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  1. I don't understand, Eidolons have currently 100% resistance to this ability damage?
  2. As much as new K-drives. Well... I'd call it K-drives, cuz they are K-drives. Little effort done to make it different.
  3. It is still better than nothing. I thought I would never see them released. And yes, I do prefer the original.
  4. Night hunter syandana! Finally! I've been waiting for it for 2 years.
  5. You're not supposed to know this. You're supposed to keep the frame just in case. You never know what would be the next game mechanics/game mode. Therefore you need to keep all frames, since they can be meta for new game modes, as was Limbo for operation something lately. Also, I'm not sure DE would be able to track back all your frames sold.
  6. Selling a mastered frame was clearly a player's responsibility in that case.
  7. That update has so much potential. Keep it up. You got me existed.
  8. Does steal path allow you to easily level up weapons?
  9. This, except that I don't like Chaos. It's not a good CC. Enemies may still target you. That means that on high levels they may still potentially one-shot you, not to mention that they can kill you while shooting each other, which they would do indefinitely, considering insufficient damage output compared to their armor/health/shield on high levels.
  10. She's boring as hell. Useless on most of the missions. However... Her armor-striping thing and complete immunity to damage... I will consider trying her on Steel Path. Oh... I forgot that Steel Path is patently useless and does not worth the effort.
  11. Sure. I've got a good -zoom cc cd riven for rubico. It's by far the best sniper rifle. However, I'm using Vectis Prime just because of its design.
  12. Why there's no adjustable zoom mechanics for snipers? It's a pure qol.
  13. Great idea. However you're almost never stagnate at maximum stage as long as you use your abilities. I'd say above 90% of maximum stacks.
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