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  1. Eh, that's actually less hard than you think from a Lore perspective; the Helminth apparently literally creates a carapace similar to metal, the Vitruvian entry on the topic called it 'sword steel' and we know the Orokin were no slouches at making swords. When you think about it, all of the Prime metal we see comes from the Infested Flesh beneath, it's grown. So in this case... From a practical 'how do you specifically Prime Nidus' just take a look at his Deluxe skin as a method they've already tried. The aesthetic is still definitely organic, but develops armour. When DE is looking
  2. Compared to making every single mod need individual data for whether it's rank 5 with the potential to be rank 10, or rank 0 with potential to be rank 0? Yes. Again, it's not the storage, it's the repeated and constant access. Servers can be huge, one could store the majority of data from the entire game's player base. It's how much it needs to be transferred to the player and back to the server, every single time you hit X on the Arsenal/Mod Bench etc. Multiplied across the entire player base. Put it on a smaller scale, if you were to use Mobile Data to watch a bit of Netflix, the a
  3. The immediate problem I can see with this is that it would just nuke Status into the ground. See, the power of Status is that it both amplifies and augments damage, but doesn't always cause it. It has utility in the form of temporary crowd control if you can apply it widely enough, but it is not a damage tool in and of itself. Crit is the damage tool and will always outweigh the damage of Status alone, since Status is taken as a lesser percentage of your base damage, while Crit will always be a multiplicative of your base. Powerful status types, such as the current Viral, are po
  4. Eh, the difference between quality-of-life changes in the menus, or introducing a better trading system to allow more players to actually get into that, the down-ranking mods thing (to DE) has a down-side. Currently every mod is only stored with info in one of two states; it's either a base, or it's a ranked up mod to X value. It's the most simple way to count them in the world and the data storage is negligible. If every single mod you ever got had to have an extra couple of bits of data, like 'current rank' and 'potential rank', though? That would exponentially increase the amount of da
  5. Yeah, sadly the answer that you will get from DE is simply this: re-farm it. They genuinely want you to do that. They have said so multiple times. Their answer to everything similar to this, like having limited builds available on a single frame due to polarities following the 'specialisation breeds limitation' route, means they want you to re-farm the whole warframe. Back when you had to spend Platinum to buy more Revives for each frame per day (as in, you only got four revives per warframe per day, and if you wanted to play with a frame you literally had to go into a mission withou
  6. My friend? All warframes are infested. It's in The Sacrifice quest, spelled out for us. They used the Helminth strain of Infestation, because they thought it was docile, and fused it with people to create uniquely powered equivalents of super-soldiers in the belief that the living mind would control the docile Infestation. Unfortunately this didn't work until they discovered the Tenno, and that the Tenno had Transference abilities that could control the Warframes. It's all spelled out pretty plainly in the direct text and voice lines. Nidus does lean more heavily into the Infestation
  7. Poor Zek... I guess I need to add the /s tag on the end of these posts...
  8. Wait, the option to give Inaros a whole 2 functional abilities? What madness is this?!
  9. I... have news for you. Conclave is the one part of Warframe (with full-speed gameplay) that actually does function on dedicated servers. It was done a while back, and it only does so because running it P2P actually proved impossible at the beginning of it. (The other part running on dedicated servers are the relays and public hubs, but they function on cut-down return times and a dozen under-the-hood efficiency adjustments that allow for the large amount of players. That's why everyone that jumps looks like they're running in the air rather than jumping/bullet jumping.) That's how I
  10. I think the overall problem is this: Riven Rolls are genuinely too much RNG. On game balance, for example, the number of stats that Rivens can manipulate at once can mean that weapons can gain a disproportionate amount of power compared to their base. Weapons with already powerful mechanics, such as radial attacks, multi-hit projectiles, or even just base-high supplemental stats, can be shifted incredibly far from their base even when they're not the strongest Disposition. This means that DE, while putting in a surprising amount of diligence with relative DPS for their weapons (surpr
  11. It's just Nidus with some model tweaking, upgraded helmet, an interesting ability effect and a base stat boost. You can still put other skins on him and 'disable Prime details', you'll be fine. Unless... you're talking about something silly... like not all frames having a Prime, or having an Umbral variant instead of a Prime, which you can't be since DE have said, since the very beginning of the game, that every frame will and does have a Prime. Nobody is that silly, right?
  12. Agreed, although potentially way unbalanced in Events... That's something for later. Not agreed, but only because it's entirely reliant on another debate that is yet to be solved by DE actually giving us a solid decision either way; Dedicated Servers. Moving to Dedicated Servers would enable this concept of a portable armoury. That is the way to implement it, it's really simple to implement using that tech. Until that happens, however, the limitations of the current tech mean that a portable armoury is not in any way likely to happen. It brings back functions (specifical
  13. Yeah, the time. As I said, running at high optimisation, these things take weeks and months to do on their own. And that's months to do on top of feeding in near limitless money. 60 days, which is your outside, is genuinely not possible by my estimates of the time involved. With non-optimised setups you can achieve things like Eidolon hunts, as you've said and I will admit I've had to do for clan members myself, but the calculation made for running Eidolons is not 2-3 Tridolon runs per night, it's 6-8. At half the speed, by having to account for non-contributing members, and hav
  14. Uhhh? No. You made statements. Then you made more statements that deliberately and insanely claimed that points we made against the system somehow backed it up. Get some help. Speaking of help, can I get a friendly mod like @NovusNova in here to lock this thread for complete trolling, please?
  15. Guess what that applies to? That's right, the original post. We, replying to the original post, have to actually question the OP, get them to explain why we're replying and hold the opinions, and sometimes that takes more detailed explanations, like why we're questioning it. The OP can reply to us going into more detail as to why they made those opinions. If we have questions about the decisions made in the OP, it means the short explanation wasn't enough and more detail is needed. That's what the rest of the thread is for. If the OP made a perfect explanation in only a few wo
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