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  1. As my good friend Caelward says, sure, let's nerf Zephyr by putting a Drain ability on there, why not? What could possibly be wrong with a mode that prevents all active energy regeneration just to get something she already has without it?
  2. You're absolutely right, and I really support it as a buff for other frames, it's actually really solid as a support ability. It's just pointless to compare it, as a healing tool, to a frame that doesn't heal in the same way. As a point for Oberon, though, he can give players around 400-500 Armour on a good build, so while he isn't raising their max HP, he's definitely raising their Effective HP (especially on those squishy frames that go from only about 15% damage reduction up to around 75-80%) which is a rough match to the function of adding health. Oh, and give them a one-use-per-few-minutes Defy function... that too... Still, OP should at least compare like to like...
  3. It's funny isn't it, compared to the amount that people said that her 1 being placed would be effectively useless in the game... and kept saying it no matter how many times I corrected them...
  4. Heh, no, my waifu is a proper anime waifu, she's beauty, she's grace, she'll blast you in the face! It's Urd; Dive Bomb Vortex, literally reversed the direction of ragdoll that Dive Bomb caused, pulling enemies instead of pushing them. The reason for it being removed is likely due to a combination of the two changes made; they put Dive Bomb onto Zephyr's 1, and they introduced a new 2 that they weren't sure they should augment yet for balance checking. This meant that they wanted to try giving Tailwind an augment that was new, in the hopes of placating the Zephyr fans... Target Fixation. Which only proved what we'd all been saying for years - that an augment that only takes effect if you hit something with Tailwind is farcically useless because of what Tailwind is and does.
  5. With Strength taken into account, Wisp can heal around 50-60 Health per second, it's quite good as a heal-over-time, although not as good as Oberon. Garuda can heal 25% of your missing health per second at base, meaning the more damage you take, the more health she restores. When you are taking high amounts of damage, and have your three altars up, it's possible to heal 75% of your missing health in 1 second. If your allies have high health, this could mean values of healing in the multi-hundreds per second. Wisp would eventually heal a low-health Excal Umbra (with his Umbral mods he has well over a thousand health points)... eventually. At that speed she might heal them up in ten or so seconds, if they aren't taking damage. But walking in range of Garuda's altar would provide an initial burst of well over 250 health, and then have them up to around 95% of their max health in the next few seconds. If there were three altars overlapping? You could get that result in as little as two seconds, for an average of over 500 health per second. Your point is interesting, but not really valid when you take into account how these actually heal.
  6. A rework is any in-depth changes into how a frame functions on multiple abilities. Nobody in the world would argue that Oberon hasn't had a rework, when every single ability he has was completely updated to function in an amazing way compared to previously, and yet not a single ability was replaced. The part where it's 'multiple abilities' is key here, because it excludes the most recent changes to Mirage and Vauban from the umbrella of the term ^^ And that, my friend, is really, really sad. Not in an insulting way, either, it's just like I said; it's a tragedy that one of the most iconic parts of this frame, the mobility that made her stand out entirely as a frame on release... is completely ignored by players outside of the open world tile sets. This ability should be useful, it should be a good cast to use indoors, we should be able to mod it to make it functional everywhere. We can't though. Players ignore it. Because we have a high-speed dash with no control which, as almost everyone will tell you, means that you actually have less mobility because what good is speed if you can't stop? What's worse than that is that Dive Bomb is not a brake. It's genuinely not. You maintain momentum even when you're hurtling down meaning that if you try to follow a Tailwind with a Dive Bomb to stop... nope, you curve to the ground, sometimes completely miss your target, and then have to re-orient yourself anyway. Even the melee ground slams now are not a brake, because if you have Momentum left over from Tailwind, you bounce straight back up into the air again in the direction of Momentum. Try it, it's actually hilarious if you get it right because you can sometimes bounce in the direction of the enemies and air-melee them again... but that's still not good functionality from the ability. Zephyr's rework in 2018 did make some of her abilities more powerful, in a sense. They doubled the damage on Dive Bomb, they made this fantastic animation-based lift on the victims of Tornado (instead of them being hurled around the world), and the allowed the fact that Tornado funnels block your damage to be made into a positive by having the damage actually pass through to enemies held by them. But it didn't actually solve her problems. Before 2018, Tailwind suffered from not being a great cast for indoors. It still made players grind their beak into the scenery. It was clunky enough back then that I even made the suggestion that Tailwind was actually the problem with Zephyr, not Dive Bomb. But that idea was passed over by DE too. So... we'll never know. I've been around for a while... a long while... on these forums trying to get Zephyr some real attention. It's just a shame that all of those efforts bore precisely no fruit. The barest of nods were given to them, and the only time I'm even sure that the feedback was read by the people in charge was when I tweeted one of the feedback threads directly to DEScott and he actually replied to me. Do you know what came of that? One of the minor points of that thread was that, on release, the manual steering on the funnels of Tornado was slower than the base jogging speed of enemies. So they buffed it. Nothing else on the thread got even a single bit of notice. You want tweaks? You're not going to get tweaks. You get tweaks when you campaign for years for a total renovation of the functions of the frame. So unless we push for that again... we won't get even tweaks.
