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  1. Birdframe_Prime

    More Warframe Weapons similar to Garuda's Talons

    But, and please think about this logically, what would anyone gain from that? If what you're asking for is separate modding to make the abilities work like Ability Weapons, then they already said they aren't doing that when the Ability Weapon changes came around to give those specific things separate modding. Their usual comment of 'not on the table' was used. Also, it would be nothing but more power for no reason. And if all you want is themed stat-sticks they won't be stronger than a regular stat-stick could be, because the regular weapons have things like the Venka Prime's combo scaling, or the Jaw Sword's Syndicate augment, the ability to have max-disposition Rivens, or just plain better base stats so that when you're not using the ability you can still use it as a good melee weapon. There isn't anything to gain from this that isn't either unwarranted power creep or redundant. When the answer to 'why do it?' is 'why not?' in a setting where somebody has to put in time and work to do it, then it's not a strong enough argument. Mesa is already exceptionally popular among frames, there is no need to try and sell her harder, and here's a little fact for you: The only reason that Mesa's Regulators are powerful is the ability, constantly ramping up their crit and fire rate. The base stats of the guns aren't even as good as existing Prime Secondary Pistols. Why would you literally give her worse guns when pressing 4 is not only quicker, it gives auto-aim and instantly better damage? This suggestion is just... the epitome of redundant.
  2. Birdframe_Prime

    More Warframe Weapons similar to Garuda's Talons

    But that's not how this would work at all. It doesn't work that way with Garuda, for certain. When you have another weapon equipped, you do not still have Garuda's talons equipped, they are Unequipped. You wouldn't be able to use the Fist weapon for stats and then also equip another melee weapon. They aren't Ability Weapons, they don't have a separate loadout slot. They are a passive equipped regular melee weapon.
  3. Birdframe_Prime

    Can we get an ember rework already?

    When they changed his awful bigger change for the tagging and attack Bladestorm for one that you didn't have to join in on and just let the clones do their thing. It was a rework to the ability, including energy cost attached to it. Khora actually does kind of qualify for both, her release tweaks did go on for far longer than any other frame though, the last ones they did were right up at the point of Revanent being released. I said it in the starting paragraph; their most recent reworks. Why? Because frames have nerfs and buffs like yo-yos sometimes. If you don't specify something like 'the most recent changes' then overall you'll find that Warframe has plain power creep ramping with only a few major nerfs across anything.
  4. Birdframe_Prime

    Zephyr is not that bad

    I try ^^ She's a fun frame, and my particular favourite since her release. Point of fact, I started a fresh account on Warframe (after leaving before) when Zephyr was released specifically so I could go get that frame. Well then maybe we can help you out. If you're having a little difficulty adapting to how she moves, versus the other frames, or aren't loving some of the play, I can offer tips and tricks. Also I don't build the way the average Youtuber would build, and you may find that you enjoy that a little more. Ask and you shall receive, as they say ^^
  5. Birdframe_Prime

    More Warframe Weapons similar to Garuda's Talons

    To that I respond with the third paragraph. Mechanical, functional changes, those work. Gimmicks, like passives? No, just let it be. But how is this in any way better than what we already have? When you want to change things, there does need to be some kind of improvement to back it up. The weapons we have already are better than anything that you can add as a passive, case in point when you take the stats on Garuda's talons to other claw weapons and specifically the best claw weapons. Adding ones that are better than existing weapons would just be power creep, and the modding for a stat-stick would be absolutely no different either. So nothing would change from this.
  6. Birdframe_Prime

    More Warframe Weapons similar to Garuda's Talons

    Garuda's talons are her Passive, not an Ability Weapon. The Ability Weapons (not Exalted, Exalted Blade wasn't even the first one) are there because they're full abilities that have a cost to them. Garuda's talons are there because they look cool and people whined about her abilities not using them enough. This thread has come up literally sixteen times since her release in different forms, I wish people would just let frames have a function without expecting it to be applicable to others. I can understand it with mechanics, people want to know why you can't shoot into Snowglobe when you can shoot into Mass Vitrify (hint to them: because Vitrify is a weaker ability at base and needs functions like that to make it better), but at least that's something where two frames do something directly comparable and yet different. Garuda's Talons affect none of her abilities, they just exist when you attempt to take off a melee weapon and ruin your levelling runs on the Nagantaka when you try to use her to level her signature weapon, since the Affinity Share gets diluted.
  7. Birdframe_Prime

    Anyone else sick of the Big Maps? I know I am.

    What I meant was CPU, mis-type there, sorry. When you run parallel servers to allow for a virtual server to exist between them, which would allow a multiple-squad area to exist, or to at least be able to view the locations of multiple squads, there needs to be some kind of similarity in the hardware. However, on P2P, there's no guarantee that the person hosting has the processing power (or even the base internet connection) to support direct linking to another random machine so that it can share that data the way servers can.
  8. Birdframe_Prime

    Anyone else sick of the Big Maps? I know I am.

