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  1. Still not really satisfied by the double colors. Some frames have so small or narrow lights (like dots on Nova or lines on Khora) that whatever you do, the double colors will look bad. And it's a shame because these colors on the abilities are very good. That's why it would be interesting to push the customization to separate the colors of the frame and the colors of its abilities.
  2. The new augment for Khora is wonderful. It work with energy cells in excavations, i love it ❤️ Edit (after seeing the comment below) : I don't have Hydroid so idk how perform the mentioned capacity. Personally I'm happy, but if it's a poor version of something else, i admit, it's actually a pity.
  3. I'm quoting what I said before about this : Also : It's quite coherent to assume that Umbras hadn't access to Orokins' systems. Edit for the comment below : Hi ! 🖐️
  4. Even if Umbra are made with Orokin tech, It's make sense that they don't have access to death orbs' energy (spoiler ahead) :
  5. It's also make sense to not have it, like said before :
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