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  1. I was in a public squad, doing an Axi fissure exterminate on Berehynia, Sedna as Wukong Prime. At the end of the first round during the relic opening countdown I started doing a handshake emote with my clone as I like to do. So the animation was still playing as the reward picker screen opened. Then the host decided to extract but the rest of us remained. The resulting host migration loaded into a frozen game where the UI was just showing weird elements and my frame was standing upright, frozen. Nothing moved and the whole thing was just frozen but I could still hear sounds like I was still playing, for example firing my weapon would play the appropriate sound. I didn't realise to take a screenshot of this before trying pressing '5' for transference, which resulted in my frame turning into my operator after a short pause. I couldn't transfer back and my operator was stuck the same way the frame was. This time firing wouldn't fire the amp but aiming down sights would play the whooshing aiming sound. In the screenshot above you can see the situation post-transference. I have generated and saved logs for this, and I'm happy to send them in a support ticket if you request them. I would have done that straight away but judging by the way you've changed the support topics around, you really want me to approach bugs like this through here first as well. Naturally, I had to abort the mission to get out (pause screen luckily still opened normally) losing all my rewards. The item I got from the relic was just a Ninkondi Prime Blueprint as well so I don't really mind if you can't get me my rewards back, it's just a minor annoyance.
  2. Using Ash's Teleport with the Fatal Teleport augment on a Kuva Larvling doesn't create a Lich. And here I thought I finally got my first Lich.
  3. Gara's ability interaction is all over the place for some reason. Her 4 often doesn't reset her 2's timer. I couldn't figure out a direct cause nor a reliable workaround, other than to keep spamming the ability until it works. I do have a reason to believe switching weapons around seems to sometimes fix it for a while but not always.
  4. Grineer have forgotten how Ramparts work. They just entirely freeze as pictured below until attacked (or possibly staggered) when they try to mount a Rampart.
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