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  1. Even if the lack of knockdowns and ragdolls is intentional there's no reason DE can't try and implement some compromise that allows abilities to function in some capacity even if that's the case otherwise some warframes just don't work at all against a specific faction which is hardly ideal. If a given ability can't ragdoll an a given enemy there's no reason it can't at least be allowed to have some other effect. Like my spread sheet points out half of vauban's abilities for example just don't work on sentients at all or apply it's effects inconsistently. Bastille effecting Symbilists just fine but not Battalysts feels like an oversight.
  2. So I figured I would post this here even though I'm like 90% sure a lot of players aren't going to see it but I am hoping that the Animation team will at least see it and pass it on to anyone else it concerns. The Scarlet Spear event earlier this year and a lot of the discussion around Limbo led me to try out all of the various CC abilities in the game on the Battalysts (Which are interchangeable with Conculysts in this discussion) and Symbilysts (Which I encourage anyone reading this thread to go out and try for yourselves in the simulacrum if you can). I discovered some potential oversights with the first batch of Sentients that I believe had contributed to some of the issues with that event. I think these issues are worth addressing if we plan on moving forward with Sentients being a prominent enemy, which most available evidence points to being the case. So there are two main issues at play with the sentients animation wise that lead to them just interacting strangely with a large amount of warframe abilities. They do not seem to have any ragdoll animations as far as I can tell and any ability that provided crow control by forcing enemies to remain in that state for extended period simply do not work. They also seem to lack any form of knockdown animation There are also a number of specific animations tied with warframe abilities that Symbilysts do in fact have that Battalysts do not and are a major contributor to the effectiveness of certain warframes as a whole in dealing with them. So in closing I (And I think the rest of the community) would appreciate it if these issues were addressed at some point in the near future.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. Like I said in that post I've heard DE say they might try and do a dual version of the skin but can they please fix this issue before/when they do so plz?
  5. Well showing the actual concept art in the same thread as where people will be posting abilities makes sense (that plus the Artist may have needed some extra time to polish up the art for the public)
  6. Asymmetry being ugly is very much a subjective in the eye of the beholder thing I don't see how you could make come to that conclusion at all That could happen regardless of theme We don't even know what abilities is going to have yet Specifically I feel like a lot of people are kind of getting hung up on "bugs", there's plenty of ways you can reliably convey the idea of a thing being buggy or unreliable without it actually being buggy or unreliable, it's mostly just a matter of framing. Like if I gave you a laser gun with a charging feature and if I held the charge too long the gun would explode and deal AoE damage to all enemies around me you could frame that in universe as it overloading some sort of power cell on the gun itself BUT the actual effect itself isn't necessarily detrimental and it's easy to replicate consistently to the point where gameplay wise it's a trade-off between shooting from a distance or closing the gap to take advantage of the explosion. Like I'd imagine this frames abilities could work similarly where there's a specific "intended" effect but there's a secondary effect that's still useful under different circumstances.
  7. Honestly as someone who's played Grendel extensively Rage is super-helpful it's not as neccesary as alot of people make it out to be on him, even with just a streamline as long as you don't overeat and sit on too many enemies for a long time he doesn't really have the energy issues a lot of people make it sound like he does. It just so happens he has little shields and a lot of HP so Rage works well on him (Especially since Nourish increases the amount of energy you get from it). I can get why someone might not enjoy playing him but he's more than just tolerable even without the mod (I still run it and suggest it though since it works so well for him).
  8. From my understanding that was going to include a rework for Sunika Kubrows along with head/tail variants for Kubrows and the addition of Genetic traits for Kavats/Kubrows so they're probably still working on all of that and trying to get it out as one big package.
  9. It's not this week, they have a post on the main site saying it's next week that went up today.
  10. It's better since Impact is a very prominent incidental proc that a lot of weapons will just have innately, which is a QoL improvement for them.
  11. That was specifically in the context of Kuva Liches getting Rad procced, basically it would increase the amount of damage that they would take from other radiation Procced enemies (Who themselves would be dealing bonus damage to allies from their own radiation procs)
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