  7. In no situation is Aegis Storm better movement than actual Warframe movement so... why would you want to waste the energy hovering over terrain/gaps in the first place? I did read your comment about how small gaps in the scenery can be problematic, but again, why are you trying to maintain it from that height for no real gain in the first place?
  8. Aside from having more line-of-sight on the Balefire, what purpose does going higher solve? You remove the main feature of the ability; the wide area CC lift, damage and Energy Orb drop by going too high.
  9. Give it a chance. Apparently (according to the main feedback thread) you can buff the damage by having the Health and Shock buffs active, and you gain Corrosive Status by having the Speed buff (and thus strip armour). That's why you can see both fire and corrosive status on the screen there, even though the base damage is fire and radiation. Also beams have had some hefty buffs as of 2018 in how they apply damage and status, including the fact that the damage scales up over use similar to Mesa's Peacemaker, the full power beam could be very powerful.
  10. Put on the basic Edo chest piece and giggle at it, because it's childishly amusing ^^
  11. Oh if only there were some players who had been around since 2014 and had played hundreds of hours on the frame who could have... I don't know... maybe predicted these exact problems and more when DE did their 2018 rework... ... Oh, wait... Hi there! I'm here to part agree and part disagree with you. Clunky Airburst? Check. Lack of actual synergy between Airburst and Tornado? Double check. Dive Bomb losing relevance and needing to be treated differently? Also check (but with a different method). Not needing a rework? I'm not sure how to say this, but... yeah, you're asking for a rework too, my friend, just not as big of a one as she actually needs. Here's the detail I can go into on just her 1 ability: There's more I could get into. But when you have just her 1 cast so fundamentally flawed in its execution... my dear frame needs work. Way more work than just fixing the collisions and synergy of Airburst or tweaking how Dive Bomb is cast.
  12. Guys... whatever you do... don't equip the basic Edo chest plate on Wisp just yet... It made me giggle like a child. Not that having... uh... tassles is a bad thing. But I think it may be a bit much considering her other art... assets...
  13. While this argument has gone at a tangent, I would like to offer up a different take on things. Quite a few frames have deployable abilities and very few of them work the same, this does not mean that deployable abilities are bad, or that they don’t inherently function as well. We have many, many game modes where deployed abilities work, the obvious Defense and Mobile Defense, but also Interception, Excavation, Defection, Salvage, Sabotage, even Survival can be played in a small area that we visit frequently enough to deploy an ability. What’s always important is what the ability is and does it do what it says it does well enough. For example, Wisp’s profile says that the Health aura gives health over time along with a large boost in max health, wouldn’t it be interesting if this was almost as strong as Garuda or Oberon if modded well? On a 1 cast? What happens if her shock aura is as strong as Tesla, but without charges, can be refreshed, and follows players instead of needing to be stuck manually to them? And while players do come on the Forums regularly to complain about Volt’s Speed, what happens if this is a more controlled, longer duration cast that players can choose not to pick up, but has all the same benefits for those that do? Just looking on the potential positives here.
  14. Yes, but this still wasn't the question asked, nor the comment I'm responding to. I'm not saying that more clarity isn't necessary. I am saying that the difference between the two buffs, which one you have, what percentage you should be getting, and how long you have left on the ability are already visible, already clear. To me, if the ability does vary based on light intensity, it genuinely shouldn't. It should be A or B, and if that becomes the case, then adding variable percentages wouldn't even be necessary. If it became polarised, then what we have on the screen right now is exactly enough.
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