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  1. If the goal is to have weapons balanced and relatively equal with each other then there is no point in having them separated into categories, rather slot 1,2, 3 and let us select the 3 weapons we want to carry. That said there wasnt any balance taken into consideration with primaries secondary and melees anyway.
  2. Nah instead of the primary secondary melee slots, just let us equip any 3 weapons we want in a slot 1 slot 2 slot 3.
  3. Great! Now that the Arsenal divide workshop is posted and we have balance between melee primary secondary weapons we no longer need slots for them. Time to just have slot 1 slot 2 slot 3 and let us equip any 3 weapons we want.
  4. If a player can log into a mature rated game forum, then that player should be able to see the video post within it. No? why does a Warframe player need to login into a separate sight to see a Warframe related vid? I really don’t understand.
  5. And then the outrage about “muH TimE inVestMenT” shortly after. And the saga continues.
  6. I mean in game it changes absolutely nothing. IMO it’s wasted dev time, all of it. Melee is still meta, no one will play SP for “conditional solo nerf yourself to buff yourself mods”, and “Invigoration system” or random “Warframe rivens” will be unhealthily in the long run, in term of new quests / new frames and parazon rework is completely useless outside of solo play.
  7. Mods should go a head a pin this on top of this thread as TL;DR
  8. Invigoration system? Or in other words random “Warframe rivens”. everything gets deleted in a microsecond any way and now we can delete in a nanosecond? Really? Perplexed. Seems like yet another waste of dev time. Unfortunate.
  9. No you don’t. The mods you have outside of steel path are still better. They don’t require you to nerf yourself or a condition to use.
  10. Do you play multiplayer? If so good luck getting buffs. But wait you have to nerf yourself first. simple enough eh?
  11. Your forgot to add in multiplayer. Lol Galvanized mods are completely useless. Even more so confirms my claim this is a solo player with multiplayer options and not a coop game in anyway shape or form.
  12. Exactly. DE is suggesting we intentionally nerf ourselves to shoot more bullets at enemies to kill stuff ( in multiplayer good luck!) to buff ourselves...slightly. Lol 😂 nah my secondary gun mods are fine. So in a sense no change unless you have a riven.
  13. So this is for solo mode only; got it. Good luck pulling these off in multiplayer. And please stop claiming your game is a co-op game it confuses your player base.
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