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  1. The documented 'synergy' between Sea Snares and Riptide is that Riptide 'drags in enemies captured by Sea Snares'. While the 'drag in' portion of Riptide is short, it appears to affect enemies in Sea Snares that are outside the modded range. Non-Snared enemies at the same distance are un-affected.
  2. The point of the discussion is this; People want to play Yareli. Just like you want to pick a frame and weapon that you like and play them when you log in. It's not about playing one frame all the time. It's about, when you pick a specific frame, you want that frame to be able to complete at least certain game modes in a competent fashion, and at a competing level to other warframes. I'm completely on board with the basic premise of 'not all frames are created equal'. It's perfectly fine for some frames to be able to excel at, say, Eidolons, while others excel at Sanctuary Onslaught, while yet others are great in short-runs like Capture or Rescue that don't need you to kill enemies to succeed. For example, I wouldn't usually take my Zephyr to a Steel Path Infested Survival because of all the Aura-based Eximus units that spawn that can remove her energy, give the other units damage that will hit right through her shields, and usually have maps with confined spaces that allow them to get in Melee range if I'm not careful. However, if I did? Her CC, resistance to range (anti-grappling hook and Moa projectiles), her ability to Hover outside of melee range, and damage through Tornado could allow me to succeed with careful play. And they specifically have on many occasions to prove the point to other players. I can take the frame I want, even to things that the frame is objectively worse at that mode than other frames, and still expect to succeed because the functions that deal with problems are there. Specifically, to repeat; the functions that deal with problems are there. The same is true if I picked any other frame, where I could use CC, or Damage, or damage mitigation, to get through the missions. Each frame has strengths and weaknesses, and you can play almost any frame at any level of difficulty in the game and expect them to actually apply their functions to enemies the same way. See... you can go and pick a warframe and play them. At any level. Because those missions all exist, from the first Exterminate on Earth to the Steel Path Mot, the missions are there, and players want to pick a Warframe and play the missions with them. Your own point of view is completely valid in this, and only feeds into this discussion, because if you (for whatever reason) wanted to pick Yareli one day, and then take her to, for example, the Steel Path Alerts for some Steel Essence. This would be to get an item that cannot be bought for Plat; the Primary Arcane Adapter. And what do you find when you do this? You would not enjoy the process, because her abilities are limited to the point that you would struggle, or even not succeed, at many of those missions. So. The discussion is that Yareli, if you pick her, has only the absolute minimum capability of doing the things that her kit does because of legitimate limitations within her kit. She has CC, but poorly functioning CC. She has damage, but incredibly low damage and almost no way to scale it. She has damage reduction, but limited to a specific mode and that mode can be killed quickly because it has no damage reduction itself. Even the cast that has some damage scaling is relatively low damage even after the scaling and scatters enemies after the cast (which is a problem that original Zephyr's Tornado had, and was fixed by DE years ago). Much like Zephyr's Tornado, the problems Yareli has are ones that, strangely enough, DE have already solved. That, or those problems simply did not exist on many of the warframes they've created over the last six years. So my question to you is exactly this, and please actually answer it this time: Why do you think DE has not included any reliably effective functions at all on this frame, when every other frame in the game has something that can be applied at all levels of play? They buffed her damage numbers, and while that was a buff, it didn't solve any of those problems. While they buffed her, which is the tactic that DE are stated to do after launch of a weak frame, it still left her with so many, many issues. It didn't stop her CC from needing multiple casts, from bursting when it hits walls, from having no effect other than the 15 enemies it can CC simultaneously. It didn't stop her Damage from being so low that armoured units start to mitigate it after level 20, nor does it stop her damage from being inconsistently applied on enemies even when she stands right next to them and lets them get hit again and again. It did not stop her only Survivability cast from being a paper shield that can be stripped off incredibly quickly because it doesn't inherit damage reduction from Yareli herself. It also didn't stop her from having a problem that DE solved with Necramechs already; she hits her head on doorways in a lot of tile sets while she's on Merulina, making her Mobility also counter-productive in many cases. Heck, a lot of tile sets have small corridors or vents that players have to go through (like the Grineer Asteroid tunnels), and Yareli can't use Merulina there at all. Why?
