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  1. She literally said they moved her blind from her 3 to the stun. if you want to have to jump around like a monkey (B hop, effectively) in order to utilize an ability, then be my guest. you have contradicted yourself a fwe times, and your ignoring what I am saying. SO I am not going to discuss this further with you. 🙂
  2. She kept refreshing her buffs (so she was using it more than you want to make it seem like), Her 4 is A GIANT LAZER FROM THE SUN and is wide enough to hit most of the stuff she was aiming at with it. Even if it is that picky with its aoe then that is just another thing to add to the list (I dont think it was that picky) because no group of enemies are going to be that grouped up. Her 3 she stated was like a radial blind and it did not even seem to do anything when she did use it. She did not use passive (in-air invulnerability) because Wisp has no means to stay in the air other than aim gliding, and that would get tedious and annoying. The point is that the abilities were not "being under utilized" as you claim. No, she was not using them constantly, but they also did not have much use. Think of it this way, Mesa 2 would be vastly less useful if she did not also have 4. Yes you could still use 2 by itself, but it greatly benefits her 4 in a way that makes it valuable. Wisp's abilities dont do that. Her radial blind and buff stations work together, but they dont benefit each other. This is because the aoe ability seems to be useless and it does not kill anything. It did nothing to stop the enemies from damaging the objective for more than a few seconds.
  3. Rebb was using every ability wisp had, I wouldnt call that "barely being played". We (as a community) are also more intelligent than what you try to insinuate. We can tell she is not paying full attention. However, we can see how effective wisp was when her abilities were being used. The radial blind was only mildly effective at CC, she has two utility abilities that do not contribute to damage, and one damage ability that was struggling to kill level 35's (not to mention not touching the amalgum enemies). There is not the excuse of "well rebb was distracted" with the demonstration because Wisp's kit is very one dimensional. As in her 4 you turn on and aim in the general direction, and the buffs you just keep returning to to refresh. The radial stun you just use occasionally. Nothing in her kit takes effort or is interactive (other than the aoe stun commng also from your buff stations, but that does not count and is not even substantial if it did). Which is the main problem with her kit. I also dont buy your conspiracy that they wanted to make the game mode look harder. I would not call failing a mission multiple times over something that builds hype.
  4. Where that might be the intention, I think a lot of the player base will disagree with you mostly because I have been around the block a few times. I have been in multiple large guilds in the past and have been playing the game since early on. As you start to get towards level 50-60 certain frames, if not modded towards mostly staying alive, will die quickly. Mirage is one, ember, Khora (though she has CC if she takes too much fire or someone is killing your 2 target before it can propagate). Of course the Caveat to this is that they are supposed to be able to kill things, which keeps them alive because the enemy is dying first. However in most cases this does not hold up because depending on the frame they start to fall off as early as lvl 30 (START. This does not mean things wont die, it just means that you will start to notice a big decline). Not only can wisp (which was presumably modded [she had 500 base health and 400 or something base shields] ) not do a level 35 mission soio which mind you, would be a feat for some of the previously mentioned frames [again this does not mean they could not do it, it just means at best it would be rough] ), but her Kit does multiple things wrong that they said they did not want to do. It's 4 locks you into it so you cant do anything else (though you can move, so that is a plus), but her 2 encourages you to stay in one place (the buffs). Now I know there are plenty of comparable abilities currently in game, but that does not make it right. Also consider that they spent a good half a year working on nerfing the likes of Ember, and Mesa, and Mag for those very same reasons. all of those frames had abilities that either were "press 4 to win', encouraged you to stay in one spot, or both. Now I do not, personally, have an issue so much with abilities that encourage you to stay in one area (I do not like "press 4 to win") as long as the game play is engaging. They said they wanted to make the game more active, and I do not disagree with that notion either. Not only that, this kit is no where near a "portal themed" warframe or a ghost themed warframe.
  5. I have already made comments about her 2 and 3. Now I want to make suggestions for her passive and 4. Her passive needs to effect crouch/sliding as well as running. It also needs to have a duration. As in when you jump run or parkour it needs to apply a buff when you land or come out of the action for a few seconds. It also looked like she still took CC and knock back. Moa stomps were still stumbling her. She needs to be immune to all of that during her passive. passive needs to have void damage like operators or some kind of true damage. Adaptive damage? RANT WARNING I do not think this would be too much since so many frames struggle in anything higher than 30 (rebb was struggling in just over 30, in fact she would have failed the mission if god mode didn't save her defense target) because they are squishy. Another part of the problem is I feel like DE is balancing frames around team play too much. It started back with the Ember nerfs. Logically if you want to make it so that solo players can do stuff then having a frame like ember that allows you to tackle missions reasonably well (she fell off towards late game even before the nerfs) is good. However, They nerfed her because in average levels it was too "press 4 to win". They ended up not making her more interactive to play, but instead just nerrfed the S#&amp;&#036; out of her. I have a decent build for her now, but your'e still going to get gimped around level 50 and you are not going to be efficient enough at killing, even when solo. What is my point? Rebb was too scared to use a frame at >>>ENEMY LEVEL 35<<< without god mode. Not only could she not stay alive, she could not even kill enemies hardly nor keep her objective alive.This is a new frame too, and it is not like Wisp is a support frame, she has a radial blind and a giant solar beam. If they want people to be able to solo things then they need to stop being stingy with frames. At this point it is not even exclusive to solo play, If you want to kill enemies at higher levels or even bosses you have to use weapons. The only exceptions are Mesa and Titania. My point here is the game is getting boring and stale when you basically are just playing an FPS. When they nerfed Mesa a few years back so that she had to actually aim at something (which I think was a good change actually), they also nerfed Mag's greedy pull. Around that time is when they changed Ember and other frames to make it so that you actually had to interact with the game meaningfully. However they did not give any power for what they took away in a lot of areas. Then they added rivens and weapons became THE way to kill things. Trinity fell out of the meta (partially because she was boring AF) mostly because energy management became easier (which was a good change) and team play went away. Eidelons were added and trinity had a job. However other frames can do that job, if not better. Orbs mothers were added and it is basically a bullet hell like the rest of the game. Staying alive is the key, and killing things with weapons or gimmicks is the answer. This. Is. Boring.
