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  1. Checked wiki and google but could not find an answer: Does Radiant Finish affects the blind effect from Exalted Blade´s slide attack? Thanks
  2. Last night, around Midnight Central time, I was running Sanctuary Onslaught. We got to Zone 9 when I got the host migration message. After loading back I was in a different map alone and my progress was reset to zone 4. Lost the rewards for zones 6 and 8 not to mention my time. Before the migration the game was behaving like it was out of sync or I was getting a lot of lag, but every other mission time played fine and without lag both before and after that.
  3. Last night I decided to complete the 10 zones challenge for Nightwave. First team made it to zone 7 before someone dropped. Everything worked fine. The second run got weird: When we completed zone 2 my UI got stuck saying I was in zone 2, even when we made it to zone 9. And the game kinda got out of sync: Powers would take a couple of seconds to fire after activating and enemies would move like I was lagging bad (every other missions worked fine). When we reached zone 9 we got the Host Migration message and when I loaded back I was in a different map. Let the timer run out and I the mission result screen showed 4 zones completed, not 8. No rotation B and C rewards. A search on Google shows people complaining about this since December at least and it´s not fixed? How can we even get Khora parts like this? Is there any work around/solution? Has De acknowledged the problem?
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