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  1. After the patch which fixed Titania's and Archwing melee lock on, she still can't lock on to enemies affected by her own first ability. (Some other types of crowd control also have this problem, but it's most important on her 1)
  2. With the last hotfix Titania (and archwing) can lock on to enemies again, but enemies affected by Titania's 1 can't be locked on. Edit: Just realised this is the wrong forum section.
  3. Yeah definetly noticed that. Probably a bug, because there is nothing in the patch notes. Please DE fix this quickly, it's pointless trying to use the Diwata without that dash foward.
  4. Can we please have the option to use heavy attacks on 'Hold E' like they were before? Please? It feels very weird on some weapons, especially those I was already using the charge attack before (which wasn't many, but still)
  5. I'm not gonna waste everyone's time with more ideas, I dont have many, but I must be at least another voice saying these two: 1- His 1 should deal damage, maybe 33% of max health + 1000 or whatever, something that lets it kill trash enemies by running into them, but still scales into Lv 100+ 2- His battery energy drains too quickly, it shouldn't get lowered from being shot with 2 activated and maybe not even when casting his 3 on burn mode.
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