  3. Yeah, so as of the update 30.5.5 all of the Galvanised mods are now working with one, tiny, wrinkle. (That being that the Catchmoon has a guaranteed impact proc on hit, so it's having a little trouble with Galvanised Shot, the Status-based one.) So, just remember: All weapons benefit from the Multi-shot mods. The 10% less base multi-shot from the ones they replace is easily compensated for and ramped up beyond silly when you get the first kill. Rifles and Pistols that can actually Headshot, and specifically kill with Headshots, are the only ones that benefit from the Galvanised Crit mods. If your weapon cannot kill with a Headshot (and kills with high rate of fire, or Status procs, but you still want that effect, go for the regular Argon Scope or pistol equivalent for more consistency). Almost all Shotguns benefit from the Galvanised Flight Speed/Beam Length mod, on most it's just like a damage buff because it makes the full damage of the gun go further and not fall off as fast. Although there are other mods you might consider in the Exilus, like ammo mutation. And now we have the Galvanised Status mods working, and these are the same kind of trade-off as Melee has with Condition Overload, where you get less up-front damage, but the on-kill mechanic gives you potentially much greater damage. If you combine these with the new damage-boosting Arcanes, the surprising result is that you can actually go without Serration on your build and use fodder enemies to ramp your guns up to much, much higher potential with the new mods.
  4. Hi, I'm Birdframe_Prime, I've been here since 2014 and have nearly 5k more interactions on the Forums than you. Pleased to meet you. Yes, but there's a difference between 'underpowered' and 'missing functions'. I like my build-craft, and I went into building Yareli expecting there to be something, even if it was hidden among casting all of her abilities together in the right order. Think Gara for an example, because her infinite damage scaling was completely un-documented on release and we all discovered it. So I kept feeling like I was missing something. Did Sea Snares prime enemies for more damage from her Aqua Blades? From Riptide? No... Did Aqua Blades deal more damage if you used Merulina's Ground Slam? No... Did survivors of Riptide have a debuff? No... How about casting things from Merulina? The only thing there is that she isn't grounded by the casting animations and can cast while mobile... Does any kind of sub-modding affect her, like Melee mods? No, not that either... What is there? The only effect her abilities have when cast together is that Riptide can pull in enemies from outside its range if they're Sea Snared. And that's kind of it. She's missing something. Missing some kind of kit interaction. It doesn't have to be all that big, just... something... Because all the other frames have something. All of them. Don't be twee. If I have to go into detail, here: The game's base star chart caps basic missions at level 40, but that is far and away from the end of Warframe's actual progression. Especially since they actually linked Mastery Rank progression to the Steel Path Star Chart too, by making each of those nodes reward MR the same way basic nodes do. You know that you can't go through the whole game only playing level 40 and under, especially if you actually want to farm mods, arcanes and resources to progress your game. So don't be silly about it.
  5. You know what? Fair feedback. I like this change, and we should have it. Targeting specific enemies for the Tap, and Mobility on the Hold. That works and changes almost nothing about the frame's functions, except making them more reliable.
