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  1. I suppose if you are slightly older, might be easier to understand the game through other games. Since this is how I personally understand, a lot of younger players might not be able to catch the depth of this game and might find it a bit overwhelming with information at start. However having played other games might give you the advantage since a lot of basic mechanics translates over. 1) Gun play - the gun play, slide and roll is kind of similar to Resident Evil 6's movement system, the roll is kind of like dodge, while slide etc, aiming and shooting wise it is identical to RE6 except you might feel it closer to GTA4/5 in terms of movement speed, kind of mixed the Gear of War feel. 2) Sword play - This is kind of mixing Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, if you have played those franchise the melee system kind of translate over, wall running, climbing, double flipping etc will be very similar. 3) Parkour, Bullet Jump, Glide - This feels closer to Age of Wushu, Swordsman Online and other wuxia based MMO, basically "flying skill" except you can chain stuff like melee strike after a bullet jump and glide further to decelerate your fall and fly over longer distances, these are helping you to navigate through the system. Combined Combat - you are free to use a sniper rifle while bullet jumping to vertical height to take out enemies at a distance, or using bullet jump to launch yourself at the enemy and timing a melee strike at the end of a bullet jump to cut the enemy as you land. better still using warframe abilities while airborne or reloading weapon while gliding back to ground. 4) Incapacitation/ Down/ Reviving teammates - This is identical to Left 4 Dead's system, in fact warframe play very similarly to L4D as it is a 4 player coop. 5) Modding - This is very similar to RE6's skill system, since given my user name RE6 was actually the game I played right before going into Warframe, you have 1 Aura + 8 slots on a warframe, 8 slots on primary/ secondary weapons, 1 stance + 8 slot on melee. MODs is kind of like a Trading Card Game, which your main objective is to collect a comprehensive deck of cards to build a weapon to be powerful. Serration is kind of similar to "Firearms Level 3", Pressure point kind of like "Melee Lv 1" Steel Fiber is similar to "Defense lv 2", Stabilizer similar to "Lock-on" and "Rock Steady" Punch Through is the term used for "Piercing" or shooting through objects and multiple enemies. Bane mods are faction specific damage increase mods similar to "J'avo killer", (kind of less useful compared to elemental mods) Except for the fact that all weapons, warframe, melee weapon, sentinels or whatever you choose to "upgrade" to mod have base stats, so adding Armor for damage reduction might work on high armor frame, while low armor frame benefit very little from armor mods since all mods are based on percentage. The number of "LED" or dots at the bottom of a mod reflects how many level it can be upgraded, which you can level up mods at mod station. Mods are generally generic and can be used for their respective class, however Rivens are kind of like the "Magnum Master" or "Assault Rifle Master" skill in RE6 and is highly weapon-specific, but they are kind of too rare that usually you will want to invest credits and ENDO (energy for powering mods or something) to level up generic mods first as they can be applied on multiple weapons. 6) Warframe Abilities - This is closer to MMORPG's mage skill that anything, frames like Ivara might play very similar to Bowmaster, Mesa Excalibur's Exalted Blade is basically Ichigo's getsuga tenshou which you can kind of spam around, Trinity is the typical healer, since each warframe have unique abilities, you can say that the "warframe" represents the "Class" except the classes is kind of diverse here. 7) Items (Warframe, Weapons, Companion) There are a few classifications 1) Market items (purchase with credits) 2) Market blueprint (purchase blueprint from market and craft in foundry [the 3D-printer on the orbiter]) 3) Clan Dojo research (join a clan, and purchase blueprints from dojo research) 4) Invasion weapon (Conflict, helping factions giving parts and blueprint to craft those) 5) Prisma weapon (purchase from baro on his visit, shady merchant of warframe) 6) Primed weapon/ warframe (crack the relics by void fissure, kind of like playing capsule machine for the parts and craft the item you want) 8) Void Fissure The Gachapon machine of warframe, on missions there is chance that you get "Relics" as reward, you will need to do void fissure to crack those relics, kind of like opening capsules, which on random you will get parts, blueprints etc based on the relic type, which you can then choose to collect to build, sell to ducat kiosk for ducats, or sell to other players for platinum. And I guess I might have missed out a lot
  2. Ada_Wong_SG

