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  1. "Ah, good, back up, how's it going? Glad someone's found us, I was running low on supplies and hope for allies arriving, we need to get closer to the tower but enemy drones appeared and the turrets don't take easy just because of that, nearly took us both out." Zeph looked towards the tower watching in case any more enemy fire headed towards them. "Ordis, how far are we? We need a plan to close this remaining distance before the tower disagrees with us being here again"
  2. ((This me and Ember? Sorry just gotten lost regarding whos who catching up with everything))
  3. Mainly because they've been given their own set, fit the same design theme, name theme. The same could be said for other groups of weapons like the Boltor family, they're set apart from others due to design and theme. I'm just asking the same for this incomplete set.
  4. I understand the Paracyst exists, to me it doesn't follow the same design theme and other two weapons and if it were part of their weapon family, it would have been included in the Embolist Collection bundle no?
  5. Hi there, I was wondering what people would think of a primary version to go along with the Embolist infested pistol and Caustacyst infested scythe. I have an idea for a mechanic that while not unique to the game but unique to weapons, that I feel would give it an edge as a weapon, (Plus I'd like the set to be completed). It should fit the theme of the pistol and scythe in terms of design and name and the mechanic would be something like Saryns Spores for an ult fire, a target is hit by a spore that grows as the weapon fires its infested ordnance at the target and slowly engulfing the target until death or upon reaching a certain size, erupts, spreading the spore to nearby enemies. The spore will slow enemies and reduce their accuracy as it saps their life away. I'm not too sure of a name for it, if you can think of one let me know. PS First time posting a concept, excuse any over the top parts.
  6. Passive farming, just run Corpus endless fissures to get prime junk and you'll collect it over time. But if you're desperate, there's a mobile defence on Europa, grab a team with a Nekros, Ivara, a CC stunning frame (Low str high range Frost for example) and run that a couple times with a resource booster. That's what I'd recommend.
  7. "There's back up coming at least then, just need to avoid the flak until they're closer then we can move as a team" ((I'm away for 10 days as of today so will be unable to reply, sorry about that))
  8. "Ember! You OK?" Zeph asked while getting closer and dropping a health pad "Ordis, what's going on with the firing over in the distance, any more threats to us?"
  9. Fantastic work as always Stoi, many thanks :)
  10. Ah OK, that clears it up, thanks for the help, another thing I noticed was Nidus, he gets energy refunded based upon efficiency for virulence and he gains 15% more power strength, 50% more armour, 13 health regen at rank 30, not sure of what level he gains the bonuses, http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nidus
  11. While this may seem a stupid question, how does the critical chance effect the damage? Surely when checked it should times the total damage by the multiplier or is it taking the chance into account?
  12. "NO" Zeph uses his remaining energy on seeking fire and energy shell with his Grattler to try and take out the target in time.
  13. "Good, kinda don't like these guys" Zeph turns to survey the area looking for any hidden threats and Ember, hoping to see her doing well. "EMBER LOOK OUT" Zeph attempts to call out to ember or take out the target before it reaches her as he tries to move closer, keeping in mind the towers flak cannons.
  14. Not really, it's just down to personal preferrence as to which is better, Kubrows run off to find enemies and die, sentinels stay by your side and offer many advantages over Kubrows, CC, Vacuuum among others while Kubrows offer Capture target pinning, Single target damage through finishers. Each sentinel has a Kubrow counter part apart from Carrier. So it's down to the user as to which you like more, a fluffy compainion or a cold robot.
  15. It depends on what you want, utility go sentinel, damage go kubrows.