  6. Wsip: Can apparently open a portal to the sun requiring immense ammounts of power when you factor in the possible distances she could be from the sun (depending on the planet she is on) not to mention holding a portal open while also restricting how much "Sun" is coming through and to some "dimension" to summon useless buff flowers Wisp: Apparently can not even open a single portal to get her across a room . . . A kit that involves portals can be really cool just look at Wakfu's MMO. The Eliotropes have a really fun kit. Dont say "portal frame" if you did not mean it. Besides she looks and is named more in the way of a ghost type of frame, doesnt have but one ghost like ability . . .
  7. I approve of butt frame, regardless of if they fix her or not. XD
  8. I made my own post making suggestions for how her kit, or elements of it, could work well. However, I Do agree with you. Her kit overall does a lot of things that makes me wonder if they learned from previous mistakes at all.
  9. Holding 2nd ability should just lock your Y axis (so you do not fall down), increase your move speed (maybe tie it to power strength), and make you intangible. The reason is because I can see holding it in order to move quickly looked clunky, as in it would be hard to judge where you are going to end up. This would also make wisp feel more "wispy". You could even make it so passing near enemies fears them (maybe with both forms, holding the button and just tapping it). Next, what I assume is the 3rd ability, the aoe stun. May I suggest having it spawn Will'o wisp type things that are duration based and indestructible. They taunt enemies (for a duration) within a certain radius and fear (once, not stacking, can not be re-feared by the same wisp, line of sight based) them if they are outside of this radius. Weapon fire is absorbed by the wisp and stored. They wander away from where they spawn, but do not pull enemies with them. So eventually they will move past enemies and the enemies will return to normal. Activating 4 while these things are out will cause them to erupt in an aoe inferno with the stored damage.
  10. First, why is Energy Transfer not just apart of her kit? Why are you making us waste a mod slot? I can see maybe not wanting to create a free loop hole where you can ignore how Day and Night charge their 4th ability, but that brings me to my second question. Second, why are the metamorphosis passives backwards? Night gets a shield and armor buff and Day gets a damage and speed boost buff. Now I know what you're thinking "Day is supposed to be damage focused and night is supposed to be support focused". However, consider the fact that mend requires you to kill things in order to stack it. Furthermore, her Night Kit (A 'kit' basically is how something's abilities work together, for anyone who is unawares) provides really good CC and a damage reduction which are good ways to mitigate dying. On the flip side Day form has a damage boost and a power strength boost and no way to mitigate damage. So giving night form yet more ways to not die and Day form yet more ways to increase damage seems kind of redundant. Third, and this idea persists in other frames but is the worst by far in Equinox, why did you make playing her fluidly such a pain? What do I mean? Basically, with her 1st ability passive decaying quickly after it activates is supposed to incentivize you to switch forms often. Off the bat, that is forced synergy and is NOT fun. More on point though, if you look at each form's kits individually it is like you all wanted each form to depend on the other in order to make sense and that was not iterated well.. Her second and third abilities are very support like abilities in Day form. The vulnerability and speed boost (to enemies) and power strength boost do not benefit her as much as the respective abilities in night form would benefit Day form's kit (and vice versa). Right now you usually just sit in Day form with Maim on and nuke everything. Unless you are affinity farming solo, then you are sleeping everything and stabbing it. However, If you re-organize her kit so that their kit fills a specific role (like how you would take Mesa for an exterminate and limbo for a mobile defense or excavation). Then her kit would have natural synergy. If her Day form had sleep and the damage reduction (also inhering the slow from Peaceful Provocation) with maim you could charge your Maim and have CC and damage reduction to keep you alive while you wait (like how dps frames tend to have a way to help keep them alive, such as Mesa and her third ability). If you give Night form the vulnerability and speed increase (for enemies) and power strength boost (while also flipping the passives) you would have damage abilities to help you charge your Maim. Further more, if you are in Day form using Maim your team probably doesn't need any more help doing damage so it would make sense to switch the abilities around as both sets would get more use. Even having said all that I will admit there are a couple of holes in the logic (such as the fact that her 2nd ability stays active on enemies if you switch forms so it does not really matter on which form either one is). However, the point of stating it was to illustrate a point. The point being, that with the overall kit being scattered in a way that is trying to force you to switch forms artificially each form lacks individuality in a way that makes them fun. Not that she is not fun to play, but each form relies too much on individual abilities and there are conflicts within the kit. Night relies too much on her second ability while having her fourth ability being only marginally useful since Night form is not meant to kill