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  1. Don't know if someone already put forth this theme but weapon master warframe health 95 Armour 150 shield 200 energy 150 Passive weapon swap time decrease basically gives different buffs based on weapon type. Preferably party buffs Basic ability rundown ( no numbers just concept) ! Store damage dealt by any weapon at 100% charge converts it into a different buff depending on weapon equipped when activated Rifle: critical chance Shotgun: status chance Pistol: Reload speed Bow: Ammo efficiency ( chance to not consume ammo) Sniper: bonus head shot damage Melee: attack speed/ fire-rate 2 Grants life-steal to all weapons toggle drains energy the longer its up the faster it drains 3 Multi-shot buff ( simple time based think rhino roar) 4 exulted weapon gallery gains and exulted weapon depending on what weapon slot/slots are empty each weapon gains a special effect if it is the only weapon not equipped also cause one to when activated grant a weaker version on all buffs. Primary: Can swap between fire mods status change based on fire mode Simi-auto:high critical chance high damage gains a scoop Full-auto: high critical/status chance low damage Duplex: high status high damage damage gets split between pelts Burst-fire: moderate critical/status chance moderate damage. Note only has burst mode if you have more then 1 empty weapon slot Secondary: bullets split hitting adjacent targets Melee: gains a pull effect on enemy's
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