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  1. We already have one or are u asking for a socond one?
  2. Any updates on the sentient arm cannons or are those currently on hold or part of the new war so u cant talk about them
  3. well a friend of mine and me did the defense one without knowing that u guys changed it... what a waste of time
  4. What i have also noticed with the catchmoon ist that on many tliesets there seem to be invisible walls/objects you can walk trough but can shoot through with catchmoon, you can see clearly how the projectile is stoped in the middle of the air by apperantly nothing. These walls/objects also stop things like nezhas chakram from flying further and it just bunces back to you as if u had hit a wall.
  5. there are a couple of issiues if u only equip a meele weapon, it states that u do not have a weapon equiped and u can only attack with the quickmeele botton even if u have the option for the weapon fire botten enabled
  6. i hope by expiriencing these changes most nay sayers will realise that the new login system is just better for everyone
  7. i think those ideas espacially the 2. one are good augment but i like how it is right now without an augment
  8. Sry but doesnt health conversion work much better now, and also as far as i understand all the enemies hit by chakrum get marked so it really isnt that useless health and energy conversion mods seem to be pretty good with him which both really help him with surviving, but i do agree with you about the damage absortion cap, that will hopefully get raised.
  9. Rework looks amazing, but i hope that his 4th will finally also hit enemys affected by ancient healers, im fine with them getting no damage, but atleast the cc would be nice considering that pretty much all other cc abilities ignore the ancient aura.
  10. Well i think the "awakend frame " should be something special to the umbra frame/s, considering that not even the umbral mods are exclusive to the frame, i like it that atleast that one mechanic makes him somewhat special. About the new orokin cypher i agree they are awesome and i hope we will see them again, but i can also understand why they were not implemented in the same way in the base game for a couple of reason, first they only got introduced in this quest meaning players should also unly be able to come across them after beating the quest, secondly they are kindyá bad for game flow compare to the other ones, so they would have to make them simpler, by maybe not having the player to have to look for the symbols, maybe a version that functions just like it but starting with the already discovered symbols might work better.
  11. my titania has literrally 13 forma
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