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  1. As a point, I have never once seen the target of Magnetise escape. Even just absorbed enemy damage will do for them until you get into ridiculous armour scaling. Another point; as far as I’ve seen enemies don’t even try to walk out of the bubble if you’re standing just outside shooting in. They slow and try to circle you, moving at a much slower pace, which keeps them within the bubble. If you try to bubble and run, enemies come after you, they don’t stand and try to shoot you. Knowing this, make your placement count for more. Observe, test, adjust your play to exploit what works and avoid what doesn’t.
  2. Oh look, it’s one of those munchkins that says everyone should change because I play differently to them. The game is designed with coop elements, get over it. Coop is way more enjoyable. Or. Nice opinion, I can respect that, it’s a shame that the way you’re pushing it sounds like an entitled brat.
  3. A chance? Hell yes. DE aren't going to skip out on that. Any word of one? Not a whisper. Because the Deluxe skins are based on when the artists at DE have any actual inspiration for one. Some frames are really easy to have ideas for, that's why Octavia had one so quickly, and Nyx has two now. Some frames are less easy to have inspiration for, which is why Mirage hasn't got one yet, but Hydroid has the concept for his. And some frames are Zephyr...
  4. They promised it, it was to be called Echoes of Umbra, and it could be applied to 1 frame at a time, would last 24 hours, could be removed before time was up and applied to another frame, and they were putting it on the highest reward tier of the expansion to Disruption missions if you played the one on Lua. But because it was supposed to only last for 24 hours, could only be applied to one frame at a time, and was supposed to be a high level reward to promote the new Disruption expansion onto Lua, the community naturally had some... dislike for it. For one thing, the Spectre AI isn't very good. It's okay on Wukong because his Clone has the updated super-aggressive AI, but it's terrible else. For another DE also said that because of the limitations on the function, the Echoes would just leave the Warframes as weapons platforms, they wouldn't all be able to cast their abilities properly and they wouldn't be able to make them any better than the standard Spectres for targeting and movement. So, like the ridiculous changes they were proposing to the IPS Status during Khora's release, it didn't get a very good reception. The general response was 'but that's terrible, if we're going to have that function put in, hold off and make it a good function first please'. After which DE pulled the idea and have gone back to the drawing board with it. No word on when they will actually put it in, or if at any point they'll have made it worth it or not.
  5. As a point, there is actually a lot of rounding in Warframe's calculation methods for things. The general way to think about it is that when it's something you're increasing, such as duration, they round down. If the maths shows that you have something that should last 41.8 Seconds (or close to 42), the display will only ever show 41 seconds. If it's something you're decreasing, like the energy cost of an ability or damage reduction, they tend to round up (well, the calculation is rounded down, the result is that negatives are less negative so a little more positive, or rounded up). So when you're looking at reducing your damage taken, and damage would go below 1 Health point, it rounds it to 1 Health point instead, because the enemy will only ever deal 0 damage to you when you're functionally invulnerable. Or when you use Streamline on a cost of 75, the actual cost is 52.5, except the game won't let you cast that with 52 energy, you have to have 53, for obvious reasons as you can only have whole numbers of energy. So with Nova, the current Duration calculation will, naturally, round down. You don't have enough Duration to qualify for that 17th orb, so you can't have it.
  6. Well, here's a little better explanation. DE used to release the Prime Vault based on an undefined system that caused frames like Frost and Ember to be released multiple times, but others (like Trinity) to never appear. This was incredibly inconsistent and they addressed this in both a Forum post and in a DevStream explanation of that post. The idea now is that they'll be more actively looking at what frames release well together, which frames have been out of circulation the longest (rather than in the vault the longest), and also looking into new ways to make sure that the Vaulted frames are available to players by playing the game rather than by buying the Vault packs. One thing that we can be sure of, however, is that because Zephyr only went into the Vault a few months ago, she will likely not have a lot of priority in either of those methods. If I was to estimate, just me and how I'm a bit cynical, and based on how DE usually works, you can expect to see an unvaulting of Zephyr at the earliest in 2021, with at least two other unvaultings coming before then, if not three.
  7. It's kind of a fair point that slova77 makes there; it appears to be a functional limitation for the ability. Using it when you're trying to be stealthy is not a good plan, and you can always cast it if your stealth fails and you need the reduction, but Baruuk is not a stealth-oriented frame and by putting him in that role you should be making choices appropriate for that role.
  8. It genuinely surprises me how infrequent these threads are... I mean, there was a bunch of them after the release, then they quieted down, and now there's just... one or two every other week to complain because their feelings were hurt. Because that's kind of all it is. In that person's opinion, Ember is worse now. Fine, sure. But your opinion isn't going to change DE's decision. In over six years of DE actually complying with player opinions and making changes based on the mass feedback, I can still count on my hands the number of times they've actually reverted a change rather than simply iterated on it. The most recent one I can remember is that they brought back manual Melee mode and manual Block after testing the changes in Melee 2.999997 for a few months, but still made final every single other change and went forward with Melee 3.0. (Which, from a functional and comparative standpoint, is still a huge improvement over 2.0 even if one or two other functions were lost.) I could go into a long thing about how Ember is better now, in my own opinion, I could even show how the new additions to her kit make her objectively address the game's current state better and thus make her objectively improved even though she's lost some functions to get there. But that's not the point here. The point of this is simply; I respect your opinion, shame it won't change anything at all.
