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  1. This works with any Gauss and Acceltra - just shoot at the closest spot where Acceltra normally triggers the explosion and as soon as you do it, immediately Mach Rush in that direction. The explosions trigger even when at the time of impact Gauss was close. It feels like the explosions go off depending on where Gauss was standing at the time of shooting, not where he was at the time of impact. How difficult would it be to change this logic check? This issue makes the very fast paced play style almost impossible to play, and makes Gauss frustrating to play with his iconic weapon.
  2. Steps to repeat: 1. Open any syndicate reward menu, click on 'View Offerings'. 2. Repeatedly preview any item and go back (without exiting the offerings screen). After some attempts the background box starts to shrink and it does it every next preview.
  3. Not fixed: my kitgun 'DID YOU REALLY BELIEVE' does not link
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