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  1. Thank you. So that's just the equipment, not the global housing (because we would get some serious lag if they in-housed it in Canada...) and costs of actually maintaining that would run far higher every year. That's not to mention the necessary function to provide it for Consoles as well, which have quite strict policies (from a quick google). Nice to have somebody give us a base-line to work with. And yeah, I would far rather DE put that kind of money into actually making the game, rather than trying to convert us all to servers for a net... neutral-at-best result. Again, though, for anyone else reading this, the cost of servers wasn't the point of the statement.
  2. You hit me up with the price on renting dedicated game servers globally for PC, Xbox, Playstation and Switch players numbering in around 30-40k concurrent players daily depending on the platform, then multiply that for peaks, cost the losses for low usage, plus insurance for any down time those servers suffer out of normal usage, then get back to me. I'll be happy to talk about that then. If it were that easy, then why does it take EA, Epic and Blizzard levels of money to actually do that and still have players complain about bad service? As it is, Prime Access, Tennogen and the amount of plat purchases are keeping the game afloat and the people that make it gainfully employed. DE are the kind of people that, if given more money, will hire more people to turn out this game quicker, not to waste it on trying to put in a feature that's not needed. Besides, the game existed as peer-to-peer long before it came out on Consoles, so don't try to point at Xbox and Playstation premium functions as the reason. This game was designed that way from scratch because the investment in servers was (initially) a bad move because they had no idea whether the game would make it or not, and now it's because at the level of traffic they have the cost would be prohibitive. In any case, that's kind of a non-argument here, you're even taking my statement the wrong way because I even point out 'The game does rely far too much on peer-to-peer connections as it is'. I don't like the fact that they run p2p, but it is what it is. The fact that we do have to deal with is that the servers running the Cetus and Fortuna hubs already have a match-making point for going on missions, it's just dedicated to the Plains or Vallis respectively using a live method that's actually more specific than the Star Chart matching from your Orbiter, because it's specifically transferring people that are in instances of Cetus, ones that are already on the Servers and now have to move to p2p connections from there, not instancing it directly as p2p from individual clients. Meaning there may be a legitimate limitation on the ability to launch missions outside of that to the regular Star Chart missions, because of this dedicated function. Outside of that, there are lore and even simple aesthetic purposes that not having this function available serves, so the OP is kind of out of luck. The more simple explanation of it may be to ask 'if it were supposed to happen, don't you think they'd have done it already, just like they did for the Relays?' they've had literal years to do so after all.
  3. Balefire is an Ability that uses the Secondary slot, turning it on or off puts you in the Secondary mode regardless. This is the same with Ivara and her Artemis Bow because it's a Primary. SInce you are unable to hold and fire your primary and secondary, switching between them as easily as we switch between gun and melee under the current situation, you will always end the ability and equip whichever relates to the weapon you were using at the time. Ivara will always equip her Primary after ending Artemis Bow, and Hildryn will always equip her Secondary. The other Ability weapon frames don't have this problem because they're all replacing your Melee mode, so going back to either your Primary or Secondary depending on what you had selected is part of the deal and the exception to all of this is Mesa, who does not have the free ability to use her Peacemakers and so every time you use the Ability it is still the Ability, not a 'secondary', meaning the switch back can be to the weapon you were using before (think of that one more like Harrow's Thurible, it's not actually a weapon, it's an animation, and Mesa's Regulators are just animation over an ability, not an actual weapon, despite us being able to mod them as one). It's a shame, but it's the current limits of the game.
  4. I have a specific problem with this, and it's very simply... well... Can you read anything here? Accurately? Clearly? Even with speech bubbles, this would just be a mess. Nobody would be able to read anything but the nearest one, and even worse than that, the relays and other social hubs don't even accurately load in your avatar half the time. I spent a good 10 minutes on an update night sitting where I thought I was clear of everyone else, just waiting for RedText, only for another person to suddenly pop into visibility as somebody else obviously left the relay and the game allowed the assets to load for me. As they were merged into my body in a different pose it was quite disturbing. And yes, that's a server-side communication function, not client side, so don't start on me with my settings. Given that kind of peculiarity in Warframe's servers, I don't think that the system could even be relied upon to load in your speech bubbles correctly...
  5. To be fair, the last DevStream confirmed that at least a hefty round of fixes and changes to the melee system is coming with this month's mainline update. We'll get to see whether those promises actually are empty or not ^^
  6. The text probably uses context-based slang terms the way ours does, and so the Google Translate is likely the literal, not the contextual. That's why I struggled with it. 'wake up' and 'spawn a new teammate' might have something to do with playing Public mode during a Capture. A bug maybe with a player joining at the moment you're capturing the target...? Maybe it causes you to become animation-locked? In which case the '/unstuck' command should work, but I don't know what that is in Korean.
