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  1. with the current state of the lich system, railjack and scalret spear i'd say pvp will never be more than a side activity.
  2. the various pieces to craft the warframe never dropped. so after finishing the quests (i liked the final missoin) and hours of farm i stopped trying to acquire her.
  3. it feels like they are less engaged in their games and more akin to respect shedules for new updates no matter its state. it feels like the decision making team in DE do not know what they are doing and experiment on things which in the end gives us poor new updates where lack of content is hidden behind a bigger grind. they don't even follow their promises anymore (or what they intended to do in the first place). and the other problem is that they try to keep up with their own shedule which makes it difficult for them to put more time and effort into previoous content to change it to what they initially wanted to do. or they just stopped caring. hence the dark side. nothing to do with being evil.
  4. to stay engaged in a game you need to keep thinking. the grind start when the fun end.
  5. it would be great to have more missions diversity, hazard events during missions, anything that would make each missions more unique. so far all the missiosn are the same with some minor changes that don't really affect much the mission.
  6. GOOD: new content. BAD: short, boring and uninspired. UGLY: buged and overly grindy.
  7. i had a somewhat bad taste in the mouth after the lich update. railjack release left me with heavy concerne about the future of the game. scarlet mission started to scare me. for some time now there is more and more differences between what DE tease us with and what we got in the end. more and more promises not kept and semi empty updates to broken ones.. i think the new scarlet mission update just rang the alarm. something is not right in the current warframe development/decision's team. ■ new content get more and more grindy to hide the fact that there is less and less content to grind for. ■ new missions are getting simplier and duller. ■ repetitivness is getting stronger and stronger with less and less choice of mission type to progress through the new content. ■ the game is getting easier to beat. (the changes that came with the new status changes are okay, i do enjoy the fresh new changes, but monsters didn't got any behavior/AI upgrade leading to having the same dumb fodder ennemies with less constitution than before and missions are still at the same levels of monsters) ■ scarlet missions are just plain boring and totally uninspired. i feel like DE doesn't even give us what they have planned for us and just glue unfinished stuff together because they set up 5themselves,° a release shedule. the worst thing is that the last update (scarlet missions) make me not want to play the game, and that scares me. i was proud of the game, looking proudly at trailers, streamers who would discover the game for the first time. thinking about about cool feature would come with future updates, overhyped with tenocon 2019 and its railjack tease.. but thats not the case anymore. there is enough companies with BS promises, S#&$ty microtransaction and broken/unfinished game release out there. i don't want warframe to also take that path.
  8. i mostly enjoy warframe for its gameplay. hords of monsters to kill with tons of very different weapons in a semi procedurally generated environment. but scarlet mission are the apex of any boring mission warframe has ever made: ■ few ennemies that aren't even a challenge. ■ same ships, same interior, same area to defend several times in a row. (at least mobile defense mission would make you move around). ■ ground boss does nothing. just a big target. ■ most of the time you just run/fly then wait. ■ poor regular mobile defence mission or 'hit the unmoving target' mission. you just run/fly fast toward objective, wait, fire a few time your weapon, eventually someone plays limbo so you can wait more without doing anything. rinse and repeat until mission is done. then wait more in the lobby. it is a very sad introduction to the new war and the "opt-link" that we saw teased in tennocon 2019. it feels like rushed pieces of content taken from different places, put together with some glue and thrown out into the wild.
  9. before they were void keys. the more you stay the more the loot you get with ONE key. now you will get nothing out of endless missoins. staying more than 30 min will earn you nothing but just pain ^^. but i agree. a form of unique challenge and reward for endless would be a very cool thing.
  10. they downgraded the lich system they wanted to deliver to us. they released an unfinished railjack gamemode with minimum content and tons of grinding. do you think they will have time or ressources to spare to transhorm nightmare missions into something enjoyable and immersive? why would they do that?
  11. old warframe gamemodes need a heavy lifting for sure. but i think DE will not bother changing defense missions as they have better to do on future story content, kuva weapons and railjack updates. having unique biohazard each waves (like in hive missions), miniboss and such is a very cool idea. we could also have a waves of one specific enemy flooding the area or mini event like a hunter coming on the map to hunt the player instead of the cryopod, etc...
  12. No but OP is kinda right. same mission over and over and over across different level range. same enemies with some minor twist. tons of health which make all the fighters die slowly which quickly becomes boring unless you have your railjack maxed out with the right guns. invulnerability with constant ressource drop and gathering & repair. It feels like the railjack we have is like a tech demo with all the basic gamerplay but nothing more. in fact it feels like playing warframe, farming endlessly same old mission to farm exp or lich until to unlock the next weapon. but in the railjack case there is very little gameplay diversity and all missions are the same. The main problem of railjack, gameplay and content aside, is that the goal of each mission is just to kill everything. there is no particular goal we need to achieve while the fighters and crewship are here to stop us. the goal is the fighters and crew ships. it doesn't feel like the grinner tries to protect anything or assault anything in particular. they re just there to pewpew at us and we are there to pewpew at them and thats it. a complexe system with repairs to do, munition to craft, frigate to pilote, gunners at the turrets, archwing support, boarding, ship system with special weapons, advanced manoeuvers, .. just to mindlessly pewpew at everything while enemy is just here to force you to gather ressources to repair the ship constently. there is no challenge, no thrill of hard encounter or hard goal for the mission, no joy in achieving a particular goal.. just like the lich system. just tedious farming mindless zombies after the few hours of excitment of discovering something new. and where is the exploration? where are the little things to hunt like on ground missoins? on fortuna& eidolon plains you have secret caves, secret artifact to scan or whatever. on ground missoins you have also hidden stuff to scan. exploration is limited to following the mission objective but i think you get my point. in a gamemode where we have our own ship to pilote we don't even have to do any exploration. no scouting, no finding the right angle to attack the enemy base, nothing really.. just charge and pewpew and repair. (taking over crewship is cool tho) PS: oh! wow the grineer base has a giant ship killer beam :O. quick quick, turn around it is charging fire! *giant beam canon fire* *little beam of pitiful light touch the ship* *ship lives* erm okay.. *pilote was stupid so we took another shot* oh now we just have to repair the ship.. *tanking several shiot later after some repairs* well, lets just hide behind that tiny asteroid. *death laser hit tiny asteroid**nothing happens* we re safe now ..lol
  13. warframe always had taken the casual route. its just more apparent today. heavy farming for the sake of farming to counter the lack of end game content and/or content diversity. the problem is that DE do not play their game or they are not gamers themselves so they fail to understand what makes a game interesting in the long run. mindless grinding isn't appealing. fun gameplay, player progression and lots of uniques collectible (weapons and mods) makes up for that but the game isn't evolving anymore. railjack could have been a semi open world with a living solar system, dynamic missions with all sorts of sepcial scripted encounter. but we got boring same space mission at different level that feel just like a regular warframe mission. in the long run railjack is just plain boring with long to kill swarm of annoying little ships again and again without the thrill of loosing the engagement because the current system give you basically immortality unless there isn't any ressources left to repair the ship which is so rare it is negligeable. remember what we where told lich would be? well we just got a downgraded version with stupid farming session and a RNG dice roll mechanic... i don't expect much from DE anymore. i ll just put some ideas here and there and play until im completely bored or find a better looter shooter (which destiny 2 is not).
  14. the point is made by itself. warframe do not lose population. other games just earn more new players. there is enough new players playing warframe to have a somehow constant population with some fluctuation depending on update frequency. OP talk about how horrifying is warframe getting out of top 10 while in fact warframe did not lose much players. other games are just getting more appealing to other players.
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