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  1. Request for a downloadable copy of Warframe's engine

    You can experiment on open source engine, when you are 18 or older then apply for job opening in DE. There you will be able to work on the engine.
  2. Fire Rate Mods Decrease Accuracy

    I guess a lot of weapon when you fire them faster than it is originally intended, it suffers accuracy loss to a certain degree, Aklex Prime is dead accurate when fired slowly, however the faster you fire the less time in between shots the accuracy gets to recover, resulting in muzzle climb and accuracy loss, this is seen on a lot of weapons but the Aklex seems to be very noticeable. The cone spread allow you to mow down a group of enemies instead of hitting 1 spot with the whole magazine, so the accuracy loss when rapid firing is kind of more desirable. I remember the original gatling gun is designed to fire "inaccurately" in a conical spread just so the bullets wont ends up just pinning on one spot but give a wider spray pattern.
  3. New Melee system suggestions

    While the E mashing certainly is nice for quick melee, I am hoping for more button input and combo variants that could kind of mimic a fighting game and there is kicks aside from using melee weapon. So melee-only is more encouraging when you switch to melee weapon and there is full combo open to your choice instead of EEE.EEE.EE... that like you say a berserker would break a well rehearsed combo making it nearly unplayable, ends up most players just spam spin attack because it is one of the simplest attack that yield a higher value in damage.
  4. New Melee system suggestions

    We all know slide attack is kind of the king among attacks currently, but I would like to suggest a few more. There are stealth attack that would do more damage than slide attack, but they are rather limited. Instead of making slide attack kind of the main thing people spam on now THROW That is with input of E + (another input) or pressing E while blocking, player will initiate a throw move, whether grappling or slamming the enemy on the ground and opening them to ground finishers. The warframe will attempt to grab the enemy or any enemy nearby. COUNTER While blocking, if the enemy happen to use grapple hook or tries to melee you, the warframe will goes into counter attack, this will be pulling over the enemy who used the grapple hook instead of knocking you down, or parrying the enemy blade leaving them open for finisher attack. LAUNCHER This will lift the enemy off their foot, sending them airborne and allow follow up attacks to stack on the enemies while they are falling, some finisher move might involve throws. Casting abilities during attack would add on to the damage, if Ember chooses to cast Fire Blast while mid air combo is going on, the fire blast will be casted into the enemy and it burst out in flame. Same for similar attacks across warframes.
  5. So umm ...Stalkers

    You know the operator's hand laser would melt stalker easily ?
  6. Favorite WF Spectre as of Feb2018

    Trinity with Corinth, kind of works well providing EV and shooting tonnes of enemies dead.
  7. Anyone else get bored of grinding MR?

    I kind of stuck at MR18 as well, after maxing everything that you like, and those that are kind of meh... There are trash grade weapons around I am not wishing to touch.
  8. i think we need more damage

    When you accidentally blow yourself up.
  9. Don't know which weapon to continue with.

