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  1. I’m also tired a meleeing through enemies wondering if I even hit them.
  2. So I’ve recently fell in love with two new weapons. Just built the Tombfinger, Love, splat weapon and put 6 forma in it and the Capstan skin on it and it’s absolutely addicting with Pax seeker and my riven. The second is the Sepulcrum. This weapon is also vary much addicting. Put 7 forma in it and love the riven I bought for it too. Sepulcrum would look fantastic on my back. Would be so awesome to be able to equip 2 secondary weapons. That said just being able to equip any 3 weapons would give an endless amount of possibilities, synergies and options to the players. that said a
  3. Yup. I ended up going with abilities to replace her 1. Pillage for general play against Grineer, Corpus, Infested. Insnare for disruptions ( Especially solo SP). And whisper for a Sentient build.
  4. Nah that was just for hype. Similar to Tennocon 2019. You know atmosphere flight, capital ships, “battle of endooooooooor” -Steve Alas we get mobile phone version, that is scarlet spear and “squad link”.
  5. Lots of great head cannon in this thread. To bad it’s all a bunch of speculation “maybe” and “could” .
  6. Sure she’s the fastest flyer. Next time I’ll use context and say running on the ground. 🤪
  7. I mean holo lotus has been around for what 3 years? Lol We need voice packs. Better yet Cephalon voice packs. The animations are already there just need the voice overs and done.
  8. I enjoyed the lore vary much. Keep that coming. Could care less about any of the other stuff. The Halloween event was just fine for the lore unlocked made it worth it. imo
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