  9. Unfortunately it is true. And it's been true all of about five months because DE 'addressed' it during one of the November DevStreams. That's how we know. Before that we had absolutely no idea what they based it off and we hadn't seen Trinity in so long we were thinking that DEScott had her tied up in his basement trying to brainwash her into staying nerfed for five minutes.
  10. DE have already addressed this. They unvault based on what's been gone the longest and modify the pairing/combo of frames with a few other factors like 'how many of the current player base actually have it' and 'how popular the frames are'. So you'll find that Zephyr Prime, which was only Vaulted on December 4th (literally only just over two months ago), will not be coming back for a long while.
  11. And it really isn’t, what I was saying is that the gear is what defines your MR, not the other way around. To ‘boost’ someone to MR 5 isn’t just a matter of tweaking a player level scale, like it would be in Destiny, it would literally be them getting the equivalent of about 2000 Plat worth of gear, skipped grind, weapon and Warframe slots to hold the gear and so on. It’s not an insignificant loss in potential profit for DE if done consistently... Outside of that, completely at another angle of approach; DE does gate content very deliberately so that new players really don’t get things immediately, weird as it sounds. And that’s because of one simple thing; tests back when MR 19 was the level cap showed that a paying player joining a clan with friends ready to actually boost them, can hit MR 18 in under 3 weeks. It actually took our test group, with a player that had never played before only 19 days to get their guy to MR 18. It is neither difficult nor much investment of time to get to MR 5. None of the quests take more than an hour or two (anymore... Limbo Theorum used to take nearly a week...), and that’s even without paying for grind skips. While a new player might want to try out a Lich weapon... where are they getting the ability to take on level 110+ enemies, a mini-boss that requires RNG grind to even attempt, and do they even know what ‘Kuva’ is and its significance in the world of Warframe? Would you honestly throw a player who struggles with a Bullet Jump into a level 5 Lich mission and expect them to get anything done without chunky old veteran players carrying their every step?
  12. Kuva Lich weapons are MR13, yes, but the most MR requirement you need to actually get somewhere in this game is MR5 for The Second Dream, War Within and Sacrifice quests. Content in Warframe is not actually gated by MR, although crafting is, it's actually gated by progress. Can't get Liches without having played through the Quests, can't play the Quests without progressing through the Star Chart unlocking the Junctions. Can't unlock all the content without playing. Heck, there's content in Warframe you can't unlock flat out, because it's event exclusive or Nightwave exclusive... Plus, MR isn't representative of your actual level of play, it's tracked by how much Stuff you have, it's a collection tally, not a progress tally. Therefore, to boost a player to MR13, you would need a selection of not only pre-built, but pre-levelled weapons, Warframes and unlocked Star Chart nodes. Which is a ridiculous ask. And that's not even really enough, because the weapons are pointless unless you've earned or traded over the actual Mods to make them work. A player boost system is absolutely pointless in Warframe. Unlike Destiny, with the ridiculous new-player boost you can get, Warframe doesn't actually have that kind of levelling and progression where being a higher level actually gives you more power. You don't deal more damage with your guns because of your MR, you don't get better damage on your powers because of your MR. There's nothing that giving players an MR boost would attain because power in Warframe doesn't come from that.
  13. The capped prestige on Intermission episodes is not supposed to be an issue. The reason prestige even exists is because DE wanted to enforce the part where you only need 60% of the Nightwave tasks completed to hit 30. With that in place, it naturally means that players completing 100% would go over 30 and needed some form of reward from it. Nightwave is technically not supposed to run long enough to need more than 60 ranks and the fact that they’ve expanded it to 90 is purely because the next actual Nightwave (glass maker) is taking longer than expected. It’s important to note that the first Intermission only had 15 ranks, because The Emissary was ready in time and DE would genuinely prefer to have more actual Nightwave episodes than Intermissions. There is no reason to make Intermission caps unlimited because the plan is not to give players enough time during Intermissions to get to the current prestige cap in the first place.
  14. It's genuinely interesting and gratifying to jump into a Zephyr thread and see somebody actually take the debate and combine the responses into the work, not just blindly, but with their own twists. Nice work, and thanks for listening ^^
  15. For consistent healing per second, yes, but do remember it's a matter of proportion. Take an Inaros, for example, with 6435 Health with just the Umbral set, Oberon's reasonable top healing would restore between 80 and 120 Health per second, so that would take a long time for him to top up from 50% (3215 health or so), and Wisp's is lower. Because it's a percentage of missing health, Inaros could expect a Garuda to restore around 35-50% of his missing health (mod affected), so in one second Blood Altar would give him over 1000 Health back no matter what and as high as 1600 health in that first second. It would legitimately take until Inaros was up to a missing value of less than 300 Health before Oberon and Wisp caught up and then surpassed her for rate of healing. Actually, that's kind of true of any frame; unless the missing value of health is around 300 or less, Blood Altar restores more per second than either Oberon or Wisp. Where Garuda always, absolutely, struggles to heal is when that missing health value is low. On any squishy frame, that's a significant down side and Wisp and Oberon vastly out-strip her. What she also struggles with is having a buff totem form of healing, the second the ally is out of range, poof goes the healing. In those cases too, Oberon and Wisp greatly out-strip her. But that's kind of the whole point of this. She has an option for healing, but she's not a dedicated support frame. When playing with others it means that she's way more of an asset than a detriment, but it's not the point of her kit ^^
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