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  1. TBH I did not know it was ever in the drop table, but if I had to guess it is so rare it isnt farmable so.
  2. I agree that what you say is how DE thinks, but that is bad logic to think that way. You are sacrificing a part your game for money when you do not need to do that. You could make the game better and have a more creative way to make money.
  3. double checked and its about 3 and a half years to 4 depending. So u right I suppose, but my point still stands that with my Wisp I can not help but feel bad putting all that effort into getting it set up to know that it is just going to get junked. I am still going to do it because I want to play the frame, but it is bad game design.
  4. 1. You lied, I did not say they are scarce. Do not put words in my mouth. 2. Forma take time to build and you have to farm them, they are not "thrown at you". 3. U forma are in fact not farmable. They are locked behind nightwave at the moment. 4. The point was not to complain about the grind, stop saying that. The issue is that you waste time, I do not mind grinding if there is a point. Yes I get to play the warframe, but when I junk it for the primed variant, I have just wasted that time and effort. There is no progression in that and it feels bad.
  5. I mean my point is not that it is necessarily game breaking, I agree, my point is that why would you not do it? Like it just makes sense, it saves some work and headache, and would not be that hard really.
  6. First iirc its only about a year and a half to two years for a prime and second in what world does it take anyone (even with a booster) 45 minutes to forma a warframe. Lol idk about you but I generally put four to five in a warframe If I am going to bother at all, not just two. Edit: In other words it takes a lot more than 45 minutes, and that is not even including the fact you have to acquire the forma first
  7. As a Warframe vet of 6 years now I have something I want to suggest. No I do not mean "I am a vet and by default correct in everything I say." What I mean is that it is just something I have noticed would be a very advantageous feature. An observation. Basically: The ability to transfer work you put into base frames to the primed version of the frame. Allow me to illustrate. I got Wisp asap on release and put an aura, umbra, and a few base forma into her. Something I realized though, like I knew this already but, when her Prime comes out. I am going to have to level the frame again. Now I understand that this fact is not hidden; DE use it as "free" content. However, The issue this causes is, like with Wisp for instance, the only reason I bother putting much effort into most frames is because I am really hyped for them. With Grendel, I liked him a lot, he was a neat concept, but not enough to bother formaing him at all just because I do not know if I would like/play him enough to even bother putting in two (a good number of frames can be decent with just two forma, not sure if this applies to Grendel too actually; not the point though.) knowing that it would be wasted. Imagine if you could opt to use a current base frame to significantly reduce the amount of time and money it would take to build a prime frame. That way base frames do not just end up in the waste bin after you went through all that effort, which feels really bad btw. When you do this, all the forma and potatoes remain as well as all that time and effort. TL;DR Things get wasted currently when transferring from a base warframe > a primed version 1. Forma 2. Potatoes 3.Time/effort 4. Resources 5.Credits (technically a resource, but worth mentioning separately) 6. Sanity Making it all transferable, however would: 1. Add a sense of progression 2. Motivate people to get more hyped about new Warframes (currently there are, at least personally, reservations with new frames because of that inevitable prime variant factor) 3. Motivate people to get more hyped about new primed frames (because starting over from scratch would not be a concern) 4. Help prevent burnout
  8. Garuda's talons will become un-usable as melee when you go into Galleons
  9. The drop rates need to skew towards weapons you have not acquired. Once you get at least one copy of every weapon then it can balance back out. That way if u do not want to spend a whole lot of time farming liches and just get the mastery then you can do that easier.
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