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  1. Solo'ing arbi survivals and defences are simple enough. The interceptions are a little more tedious as managing 4 points on your own can be tricky. I would love to run them solo but because they are timed missions it's not easy to test builds freely as I like to do. I'm sure I could solo them already but its easier to hold the objectives with others.
  2. I'm curious to know if the ignore option also blacklists. Probably not.
  3. The first part is a good idea. Maybe some matchmaking preferences could help alliviate some of the stress. Not so sure about a promise rating. I don't think the devs would go for punishing players for leaving early...I sure would though xD
  4. It certainly is a different type of community to other games. For example, ESO, at the start of most dungeons, everyone most of the time will say 'hello' or 'hi'. Then at the end of the dungeon everyone will usually say 'good job everyone'. The two guilds i'm on in eso are also really friendly and every time i've asked for help, i've got it. Even had a guild leader help me out at one point with some harrow storms. Maybe people get more salty towards the end game stuff but so far so good. I was a bit taken back with how much more friendly people seem in eso. Not that people arn't friendly here but more reclusive or more inclined to show an unfriendly disposition based on certain parameters such as what frame someone is using or differing playstyles.
  5. I'd prefer to roll the dice most times too. Sometimes you do meet some nice people. Sometimes...
  6. No I was going hard for D while my twin was exploding all over A. The other dude just watched...bit rude really.
  7. I was defending 3 objectives by the end of the wave so yeah I can believe this theory xD.
  8. Banshee is my go to usually but arbitration drones make mobs immune to everything and they constantly spawn making banshee a not so great choice on arbitration interceptions. I could of course destroy the drones but as i'm doing that the mobs have a short window to damage my squishy banshee and as you probably know, dying in arbitrations is a big hassle as you can't just revive like normal. Tankier frames are usually more desirable and I prefer using more durable frames so I can do longer runs without stressing too much. I don't like dying lol.
  9. Actually I was using the bramma. I was spamming those explosives harder than a virgin in the red light district. I had line of sight over both objectives so for a minute I was standing on high ground spamming bramma shots and glaive aoe but I was 100% engaged. I had to be, other guy let two objectives go. Then I capped one of the other objectives and was floating around with cloud walker trying to protect all 3.
  10. I didn't even get the chance but monke master race ftw.
  11. It is good to see there are empathetic people in a community well known for throwing salt at everything. You sir are the true MVP. I don't even expect people to be half good. I just want them to at least try and not blame every wukong they see because they can't hold an objective. Honestly if they held one objective, I would be happy try harding the other 3.
  12. I already tried recruitment but getting people who want to play arbitration early morning on console is a bit of a challenge. Going solo on survival or even defence is pretty straight forward but the drones can make interception a pain. I do not believe it is intended to be played solo. The best choice at the time was to play random.
  13. I should of specified but I couldn't ask him as he blocked me straight after. Actually yes a clairvoyant would be fantastic.
  14. Joined an arbitration interception with some random. I was protecting D and A while he was off derping on the other side. I'm running between the two points throwing my glaive while he completely fails to protect any objective. I even have to retake one of his objectives. Not once does D or A fall. The dude leaves after the first wave and then messages that he has reported me for 'wukong afk'ing' when he failed to protect anything as i'm running around doing the work. Not only that but has wasted both of our time and now I have to wait 30 minutes until next arbitration because some guy has the mentality and personality of a fish stick. Ugh! Sorry for the rant but why. Just why. The guy obviously does not like wukongs as he joined a lobby I had set up previously and left straight away. Wukong discrimination is real today.
  15. Viral doesn't cut health in half. I think that's how it used to work. It increases health damage taken up to 325% at 10 stacks but I think liches can only have 4 stacks of each status effect at any one time. Regardless of lich elemental weaknesses they use ferrite armor which has a 75% weakness to corrosive so to keep things simple you could mod for raw corrosive damage with high crit and crit damage. A loki with a decent crit melee modded with a typical bloodrush+corrosive build will shred any lich.
  16. Agreed. Oberons ult does measly damage and a terrible base armor reduction of 30% even if it's permanent strip to enemies standing on his hallowed ground, it takes either too much modding space or too much energy, sacrificing other aspects of his kit. As you mentioned ember has a better strip and a better ult imo. Frost's ult also strips armor at 40% base which makes modding for the 100% strip easier and it is a better cc.
  17. I usually just run the panzer as it's pretty much invincible and I don't have to worry about it. Lately I have been using a smeeta in steel path for the charm buff but the damn thing will not stay by my side. It has no offensive mods on but still throws itself at mobs that kill it in less than 5 seconds. This is less of an issue with certain frames like ash or loki because invisibility keeps them alive. However most frames can't protect my squishy cat when she is 20 meters away flipping off of walls at a group of mobs. If there is a way to keep your pets by your side at all times then I would love to hear about it. I know there is a subsume ability to call your pets to your side but i'm assuming they would just run off again after, and having to sacrifice an ability slot for it is not ideal. Suggestions: Add a mod/mods that disables your pets ability to attack and do damage but keeps them by your side at all times and grants defensive or offensive buffs to your frame. It could be anything from additional armor or weapon damage to a small range aoe stun every 5 seconds that opens enemies up to finishers. I feel pets in general are in need of some love and reworking but that's a whole other can of worms.
  18. There are a few ways to be an immortal god of death without proper mods. Revenant for example will allow you to 1 shot everything that isnt a boss or resistant to true damage no matter there level and his mesmer skin makes you pretty much ukillable. Loki with a good melee. Stealth damage multiplier and ivisibility. My nezha has no forma and breezes steel path. You probably dont need fancy mods for him either and he provides a defence debuff to mobs allowing you to bump your damage and he is super tough to kill. Level 80-100 is not too bad to take on if you stack a bunch of modifiers together. Viral+slash is pretty meta. The mods for a charge attack slash build are pretty common. You could get a regular nukor, mod it for viral and status to prime enemies then use a nikana or polarm with whatever element the faction is weak too. Even without a codition overload 80-100 mobs will die pretty quick unless we are talking about steel path. If your looking for a more supportive role then there are a ton of ways to support the sqaud. Trinity is amazing and giving the sqaud infite energy is always appreciated. However her abilities take a bit of juggling especially with the low duration of her link and damage reduction buff, but if your not looking to deal any damage then you can just focus on staying alive and healing+energy vamp. Oberon is my favorite support and if you have his augment for his phoenix renewal then he can be very handy on higher levels. The augment stops you taking fatal damage and tops up your health but has a 90 second cool down. The health regen is pretty good too. Rhino is ok for damage buffing but his iron skin is not that great for survival unless you are set up for it so if you dont have the right mods but you have the helminth system, it is worth putting roar on another frame like revenant for more survivability. Frames with good cc can help keep everyone alive. When in doubt spam cc (unless it slows the mission down which will just annoy peeps).
  19. I don't get it. For a long time glaives were pretty irrelevant and rarely used. People wanted it buffed. Now that they are buffed and relevant again, people want them nerfed. I don't see too many people using glaives anyway and other melees are just as capable of mowing down steel path mobs. Upcoming melee and guns balancing will probably nerf glaives and then the 'de has destroyed melee' posts will begin.
  20. Me: Ooo a new update -looks at notes- Update: Railjack and tennogen Me: -goes back to playing eso instead-
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