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  1. I think this is a result of the tennogen artist making the arm clothes transparent in an attempt to get the ragged look since they weren't allowed to change the model,
  2. They are visible when she has any of her Venari modes active in the preview.
  3. This is true of most of the normal and tennogen helmets for Nova with the Atomica skin
  4. This has been an ongoing issue with Baruuk that effects all sword and shield weapons since at least April
  5. Have you adjusted your attachments at all? The color of tge sheath on Nikanas is based on the attachments.
  6. I think part of the issue you might be having is that you have 2 separate ragdoll effects trying to occur at once and the game is just doing whichever one got applied first.
  7. As of the latest round of patches this is still an ongoing issue with Baruuk.
  8. Near as I can tell based on the screencaps and from my own experience this is mainly effecting the Nychus model exclusively.
  9. As the title states, the shields for Baruik are mounted onto his forearm backwards. Screencap Example:
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