cap the damage reduction at a certain level. Or make it so if an enemy has 60% DR because of armor, keep that the same DR no matter the level? Or something so armor reducing is still helpful in TTK but doesn't feel so necessary. Just close some of the massive gap between stuff that has armor reducing methods/weapons and those that don't.
  2. I think people were complaining because it had self damage for literally no reason. I'm sure it's a good weapon besides that though.
  3. Had the same bug as Xenos. Pretty irritating.
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