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  1. You probably didnt receive the email with the info
  2. We have an important update on the ship date of the statues. Unfortunately, the Excalibur Umbra statues will be shipped in 2 stages. The first batch of statues (500-1000) will be shipped in late-March as planned. However, the second batch of statues are not expected to ship untilmid-June. We will be shipping the statues on a first order, first serve basis.
  3. I wouldnt start playing the game if i was completely new. Too much to handle at once and too much grind and content to go through, its like starting to play WoW in 2019, isnt really gonna happen unless you have no life and 24 hours of time everyday and you dont get bored. I wouldnt even start a new account, i still have plenty to grind through on my main. Personally i wouldnt find it much refreshing to have weak weapons against the level scaling of this game. I would find refreshing if the game had better scaling on enemies. I play the game for fun on my main (outside of annoying grinding,->k drives looking at you).
  4. Reasons personally didnt grab that statue was the hefty price tag and well customs payment and long ship time.
  5. Gl i guess. You dont understand, the ticket costs 1000 dollars alone TO ENTER tennocon, then another 1000 on top probably to travel. basicly every year there is one tennocon ticket that costs 1000 dollars that only one person can get, only this person gets to make custom glyph.
  6. Or be quick enough to pay about 1000 dollars to get into tennocon (to design your own glyph) and pay the flight to tennocon.
  7. Hildryn isnt powerful enough, i find it funny that DE thinks she is powerful in her current state. Her shield drain is just too much especially because you cant recover shields in her 4th ability.
  8. IGN:Aleksi134 Discord:Aleksi134 #5299 MR:26 Previous clan:night owls gaming community started playing: 5+ years ago 1800 hours Country:Finland Chill guy that is looking for nice people to play with and to have good times.
  9. Oof my life. 120 dollars to buy and then 38 dollar shipping. Didnt buy yet tho.
  10. He never got a rework, just a nerf.
  11. I find it funny DE hasnt replied at all to all the people asking for a rework for chroma, not even a hint of such thing happening. You know i hope i would be wrong and he does come out with a rework or major changes.
  12. Pointless to make bandaid fixes to revenant you buffed him very slightly but left the issue be still and made it worse by nerfing his 4th.
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