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  1. Hey, it's another! I really need to start counting these for posterity. Try again, RangerHubbin.
  2. Yeah, so a few people have mentioned elements of this, but here's the run-down of things that affect Demolysts and the combo that I used. For a start, you don't have to keep the Conduits alive as long as you hit the Demolysts hard and fast as soon as you hear them, so take a frame that can survive close combat with those Demolysts, not something to deal with the regular Corpus. Inaros Prime is a very good pick as he can just straight-up tank the damage without his abilities and use weapons to deal the most damage. Operator attacks are useful, so Magus Lockdown is immediately helpful,
  3. I don't... see why we would even want this... What we want out of Shields is the mechanics of shields, not the actual number. It's the same with Health actually, we don't just want the base value to be high, we want all the supplementals that go along with it, such as armour-based damage reduction, non-specific damage reduction (such as Adaptation) and so on. Shields are great for tanking in the current game because of their mechanics, they have a built-in 25% damage reduction and the ever-popular Shield Gating mechanic. Frames that thrive on their shields are ones that have mechanic
  4. But they are not objective either. They are comparative, you've said so yourself. Every one of your statements is qualified by comparison to something else instead of the actual value of that ability and what it actually does achieve. Just because that's commonly used to judge performance does not mean it's objective or even the correct method. And once again I'll say this: you're fighting something that doesn't need to be fought. I don't need you to keep pushing your statements on me and expecting that to somehow, magically change my opinions on the matter. It won't. I've
  5. Hey, if anything, those buns may become something even cooler, with the ribbons being something that's done in a way more intricate way. Nezha, even though the more recent movie may have coloured the perception of him, is usually portrayed by Acrobats in the plays, people with small, powerful builds that are more focused on flexibility and agility than raw power. Base Nezha is actually very close to the body type that he's most famously portrayed as in the media that hasn't come to the West. So rather than making him look more masculine, they may actually just embellish the tradition
  6. Oh it's fun, don't mind me ^^ I used to be on these kinds of threads all the time.
  7. You're asking me? This is me just reporting that they have, over time, repeatedly shut down all of these ideas. I used to take part in these particular threads a lot, theory crafting and so on, right up until DE addressed it and said that 'it's not on the table' (one of their favourite ways of saying no).
  8. Heh, her Airburst and Tornado have absolutely no interaction. Increasing the height of Tornado funnels does absolutely nothing for the ability and even the niche idea people had of a taller Tornado possibly catching flying units on the Plains is so ridiculously niche that it doesn't have any baring... An actual Synergy would be something like; Tornado funnels will track to Air Burst's point of impact and will deal additional status/damage to enemies recently marked by Air Burst. Buffing Air Burst to become an actual CC or an actual Damage Primer ability would put it on par with many
  9. Yeah, thank you for the in-depth OP. Unfortunately this is one that's come up so many times before... so many times... Frame Synergies are not something DE will do, confirmed several times on streams through the years, because they would have to ensure that they were patched, updated and changed every single time they updated any Warframe. Instead of just designing 4 abilities and dictating whether those affect another frame or not (in a general sense, such as buffing, debuffing, healing and so on), or whether another frame's existing ability can affect these new abilities... Th
  10. You're going into this and picking apart my statements trying to defend a case that doesn't need defending. I love Zephyr and will play her for choice whenever I can. I know exactly what ways Zephyr is better than Hydroid. But, I also know that in some ways Hydroid can be better than Zephyr. Objectively looking at what the two frames can do, what they could do with changes, what they don't do, and what they attempt to do and fail at, they end up on approximately the same tier of the game. That is all my comment is stating. I made some sweeping comments that compare the two, and
  11. But they don't? You can literally stand them in the default idle and appearance and the only differences between them is exactly what I've said; small tweaks to unimportant geometry and then overlaid bulk with the filigree gold edges. This is why so many Primes have the 'toggle Prime Details' option on them when they have Tennogen skins on. DE actively wants you to be able to combine Primes with their Tennogen variants (so they can sell them to the broader audience), so they have a vested interest in making sure that the Primes are as easily converted back to their normal variants visuall
  12. Two things; First, Xaku's Pass Through passive was buffed with AoE Damage Reduction in equal proportion. So what you'll notice with that is that enemies with AoE like the Juno Elite Crewmen will not just miss you they will actively deal less damage to you. This will let you survive even more with Xaku's 4 active because it rises to 75% AoE damage reduction. Second, hitbox size in Warframe has absolutely nothing to do with dodge chance or Evasion. Accuracy rolls do not take that into account at all, since nothing else in the game takes physical size into account (thus why you'll see K
  13. Yeah, after reading through to check that nobody else has said it, I think I'm going to pop OP's bubble a little: All the Prime frames are based off the base model of the Warframe. There are occasionally model tweaks where they can get away with it, but the usual practice is to give them a unique helmet, turn any of the less pleasant-looking outer edges into filigree and then paste on visual additions on top of the base model to give it the appearance of something different. These include things like Mesa's chaps, Ivara's skirt, Trinity's lobster tail and can be as small as Valkyr's
  14. When using this combo, there's a radius that the projectiles will 'orbit' around a target, it's usually smaller than the actual Attract Bubble of either the Void status or Magnetise's bubble, but what this does do is allow the projectiles to hit other enemies that are near the effect. If another enemy is hit by a projectile and proc's the Void status, then the remaining projectiles from the first bubble will simply be pulled into the next, and so on down the chain until they stop proc'ing the the status or the next enemy isn't close enough. This is why a few people are giving Xata's
  15. I... Have been summoned... Well, despite my love for the frame, that love is based not on the actual power of the frame, but on the way playing her makes me feel, thanks to her passive, her mobility and her base as a weapons platform that can, given the situation, let you simply ignore a huge portion of the enemies while you do what you want. I am not blind to her flaws. Those are many, and do need to have some effort put in by DE to become really good. So I would actually put Zephyr on par with Hydroid, but with the qualifier that I don't think Hydroid is bottom-of-the-bar
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