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  1. DIgital Extremes really needs to stop tinkering with things, actually finish what they start and accept what is and embrace the over the top mobile game power fantasy. Going back to fix what can’t be fixed because it’s broke at a fundamental level isn’t going to do anything accept waste dev time. The “melee nerf” won’t make a bit of difference what-so-ever. In the end It will still be the same mash “E” to win and stances will still clip through and miss everything like a knife threw a wet paper bag. This games melee has never had feeling at all and isn’t the least bit satisfying imo.
  2. For now I’m building my devastator around the bullet deflection skill (mostly because I got the mod where I can shoot while in bullet deflection mode gosh that’s a awesome ability) and quake mod that I can cast twice before cool down. And I Fricking love it! It’s DEVASTATING! can’t wait for the armors and crafting to see what I can create! It’s like people can fly took the best parts of Destiny, Division, Warframe (modding?)Gears of War and Borderlands mushed it together then made it into a game using the Unreal 5 engine. Yeah it’s beautiful on my PC. Also can’t wait to see the other skills..
  3. Anthem could have been great if they had Digital Extreme’s dedication.
  4. Sadly Warframe will inevitably kill itself. In one way or another. That reality is inevitable. It doesn’t need another games help to do that. Warframe is fine for what it is, that I enjoy in spurts, a casual glorified mobile game that you can play for a little while a day or hang out in while watching Netflix. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the demo, guess what really matters is if your having fun. I especially like that the mods, characters and progression you acquire from the demo all carry over to the full game. Humans can fly and Square enix have been completely upfront and a
  5. This vid almost has me sold on a pre order. Square enix is a good gaming company. Hmm. Thoughts on this game so far fellow gamers? Follow link “watch on YouTube” for lots of details! Tell me your thoughts. looks crazy good!
  6. A reward that gives your frame a tactical belt (you can hide if you choose, fully color able) that you put on the frame similar to a forma. It would allow the frame you use it on to equip 2 primary’s, 2 secondary’s or 2 melee weapons of your choice? So instead of primary secondary melee slots you would have secondary slot, secondary slot, melee if you used the secondary tacbelt, as an example. TacFrame belts a belt for equipping 2 primaries a belt for equipping 2 secondaries a belt for equipping 2 melees a belt for equipping 2 arch guns a belt for equipping 2 s
  7. Cosmetics. Cosmetics have many possibilities and with all the frames it could be endless possibilities. (clan) cool glyphs Tactical belts (frames/ operators) Thigh armor (extra slot in addition to) forearm armor (extra slot in addition to) being able to place multiple sigils on you frame custom frame coloring/textures different mats for (frame/operator) sydanas for operators more companion/sentinel cosmetics - gimmie a syandana for my sentinel -more universal sentinel skins (arbiter shield drone skin, Osprey skin, corrupted Or
  8. From the dev workshop in 2019... THE FUTURE 14. Lastly: Channeling 2.0 AKA “Rage Mode” There has been a lot of discussion around this addition, and while it will not be included in the Phase 2 update, there is a lot of work being put into its application. This system is very special and we want to make sure that it is not just a cool addition, but that it has roots in Warframes lore, and a story behind it. This is something we want to implement with a lot of in-game fanfare and details will become available as progress is made. DE should really finish their melee rework befor
  9. Problem is the texture and graphics are still vary dated with Warframe’s engine. The Zephyr deluxe makes it painfully obvious graphical detail and texture is struggling. It doesn’t really work. So say what you want about anthem but the graphical textures, details and customizations of the javelins is what’s really missing from Warframe models (enemies, warframes, operators, NPCs, weaponry) and until there is some type of overhaul it will always struggle.
  10. what I saw from the devstream nothing wil really change with melee. Guns will get some form of combo system maybe some unorthodox buffs and also some new set mods to pair with melee or something. That said nothing will really change. Just more wasted time.
  11. I mean this game has never been co-op not In the traditional sense anyway. Multiplayer sure, but there has never been any intentional synergy between frames. Every frame is it’s own little island. So I don’t understand when OP says “again”. Been around since 2014.
  12. Yes. Recruiting chat is awful. Especially if someone wanted to find a Rad group for an older relic. Good luck. Matchmaking is a big problem.
  13. Login, farm 5 forma bps a day, grab the palendino riven, log out. Play outriders demo.
  14. She has a filntlock skin with her deluxe. But yeah they should let Tennogen artist access to the mesh to make some really cool looking regulators.
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