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  1. This is a prime example of how to communicate with your audience/Playerbase, give us the facts and explain to us in detail why you are doing it and even feel us a bit about stuff behind the curtain to make us understand even better. I hope we can see stuff like this more often, not only about technical stuff also the rest of the game, it really is what we need. I know you often say you are really open with us about everything and to be fair, this is often the case, but more than a couple times these past months (years) we have sadly seen situation, where is clear openness was not there (at les
  2. The Survival instinct Precept of the sly Vulpa seems to be bugged in the sense that the effect if it triggers is super annoying and can also crash your GPU which happened to me 2 times in a row, pls fix that, thx
  3. So i just got the Sly Vulpa and tried out their Survival instinct Precept and the blurry effect that hapens when you trigger it is not just super annyoing it also made my GPU (GTX 1070ti) go into overdrive and automatically needed to shut itself down, i hope you can fix this ASAP.
  4. But this way you can "store" reputation outside of just fishes and gems
  5. Until they do anything about that you can just open your menu and then open the current nightwave season to skip all the dialogue, it usually also immediately spawns the objective (at least in solo mode)
  6. MR has never meant anything to me and I remember MR 14 being the highest possible
  7. Maybe it's just me with over 2k energy pizza that doesn't get it but to be honest there is also another reason why I don't think this ability is super useful, the way I build my frames and weapons and how I use them means I never (almost) need any of this (I have over 2k energy pizzas bc I build them but never use them) I don't need health bc I have Magus elevate or just use Nezhas abilities and i early need ammo bc most guns are very ammo efficient (the only gun I use that sometimes runs out of ammo is akjagara prime) While I can kinda get why you think the ability is very good and would use
  8. The forums are bugged they show almost everyone as gold novice, not sure as it shows me as one right now as well but it definitely used to even though I'm MR 28 or 29 can't even remember right now
  9. Energy pick ups are converted into shields for hyldrin, hyldrin doesn't even have a normal energy pool
  10. I honestly don't get why you think this is over powered, as you already mentioned energy and health and ammo pizzas are already a thing and they are even better bc they are easier and faster to use. And for archwing ammo, since it starting to drop from normal enemies I have never ran out of ammo with my fluctus, have been running around for 30+ min wildly shooting around in arbitration missions and didn't have any concerns about ammo. I honestly would not put this ability on any frame I can think of, the only thing I will do is replace this ability on protea herself with pretty much any other
  11. Why would your friends quit when they can't use a new mechanic that is intended for "endgame/veteran" players, if they enjoyed the game so far why would they complain about something just bc they can't do it immediately? Did they also complain bc they couldn't use their tenno powers right from the start? Or riven? Or sorties? Not everything should be accessible from the start, this game is already confusing enough and considering how clueless many of the MR 8 and 9 players are that I know (yes even my friends) I'm very glad this system is not as accessible as others DE has put out over the yea
  12. I have been playing this game for a long time and I have never been forced to play something just bc it is the meta. Even if DE needed a thing I liked i have never felt like that forced me to play a way I didn't want to. The only place where I really feel I can see this happening is ESO with saryn, but even then the funny thing is that more then one saryn actually makes both of them worse. Anyway outside of that one game mode I never pressured by the meta in anyway, mainly bc the game is so easy to begin with.
  13. I mean yeah, mastery rank 15 isn't that hard to achieve, this is kinda a game changer and I think it is fair to have it after a player has been playing the "normal" way for a lot of time. Not every system needs or should be accessible as early as possible, DE has made this mistake in the past, by making both Cetus and fortuna accessible way too soon, when people badly understood the main concept of the game, which lead to alot of frustration. I'm very glad that this system is not as accessible. I have a friend that is currently MR 9 and is nowhere near good enough/knowledgeable enough to get a
  14. Probably gonna give it a slightly different look/animation, or they are "lazy" and just give it the same animation but without the staff or maybe with an eatheral/exalted Bo staff
  15. First of all you already named 4 fairly good choices showing that not everyone will run around with the same frame and I bet that while there will be a meta for sure with some combination that are technically the best, many other people will run around with so many other combinations just bc they rather want to have fun then anything else. I for one will not run any of these combinations, except maybe an eclipse build on my nezha, but only bc I really like the affect the ability has on your frame.
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