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  1. Inflammatory comment much? 1) If you read the beginning of this, an artist did come forward and I was curious as to if they were still interested. 2) To my knowledge no one had brought up the idea so I did 3) It's Tennogen. I'm willing to pay for the content. Do I benefit? Absolutely. Do other players that might be interested in the content benefit as well? Absolutely.
  2. It's very nice looking but I was hoping for something that would be for two handed weapons. I appreciate it though!
  3. Title says it all. Is there any Tennogen artists that might be interested in the idea? There's a lack of Tennogen bow skins and with the recent Valesti Syandana (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2170736183) being released I thought a feathered theme bow skin would pair well with it. I hope someone is up to looking into the idea (because I can't even draw).
  4. Any updates? Is this considered a dead topic now? Still hoping to see a 2 handed khopesh.
  5. Title pretty much says it all. Warframe needs a large two handed khopesh and while I am aware of the Khopesh for longswords there isn't one that is two handed. While it's true that there are several two handed Tennogen blades, every single one of them is straight bladed and it's that lack of variety that I came to the forums to post this thread. The khopesh is an amazing design and there is no better time to finally have a curved blade for a 2 handed weapons than now with Inaros Prime being recently released. I'm hoping that there is a Tennogen designer here that would be willing to take this
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