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  1. Would it be possible - since now combo counter stops if I break combo by aiming apply this to warframe ability weapons as well? E. g. Would be good if Baruuk restrain stops filling back if I break the combo with aiming. And it would be good to rework bit of Naramon - since now that combo decay is more harmfull to that counter than prosperous.
  2. Hello everyone! Our clan is small and young. I created it after I left huge clans, where I keep meeting the same type of atmosphere like from 300 ppl + only 10 were caring about clan. So I created this clan - Lost dream as dream where one help another. Clan were ppl loves to chat. Clan where members are logging just to say "hello". We decided to go Nature style and I love unfinished sketches - I am not trying to cover room walls - I am tryping you pull you into another world - get your attention to middle and then let your own fantasy to work. =). In our dojo walkthrough you will find places like Tempest Passage, Moutain pathwalks, Oasis, Lakes as well as The Skeleton King 😃 and a lot will be done later. Still working on dojo 😃 since I have a lot in real life work so dont have that much of time as I used to have. Well enjoy, hopefully we will be able to inv you for a tour! I will add description into album's images. Clan name: Children of a Lost Dream Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: Imgur album link: https://imgur.com/a/yylhQDO
  3. Hello, here is my screenshot 😃 Rifted - a horror story about 3 tennos trapped by Limbo. 😃
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