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  1. I've already given arguments 20 pages ago. You did not read them. I don't have to repeat it twice. It would be "parroting" myself. Also, your second post in this discussion is purely off topic and does not bring anything valuable except what you called ad hominem yourself. That does not make you shine. If you want a constructive discussion mind to check what was previously said and argued in this topic. Oh.. I forgot... It's a waste of time as you've said. Goodbye. Have a wonderful day. I really hope you're enjoying your McDonalds meal right at this moment. It's been a pleasure to meet such a mature well-read man, who have learned a couple of latinisms making him look smarter.
  2. Let's develop. To get mastery rank you need to level up gear that makes you familiar with different weapons, frames and mechanics. Playing the very same frame for 1000 hours the very same mission does surely make you experienced. Experienced in playing one frame on one mission. Hence, MR shows that you have at least tried different content and possibilities that game provides. I'm sorry, but you can't deny it. You can have 4k hours in this game doing only kuva farm and selling rivens. Do you know this game? No, you don't. Mastery as oposite shows that you have an overall impression of the game. Prove me wrong, m8. You can call me toxic elitist and send me off but it only shows your weakness. You have not given any valuable argument by so far. Your rework idea is absurd and does not make any sense. When flaws in your arguments and lack of experience are exposed, you're immediately calling your opponent toxic. I repeat my words, you are the perfect example of what complainers are. Thank you very much for this.
  3. Yes I do! If you're not even close to have good builds/you never got on arbitration/you never killed a level 200 enemy/you have no idea how grindy this game is/you never farmed for hours/you never spend your weekend leveling S#&$y gear only to get your riven nerfed 2 days after. And you pretend to understand the game. You have nothing to do in meta-discussion thread. You just don't understand the core game mechanics yet. You are ignorant not as insult but as definition of ignorant. You want to change the game whose rules you don't even know yet. It's ridiculous. When you take a plane, would you prefer it to be under control of experienced pilot or 6-months flying stage graduate? Also, the word toxic means only one thing today: someone able to express opinion freely. As soon as you don't like somebody, you call him toxic. You don't have arguments in a high tempered debate? Call your opponent toxic. Your last statement perfectly depicts how weak your arguments are. You can't operate them. I would not ask what is your MR should you provide solid arguments. But you did not. I've asked about your MR, because you sound like someone who played warframe a couple of days. That's the impression you give. And as we can see, it's not only impression, is it?
  4. To complainers: Yeah. If you like slow farming, why can't you sacrifice 40 seconds of loading? You want everyone to suffer just because you are too lazy to form a squad. That's simply insane. And you call "insidious" and "selfish" insults after this? Cmon
  5. Your are right and wrong. I would not benefit from Saryn nerf. Yes. It affects me.However, I don't play her personally. It will only affect occasional ranking. I've already prepared a couple of options to go on. I don't experience any kind of fear. Only disgust in community full of selfish vindictive ignorant players seeking to harm the others. MR affects your initial mod capacity, number of trades per day, number of standing per day for each faction, number of slots, etc. If you consider this unless... Well you just don't understand this game. You are a perfect example of what complainer does represent in general.
  6. This is already not an opinion. It's a fact as well as everything I've said. I'm sorry. Why? Because people are unwilling to assume their guilty pleasures. Not everything we love is good. Only mature man can accept this. Indeed. Now we have a pony with broken legs. And we have it for... something like year. Maybe... it's time... to rework it a bit? No. Okay. Let's make a shark with no tail! People love hurting things. I don't. But I'm not the one who's asking for change here. I'm not attentionwhoring. I'm not asking to do anything about current situation. I don't need graphs for it. You do. You have to have solid crystal clear arguments and study to ask DE to tweak something, if you really want the best.
  7. I may enjoy farming as well. Efficient farming what Warframe is also about. 5% shoyld not force the remaining 95% to play this game the way they like it. You're killing time? Great. I have no time to kill. Bob has no time to Kill. Muhamed has no time to kill. etc. Think of them. I'm sorry but it does. Almost in every field. I suppose you're stuck around 16 level. That means you're really far from understanding what farming in this game really is.
  8. It's not hypocrisy. It's concurrence! Natural instinct. "Reeeee can't one-hit whole map while wanking with my meme strike slide macros cuz of that stupid Saryn stealing the combo!!!"
  9. That's exact. And they want you to play the same way, because they can't keep up with the meta. It's like slowing down a train due to one passenger unable to sustain the pace. Yes. Exactly. Thank you.
  10. Yes I don't. Each time I would find a new interesting weapon I'd love to use I have to put at least 6 formas in it to make it work. Same for warframes. Imagine how long it takes. Just imagine. You're telling me "Enjoy farming". I've enjoyed farming... First 30 minutes. I want my build complete to able to play with it. And you want me spend weeks doing dull repetitive S#&$e? Sorry, m8, your "I enjoy farming" argument is a flimsy plaster for a gaping wound. What rank are you at the moment? I'm too lazy to go check your profile. You probably have no idea how dull and boring this game gets when you're leveling gear to build it properly. Try putting 8 formas in new weapon. You'll see. Again, what ranks are you talking about? Do you have an idea how many gear you should level to reach ranks above 24th? And sometimes it's unpleasant to use. I can't enjoy using something like stug. Why should I suffer and have to do it slower just because YOU prefer this play-style. If you want to farm slowly then farm slowly. It's your choice. Thing you want will affect everybody. This is selfish.
