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  1. Please give actual examples? Because I want to know about these co-operative multiplayer games that do not use dedicated servers and do not also use peer-to-peer hosting from a single location in place of the dedicated servers. Not only could it help with discussion going forward, but I can do some research into them and find out why they work, what systems they use to back up your progress and so on. For example, a particular method that DE has actually nyxed is letting the client's machine back up the data in case of a disconnect, which other games might still let you do. Why have
  2. Not with Lore, but can with Developer statements: For effective balance of the fight. DE believe that this would simply create a more specific problem than the existing frames we can get a buff on, especially as Xata's Whisper can be applied to every frame (that doesn't already have a direct damage buff ability). Mostly that specific thing of wanting to make sure it was the Tenno and Amps that reduce the shields, forcing that mechanic to be relevant, rather than just letting a Xata's Whisper infused Volt with his Shield boosting be able to take down Eidolons without any involvement f
  3. Since Wukong has a Drain function on his 4 already, you should be modding for decent Duration or Efficiency, or both, to keep that low and be able to spam his 2 and 3 when you need to. Blind Rage can work, but only if you counter it with something else for Efficiency. If it were me, I'd use... Okay, with Steel Charge you can do this build without Umbral Forma, but it will take 4 regular Forma. So that's Steel Charge, the two Umbral mods, for Health and Strength, couple that with Transient Fortitude, and then slap on Fleeting Expertise for the Efficiency. After that you can counter the Dur
  4. No multiplayer system is good for players. Every one comes with drawbacks and benefits. And this isn't a 'system', it's the base net-code of the game. That kind of depth of change in the game is second only to changing the engine itself from the Evolution engine to something like Unreal. The logic is simple. To change this, they need money, time and working on nothing else for anywhere between six months and a year. On the other side of that time and money, nothing new has been achieved, it's only kicked the can to somewhere else. They've brought nothing new to the table, and
  5. And your entire argument is useless. Your presence in this thread does nothing. I'm pointing out the fallacy in your presence, let alone the idiocy in your constant trying to argue the toss with me. My rhetorical questions being ones that I can't answer doesn't magically make them bad questions, nor does it make the point they make incorrect. But my statements about the years and years and years of this being asked? Show how ridiculous the re-asking of the question is. My rhetorical questions are to get you to wake up and just see yourself to the door, because you're s
  6. Short answer; We don't know and DE haven't even started the concept yet. Long answer; DE stated that there would be more Umbral-style frames, but they weren't going to be like Primes. Every Warframe has a Prime, only a few get an Umbral-style. In a more recent DevStream, one of the Q&A ones this year, the topic came up again and the answer was that they're focusing on getting out all of the actually announced content, like the rest of Railjack, the rest of the Nemesis system (Liches, Sisters), The New War and Duviri Paradox. They're pushing back any work on something like the nex
  7. Hey, I'm not sure if you noticed, but the Corpus Machinists have been using a flame thrower that isn't on the list yet either... DE do a lot of weapons in advance by giving them to the enemies ^^
  8. Like I said, you missed a lot. Maybe not, considering you're beating a dead horse. Like I said, this question has been asked for literally years. The complaining hasn't done a damn thing. Not because it's not possible, but because not doing it is, from the logical conclusion, more profitable than doing it. And so, yes, there's absolutely no point. That's exactly what I've been saying.
  9. Oh, we don't. It's that you're using a point of something specific, like Target Fixation, and by doing so pretty much showing that you're mis-understanding the current use of the function before then proceeding to the next point on that basis. Your arguments in favour of the clunkiness are, to me at least, kind of irrelevant to the context of making her more mobile. And the only really relevant point you've made towards changing the physical process of casting is that the tap/hold mechanic is a little hand straining. Do I agree that Tailwind itself, the dash, needs to be ad
  10. That's nice, dear. Now... With the literal 8 years of growth, of having all this feedback, of employing actual professionals to handle money, investment and balance costs... What makes you think that your solution is not one they have discussed and already discarded? Do you think that this hasn't already come up and been analysed for the cost/benefit of it? Because if you think they haven't, that staying this way isn't a very simple case of 'it's worth more not to change it', then I've got a bridge to sell you. If I'm being absolutely, brutally callous to the situation
  11. Counterpoint; Target Fixation works with Dive Bomb, charges from Dive Bomb, and is a direct scaling mechanic for Dive Bomb. The grace period is enough time to get back off the ground after the animation ends, meaning that using any grouping mechanic (even Air Burst) is sufficient for getting enemies into range of the attack. I have even used it in confined corridors in the Kuva Fortress (with a friend to activate life support) to quickly scale up to kill Steel Path Grineer with it and not ever really felt the need to use Tailwind itself to attack the enemies. With the 9x base da
  12. For instuting a method to try and fix P2P gaming and making sure that even players with rubbish connections aren't excluded from playing as long as there are other players within their area? I don't think so.
  13. So here's the balance, right? Let's break this down, especially with investors now actually holding a bit of sway. Option 1. Move to dedicated servers. Pros: Steadier service meaning that if a game drops you don't lose your progress. Better integration of events, such as the TennoCon relays, Scarlet Spear and so on. Achievable with enough fiscal investment from TenCent and others. Matchmaking is quicker, more reliable and DE can, after the change, begin working on other content such as Squad Link that was not possible before. Cons: Every update kicks every player, meaning no mor
  14. Okay, here's the thing you, as a player, need to realise. Warframe does not have dedicated servers. It would take a lot of time and money to change the game over to dedicated servers, it would not be fast, and it would come at the expense of the Devs working on other content. Please be aware, it would be possible to do this. But it's a genuine debate of cost/benefit that we don't have access to, because we're not DE. Instead the game works on the most cost-effective method of co-op gaming (which they chose when they started the game because they were poor and desperate), called
  15. That is exactly the kind of change I'm thinking should be implemented. Although it's not all of the change I think should be implemented. The problem that is described by OP is that the shield gate is being abused because there is no reason to mod for high shields since the interaction that uses Shield Gates as DR exists. Their solution is to make shield gating based on the actual volume of shields you have, with potentially more time invulnerable for having larger shields, while most frames that do not typically mod for shields would see a decrease in that invulnerability. Preventin
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