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  1. I was worried about this happening when they started announcing upcoming changes, and now that it has arrived I can't stand the feeling of using some of my favorite melee weapons. Hopefully as part of the process of changing melee DE will acknowledge that a lot of us want quick melee back and give us some kind of option.
  2. I spent a while playing with Melee 2.9 so I could give feedback that wasn't just a kneejerk reaction. I love how quickly and fluidly we can switch between melee and guns. I like the new ground slams even though they don't feel like the physics should work that way. I like automatically deflecting bullets. I hate not having quick melee. I almost never used anything except quick melee before the update because the movements and combos in melee can be so awkward. For example: when swinging a whip with quick melee you can run forward while making predictable arced swings with the whip. Without quick melee, performing the same action causes you to stop midstep multiple times and end every couple strikes with a straight forward swing. (At least, using the stance I am.) A second example: using fist weapons with quick melee and standing still causes a flurry of quick strikes while very slowly creeping forward. With a stance on, the same input can turn into a few awkward punches with a leap forward that often flings you past your target. It's frustrating to play with the unpredictable movements and stops of combos when you've spent years playing with the ability to just swing a melee weapon without completely interrupting the flow of your movement. As things stand I will be making decisions about what melee weapon to use based on how awkward it feels to attack with, which I find disappointing because some of my favorite weapons feel really bad to use now. Please bring back some kind of option to not use combos. I know your team has put a lot of work into making them interesting so a single weapon can work in a variety of ways, but a lot of us just want to swing our weapons and move along without movements added in as part of the melee button.
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