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  1. I don't use Lantern since it seems a bit useless. Her tribute buffs are a little bit underwhelming too. But dps? Cmon Have you ever used arcanes on her + augment for razorwing? It is more than enough to feel comfortable on sp. Not to mention that it is one of the fastest frames in the game.
  2. 1. Login until you get 75% platinum discount. 2. Buy platinum. 3. Spend all your platinum on a bunch of new useless stuff from market. 4. Stop playing the game. 5. Come back next year and repeat.
  3. First kill takes more bullets indeed. However I'm using Skull Shots, that helps to deliver lots of lead without reloading, combined with both Arcane Precision and Arcane Velocity to boost damage and fire-rate. With new additional arcane it will be even better. And I'm not fighting in close combat. For some weird reason Wraith version of viper is quite precise. The sole problem is its recoil. To tame this, you'd be using Steady hands. Also, depending on your build with fully upgraded riven sometimes you won't have enough space to fully upgrade Steady Hands, even with each of 9 slots forma-ted. I recommend to use 3/5. P.S. I'm gone really crazy about this gun. Currently all platinum I spend to buy cheap viper rivens with specific polarity (vazarin only) and then I pump thousands hundreds kuva into them to have a tiny chance to get one specific riven I want. And I've started to play pvp just to get the pvp skin for this weapon, even though I really hate pvp in this kind of games.
  4. I've actually made it work. And I'm still mad there's no Kuva Viper yet. Probably no one likes this gun, hence no reason to make another better version. Anyways I don't really care about MR4. It does not mean a thing now a days. And with new arcanes I'll make this thing work on lvl 200 enemies.
  5. Personally I like single-target guns in this game. I'm playing most of missions with Vectis Prime and my favorite Viper Wraith. Viper Wraith is extremely under-powered compared to most of other weapons. To make it playable I have acquired a good riven (2500 plat worth), polarized each of the 9 slots and put some useful arcanes all together. It can now be used on 150 lvl enemies. But still ineffective and challenging to use without any reward. These new arcane may help a little, but it is still not enough though. I hope one day my investment in this peculiar weapon will be rewarded.
  6. Since even subreddit has a greater chance to be considered by people having a slightest control over the development of this game, puking ideas on forum is some peculiar kind of logorrhea. Its purpose generally vary between ranting and attention-whoring. But sometimes great ides may make their way. Unfortunately any post describing an actual implementation and providing proof of the concept arguments is treated tl;dr in 95% of the cases. Meanwhile another "Nerf Saryn" thread would be overwhelmed with S#&$posts from both sides. Hence, puking your ideas is the way to go around this forum.
  7. Sounds interesting, but. -> I don't like anything that makes you stand still. Generally this is a waste of precious time, and is ruining my gameplay. You need some short invulnerability during the meltdown to ensure player could survive this. Imagine you're covered with status effects, and surrounded by bulletsponges, who would not die from this ability.
  8. You could have simply added these mods to Arbitration while keeping them available through SP. 2 different ways of acquisition is not bad at all.
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