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  1. VR would make a very different game for warframe going for full potential. Though this means players no longer need mods like Fury or Berserker since physical input would determine the speed. This means player with more martial arts weapon training is going to out-perform most player, at the same time getting 1000 kills by swinging a sword for 20-30 minute can be a tiring task Firearms accuracy being affected by physical strength since prolonged aiming of gun even with just the controller can attribute to physical fatigue. and firing "standing unsupported" can become a pain after you have been actively shooting enemies for past 20 minutes. players might go for kneeling supported or even prone. Melee weapon and Bow has the most user-related mastery, since unlike guns which is basically standing stance and grip. Melee and bow would require actual user input in terms of stroke position and speed of cut, as well as dexterity. Fancy motion control input would mean master archer and novice player would not be bound by Mastery Rank or even mod ranks, but actually years of practice.
  2. Ada_Wong_SG

    I will pay $1000 for a proper first-person mode

    I am particularly keen for Warframe with VR because Adding using motion control for free-form melee attack instead of locking down to stances. as well as motion control for guns and actually using your hand swing to toss shurikens. The draw speed on bows would be as fast as you could nock and draw. This might seems strange for starter, but using motion control instead of mouse can rapidly change target to shoot more precisely. as well as thrusting for the weak spots on enemy and linking melee attack with motion control input. Since with actual sword control you can attack an enemy in front and rapidly thrust towards your side/ back and take out bystanding enemies. Then again I keep hearing from people that even when drawing in 3Ds max my control of the camera is enough to make graphic designer feels like vomiting. Just maybe for me I am not actually visually processing everything but things kind of got mentally processed.
  3. Ada_Wong_SG

    I will pay $1000 for a proper first-person mode

    The warframe will go through 360 degrees rotation during a bullet jump, fancy that on a VR headset and you have to repeatedly spam bullet jumps to get to the evacuation. Try watching this speed up 2x on a VR headset.
  4. Ada_Wong_SG

    I will pay $1000 for a proper first-person mode

    Vomit-inducing simulator. Throwing up after bullet jumping and rushing to the evacuation.
  5. Ada_Wong_SG

    Tenno Hunt mode ?

    I suppose with the failure of conclave, we could have a PVP mode where we control enemy units. that is you would RNG based spawn as enemy units it will still be 4 Tenno vs 4 player controlled enemy units at most. Which as enemy units the "opposing force" players can team up with tactic like using a Nulifier to cover a bombard into position or as sniper, sniping from a hidden position to take down AOE spammer. This is of course kind of like PVE but players can earn conclave standing while playing some kind of PVP. This would be allowing player to play on a PVP mode while using PVE weapon stats and modding.
  6. Ada_Wong_SG

    Remove "Headshot" term

    It is already happening, it might be strange but the MOA's highest part is the turret, we might mistake it for the head but that is actually the weapon. The "head" or "CPU unit" for the case of robotics is actually below the turret controlling the gun. Think of the MOA as having turret installed on top of it's head. The CPU unit is identical as the shield osprey's "head" just that the osprey is equipped with wings and bottom mounted "limbs" MOA is having legs on "mounting port" where Osprey would have wings and top mounted weapon as opposed to bottom mounted "limbs" that can carry the pulse grenade. I kind of figured this when putting sleep arrow with Ivara, MOA's legs would collapse into a "folded" position and Osprey would fold the wings in. Jackal looks like a 4-feet MOA with no top mounted gun
  7. Ada_Wong_SG

    Remove "Headshot" term

    I guess what you want is weak spots artificially created by abilities to count as headshots and giving buffs. This seems against logic, since aiming at a weak knee will deal same damage as the head. Unless these weakspot buffs are more consistent like aiming for enemy heart or vital parts. Which I guess you are going to be too lazy to care to aim again.
  8. Ada_Wong_SG