  6. This is a bit ranty, so skip to the tl;dr at the bottom if you want. To qualify that, every other frame can do this without struggle, without meta weapons, and go beyond that time easily with the right builds. Some frames can get to 30 minutes with just one ability for their survival (such as CC or Damage reduction) and a decent melee build. Struggling to do this, dropping into Operator mode to constantly avoid fatal damage, as the OP said, is pretty troubling. Yareli can't even use the same melee tactics as the other frames if you use her 2. Yareli isn't bad, specifically. It's that what's good about her is so very, very limited. Her CC takes three casts to achieve its maximum effectiveness, self-destructs if it hits a wall (and because it seeks enemies through walls, this happens a lot), and has absolutely no benefits that other CCs have to offset this kind of limitation. Her damage has absolutely no viable scaling, despite efforts to make it do so with 'the more enemies in range, the more damage it can deal', which only scales to around the mid-30's of play if you're against non-armoured enemies. It can scale a little higher on Infestation, due to higher spawns and pure Health types, but that's about it. Her survivability is supposedly decent with a base of 75% on Merulina, but Merulina has no DR itself, so will die very quickly, even if Yareli does not. You can't even mod the poor thing with regular K-drive mods to get slightly better effects... It's just kind of funny that, as far as base abilities go, DE have deliberately included none of the ways that they have used on almost all of the other recent frames to make them function. Think about the run they've had up to this point: The last frame to be so under-whelming on arrival was Atlas. Back in 2015. Because all he did was low damage, raise a little wall, CC some enemies in a way that made them immune to Status and so prevented players from scaling properly against them at higher level, and summon minions that had crappy AI and could not draw aggro away from defense points. He's now acceptable since they gave his 1 melee-mod scaling, the recast-scaling and multiplied damage against Petrified enemies. They still haven't fixed his little wall, but his CC has a loot augment and enemies are now able to be damaged properly with Status so there's no down-side to that, it also generates his new passive Rubble to give him self-healing and better survivability. Atlas fans have some very good reasons to be his fans now. If you look back, DE has had an amazing run of functional and unique frames that all can scale their kit up in some way to make it effective (at what it does) against every level of the game. Heck, the reworks to the older frames have given them the same thing, with frames like Vauban, Zephyr and Ember now having kits that are way more viable than they used to be. Say what you want about these frames compared to others, that they're less effective or lesser choices than other frames. But all of them are so far above the base-line that Yareli has set. Yareli drops into game with some surprising problems, compared to all of those other frames. Heck, even her more reliable damage cast, Aqua Blades (which, with a viral primer, can do some impressive Bleeds) has this weird problem where, if you listen and watch carefully, they only apply three instances of damage, then pause, and apply three more again to each enemy. When you're in a crowd it's not noticeable, but DE have actually limited the damage capability of an already-low-damage ability... It's just... Strange. It's strange that Yareli doesn't have functions like other frames do. Her comic even shows her getting run to ground and defeated by a Grineer mid-boss, not even a proper Boss enemy, and needing help from the people she saved before she can even kill the bugger. It's like she was completely designed to not be capable of the things that 46 other Warframes can do. tl;dr If you're not interested in Yareli, why do you think there's all this feedback about her? I'm not being facetious here, I genuinely want to know. If you actually think about the frame, compare and contrast her with other warframes, why do you think people are actually finding her to be disappointing? It's not because the majority of the game is under level 40, because those parts of the game genuinely aren't important in terms of this discussion. The parts of the game that actually drop good Loot all start at level 80. So why can't Yareli compete with other frames at those levels?
  7. I'd say it's because Grineer are the most simple enemy to face at the moment. While they can spawn the occasional Energy Leech eximus unit, none of their units have anything that can really stop our damage. Corrosive strips armour, as does Heat, Viral will boost your damage past most armour, and Bleed procs are extremely powerful there. With the right weapon build you don't even need to worry about much more than keeping your warframe alive. Steel Path spawn levels mean that, as long as you can keep killing, they'll supply you with a steady stream of life support and energy for abilities. The maps have lots of easy-to-manage choke points for making the spawns funnel in... There's no real down-side to going high-level Grineer. I personally prefer Ani in the Void because the worst you'll find there is an Ancient Healer to reduce damage taken by a group. All the rest is true there, with heavy spawns, lots of locations for choke points and flow management. You do need slightly more varied weapons if you scale really high, but otherwise there's no downside to that node either. If you take, say, a Zephyr to any of those, with Turbulence to deflect bullets and the new stationary Tornado cast to massively ramp your damage up on your guns (plus arcanes, Galvanised mods and so on), you can do some fairly heavy-duty runs. I've posted times of three hours or so on them ^^ But the same is true for any frame that can ramp up, while surviving the damage, so just have fun with it.
