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  1. Now... If you'd phrased this as: 'I want to redo K-drive modding so that all the mods are better, are worth grinding for and modding on to K-drives, and then I want to improve K-drive itself so that everyone actually benefits from being on one rather than it being a niche requirement for certain events, and after that I want to make all these changes apply to Yareli and Merulina so that we buff the frame with this new system.' That would probably have gotten a response more like 'Oh, sure, what buffs did you have in mind?' Because that shows a bit more ambition and scope to the problem solving, with awareness of the problems that the base of this actually has (K-drive). Since you didn't phrase it that way, and have just opted for 'I want to mod Merulina with K-drive mods' you get this response: Why? There's literally only two functions that K-drive modding actually does that Yareli would want, because K-drive modding is basically like coating your knuckles with peanut butter and hoping to find somebody with a nut allergy to punch. Too random, too low impact and too niche. Why not, instead, ask to buff Merulina? Make Magus Drive apply. Give her the energy regen from pulling tricks and the other functions without the need for mods and say that the Vent Kids were recreating Merulina's abilities with their own K-drives and mods all along. There's no reason that a K-drive Slam on Merulina wouldn't deal a ring of element-themed damage, or that you could leave behind a trail of low damage, that's not overpowered because it's barely powered on K-drives. This way DE can just code in these existing functions, maybe even balance them so that they're better or more controllable since it's an Ability, rather than having to test and balance the ability for every single individual mod in turn. This way you don't equip the jump height mod and, because that's how the jump height mod works, accidentally spend four seconds glued to the ceiling of a room every time you jump or double-jump. There are plenty of mod effects from K-drives that you straight up don't want, or are flat-out useless at any Star Chart level beyond Mars. So... why would you not just buff Merulina with these things, which is the faster, easier, and more balanced route? Why would you want to put in this modding and have people wonder why it's even there? Wonder why putting on some mods makes using Merulina functionally worse in tile sets. Wonder why these mods have no effect on the enemies they're facing at level 30... It just... seems completely pointless to want this... you know, 'as is'... without fixing things first.
  2. A recurring thought that's hit some traction is the 'Augments that have mini tech trees like Incarnon Adapters'. So you have an Augment for the specific ability, at base all it does is affect a single stat, like Duration or Range. It costs something solid like 9 points, but doesn't have a Polarity, so you can't reduce the cost, meaning that at first this can seem like a hefty investment into your build for not much return, but later it balances out the stats you can get. Complete specific tasks to do with the Ability and it upgrades to give you two choices, one choice affects what they Ability does, another affects just a base stat, like Efficiency on a conditional basis. For example you could have Yareli's 1 augment and at base it affects Duration. The next rank would have a choice between raising the cap from 15 orbs to 20, or instead you could reduce the casting cost for consecutive casts making it situationally cost less overall. Complete more specific tasks for the Ability and the mod would unlock a further change that's a choice between another Ability change and another stat. So you could choose to boost the Damage Multiplier by +100% before Strength, or you could choose to have it restore Health to Merulina when you damage an enemy the orbs are touching. In this way we could have tailored and balance-ready trees for the Abilities. You could choose to either affect the base Ability's stats, or change it to ensure it is more effective at the other function the Augment can create. DE could then tweak and fix any oversights they have, and our builds would get way more flexible. I would absolutely love an Augment set for Zephyr that allows me to increase the base Duration of Turbulence and Tornado, without increasing the Duration of Tailwind by the same amount (to keep its casting distance more manageable). I could mod high Range from normal modding, but giving Dive Bomb more Strength to compliment Target Fixation's meme potential. The potential is there. We get more flexible Augments, and it especially gives us the option to use Augments for Helminth Abilities so that they work better on the frames we put them on. It would make it a little more satisfying when putting Hildryn's Pillage on another frame, but being able to use the Augment because it has meaningful stat increases, rather than it be completely useless thanks to the affected frame not having Haven. See? There's definitely possibilities.
  3. Not anymore they don't, at least, not the Fomorians or Razorbacks. Reason for that is because players literally partied in the Relays as they were destroyed, if you remember, there was a big organised community event to see what would happen if we just... let some of them die ^^ Were you part of that? Because I had fun with the old clan back then ^^
  4. I get that you get it. You get that I get it. Could you have phrased the comment like you weren't shouting at me as if I were somehow against you?
  5. While we had Relays on every planet, the player base literally allowed them to be destroyed by Fomorians to see what would happen. Now that we have less, DE can actually tweak the 'progress' on Fomorians to make it look like they're naturally being stopped without it looking suspicious. If we ever, collectively, decide that the next Fomorian is allowed to destroy one of the existing relays, then I think we'll get a rebuilding event ^^
  6. I'm fairly certain that anyone who has played Warframe for more than a couple of years has permanently disabled their in-game voice comms and either communicates entirely by text, or with people on external voice services. Source: I turned mine off in 2015 and have never, ever regretted it.