    If you are MR4, and haven't try the LEX out, give it a try, it is 50k credits off the market with no build time. At base damage of 130 it really help in earlier game when you basically don't have much mods to begin with. I couldn't recommend any better deal since credit weapons are all the MK1 starter weapons and the Braton, Anything else would require to buy the blueprint + craft credit + resources + time which mean other weapons are typically more expensive. It can overpower a lot of primaries initially, but is kind of a magnum pistol so it has a tremendous recoil. From the look of you using a Bronco, heavy recoil shouldn't be a thing. The good thing is anything level 15 and below is usually a 1 shot kill. "Pocket Sniper" is the title, because when you couldn't kill the enemy with your primary weapon at earlier rank you just whip out the LEX and shoot it, a good back-up weapon to keep. At earlier rank (with little to no credits and endo to max out all the mods) You can go with a Trick Mag mod that boost the ammo reserve to 399 ammo And use it kind of like a light sniper rifle. The LEX isn't really pleasant to use since it is slow firing with heavy recoil and low capacity, But given hard missions and enemies that can stand up to automatic weapons fire, there isn't much choice unless you are planning to miss out on an alert mission. Potato wise test the LEX out first, it doesn't need a catalyst to even start being powerful, At MR4 you might want to go for the Nikana, it is a dojo tenno research weapon, so you need to find a clan and wait for the dojo key to be built before you can access the blueprint, and being a component for the Dragon Nikana (MR8), that can tide you through if you have nothing better to use. The Dragon Nikana is kind of close to a skana sized galatine, so heavy damage, small sword, quick attacks. Usage wise the Nikanas is kind of similar to the regular long sword (not too much slower and different animations) Dual sword wise you can actually wait for the Dex Dakra as the anniversary is kind of just around the corner.
  10. New player question on prime weapon blueprint Relic - Drop rate Blueprint Lith A2 - Uncommon Axi B1 - Uncommon (Vaulted) Axi V4 - Uncommon (Vaulted)
  11. I am the one who plays Trinity for 75% of my 1400 hours of gameplay, around 1050 hours currently I am those wierdo who play casually as Trinity because I like playing a healer. I main healer in other MMO as well, being self healing is just addictive. I don't know what kind of benefit other frames can bring to the table, but a Warframe that runs out of Shield, Energy and HP is a dead warframe, And that isn't very fun for anyone. Being able to almost endlessly extend the lifespan of teammates until the team can safely evacuate is what a healer enjoy doing. You would be able to do so with restores (potions) and life strike, energizing dash etc. But seriously a frame that can does it all the time is very enjoyable to play.
  12. I guess this might be the reason why I use Trinity a lot, since the damage reduction from Link and Blessing applies to shield. Meaning at 100% strength the 87.5% damage reduction equating to roughly 1600 armor applies to shield and overshield as well. Even teammates with a Blessing Trinity will have 900 armor's 75% damage reduction slap on their shield during the buff duration. Meaning even a level 100 heavy gunner would take a few seconds trying to chew up those shield with their gun. I guess shield is a sort of powered defense, so having a damage reduction for shield based on how much energy you have currently might be nice. Meaning Excal with 300 Energy at max with Flow mod would have 50% damage reduction (300 armor) applied to his shield as passive. The damage reduction will decreases if you use up energy, and reaches the current shield performance when you emptied your energy completely. This would mean squishier frames like Mag would have more damage reduction on shield than with HP. This might change the strategy a bit, or everybody will go energizing dash, since having more energy is a passive damage reduction mechanic that discourages you to spam all your energy in higher risk missions. Or you have to plan your attack properly so that while your energy is empty there wouldn't be much enemies around.
  13. Range & Melee

    I guess it is called "balancing" ? Currently whips are nothing more than supersized swords that is very convenient to carry around. All the benefits with no negativities, though I would say that realistically a whip is harder to master than a sword so throw in a much higher mastery rank for balancing.
  14. Link redirect 75% damage away from Trinity, while knockdown are also redirected towards the enemy. So knockdown immunity. Blessing restores 80% Hp and Shield while granting 50% damage reduction at cast, I am not sure what kind of debuff removal, but removing the effect of being hurt is sure a lot useful. Since Blessing can effectively be recast multiple times until a status effect wear out. Phoenix Renweal is kind of neat if you are not in a real hurry, but in most situations where healing is needed. Teammates are having their shield and hp shredded within seconds, waiting 90 seconds for a powerful heal would mean a dead team, you can use crowd control skills at that point, but having no energy to fend off the enemies might also be a very bad situation to be in. Energy Vampire restores energy on teammates, using Vampire leech will allow a max 1200 overshield per teammates while the damage reduction from blessing will apply granting the 1200 shield equavalent of 300 armor when active. Even with Energizing dash it would be hard to compete with a Trinity that just has normal duration and strength EV. Maxed energizing dash is 5 energy per second for 30 seconds, that is 150 energy in 30 seconds. My average EV spam speed is 1 cast / 5 second, each cast and kill with 100% power strength grant 100 energy, it means in 30 seconds it is roughly 6 casting if things goes on smoothly, 600 energy in 30 seconds. And I now go with Trinity + Energizing dash so spam healing is possible even with no enemies around to EV I usually leave the CC to my weapons. a Corrosive Corinth would keep a crowd down while the airburst strip the group of armor and butcher them. Though Well of Life can be abused on single target to wait for cryopod to heal back on defense mission, or synthesis target, or a heavy unit to keep it from attacking. WOL sure isn't very useful, I wish I can cast on teammates to give them 10x HP though.