  8. Wants to try and prove a point > Uses examples from completely different Engine. A combo counter that boosts the numbers of certain abilities does exist. However it is not copy-paste-able because, if you haven't noticed, DE compartmentalises their 'modes' and then has to bridge the gaps so that functions can be used in those modes. It's a literal fact of how they work, and why the different methods of movement, from running to K-drive to Archwing, function so differently from each other. When you get on a K-Drive, the Evolution Engine isn't just placing your Warframe onto a board and removing your abilities, primary, melee and so on. It's replacing the Warframe with a K-Drive that has your warframe's model on it. All movement, abilities, all functions are not a 'warframe' for the duration, they're a K-Drive. It's a separate mode, it might as well be a completely different character while you're on it as far as the actual Engine is concerned. Why else do you think it has a full animation when you mount or dismount? It's a transition, just like the Railjack loading screens are hidden behind the 'warping' between locations or entering and exiting the ships. How long have K-drives existed? November 2018? When did we get the ability to go into Operator Mode while riding a K-drive? Last week. We still don't have casting abilities that are not Yareli's while on K-drives, the closest we get is that some Duration/Drain based abilities will stay active if you get on a K-Drive. You'd think that something that simple would be already in there. You'd think that something as simple as being able to go into Operator mode would be so easy to cross over that DE would have done it literally years ago. Except it took the release of an actual Warframe that uses K-Drive in regular missions before they actually updated that. This follows the same pattern as Operator mode in Archwing, and it took DE from the release of Operator Transference in November 2016 all the way through to October 2019 before Titania could stay in Razorwing mode while going into Operator mode. If it's so simple, why didn't they just copy-paste those things over? We have eight whole years of watching DE's methods to back up the fact that nothing in this game is as simple as copy-pasting. If it was, then the most simple and obvious updates would have come out years ago. Literally years ago. Hell, did you not see that DE changed Melee to Melee 3.0 last year, and yet somehow the Vastilock was released using Melee 2.0's combo counter? Did you not see that? How? It's supposed to be completely replaced, right? Right?! It's not. It's damn spaghetti coded. The Evolution Engine is a mess. And so. I'm not saying this in a vacuum. I'm not just presuming that this is the case. I know. I know for a damn fact that just because the Melee Combo Counter exists and can make damage numbers go up on Abilities, does not mean that the K-Drive Combo Counter can do the same thing without work. Without bridging the functional divide between K-Drive and Warframe Abilities. AND NOT A SINGLE PART OF THIS CHANGES THE DAMN POINT OF MY COMMENTS. You are just sitting there trying to defend something you don't need to defend. You don't have to defend the merits of your idea. It's a good idea. I want to include your idea. You dense pitta bread. What you have to recognise is that some things are simple and some things are not. Your idea is not the simple and quick thing you think it is. It's also impractical to use in about 50% of the game's tiles, and you'd need to refine it more before it would be consistent.
  9. Never suggested that. I suggested that it's sequential? You know, New War first, Duviri after? And I even said that the de-powering would be limited specifically to the Duviri quest, meaning something that gets solved by said quest? Again, I'm just being specific. Rebecca was asked what things the New War would change, and she responded by saying that one specific system would get changed, and then didn't say what that one was. So this is speculation as to the answer of that. Not Duviri, not further on. Just what's getting changed by the New War.
  10. Hahahhahahahahhahah... Oh, that explains a lot... Discussion over, because I already have enough warnings on my account. I really didn't think you would say something quite that stupid.
