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  1. OP there are many players in these forums that are highly advanced traders that could teach you or at least offer pointers to help you make plat. But no you want to beat your chest hur der I work hard DE owes me hur der. Srry partner it doesn't work that way.
  2. OP create a emblem celebrating Black History month or honoring MLK if that's what you desire. And then you can celebrate black heritage year round when you play WF. Why limit it to just one month?
  3. Tell me about it. Back when I used to play I would paint prime sigils black just so I can see the channel effects because the gold doesn't look metallic shinny prime. Prime sigils look vary dull and not shinny. That is until I'm in a shadow and it appears greyish white. It's stupid. Been this way for yyeeeeaarrrsss..sigh... whatever.
  4. Nah..WF won't really ever die bruh.. To many players like yourself are to quick to blindly throw money at potential hopes and dreams with a soon release date.
  5. When will sigils actually look like what's advertised? Gold on sigils look nothing like that. After years it's still not metallic.
  6. Great idea! As do I OP.........Alas...Behold!! Look at how beautiful. My main rocking the duel Zundi with her Mando helm!! It's fiya!
  7. Oh man. Coherent Lore for one. Tons of potential there, but eh we need space battles. Non Dev stream alerts could have been reworked to work along side Chorewave, but nah. Speaking of which (21:02) this vid was over 2 years ago....2 YEARS....Where is it? In the end it will all just be wasted potential. Do you really think this will be how everything is linked together? Hope so, but doubt it. Not to mention the 3rd Orb? Is Nef still a threat? Holo lotus, how long have we had dat bish? Helminth room? Fundamentally we still can't even wield a pistol in one hand and a knife in the other, but nah we need all this other unfinished S#&$. Seriously! Lol I could go on and on and on. If you take a step back and look a WF objectively you will see it's really a incomplete mess of unfinished random inspirational ideas with a mountain of potential and zero leadership. It's truly a case of to many chiefs not enough Indians. And it will always be that way, always updating and struggling to stay relevant. Right now I'd rather spend my money on a good coherent story, not a incoherent mess with a mountain of potential that can't decide what direction to go.
  8. I don't ever quit anything really. I keep tabs and I just don't play it as often. After the recent S#&$ty development, implementation and updates and the fact DE doesn't respect players time, I'm not gonna waste my time on Warframe right now. Games like Red Dead 2, MH2, Fallen Order, BL3 I really don't have time for Warframe. And with Ghost of Tsushima, Cyper Punk and the FF VII remake coming I just don't see my self playing anytime soon. But with all that being said, one of the best things about Waitframe is you never really miss out on anything and everything gets easier to obtain the more patient you are. So I can enjoy all these great games coming out, and won't miss out on anything in Warframe. So win win. Coarse I won't rule out coming back for a bit when a new cinematic drops. But eh we will see.
  9. I used to be optimistic about warframes potential too. Until the day I realized that's all it'll ever be "potential". It's never gonna be anything else other than what it is now.
  10. That's blasphemous round these parts. Warframe is the greatest game ever created. There are no other games. /s
  11. Shower thought: Modding gore. Helminth chair for modding and/or installing mods in Warframes violently. Or for maybe just installing Umbra Mods? Either way it would seem to make sense?
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