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  1. Could we possible get the option to remove quivers from our back even when we currently use the bow, there are a couple frames where the anykind of quiver on the back looks bad. Also could you increase the timer for the new split flights mod by 1 or 2 seconds, this mod is for bows after all which has one of the longest times between shots of all weapon types.
  2. Will you consider rebalancing the numbers for the viral status proc? bc as it stands right now i dont see a reason to ever not use viral as an element and its kinda sad to see the buildcraft we had for weapons go away like this. Im sure you did not intent to remove build diversity from weapons with these changes so i hope you can fix this soon. Love you guys and hope you all stay save ❤️
  3. I would propose to change the support that you can sent to squads will be changed to a damage buff or enemy debuff and give us the ability to heal the op-link with all the stuff we use to heal objectives already, this makes these pub missions a bit less dependent on random people healing your op-link.
  4. Can lockdown pls still do damage to lures and vomvalysts on the plains, it was really important for a fun gamplay loop during the eidolon fights, this just feels sad, i get that it was too strong for normal missions, but it would be nice if other parts of the game would not be negativly effected by this espacially if you consider that eidolon fights are really the only content where playing with your operator is necessary and gets rewarded. So nerfing something that was important and not overpowered in that context just feels like an oversight, even if its just a flat damage that is enough to kill the lures with the current 2 mines limits would be fine, you wouldnt be able to kill anything meaningful in other parts of that game with that anyway. Hope you consider these changes, there where even some better suggestions in your first post about the lockdown changes but they have apperantly not been considered yet.
  5. What 27h window are you refering to? are you sure you are not confusing it with the 27 day duration of the event?
  6. you only get unreanked ones it says so when you click in them, they are only shown at rank 5 in the shop screen so you see how good they are at max rank
  7. tbh its fine if you do the railjack missions, as you get alot of point that way, but the problem with that is, that for some reason you cant join other public missions if you have your own railjack, so you basically have to do it solo or invt other people in your squad. I mean i wouldnt mind if they increased the rewards, but you also have to take into account that this event is up for a month, you are probably not supposed to frind through everything in a couple hours, more like doing it here and there every time you play.
  8. Gas is still useless in levels where status beginns to matter, but even if you buff Gas to a place where it will be good no one will use it as viral as it stands is insane, it works great on every faction and it works better than anything else so why should anybody use anything else? And to be honest i dont know how this happened, like before these changes Corrosive Gas and viral could all be better than each other in different situations and on different weapons, creating a balance and some build diversity. But for some reason you thought that nerfing one a little bit (Corrosive), nerfing one a lot(Gas) and buffing ones damage 3x (Viral) would somehow create more build diversity??? Like honestly how did you come up with this? Im just confused. While these changes for gas are cool and are a good base to make it better, as long as the damage against armored and shielded enemies does not get buffed it will still be useless for anyone. I suspect that you want people to change elements for every faction. The problem with that is that Grineer are the only faction that has high enough effective health that its enough to just mod to fight them and everything that works good on them works also on other factions, espacially against infested.
  9. Gas is still not viable and as long as you keep viral as insane as it is now, build diversity is pretty much dead bc viral is in 99% of cases the strongest option hope this gets changed soon, otherwise it would be really sad to see such a great part of the game be completly irrelevant
  10. i dont know if this is intended or not but vazarin healing dash cannot heal the uplink thingy, which is pretty much the only allied object that cannot be healed. Hope that gets changed/fixed soon otherwise i really enjoy the event
  11. TYPE: Game Crashes DESCRIPTION: When doing either of the scarlet spear event missions REPRODUCTION: just start any scarlet spear mission, i have done this before and after i optimised the download cache and with defered rendering on and off nothing changed EXPECTED RESULT: the game is not supposed to crash and i can continue to play OBSERVED RESULT: the game will freez frame for about 3 sec while the audio will play for about 1 more sec after this the game will crash REPRODUCTION RATE: the first halve an hour was fine (only played the railjack half, then i did the ground mission for the first time, during which i got the first crash, after this the game has crashed for me about 6 times both in the ground missionand during the railjack mission hope you can fix this soon
  12. Yes i very much agree with you on this and you put it in a great way. Just the change to the only 2 mines would be enough to reduce the crowd desrtoying power of the arcane and changing it to do void damage and maybe even status would further reduce the damage and give it a little extra on the CC side. I think they should change Lockdown to the following: reduce the amount of mines that can be out to 3-4 at a time and change the damage type to void with a 10-15% status chance to give it a bit more CC. This way it could still be usefull for Eidolons and work great as CC in normal missions without doing too much damage. And if that is still too uch damage change it down to 40% of health at rank 5 instead of 60% that should definitly be enough to stop it being so insane.
  13. Just bc its a PvE game doesnt mean there shouldnt be balence and yes balence does mean "nerfing" some stuff just as much as you need to buff some stuff, as long as the thing is still good after the nerf it is good and rakta Dark Dagger will still be good i have used it before the update and will continue to as it is one of the best ways to heal yourself outside of operators, it is espacially good with warframes that can reduce the damage to shields or just straight up adaptation. This change just makes it so that it is still competetive with other stuff that give a comparable adentage, bc if they didnt change it and where at a point in the game where you had access to it there was no good reason to take any other tool that did a similar way bc it was so strong at what it did. Same as teh catchmoon "nerf" Catchmoon was so strong and so easy to use that you had no reason not to use it (which was proven by the usage stats) now it is still great at what it did before, but just not to an extent that makes everything else irrelevent. Also im not white knighting DE here they have done alot of stupid stuff recently (like #*!%ing up the status/element balence) that i gave them S#&$ for, but that is not what this comment is about. I just really wanted to make it clear that the whole idea of "its a PvE game so you shouldnt nerf anything" is just false and doesnt get us any closer to a fun and balenced sandbox. i am also not trying to attack you personally, i myself used to think the same way and many other people still do, i just wanted to help you understand why people who work on games for there living do stuff that seems counter intuative for us players sometimes (again that doesnt mean they are right all the time) hope you have a great day if you read this 🙂
  14. So i have just played around a bit with Magus Lockdown and used in the way it would work with this patch (so only ever having 2 mines at a time) with these changes i actually think the damage can stay the same, like it would take me at least a minute to kill lvl 165 Bombards with this compared to i donno any other weapon that can do the same thing inless then half the time or a lot of warframes that can do the same in a 10th of the time. Dont get me wrong i do think Lockdown needed to change in its current iteration it is too strong, but with the proposed change to only 3 mines at a time, it would already solve the problem of killing everything in a really small amount of time while also being invincible. And if this small amount of Dps would stay, the arcane wouldstill be good in eidolon fights, which in my humble opinion should be the most importent place where it needs to work as it is the only place in the game where you made operator combat relevant. And if you still think it would do too much damage pls at least consider making it only deal damage to lures and vomvalysts on the planes of eidolon. Hope you guys are all safe and cozy at your homes, while im looking forward to what you guys are bringing us next ❤️
  15. Yeah i agree with you that these changes eem a bit too much, tbh i even would be fine if they made it so it could only do damage to vomvalysts and lures, though a bit more then it can do now if you can only have 2 mines at a time. Lets hope they realise that this would be really bad for the eidolon community. This would also remove one of the only places in warfame where you (or at least I) can feel like there is an actual skill requirement to perfectly chain together specofic actions
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