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  1. As a polearm user, I am VERY disappointed. I logged in. Decide to see what new tortures are in Fortuna. Spawn in the middle of the map. Go to look for my first enemy. Begin to melee. Swing, swing/twirl, thrust ... ?o.0? WTF?!? Where's my 2nd swing/twirl? No. Don't tell me ... Return straight to orbiter. Go to relay. Fast travel to Simaris. Enter simulacrum. Confirm old quick melee combo is no longer available. Logout. DE, I have never liked the stance combos for polearms. The only combo I ever wanted to use was the quick melee combo. Now you are FORCING me to us
  2. Not everyone plays at the same skill level. Some people just like the taste of dirt. Why do you want to punish those players. If you are simply tired of reviving people, then don't revive them.
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