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  1. Ada_Wong_SG


    It is one of the easiest test to be honest, unless you have been sprinting all the time in missions, the new parkour 2.0 is very easy I kind of took the test in parkour 1.0 which is much harder to clear.
  2. Ada_Wong_SG

    -Suggestion- Cool Idea for Venka Skin!

    I thought it is something along the line of this at first glance.
  3. Ada_Wong_SG

    Zaw primaries - Please?

    I would definitely put something along the line of a vectis upper receiver with a soma lower receiver.
  4. Ada_Wong_SG

    If you could have 3 warframes irl

    Trinity - free healthcare and healing. (can earn money as well by opening clinic) Frost - free refrigerator and air conditioning. Volt, provides electricity for heating and computer, wifi... Just so free healthcare, no utility bill to pay. Originally I thought of Ember, but Volt seems more versatile as I can use Induction cooker and microwave.
  5. Ada_Wong_SG

    Weapon "Near Empty" Sounds

    I want something like the M1 Garand that does an epic ping at the last round being fired.
  6. Was playing Akkad (Eris dark sector defense) stalker appear... drops War blueprint i didnt managed to grab the blueprint at wave 5 *whole team extracted* * I choose to stay to grab blueprint* *game crashes at wave 6*
  7. Ada_Wong_SG

    A Good Secondary in place of a Primary?

    I use Lex Prime, if that fits the description, or basically something you would pull out whenever leveling primary weapon or when primary weapon start to fail. Aklex Prime is kind of overkill, since it shoots faster than what contributes to "effective fire rate" though the benefit of Aklex Prime is you can do a mag-dump of 16 rounds to whatever target that would stand up to that by standing close enough. Lex Prime with Lethal Torrent is enough if you are taking aimed shots instead of mag-dumping into enemies.
  8. Ada_Wong_SG

    War Passive

    War "passive ability" - upon seeing the huge sword the enemies decides it is best not to get cleaved by that they will stand off from the longest possible distance and go into berserk mode and fire their weapons at +200% fire rate in attempt to saturate the player with gun fire. Not all passive abilities are useful.
  9. Ada_Wong_SG

    So apparently Umbra isn't a prime anymore.

    I suppose if anyone progressed far enough to get The Sacrifice quest, Energizing Dash isn't much of an issue ? so removing a passive isn't much different
  10. Ada_Wong_SG

    Skiajati - Nikana varriant or its own Weapon?

    It seems to be a Nikana variant, Tranquil Cleave, Decisive Judgement and Blind Justice are the stances. I am not sure if it belongs to be a Nikana Variant or Dragon Nikana Variant, which both have different riven dispositions.
  11. Ada_Wong_SG

    Weapons for Mastery 6 Player

    Try out Lex if you haven't already got it from the market for 50k credits and no build time, Mod it Gun Slinger for fire rate and Quick Draw for reload speed, Trick Mag for spare ammo pool increase. These mods are easier to max than base damage so what you lack in base damage you dump in extra bullets. You can use a Lex as an improvised primary for quite some time until you can get your hands on heavier hitting primaries. With base damage of 130 it out damage most assault rifles and you would need a sniper rifle to kind of overpower a Lex in terms of single shot damage. Trick Mag can increase 210 pistol bullets to 399, so you have a "magnum pistol" that kind of shoots near the damage of sniper rifles, but you can afford the ammo pool near that of assault rifle's 540 since even sniper rifles have the 72 rounds ammo pool. Hek is definitely recommended given the high damage output Soma you will need point strike and vital sense to bring out the potentials so you might be disappointed by Soma's performance at first. At MR7 (soon) you should get your hand on the Tigris, which is kind of powerful shotgun but it main slash so it works better against infested. Galatine is definitely worth getting for, that is one of the heaviest hitting melee for new players, The attack interval is slower, so bear in mind while pacing attacks. if you are in a clan you can get a Nikana blueprint from Tenno lab, it uses much like a regular sword so if you are used to the attack intervals of a sword like Skana, Cronus etc, a Nikana is kind of a more damaging Cronus. Nikana is also a required component to the Dragon Nikana (MR8) [market blueprint] , which is basically a "skana-sized galatine" if you look at the stats and size wise. (it is one of the best non-primed/syndicate weapons around)
  12. You try a 8 point drain Stretch, or Power Drift, or basically anything that is draining 9 points at max, I keep duplicate mods at 1 from max if it's the case of draining 9 points it drains 4 as opposed to 5 points on a polarized slot, but will be a tiny bit of performance loss, but in terms of overall performance you can balance it for "maximum potential" or "optimal" performance. For the case of guns sometime due to the base stats figure, a max out 9 point mods will give same capacity increase as a 8 point mods, or sometime a 7 points mods, (Namely the low capacity like Lex, Vasto, Snipetron, Rubico etc) so messing around with mods at different levels would serve to optimize the mod on a particular weapon without consuming unnecessary mod points. Unmaxed mods also serve as throw-in while leveling or testing something that yet to been fully formaed
  13. Ada_Wong_SG

    Irrational Limbo Hate

    The problem with Limbo is any sensible user would know the pros and cons of the skill, and try to avoid using limbo in public missions, and reserve limbo only for squad request or pre-planned tactics Or something very specific like Sortie level mobile defense missions. Leaving the vast majority of the public lobby Limbo players who have no idea what they are doing to ruin the reputation of Limbo. as well as players who have intent of trolling people using Limbo on public matches. Hence Limbo is getting so much hate.
  14. try a V polarity for aura, Steel Charge giving 18 points, though it means sacrificing CP
  15. Just forma 5 - 6 slots and leave 2 - 3 slots to throw in the umbra mod ?