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  1. What are you talking about? If the original plat buyer gets banned, where go all items he bought for platinum? They are destroyed. Why the hell you cannot simply move them back to seller account? You're not creating any value by doing so. You're simply canceling this transaction. Now image I sell items, that have value. The account gets banned. I loose both items, and plat. That means, that DE simply screwed me. How in the world you can call a system, there any honest player selling items undergoes a permanent risk of getting screwed a good one?
  2. Platinum has no real value. It does not have an equivalent, representing what so ever. An actual system, as we can see in this topic, is not a viable solution, since it is harmful for other players. They should build a system, that would track not only platinum, but also items, and be able to move them back to another account. I don't see a sole reason for not doing this practice.
  3. Well now you don't even need to have a placeholder. Just buy/refund/resell items for plat. It is certainly a viable solution.
  4. Wow. Thanks for this info. I'll be more careful now while selling stuff. However, isn't this system actually totally #*!%ed up? What means that platinum have some kind of ID that helps to track throughout the transactions and recall? Why would not DE simply debit platinum directly from the account someone who's asking for a refund? I don't understand.
  5. This is the sole reason you will be taking this weapon to Orphix. The damage comes from Voidrig's 4th ability.
  6. You need to use fluctus as it has infinite punch through. It helps obliterating these freaking crystals without actually reaching them.
  7. Yeah it's 1-(1-td)^4, where td is the damage of first tick. Your calculation is easier. Thanks for stating it. The idea was to make this ability viable without intervention of other mechanics, i.e. viral procs etc.
  8. As we can see in the description of EV with basic 100% ps it is assumed to be dealing 25% damage to target's health. In reality this stat is WRONG, since ability damage is allocated between 4 ticks, each dealing 6.25% on CURRENT enemy health. That means that the real damage is not 6.25%*4, 4 being the number of ticks, but rather: [(0.0625) + (1-0.0625)*0.0625 + (1- 0.0625 - ((1-0.0625)*0.0625))*0.0625 + H(1- 0.625 - ((1-0.0625)*0.0625) - ((1- 0.0625 - ((1-0.0625)*0.0625))*0.0625))*0.0625]*100%==22.75%. 22.75% in stead of 25% shown in the stats. And it gets even worse with hi
  9. I just discovered some conclave skins. I want them hard. But how do you get its standing fast? I've played death-match. But is there something faster?
  10. Well... I did. Got laughed at on this forum. Will never speak again.
  11. I though the lil sister was planning to ressurect the older one... Anyways you clearly can intercept her transmissions on the Kuva siphon/flood missions soon after. That means she's clearly alive and is planning something.
  12. I like the concept. I'd prefer it to be even more alien-like. But in that case it will never be accepted. Good job anyways.
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