    Required Solo Sortie Qualifier

    All of the Corpus spy rooms with no alarm raised and 3 data extracted without using cipher All of the Grineer spy rooms with no alarm raised and 3 data extracted without using cipher All of the Kuva spy rooms with no alarm raised and 3 data extracted without using cipher All of the Uranus spy rooms with no alarm raised and 3 data extracted without using cipher All of the Lua spy rooms with no alarm raised and 3 data extracted without using cipher All of the boss fights with 0 revive 20 minute survival on MOT (Void) 0 revive 40 wave defense on Sechura (Pluto) 0 revive Hijack (level 30 and above) 0 revive Capture (level 30 and above) 0 revive Rescue (level 30 and above) with no alarm raised and prisoner not downed with 0 revive One of each of the Sabotage missions with 3 resource caches extracted and 0 revive I suppose given the ability to solo sortie if you can qualify all of the above, a team is not needed. Added awesomeness check list for challenges Solo Yodyanoi (Sedna level 80 - 85 arena) [I did it with Mesa spamming peacemaker] Solo Amarna (Sedna dark sector survival) Melee only 20 minutes with 0 revives
  9. Ada_Wong_SG

    People are not good(MR problem)

    When I read a player's profile. 1) Most used weapons and warframe 2) EXP and kill counts on those 3) Total Play Time You can tell a player has been leeching EXP when a weapon states maxed but barely enough kills to even level it half way. And their play style, which I shall not comment on since this would stir up emotions among the noobs.
  10. Ada_Wong_SG

    Remove "Headshot" term

    Natural weak spots of enemies are head, so headshot is a guarantee increased damage. "Weak spot" can be confusing since these includes banshee sonar weak spot which can be on the knee cap and butt.
  11. Ada_Wong_SG

    People are not good(MR problem)

    I wish the option to make my profile and MR "private" or visibility being "friends only" Though i usually see kill counts and play time instead of MR to read on how experienced a player is.
  12. Ada_Wong_SG

    Using Custom Desktop Logo for a crosshair overlay?

    You can just cut a thin piece of post-it note and stick it on the monitor, that works better with the high contrast bloom most environment and chaos would give.
  13. Ada_Wong_SG

    MR1 using Tigris ?

    Earlier I join a session with a player using Wukong and Tigris (MR7), it seems all normal but he is MR1. Is there any possibilities that MR locked weapons are accessible through packages from market and could bypass the restrictions ? Edit - nevermind, my suspicion is on. Despite the fact the Tigris, Redeemer, and Akjagara having their own mastery requirements, the bundle itself does not, meaning a player of any mastery rank can purchase the bundle and bypass those restrictions.
  14. Ada_Wong_SG

    Survival/tanking and end game?

    An adequate use of cover by running behind some wall or pillar is 100% damage reduction. And don't stand too close behind a wall because bombard rockets will still be able to reach you. Use a wall to cover yourself against the enemies. Also don't forget to slice the pie.
  15. Ada_Wong_SG

    Survival/tanking and end game?

    From my knowledge there are several ways to stay alive on endless run/ high level enemy missions. 1) Damage Reduction (armor namely, Rhino's Iron Skin etc that have ability to reduce incoming damage) 2) Concealment (staying invisible and out of enemy sight, thus enemies are less likely to hit you) 3) High Speed Regeneration of HP and Shield. (Healer) 4) Killing enemies faster than they can critically damage you. (DPS) for point 2, there is nulifiers so it is pretty risky move unless you are on Grineer and Infested missions, Corpus and Corrupted enemies you would be better off not using concealment alone and have some teammates backing you up. My personal preference of going into endless mission is using Trinity (1,3 & 4) With full build weapons capable of taking down level 80 - 100+ enemies with adequate ease I put Quick Thinking, Rage and Vampire Leech for my Trinity Build. Trinity's Blessing damage reduction of 50% (100% strength) goes up to 75% (strength build) this buff for damage reduction applies to Shield, which is a team buff that all teammates within affinity range will benefit. All the buff while also restoring teammate and companion HP and Shield. Vampire Leech allow overshield up to +1200 on teammates, which you can then cast Blessing to put damage reduction this method can support teammates with unranked squishy warframes up to level 40 - 50 enemies. QT and Rage is just to prevent Trinity from being 1-hitted, usually this wont occur unless enemies is level 60 - 80+ Since all the while you would still have access to Link and Blessing that can be spammed, it is case of rushing to kill Nulifiers or trying to break through thick enemy lines while rushing for extraction that QT and Rage might come into play. Link provides 75% damage reduction, with normal Blessing it is total 87.5% damage reduction on SHIELD & HP Blessing build is 75% damage reduction for blessing, combined Link it is 93.75% damage reduction for Trinity.