    Except here's the base problem; Warframe is not Server driven, it's Peer-to-Peer. So when you go out on the Vallis, one of the players in your squad, or you, is actually hosting. In IT it's hard enough to get two servers on a regular multiplayer game to talk to each other and migrate players between them, imagine trying to set up a P2P connection between two squads hosted by two completely different personal computers, with different specs, different GPUs and different bandwidths... Bloody nightmare.
  9. Birdframe_Prime

    surround 5.1 sound is bugged

    Actually, no guys, Warframe does not have a Surround Sound feature. This was confirmed on the DevStream once, they actually used Dual Stereo, so basically Simulated 4.1 Noticed this when I installed 7.1 on my system, and the explanation was only about a month or so after that.
  10. Birdframe_Prime

    FOR TWO WEEK WITHOUT 75off.IT is so crazy,is not it?

    Let's see, I think I speak this weird language they're trying to communicate in... [Ahem]: "I want to see if I can pay to win in this game, because I don't like RNG-based Grind. But I don't want to pay what the company has marketed as the price for the currency for the last five years or so, that would be expensive and too supporting of the game, I want a discount because then I can buy the big-boy amounts and skip the most grind. I also feel like two weeks is enough time to have played this game on the free version, so I'm going to complain on the Forums about it, because I'm entitled to my discount."
  11. Birdframe_Prime

    Anyone else sick of the Big Maps? I know I am.

    Actually, to be fair, this was a really big way that players did get massive times on Survival runs. I personally know a player that would just take a Nekros with a spin-to-win melee build and do exactly that tactic to go through two to three hours worth of survival run just to get onto the scoreboard regularly. He didn't care how boring that was, just wanted to drop his e-peen onto people that didn't use that method. And Melee 3.0 did start as a way to fix that, the patch that fixed that being easily implemented and only bugged when they realised that enemies count as objects for the purpose of bouncing off them with Parkour, so they had to fix that so you could melee through a line of enemies. But the work on 3.0 has been shown on streams to be really, really extensive. With everything from the base stats (like primary/secondary weapons), to little functions like fixing the base Range of weapons so that there are no more 'negative range' weapons, like Daggers, that mess up Range calculations, but in response all the range mods are going to be reduced to balance things at a more even level. The combos are getting redone for every single stance, with focus to make sure there's a movement one, a stationary one and a gap-closing block one. This should include all the Ability melee weapons too, so Wukong, Excal and Valkyr will get a bit of a buff that way. Then there's the quick-switch stuff, the full-on off-hand-pistol wielding with single-handed melee, the weird looking change to how the Combo Counter works with attacks, and the fairly amazing looking quality-of-life change to dodge rolls where you roll a shorter distance if you're blocking with melee so you don't roll out of range of your own strikes. Everything related to Channelling is converting to the Heavy Attacks, and because I know how DE works, this feature is going to be base OP when it launches and be dialled back over time because they really want people to like it from the gate and would rather go OP and nerf a little, than have everyone complaining that it's Underwhelming and wanting buffs. In short, Melee 3.0 looks like it's going to be a full-fledged circus of different functions that I'm really excited for. In light of that, I think losing the power on spin attacks and Maiming Strike is kind of worth it. Actually, losing the function to melee through walls has kind of already made this worth it, just for the utter rage on from one person that liked to sling his virtual schlong around.
  12. Birdframe_Prime

    Zephyr is not that bad

    Nah, you're Wukong guy, you need to use the DYNAMIC ENTRY!! method.
  13. Birdframe_Prime