  7. I am willing to put decent money on the concept that they didn't miss you and I will forever be unconvinced that anyone else did either. Which is, as you may in fact note as a savvy and literate person, what you can read from the exact statements made by the Devs: that they'll keep up with the current method and release enough that if you both grind up to the top MR ranks and also purchase with Plat, you'll have enough for each Warframe. Give or take a half-year delay while they release updates. What's with people coming back to nekro year-old threads with quotes of my comments this weekend? If I had a nickle, I'd have two, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice.
  8. Pfft... HAHHAHAHHAHA Nice try. Not only did they explain that it was because of the community whining if they removed it entirely, but also it's a consolation prize for the players that cling to what they know rather than adapting to change. It's literally better not to run it on 99% of builds these days because you can get back to the same amount of shields as the old Gate Duration without using it. And they still didn't change the interaction between shield gating and Inner Might. If you want to come back nearly a year later, after they proved they don't actually care about this topic by completely ignoring the 'problem' of the original post, and try to make a snappy comeback about Catalyzing Shields, you're going to have to eat a heartier breakfast. I adapted quite well to DE taking a different tack with Shield Gating, by simply accepting the passive buff to all my frames with Shields and ignoring the Shield Gate meta exactly as I have been all along. So stick that un-informed attempt at a snappy come-back right where it belongs; between your cheeks.
  9. They are not an exception. They are Damage mods. Specific to a faction, but also specifically Damage. They do not belong in the Exilus any more than something like a Multishot mod belongs there.
  10. We do not 'need' one. You want one. And DE don't want you to have one.
  11. They did. They forced players into the undercroft to prevent the bugs that could not be otherwise fixed, because the bugs were literally caused by not being in the Undercroft with the rest of the team. If you're in the version that has side objectives, then don't inconvenience a team and do it yourself. There is literally no challenge to it. Go Solo and save everyone else the problem of you being there.
  12. I'd put this on a 'low to non-starter' level of changes. I think DE would rather iterate further and update Greedy Pull into something else rather than have it affect other players' looting again.
  13. True Damage is a status effect. It's not a damage type that we can deal with any specific weapon or Warframe Ability. So giving True Damage a status effect is kind of redundant. The only way to cause True Damage, currently is from Bleed (which isn't really a full example of it, since it doesn't go through Shields) and from Collision Damage, which is so rare as to be non-existent. (As far as I'm aware, the only consistent use of True Damage is when you use Frost's Snowglobe and the knock-back can cause Collision Damage. Everyone else has things like 'percentage of health' and so on.) In the context of this, giving the other primary damage types of Impact and Puncture a way to access True Damage the way that Slash does using its Bleed proc, is specifically to bring those damage types up to the level of Slash for fairness. If you want to consider a balance for this, DE did actually come up with one a while back when they first tried to use Khora as a way to rework IPS, and that's the idea that you could base the effect of a Status proc on the actual amount of that damage type on the weapon. At the time this would have been a straight-up nerf to Slash because it would mean that many weapons would have Bleed procs cut massively, especially as DE's ideas for Puncture and Impact were... not great. Under the new idea, though, this would mean that balanced IPS weapons could benefit from all three types of True Damage proc, while the biased weapons that prefer Impact or Puncture would not be able to cause large Bleeds, even with Hunter Munitions. Some weapons that have no Slash on them would then not be able to benefit from Hunter Munitions at all, and so would need to rely on the other damage types for their damage scaling. DE could even make other mods, adjusting the ones like Internal Bleeding to instead affect the Concussion status effect, giving players new powerful options to take advantage of the new status types. Still, your thread, you have fun with the ideas given and see what you can come up with ^^ Oh, and one more thing: If you weren't aware of it, then I've got a fun one for you; go check out why people like Status builds (specifically damage-over-time Status) with Rhino. Putting Roar on a frame, even if you can't get a particularly high Strength, then causing DoT Status effects, is... impressive.
  14. Yeah, I was exaggerating, the thing is that even DE didn't refer to them as the names before The Second Dream. The Tenno Schools had names since before the game started. Steve did say that the story up until The New War was something they had the original concepts for, even if they never actually scripted it out until the years they worked on the quests themselves (which is also why the quests had so much scope creep ^^) The thing is that there was just... no real reference to the connection between the schools and the polarities.
  15. No, this was a deliberate patch. The Undercroft is a separate thing from the main Duviri game play and having one or two players down there while the rest are up top actually causes crashes, host migrations, and a metric ton of bugs that DE were inundated with for weeks after the initial release. Since the only way to prevent a lot of those is to make sure that it's 'one-for-all, all-for one' on entry to the Undercroft, that's what they've done.
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