  11. Specifically to answer the question; all stats on the Primary and Secondary Arcanes are triggered by the On Kill mechanic. So, for example the Merciless Arcane, on kill will grant you bonus Damage, bonus Reload Speed and bonus Maximum Ammo. The Damage buff can stack up to the maximum number of stacks, however the Reload and Max Ammo are just straight buffs that are active for as long as the Arcane is active. This is true for all of the Primary/Secondary Arcanes, the Damage will stack up to the maximum, while the other bonuses are flat and last as long as the Arcane is active. In all cases, you have to get a Kill to activate the Arcane. And, according to their description, I do not believe that any of the Primary/Secondary Arcanes give an Arcane Revive.
  12. Yes, but that could be completely limited to the Duviri quest line. The topic of the thread is what specific system Rebecca is referring to when she says a specific system will be changed by the New War. Maybe, and here's more speculation, because the New War is rumoured to lead into the Duviri Quest line, it will give Duviri a lot more impact to remove our powers, because we'll have recently had a large expansion to them. So, if there's anything that these mainline quests have been doing over time, it's been improving our Operators as player characters, either by giving us new abilities, or by expanding our actual story and plot-based powers (the deep dive into Umbra, for example).
  13. Right... so it's not that you missed it, it's that you have basic reading comprehension troubles? I like your idea. I want to include your idea. It is the right move for Yareli overall. How many times, and how many ways, do I have to say that before you stop building a little defensive fort and shouting in all-caps before you realise you don't have to defend your idea? You see, as I said, the point of this thread is: mini rework/viability buff. The quickest, easiest, and 'mini'-est buff that Yareli can get is to use something that is already in the game as an ability interaction. Your idea, using a K-drive Combo Counter, to affect Yareli's other abilities, is not quick, is not simple, and would require making a function that currently does not exist in the game. The function, to be precise, of a K-Drive Combo Counter providing statistical buffs to damage numbers on Warframe Abilities, currently does not exist in the game. It would need to be added. The K-Drive Combo Counter currently only affects K-Drive functions. Yareli's other abilities are completely independent of K-Drive functions, and other frames can't even use their abilities on a K-Drive in the first place, so it's already a new function that needs to be accounted for. It's not impossible, and I, to say it again, want to include it. However. That is not quick. That is not 'mini'. That is not in the spirit of this thread. If we were on a 'How to fully fix Yareli' thread, like the other 1600 fix Yareli threads on the Forums right now, then we wouldn't even be having this conversation. It would have been 'yes, include that, move on'. Now. Do you want to sit in your little defensive mode and say 'but it's an idea to buff Yareli that would work' constantly, or do you want to recognise why, in a choice for a small, mini-rework, there would be an argument to make over why Option A is better than Option B? Option A; take functions that exist in Warframe already, are tested, are balanced, and are simple to use and apply them to Yareli's kit. Option B; create a function that allows a combo counter that currently has nothing to do with Warframe abilities, in a mode that (before Yareli) actually nullifies the use of Warframe abilities, and bridge that to provide statistical buffs to specifically Yareli's abilities. A process that would take time, effort, balancing and testing, and may come out completely buggy at first and need patching the same way all new functions do. Between those two options, what speaks of a mini-rework? What is applicable in the theme of the thread? Do. You. Understand. The. Premise. Of. This. Discussion?
  14. Focus. We're going to get some more Focus nodes. And if they're smart about it, they'll also fix a few lingering problems with the Schools (like how upgrading a Node doesn't actually upgrade it, the ability does more, but it costs more too, making a few of the nodes a down-grade instead of an upgrade). If DE want to be extra-daring, we'll get a set of new melee based Amps, that change our Void Blast the same way the regular Amps change our Void Beam. So you get a Void Blast that becomes a stab, or a slash, or a slam, maybe even a spear-thrust, based on the Prism you put into it, change the damage balance, status and crit with the Brace, and then we can have a 'heavy attack' variant with the Scaffold to allow us two different methods of applying damage, just like the Amps do. But... I'm almost never proven right by these things, let's see how it goes ^^
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