things and a burst heal that you have to charge up really is not useful. Day form relies too much on her fourth ability while the other two are only marginally useful as it pertains to what that form individually could use in it's kit. Both form's third abilities are decent, but they are active abilities, meaning that they are only useful while you are in that form (unlike the second ability) that are only really useful with the augment, which you have to charge up (and waste a slot for). This is counter intuitive to the idea that you want Equinox to switch forms often. Not to mention you loose the stacks when you switch forms (if i am not mistaken). Now, if I could make a recommendation (because I do not want to just sound like I am complaining, but assure you I am trying to be constructive). I would not suggest switching the passives, having the shield and armor buff on Night for leaves the possibility of making night form a tank support, which could have some nice synergy. The Day form Passive synergizes well with Maim and the Day form overall. I would also say that her third ability in night form's damage mitigation needs to not be more or less effective based on the distane to target.The issue comes in mainly as it pertains to Mend. I would say that it needs to be more consistent. Instead of having it so that you stack it up like Maim and unleash it, maybe you could do something with armor? Such as having both Mend and Maim have the same pool of resources. Maim builds stacks the way it always has while mend builds through, assuming you only change her 4th, the damage she mitigates with her third ability. Then, having it active in Night form heals allies, increases their max health by Equinox's effective health in night form (with her Metamorphosis passive) and heals them, coming out in ticks based on a % of efficiency (so the more efficient it is the less ticks it takes to get to max). Something to make it more consistent than getting a stack on kill. Also consider changing the passive for the third abilities so that it is always at max (so it does not have to be charged) or make it so that it is tied to both forms and does not reset. You could tie it to using abilities or something maybe instead (like "as long as you have done 'X' {such as CC'ing or healing in night form or doing damage in day form} you get 'buff'"). Lastly consider making the fourth augment just a part of the ability. Loosing stacks for any of the abilities de-incentivizes wanting to switch between forms.
  11. These nyx changes (overall) are a bit depressing, the damage buff on 4 (for instance) sounds interesting, but that 400% cap tho . . . You realize that people are not going to use it when it isnt even as much as mirage and octavia, not even including chroma. Also, why are you limiting psychic bolts so much? just make it spamable or add some synergy with chaos, something like "enemies effected by chaos will cause psychic bolts to bounce to up to 1 (effected by duration since narrow minded nukes range) enemies not effected by by psychic bolts with half the range (stacks for each bounce)." Like a limit of 6 enemies makes the ability useless. Could also add synergy with it to Mind control, like "If the target is effected by psychic bolts before being mind controlled, the target will periodically cast psychic bolts (with like half range or tied to their weapons or something)."
  12. Suggestion for Razorwing: Make it so that she stops a bit faster (not instantly, just faster) and make it so that instead of runing into things and stopping, she just pushes away from them. So, you are flying through a hallway and there is a small grineer door, you are moving fast and miss the door. You instead get pushed down through the doorway instead of getting stunned and knocked back. Same needs to happen to the floor and walls.
  13. - Lantern suggestion: combine spellbind into this and make it so that pressing the button floats the enemies and holding turns a set number of them (like 6 or something) into >>planted like a tree to the ground<< lanterns. (one main lantern with smaller 'nests' around it) Make them health based, instead of duration based, and make it actually consume the enemy . Make it so that you can only have like 3 - 4 'forests' at a time and make it so that only the charm is duration based. The idea being enemies see it, are mesmerized by it, they wake up and start shooting it. This gives you a window to kill the enemies while also limiting it and making it engaging. - Nests Have the 'Nests' I mentioned earlier spawn razorflies that are specific to that 'forest', but also regen Titania's personal Razorflies when they die. Either that or make the razorflies invulnerable and have the nests increase her max personal razorflies by 1 or something. You could then give her some sort of energy regeneration based ability in place of spellbind, since it is moving to Lantern. I made Tribute suggestions a page or so back already. You also need to buff her base stats (health, energy, etc) she has the some of the lowest in the game.
  14. The issue is you are going to die before the enemies do. Even then, Dust kind of counter acts Thorn so.
  15. Nyx thoughts: Passive is a complete nerf. The old passive was fine just make it more reliable by making it more reliable to proc (by making it effected by power strength or something simple). Mind Control is fine, but standing there for 4 seconds shooting the target seems ineffective and unengaging. Chaos, no changes are fine Assimilate, as long as I can walk around for 1 energy a second with 600 energy and be invulnerable I am fine with it. The changes seem pretty inventive actually.
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