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  1. So when can I extract then inject the anti death gene into our other companions so they don’t die either?
  2. Just take the damage cap off her 1. And have it passively charge. Click for BANG!
  3. MfD savage silence banshee exists too. Ironically MfD nerf affected SS banshee not one bit.
  4. Meh Savage Silence on Ash is just fine
  5. I think kits time we replaced the tired, dated Primary secondary Melee slots with slot 1,2,3 and let me pick any 3 weapons I want.
  6. I view the dojo as just and inconvenient extension of my Orbiter. Optional solo clan integration really needs to be a thing. In other words give me an option to put my dojo and orbiter together.
  7. I want those delicious mods for PvE tho?! 🥰
  8. DE should move mods and skins over to Steel Path and then leave conclave for those that want it.
  9. (Solo’d Earth, Queens, Void, Lua, Derelict, Diemos/ Got the Dax top and bottoms, Orb Ephemera) and moving on. All and all it was fine. Probably would have been a lot easier in a group. That said I have absolutely no desire to do the rest of the nodes solo. Would rather mine, fish and hunt on Diemos. Lol
  10. What will Mesa’s Leverian weapons be? Curious to know the WF forum community thoughts on this.
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