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  1. I have something to say about it. Smart move, DE. It's only 100 people being #*!%ed a little bit. And thousands happy. Smart move. If some of these 100 have already deleted the game, it's even less than 100 unhappy people. Have you by any chance beaten any records today? Like players online... Suicide rate because of the game changes...
  2. Would Night Hunter Syandana V2 finally see its day? I've been waiting for it for almost 2 years. I can't seem to find any practical reason for not accepting it. Please, DE, review your politics. This round is really disappointing. P.S. I honestly prefer first version as it was gorgeous and outstandingly conceptual. You've already quite forced the change. Another year and nothing but generic garbage will be left. Come on!
  3. Sure. It's even necessary at current state. I've been trying many builds on Nyx recently, as she has a lot of beautiful skins and fashion-frame potential. None of these were delivering. It's barely fun. I think Nyx needs a complete or at least partial rework for her "mind-control" abilities since current AI makes it patently useless... At some point it's fun to have a Nox-friend running around... Except he does not do anything. Current Nyx is slow (especially after racing frames), fragile. But not that fragile. Her abilities don't really do much compared to other frames. For each feature she has there's a better frame to go with. The sole reason I still sometimes play her is purely aesthetic. What a shame. Changing slot requirement for this particular aug would make it a little better. And I'd rather had this than nothing at all. However there's very little chance we're getting any improvements soon, as DE's main focus now is Emperyan whatsoever thingey.
  4. That looks good at first glance. However further investigation is needed. Thanks for a surprise update anyways. Was not expecting that.
  5. Maybe I'm mistaking, but 2nd ability is quite broken. Its energy consumption after reaching the cap is not linear. It's getting faster and faster and swallow all energy in a second. It's purely uncontrollable as after casting 3 and dropping it to minimum, it gets to the cap faster and faster each time. I end up with instantly getting the cap whithout even casting anything. It's unreliable and impossible to manage. Maybe I'm mistaking, but could you explain how am I supposed to manage this. Even with 2 arcane energize I have all my energy wasted in a matter of milliseconds with 2. I can't use it at all.
  6. They are making melee unidirectional single-targeting, they are about to nerf range and hardcap nany useful mods, they are forcing this ugly anti-physics enemy stuck in air feature. Personally I have little hope.
  7. Seems like they are about to make it even worse.
  8. At least there's one more day with not ruined melee in this game. 😁
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