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  1. 1. With what was shown in the Fortuna demo and subsequent interviews with Steve and the other lead developers, what will come of vehicles? The hoverboards shown look cool, and I hope they allow good mobility and are easily obtainable, versus Archwing on the Plains. Some of us noticed in the demo, there are some "garage" type structures around, particularly one right next to a bounty giver out in the field. Will the vehicles presented in a previous Devstream be making an appearance on the initial release of Fortuna, where we can summon said vehicles, ala Borderlands 2 style? If so, that would be amazing. 2. Railjack looks promising. One thing that I'd like to see before the release of Railjack would be to revisit Archwing as a whole. It's currently a gamemode no one wants to play, only playing it to level their Archwings and weapons, as well as the occasional alert. On the Plains, Archwing feels useless outside of using it as a costly mobility tool to get from point A to point B. There is also the issue of constantly being shot out of the sky if you decide to use your Archwing in a combat scenario, by the many turrets, bombards, and hellions littered across the plains. Will changes to Archwing come with Railjack, or even better, with the release of the flying Eidolon teased awhile back? 3. Speaking of Eidolons and Sentients, we now know the New War is currently in development, and it's release most likely being in the far future. Due to the big gap between such story driven quests, Sentients seem to be this forgotten enemy that kind of sits there, and only being brought to fruition if a quest demands it. I want to be able to fight more Sentients outside of the Plains and Lua. Also Mimics--will they ever make an appearance outside of the Sacrifice quest? It'd be a shame to see their mechanics go to waste.
  2. With the upcoming Venus Landscape, will the "Outpost Beast" be introduced there? For anyone unaware, the Beast is only known through an ambient sound effect when you traverse the plains. Wiki page for those uninformed. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Corpus_Outpost
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