    [Looking for player input] We need to talk credits $$$

    I suppose credits is really the easiest resource to obtain compared to other stuff. I playing Akkad a lot for nano spore farm, as well as many dark sector missions, 20 - 25k credits for 5 minute of survival/ defense is not really that hard to make, and it is not index (newer players might have difficulty coming up with different set of equipment for index) Also oberon part blueprints, and other surplus weapon blueprints like dread gorgon etc can be sold for relatively good amount of credits. I never did index for credits, if you by luck struck a credit booster for login reward, run Sechura for the first mission after login will get roughly 100k credit. Subsequent sechura run is 50k / 5 minute so 600k in about an hour of playing. That is if you really avoid index at all cost, since a lot of time not only will you be needing credits, most likely tonnes of other resources
  3. Ada_Wong_SG

    If you force PVP Stalker onto us:

    Am I going to be the stranger who enter the game as stalker only to help the team out and do a 5 player coop ? You cant force PVP into a PVE game, because even in deathmatch mode players can choose to form team and coop.
  4. Ada_Wong_SG

    Should I mainly use one weapon or have multiple?

    Really depend on your personal preference, as well as weapon strength and performance, remember in sortie you might have restrictions to bow only or sniper only, so the variety of weapons you can keep should be reasonably diversed for the mission types and mission whenever possible.
  5. Ada_Wong_SG

    Snipetron (Vandal) needs a buff (and changes) There is something called the Vectis Prime if you wish a high crit high base damage sniper rifle with a slowed down rate of fire. basically what you described there. also, the Lanka is the revised version of Snipetron, not the other way round. I am not sure how close you snipe with sniper rifles, because usually the recoil as it is, and adjusting to follow up shots typically take longer than the fire rate permits. Kind of like you can mod a Lex Prime to fire rapidly, the recoil and muzzle climb would become the limiting factor at "effective fire rate" since if you ever rapid fire a Lex at longer distance the crosshair will not be on target much less hitting it. The Design you suggested is kind of close to the Remington 700/ M40 design with a single barrel, the Snipetron just occur to me that it resembles an Enfield Sniper because of the muzzle part as well as magazine.
  6. Ada_Wong_SG

    Best Red Crit Build For Nikana Prime

    Actually if you want to see red crit, while maybe having less base damage. Use Sacrificial Steel + Sacrificial Pressure in place of Primed Pressure Point and True Steel. The base crit will be higher, but you might suffer the loss of base damage from replacing Primed Pressure point with Sacrificial Pressure. (main purpose is buffing the base crit using the pair) You will need 4 forma to fully accommodate the build, which you might be better using a Skiajati for it since the Skiajati can hold 2x 90% elemental instead of 2x 60% This combined with Naramon 5 seconds tick combo counter (dropping body count/ drifting contact)
  7. Ada_Wong_SG

    Fuse bite and maul into animal levels or their ability mods

    Fuse bite and maul into a single mod "Meow" Now imagine the kavat grapple and scratch + bite the enemy like the tennis ball.
  8. Ada_Wong_SG


    Interpreted translation "Hope to add a weakening invisibility effect (dulling invisibility effect ???), changing to other particle effect instead of a blury shadow Another thing is wanting Equinox to have ability to swap the look of the Day and Night aspect, I like the look of Night aspect (黑面 black noodle), but wiping map usually uses Day aspect ( 白面 white noodle) (maim), hope to see option to swap models." Not sure if this help 烟雾色系 (Smoke Colors),最黑的颜色设置为战甲能量颜色 (Energy Color) ,可以让整个战甲用隐身效果时消失。 阴阳面互换现在没辙,加个斗篷之类的把战甲稍微盖一下。 最黑,左下角 Ivara 隐身几乎看不到, 变透明的影子。
  9. Ada_Wong_SG

    Show me your specter loadout?

