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  1. Is there anything in the pipe for Conclave? It's been a long time since we had a steady stream of additions and balance tweaks, and we really need those back...! I mean, Mesa Prime still isn't usable, for starters.
  2. Any word on Conclave? We had some stealth-changes a little while ago that fixed some things – any chance we can get some more of that goodness?
  3. It would really brighten my day if you could say anything about Conclave – even if nothing's in the pipeline because, say, the guys that were on it are doing other things right now. Losing the trickle of content Conclave used to have has been rough, but not knowing when or if it's coming back is worse. :(
  4. Any word on when Conclave updates are going to start happening again? It seems like we had a steady drip of them up until around when Fortuna's development kicked into high gear.
  5. When can we expect the Concalve devs to be back in the saddle? When Fortuna's development kicked into high gear the trickle of Conclave updates and additions slowed to almost nothing, and it feels like the dirty dishes in that sink have been piling up for a while now.
  6. Shortly before Fortuna launched, Steve showed off a rad piece of K-Drive art featuring my main man Teshin – do we have an ETA on when that'll release? Will it be purchased as part of a new bundle, or individually (perhaps as a Conclave Syndicate reward?)
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