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  1. But, Excalibur has a Proto-Skin Armor, how could you hate him??? It's just the coolest thing we have in Warframe!
  2. Carrier. But warning, you wan't be able to turn back after.
  3. So far it really hurted only with Valkyr, but for the others I don't regret it!
  4. Well to be honest I already changed the Aura slot to a - long time ago, so it would be quite annoying to change it back now!
  5. @Vernoc: lol I know of the 4x melee damage, I'm actually quite a veteran to the game, but I've started playing Excalibur focusing on Radial Blind since a month maybe. Anyway thanks for the suggestions! I have all the mods maxed, so I have no way to put a rank-below-max mod anywhere! The point with the aura is interesting, but I have to admit that even if I focus my build on Radial Blind, I don't necessarily focus it on melee as well: sure I'd keep blinding enemies and cutting them into pieces when close, but I woulnd't go melee for the whole duration of the power, so I'm not really su
  6. Could you please rate this build and give me some suggestions? http://warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Excalibur_prime/t_30_14003423043_1-5-10-4-8-5-8-10-5-13-7-3-14-6-5-46-2-5-47-9-5-49-1-10-55-4-5-69-0-3-256-3-3_69-4-49-8-46-11-256-9-55-6-1-7-14-5-13-7-4-9-47-6-8-14_/en/1-0-6 I know many woulnd't use both Vigor and Redirection, but I really don't feel comfortable with low shields; also, I'm not entirely sure about Natural Talent effectiveness...
  7. Got the same answer. Funny thing is I did it in solo, so...you know....maybe my Kubrow stealthy made it to extraction before me and started the countdown. Nasty dog.....
  8. If you ask me Excalibur is a starter frame just because of its iconic status, it shouldn't really be intended as a low level frame for newbies.
  9. This scares me, I don't even like the Glaive in Warframe, not at all really, so I can't really imagine being forced to use it as the only melee weapon. Also I read quite often that DS is cool because of the Glaive and its mechanics, which scares me even more.
  10. Really? Cause actually I've not read great things about DS in reviews, even if most of them have positive players comments! PvP? Isn't it a single player game??
  11. Well, hope they're a bit more frequent than Warframe's as well! Sorry to ask, but is it my screen issue or there's no health/shield/ammo/power/ANYTHING bar anywhere??? I mean, no info on screen at all??
  12. Take a look at this huge Sunika, he's waiting for a new master! Name: Galen Gender: Male Size: Tall Body: Bulky/Chubby Race: Sunika Eyes: Red Starting bid for both imprints: 75p Buyout: 250p Current bid: 75p by KnightKT 0 Quote MultiQuote Edit
  13. I gave it a 5 minutes try, found weird that you have to stop running to turn and then run again! Anyway, it looks promising, thanks for everyone opinions!
  14. Really? Is it that bad? The idea it gave me from the video was that the player was trying to control a moving fridge, but I suppose I should test it myself. Well, I think "repetitive" is not really a problem for us Warframe players, is it? ;)
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