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  1. Considering hips on the 3rd picture, is this a new ember competitor?
  2. Thank for the info. I'll try that. However I would not need this for a melee weapon because my melee weapon is already fine while dealing with enemy groups. My problem with Marked for Nerf is that it looks like it was designed for snipers but lost its initial purpose somehow on the way. It's a wasted opportunity.
  3. Now I know how it work. What does it change. It is still trash in most of cases. It is patently useless. Could be a nice option though.
  4. Marked for death could be a nice way to make snipers more viable option for most of missions. Unfortunately, it seemingly was not thought that way.
  5. Tested it a couple of minutes ago. I've been using high damage per shot rubico with A-tear riven. Enemies lvls were 60-80. They coud easily survive this.
  6. That should be fixed. I've wasted 1h of my life on that S#&$ in vain.
  7. I can share logs extracted via launcher if it helps anyhow
  8. Hi. I've been farming kuva for 50+ minutes. After having farmed I can see 13600 kuva in mission results. But in reality I haven't got any. What the hell is this? I've wasted 1h on nothing. Again. Here 2 screens: https://funkyimg.com/i/2VZGg.jpg https://funkyimg.com/i/2VZGh.jpg I have no idea how to proove I did not spend it myself. Is there any way to share logs or whatsover else?
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