    Vapor Specter loadout Trinity Prime Vectis Prime Aklex Prime Nikana Prime. Basically the specter will have no reload when you set them to "hold position" kind of "infinite ammo" so the vectis prime kind of turned into a "M1 Garand" with infinite ammo. Vectis high base damage with innate punch through which make it good at shooting through multiple enemies while the sniper counter seems to make the damage scale, I not sure if it is the case or not Specter with Vectis prime/ sniper rifle seems to deal more damage the more enemies it kills.
  10. Ada_Wong_SG

    suggestion: require using a weapon to get higher ranks

    I suppose the "kill challenge" currently might be more of a gag and could led to anything from "easily done" to "next to impossible" depending on weapon type. The kill count does not have any special conditions like gliding, latching etc, simply using the weapon to kill is the requirement, it might be steeper though. 100 - 500 enemies kill would be the average, nothing special, you need to get the kill count registered and checking profile on weapon usage would reflect this number. the number required to unveil a riven need to be obtained newly, meaning if you have 100,000 kills with a weapon before obtaining a riven, you will need to kill 100 - 500 more to unveil the riven.
  11. Ada_Wong_SG

    Skiajati Mastery req

    I guess the MR requirement is there because without one Nikana and Dragon Nikana would not see much use, Though Nikana Prime is MR0... you can totally get that.
  12. Ada_Wong_SG

    suggestion: require using a weapon to get higher ranks

    Maybe put that as conditions to unveil the riven, is to actually use the weapon and kill a said quantity of enemies. This might make more sense, you can level max a weapon, but leeching XP will get you punished when you never used it to kill anything and lock down the riven for you. Also, instead of having generic veiled rivens, just make them weapon specific but the stats will need to be unveiled.
  13. Ada_Wong_SG

    When Farming Stops Being Fun

    My suggestion is take your own sweet time. This game is suppose to be entertaining, so go forma and upgrade your equipment until you can mock bosses by melting them in 1 - 2 hits. This make killing them less of a chore and more of a giggle, and running multiple missions less time consuming. and can be sort of funny. Don't expect RNG to be ever in your favor, if you find yourself frustrated at getting something, go play other mission and farm other resources before coming back to the same boss.
  14. Ada_Wong_SG

    Damage in-game vs damage from simulacrum

    Just to be sure, in simulacrum it is typically testing enemies separately, actual missions could be a lot more different depending on variable, things like corrupted ancient healer can give 90% damage reduction buff to corrupted heavy gunner/ corrupted bombard. Also, do take note if there is any companion that can buff the damage output, exact set-up of the warframes, mods and setting, as well as whether the enemies have AI disabled or enabled. All these variables can result in different results in experiment. What I noticed is with disabled AI, melee weapons does way higher slash proc damage and can have yellow - orange crit with a crit build. which otherwise when AI is enabled and enemies are alerted it deals way lesser damage. When experimenting in Simulacrum try to control all the variables to be exact as the video and see if you can replicate those results, also do take note that weapons undergo patch changes, so depending on the date the video is uploaded, the game might have already changed and balance/ buff/nerf has taken place, as such you will not be able to replicate those results with current version of game.
  15. Ada_Wong_SG

    Struggling on 20+ level enemies

    I do see that a lot of the weapons are simply max-rank but not forma, it is not uncommon you will need 2 - 3 forma to cramp in all the mods especially at max rank. Also, I do not see proper multishot setup, which might be why you are having inconsistency in damage output. Here are the list of mods that are not too ridiculous expensive to trade for or farm for, but are more of a staple for getting your modding significantly better. Also, Lex is high base crit, it might be better instead of concussion rounds (Lex is main puncture distribution mean adding impact will boost very little) Modding it for crit + multishot will increase chance of hitting a crit. For the excalibur consider efficiency mod + flow, this will mean you can spam ability more often, Do note that max efficiency cap at 175%, so you will only need +75% efficiency, 30% from streamline + 45% from fleeting. meaning unmaxed fleeting is what usually advised since it does not reduce as much ability duration