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  1. It all started because OP asked a question I answered it with an opinion. And then OP turned into a complete ass hat. That said I'm done. I know when to quit while I'm ahead.
  2. Yup that settles it you're a troll. No one should give a S#&$ because it's a free game, so who cares. Might as well just delete the forums cause #*!% it, it's a free game amiright /s .. DonlMdon be like "hur durr look at me everyone I'm so edgy cause I could give a S#&$ about the state of this game. So let me create a topic about not giving a S#&$ about the state this game".
  3. you really are delusional and a troll I didn't think that was possible but here you are.
  4. And who asked for that? DE did arcane collectors wrong. Stop try to justify that bullS#&$. We all have full sets now we don't case in point.
  5. Goes right back to my original point of feeling ripped off because #*!% my time.
  6. 1. I like video games 2. I dont double stack 3. I did the trials bullS#&$ RNG grind everyday for my arcanes sets for a straight year.
  7. They could have done all that without having to take on the extra 11. No one asked for that S#&$.
  8. Warframe Forums are more fun than video games at the moment. As for playing WF, nah would rather express my displeasure at WFs current state.
  9. 1. had a full set already pre SS, now I don't. 2. They gave us some bullS#&$ "double stacking reason" for making us need to have more for a full set. 3. We have no idea what kind of extra grind it will be for Rares and Legendaries just to have a full set yet again, because #*!% me and my time, right?!
  10. I gotchu fam. "The goal here is not at all to increase the arcane grind, we wanna correct mistakes in the meta, not squeeze you for the grind, you don't have to go back to Eidolons, you'll have Scarlet Spear". - Steve Sinclair, Devstream 139,
  11. You are so new and naive it hurts. @(XB1)ECCHO SIERRA get a load of this virgin boi. /s Can we count how many times DE has ripped of player's time in this game?!
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