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  1. Well to be fair these challenges weren't hard from the beginning, you could to the forma challenge in literally in less than a minute and just waste some forma, dont get me wrong im all for making nightwave a bit more challanging and agree with you in generall, but i do think challanges like the forma one dont need to exist at allin the context of being hard to do, but i also see why they included those. They have often stated that some of thses challenges are done to show new and old players what the game has to offer and maybe remind them or introduce them to other content. The problem being here, that old players are forced to do easy and boring content that feels like a chore and new players are faced with content they can't do yet, leading to both parts of the playerbase feeling unsatisfied with the challenges. So my, maybe a bit unpopular, solution would be that the standing you can earn each week would be capped so that older players can just do the elite challengesto get the standing through a harder but maybe not so boring and repetitvie way, while the new players can do easier challenges that are designed to show them what the game has to offer. Obviously the challanges would have to be reworked a lot and he amount of standing you can earn through challenges should stay the same as it is currently if you do all of them each week. I understand that this might give players the feeling again that thier progress is a bit throttled the same way with other standing caps, but i do think it would be the best solution overall. Even though it might not be easy to make and some older players might feel bad if newer players could earn as much standing each week just by doing "easier" challanges, though the numbers could always be tweaked a little so that it might still be so that going the harder way gives you a bit more of an advantage besides efficiency. Also sorry for the rambling and the bad english.
  2. My poor poor akjagara but I guess it's fair as they are pretty good, though I hope this is the last time they get needed as I think they are at an acceptable lvl now
  3. So this means atlas prime as next prime confirmed?
  4. Now that we know that the sentient arm-cannons are part of the new war, can you elaborate on how they will work and how we will obtain them? Years ago I think Steve said that they would be true random weapons, is that still the intention and if yes, what exactly does that mean?
  5. Can we get a fix for nezhas pyroclastic flow augment missing the effect when he kicks the the trail forward. Its the only reason im not using it
  6. Volt isnt reallly the faster frame, there are a couple frames that are just as fast or faster, for example saryn has the same speed multiplier on her two as volt has. And there are a couple more frames that can be faster like Nova.
  7. I think you should consider designing augments more to augment abilities so they have new uses and not just make them numerically stronger, for example nezhas blazing just makes it stronger, sure I love it and use it all the time, but it doesn't change the way I use the ability at all. On the other hand we have an augment like pyroclastic flow that doesn't let you kill enemies that much faster, but completely changes the way you play with that ability. That is why I think pyroclastic flow is a better augment even though blazing chakram is a stronger one.
  8. While you are at it you could maybe also fix the missing effect with the pyroclastic flow augment from nezha, the effect when you kick the flame after damage build up is missing for me for probably halve a year now and it makes playing with that augment not fun at all. Hope you can fix that soon and thx for the great work you do.
  9. Now that we finally know that the sentient arm-cannon comes with the new war, will we also get the sentient enemy that came with the original concept art, bc that is one of the best looking sentients we have seen so far.
  10. Any news on the pyroclastic flow missing effect bug? Been in game for 6-7 months now and still not fixed, only reason why I don't use that augment mod. Would be really great if u managed to fix that
  11. As far as I'm aware it's a limit so it doesn't take you 2 minutes to open the mod terminal, though this might change with the "new engine" they talked about during tennocon, though to which extend its a real new engine is unclear to me, maybe it's just lighting or so.
  12. I don't know if this is intentional, but the new prime ephemera does basically nothing when you move, which is like 98% of the game, so equipping it seems a bit of a waste because you basically don't see any effect anyway.vhope this gets a fix. Plus also maybe turn down the effect intensity a tiny bit, especially if you let us have the effect while moving and/or slow the effect down a bit, this would also make it a bit less intense and headache inducing when it's actually on.
  13. Yeah but only bc sentinels are weird and they kinda maybe broke the rules on that one, but they won't be breaking those rules on something like a weapon that is not tenno gear.
  14. When has Baro ever sold Primed chamber? I'm 99% sure he never did. I mean it was given out long before Baro was a thing as far as I remember.
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