    Zephyr is not that bad

    I... [Pause for Effect] Have Arrived! Now what's all the worry about? Because this: Is just a milder version of what I've been saying for years. There are many things I could talk about with Zephyr. How certain abilities under-perform, and how the under-performance of the abilities is offset by what else she does offer, but everyone's heard that from me already (everyone that's read a thread I've been on). Zephyr is a great frame for playing the game at your pace. You don't have to deal with enemies the same way as other frames do, you don't have to be where enemies are, you can CC, you can evade, you can even boost your damage with her Augments for either Jet Stream or Tornado... (Jet Stream increases the minimum distance for fall-off damage on weapons that have that, it's really an interesting mechanic...) But the thing is, I've always wanted Zephyr to be above 'not bad' level, and the changes made to her so far (all one actual rework in four years) did not actually do that to her. 'She's great in open landscapes!' Fantastic. What about the other 95% of the game? What most people called for when the rework was coming was to do something about how uncontrollable Tailwind was, fix up Dive Bomb so it could be used as an actual hybrid Damage/CC cast, give her some quick CC that wasn't Tornado so that she could keep Melee charger enemies away, and to make Tornado a functional, helpful cast that didn't actively hinder everyone's game. Not everyone agreed, and whoever was collating the threads didn't take into account quality of suggestions, just quantity. Which is why, shock upon shock, Tailwind became less controllable, Dive Bomb was shuffled into the corner with a Dunce cap on its head, they implemented a Hover that (get this folks) means you need to stand still, on the ground, for three seconds to get the same vertical launch that she had instantly before except now you can stop and stay in the air like a balloon for... no real purpose because it does nothing for you apart from be a big hanging target until you drop with no warning. Now, I will admit, three months after the rework I managed to regain my composure and really get into Tornado, and amazingly, almost all the actual downsides for using it were gone; it wasn't throwing loot, it didn't spin enemies around like a blender and launch them into corners, it didn't pin enemies to the roof and never let them down, physically blocking attacks against those enemies while it lasted, and it even became recastable so that we could bring it back in again when it wandered off, we even got this steering function that's actually not all that bad to use... except we'd rather it just actually CC'd consistently instead of doing what it likes until we tell it to do something useful. But all that did was highlight all the other troubles with the ability that weren't fixed. And then we got that CC we were asking for, that quick-launch CC that was designed to make Melee enemies not attack us while we're vulnerable... yeah, the literal least effort version of that was put in. Am I bitter about that? Even now, a little. People in the Zephyr fandom worked for years at their reworks, bouncing ideas off each other, debating the merits of things that were suggested. Those threads predicted how annoying an Aim Differentiated Dive Bomb/Tailwind would be. Those threads predicted that a Hover with no mobile casting would be a hindrance, not a benefit. And those threads also predicted that just making Tailwind fly further, or become a toggle, would be a detriment to the frame because even with the Plains existing the rest of the game is there too. Are there changes I'd like to make? Sure. Take out the Animation for Tailwind to let us interrupt it or reload during the cast. Switch the modding for Tailwind from Duration to Range and Strength, which are variable stats on Zephyr while Duration is a must-have. Range for distance of boost, Strength for amount of momentum afterwards (with neutral strength being roughly half the momentum we have now). Let Dive Bomb die, incorporate it into her Passive as a buff to Melee slams, where Zephyr gets the custom animation for a melee slam (will work amazingly with the Heavy Slams we're getting with Melee 3.0) and it buffs the attack by the current amount of damage that we get from the unmodded ability. Make the Hover mobile, with Dive Bomb no longer in the cast, make it a very short (half-second) hold cast from anywhere. Cast on ground (even while running) it does the same thing as now, cast in the air it cancels all momentum and hangs us there like the Itzal's Penumbra invisibility cast does. The duration of the Hover is then an actual mod-able Duration and we can use it for actual Mobility by cancelling casts of Tailwind or using it out of a regular Bullet Jump. Has anyone else used the Zaw Arcane, Exodia Epidemic? Suspends enemies it hits for a few seconds, similar to a mini-Stomp. That's a trick that Airburst could do instead of ragdoll. It could also push enemies with it to the detonation zone like Hydroid's Tidal Surge does. No flying bodies, just CC'd ones. And Tornado... The same changes suggested years ago would work today. Limit the casting area, so the funnels spawn in where we actually cast them (not up to 50m away on an enemy, we know where we want our ability), and patrol a given area, like a fixed 50m, so not small, but a specific area. And that would let the funnels travel faster, not need to be steered, they could detect enemies within the 50m radius and track them down not the current method of 'there's an enemy in that direction, it's the nearest to me, I'll head that way'. Also, drop the dead bodies... we can't tell what's alive and what's not and we waste ammo on that until we see that there's no damage numbers appearing on the dead thing. The 'synergy' between Airburst and Tornado? For putting in a second ability into a fourth ability, we should get an effect that is worth two casts, not just change the approximate shape of the ability. Make the funnel faster, or hold enemies longer, something actually functional. So yeah... I have a lot to say about Zephyr. Always have had a lot to say. tl;dr though? Thread is right. Zephyr is not bad. She's not exactly good either.
  14. Birdframe_Prime

    What Ever Happened to Warframe Ability Combos?

    Well my old friend, what happened was that over time the frames have become so powerful that adding in the specific ability combos is pretty much redundant now. We can already scale our weapons and abilities up through the multi-hundreds just by forming a 4-person team, while some frames can solo that content. Adding more power by putting in all of these interactions would be, frankly, redundant at this point. And for that redundancy of effect... the work involved, not only with the creation, but also the constant updates, bug-fixes and exploit generation, would only have the reward of 'it looks cool'. If you want some interesting combos between frames, however, just look at the experimental long-run community. One of their latest ones uses Loki's Safeguard Switch, Octavia's Mallet, Trinity's Link and Radiation procs. Step 1, Irradiate Trinity, step 2, make Trinity invulnerable with Loki's augment, step 3, Trin uses Link and wails on Mallet while invulnerable to feed damage into it. Mallet's range, plus Link's damage transfer, feeds all of Trin's damage back out at enemies and even doubles it for targets that are Linked. Capable of nukes for... ooh... level 2000+ or so. With combos like that already in existence, why would we ever need dedicated frame interactions?
  15. Birdframe_Prime

    About future farm fest for Equinox prime

    Apparently there's even a Lore reason why regular Equinox needs you to construct two full frames and link them; we just can't replicate the original method of construction with the Prime Parts that were created originally. So all we're doing is replicating the function with the nearest equivalent form. The Prime should work like every other Prime, while the cut-down equivalent takes the grind ^^