  7. Next instance of the Melee update is this month (or early next), part of the mainline update with Grendel, the Reworks for Ember and Vauban, and so on. Confirmed on the most recent DevStream. This one is the Stance animation and input overhaul, and they even mentioned the Combo Counter system rework and Melee Stat rework is going to be included in that. I think they're able to move a lot faster with it now that they're implementing this strange data-blade thing that will replace our melee finishers (so that DE only need to design a melee finisher per enemy type instead of designing one per enemy per melee weapon type). Just thought I should put that here, in case people had missed the stream and were thinking nothing was happening for years. Or were being sarcastic and hoping for upvotes from single line 'zinger' comments.
  8. Poor form, that player. Just because the response had a single line that was less than great, don't ignore the rest of the content. There's likely a more practical reason why the two places do not have a Navigation console. One reason may even be the lore function of these places being on-planet instead of already in space with access to the Solar Rails. A practical one I can think of, off the top of my head, is that DE really does only have a limited number of servers that can actually host instances of the social hubs. The game does rely far too much on peer-to-peer connections as it is, but that's how they're keeping it free-to-play. It's far easier to get a single person into any given Hub than it is to get four at a time, especially while loading in the mission results such as gains, Riven unlocks and so on. But they do manage that with Relays, so why would they not have that in Cetus or Fortuna? What possible reason could they have for that? Maybe it's because they're already doing it for a more dedicated function? They aren't letting you load in and out of the regular star-chart missions because players are loading in and out of the Plains and the Vallis. That could be the entire problem.
  9. Certainly not. Despite DE's attempts to give it more function, it still has the fundamental flaw of the effects coming with additional cost in the form of lost pickups, and the only time it has any more meaningful effect (status procs being quite useful when they happen to enemies without you shooting at them first) is when you Augment it so that the pickups become mines rather than timed detonations, except at that point it starts destroying your ammo as well. It's a great thematic ability, the Harlequin frame turns everything into a dangerous jack-in-the-box, where ordinary things become explosive and confetti fires everywhere... but ye gods is that a one-and-done effect that I'd be happy to see replaced with something that actually generates a mechanical effect for her. Take that Vauban rework as a base, the dual cast we've seen on Bastille/Vortex, and call the ability Stage Light (or something similar). Cast one of those crystal prisms on the ground, it generates a field of Light, hold the ability for a short time and she either converts an existing Stage Light to a field of Shadow or recasts the ability as that (the two effects can't be active at once). The fields then are small sources of mechanical damage and status just like the casts before, so just entering a Stage Light area will cause small amounts of damage over time. Entering a Light will blind enemies while a Shadow will slow them, giving the ability a reason to be cast on its own merits. (Having the ability work, at base, is important.) In combination with her other abilities, though, it becomes an even more functional cast. With Hall of Mirrors active she makes the ability 50% larger (give that a modded function too) by summoning the extra prisms (the extra prisms she summons now are just more of the function of the ability anyway). With Eclipse active she gains the guaranteed maximum effects of her damage/DR functions (and for the UI we definitely need that buff icon to be variable so that we can see how much boost/reduction we're getting in real time, not just the potential max). And with Prism we can now get dual functions. So standing in the Light the glitter ball is a damage function coupled with the current line-of-sight blind when you end the cast, but in the Shadow the ball deals better Status (proc'ing off things like Electric, Heat and Radiation) and Slows enemies in line-of-sight when it bursts. Change the base function of one ability in her kit and suddenly the entire rest of it not only works, but has better function than it does currently. Also, this field function could then be used to help allies out with the Total Eclipse augment; any time she has Total Eclipse running and steps into a Stage Light, allies within that range gain the function as well as allies that are just within range of Mirage herself, so it can effectively increase her range as long as she's touching the edges of the cast. This also means that allies who go and stand in the cast will actually always get the maximum boosts as well, whichever function is active, so Mirage really can give her team 95% DR or the 250-500% damage buff in a reliable fashion. Thoughts?
  10. Parallel evolution exists, not going to argue with anyone about it either ^^ Great minds think alike, I would guess.
  11. Honestly, while I get where you're coming from, it does just seem to be your opinion on the matter. I'm fine with making the Roar colour affected by your energy, that's fine (although I thought it was affected by your energy...), but I think the animation for Stomp is pretty cool as is. Especially with the new cast-in-air that makes you dive to the ground to perform it.
  12. Wrong section, my friend, and Google Translate does not help with understanding what you want to know.
  13. Let's put a pin in this until the end of the month, alright? DE have literally got a massive melee update coming out at the end of October, about two weeks away. There's probably going to be a preview of it on the next DevStream at the end of this week, and we're going to see what they've managed to do. Once that's out, and we've seen everything that DE have done? Then if they haven't fixed the amount of spin-to-win play, we can come back and shout some more.
  14. True, although that's something that they're apparently working on at least. Companion AI is just the melee unit AI with some funky animation choices, but the same kind of thing applies to them as applies to us; we don't scale, even if we can scale our damage, the enemy scales both damage and effective health. Unless we give our companions actual life-sustaining functions, they're going to die just as easily as we do without our life-sustaining abilities.
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