  11. Which makes you unable to use same enemy to resupply. Also, low duration build == almost maximized strength==more energy per pulse and per cast.
  12. I'm not even using meta. I have my weird arsenal. What if I say that viper is my favorite secondary after the... lato? I have no problems dealing damage and enjoying the game even with Saryn in my team. Not to mention that I'm outperforming her on several occasions. The only reason I speak about meta is to make you understand that this whole game is a freaking farming simulator. People who have played it a lot naturally want farming be faster. As a noob you are enjoying every shot. As a veteran you're maybe still enjoying combat, but once you need to farm — you take your best gear and farm. You can't fight meta in a grindy looter-shooter. This is simply pointless.
  13. She's not a nuke by definition after this. She becomes a simple de-buffer. And a bad one, as she's likely getting killed by nearest enemy she encounters. That was a terrible idea. The whole concept of this frame is being able to kill fast in the most efficient way all the enemies you won't even see. It's good for defense, extermination and of course SO/ESO. Your idea shows that you clearly don't even understand Saryn's role in this game. I really doubt you have an idea how it will affect gameplay in different scenarios. I'd like to understand, what levels are you talking about? What kind of missions you're focusing on? If you really think that your first concept would not destroy her, you're far from meta-awareness. It's not bad as a whole, but try other frames, different builds for different mission types. You'll see how the game changes. Indeed. However she's not a universal tool. She's not bringing anything useful to a whole bunch of missions there being nuke is useless: defection, excavation, capture, rescue, assasination, disruption, interception, surviva, etc. You always have a better choice. Remember: killing huge crowds is not always useful. Sometimes it's even harmful. Note: Trinity is only required on Eidolon hunts as a lure-babysitter. Saryn is only required on SO/ESO for easy focus farm. And thanks God we have Saryn. Try farming 4000000 focus/rank up your gear over 9000 times. You'll praise Saryn. (to note you can still go on SO/ESO as volt/gara/memestriker/staticormirage/mesa(exclusively on ESO) and it will be slower but fine too) Indeed. And there are reasons she's good. Once you change a tiny parameter you have no idea what to expect. A smallest change may ruin a good frame. Meanwhile we clearly have god-forsaken and long-forgotten content that needs to be reworked. Why prioritizing questionable tweaks what more than half of players don't even want, when you already have a bunch of work to do. There's almost everybody asking for Ember rework for almost a year. But nothing is done. Same with Vauban. A lot of other frames have huge problems and useless abilities (Ballistic battery, choma's firebreath and skin flying... thing etc.) Here you want DE to start tweaking something that is good at the moment as it is. Maybe not perfect to your eyes. But at least it's synergized well. It works. There so much content that's literally abandoned by DE and everybody are asking to fix. And you're risking to make another boroken frame and make matters even worse. I don't understand this. I simply hate this ideology, because it's stealing attention from real problems. Instead of making real changes (Elemental damage rework) we waste time at tweaking things over and over again.... That's sad. I hope you'll think of that.
  14. This is unconsistent. She actually was good at killing... <40 levels on low-level runs for relics. That's it. She already suffered a lot of nerfs at the time. People generally complained about Ember AFK nuking everything. Everything below mid-levels in specific missions. But she was (and she remains) patently useless anywhere else. No, it does not. Firstly, Saryn is pure nuke, meanwhile Equinox is rahter mid-support. Then, what missions have you played? What levels? Is nuking necessary on every type of missions? Please mind to consider these questions first. I have a long post about how Saryn is designed for specific tasks. I may search for it if you need. Then you will dislike being with staticor-mirage, blast-gara, meme-strikers and many others. I mean... People are always looking for meta. You nerf one thing — people use another. Maybe it's time to focus more on your personal gameplay quality of life? Playing in squad... Using recruting chat... Avoiding saryn if you don't like to have it in your team.... We may not like something. But have you ever heard of tolerance? This frame works. You can't deny this. At the very same time there are dozens of forgotten content nobody uses. Vauban, Ember... Maybe DE should fix what is broken first, huh? Making her patently useless. You basically want remove nuke from a nuke frame. Does it make a little sense to you? It's like removing healing from healer. I think the huge problem today is that Saryn is overhyped —> a lot of new players build her —> a lot of Saryns everywhere even if mission type does not require it.
  15. I'm just paying attention to the words. You've just said that deluxes can be completely different. You did not say that it should be. It's two different statements. That's what you've been trying to say. And I assume it's closer to truth. However "completely new design" is a bit vague. As you said at least 3 deluxes inherited their design from original frames. Deluxe to me is more about details and model differences. If one element is somehow similar to the original it might be not that big of a deal. You're not changing for sake of change. You're changing in order to have a beautiful outstanding result. In case you need to keep one element from original design to achieve this, why not?
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