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  1. I will say that I genuinely like how they've attempted to add in unique mechanics with each new tileset for the mode (From Lua's three tiered map, the Kuva Fortress' escalating traps, the Sealab's multiple rotating points, etc) but I will admit that I wish they'd do more to expand the mode more especially on older tilesets where the most interesting thing that happens is MAYBE the defense point will move for some of the Grineer Tilesets,
  2. Honestly I will say that a lot of the earliest quests were just normal missions but with some extra voice lines from the talking heads and they didn't really get much unique stuff until we got into Octavia's Anthem and the Chains of Harrow and they were advancing like large scale plot threads like Hunhow's attempts to soften up the Origin System and getting more info on The Man in the Wall and weren't really about the frames in question, like sure they were RELEVANT but the quests weren't ABOUT them specifically.
  3. Just for the sake of clarity a lot of those individual pieces (The Voice LInes, the Arena, etc) were all handled by separate departments and I feel like you may be overselling the amount of work that went into each of those pieces individually. Like specifically the weapons were just a recolored version of a preexisting weapon asset (The Nox's goo gun) that had an water cylinder just kind of duct-taped to the top of the weapon so to try and present that particular thing as though that's something the art team spent hours of their collective time on to make from scratch for a one off event is a bit of a stretch. When I first read the description on the event using acid guns I was under the impression that they were also going to be releasing this weapon alongside the update that we saw the concept art for back in 2017 but that we still haven't seen crop up in the game yet and to my knowledge hasn't actually progressed beyond the concept phase yet. Also even though the weapons had a unique mechanic (That being the fact that they were pneumatic and you had to regularly pump them to maintain air pressure) it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that they already had those mechanics kind of already roughed out like ages ago (potentially for the acid gun concept I posted about in the last paragraph which just to reiterate was made in 2017) and they just never actually implemented it until the recent event so that may not even have been any extra work on the devs part beyond just getting that hooked up to the reskinned nox weapon and doing the custom aiming reticule for the weapon which could easily have been handled by a couple of people in like a few hours tops. To touch on the arena and the idea that it might potentially be diverting time from The New War assets and such, we have video from Tennocon this year that shows that the actual tileset is pretty much done as far as texturing and the actual modeling is concerned so all of those environmental artists that were working on that tileset have basically been done their part of The New War for months by this point and the Dog Days Arena mostly consists of reused assets from PoE plus like maybe a few new pieces in a really small environment to to act as though that's eating into The New War or something is also kind of a stretch. FINAL EDIT: ent back and read through some of your older posts and noticed that you did acknowledge that there are seperate departments working on different things which I didn't see when I typed most of this out but overall I stand by what's been stated here and I still think you're kind of overstating the amount of time and effort they put into Dog Days and the Shawzin.
  4. Keep in mind that wouldn't even necessarily need to be like a quest for a similar sort of interaction to occur, like we have plenty of things like the Codex Fragments and what not that add in more detail without necessarily "needing" to have a whole quest attached to it and even if I agree that the actual story content in the Limbo Theorem is good the actual content between each of those beats is honestly some of the most monotonous grind in the game and it's like the one Warframe quest I never personally finished.
  5. You always have the option of just not using the stances if the modified combos/inputs bother you that much, sure it will probably require you to install one or two extra forma for most builds than what's needed right now due to not having the extra 10 mod points you get from the stances but they're not required and the animations are literally the exact same as the current quick melee attacks.
  6. They've stated in several devstreams that the ranges will be shown once melee 3.0 is implemented
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