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  1. It's been a month and a half, checking every week, and there hasn't been a single Protea helmet. Are you sure they were even added to the nightwave table?
  2. I don't know if Conclave is responsible for that, but if it is, that'll suck. As much as I want Conclave to be good, it shouldn't be limiting/hindering PvE elements. I think they simply wanted you to be able to "complete" your attack, in case you were doing an aerial attack right before landing. "Landing without slashing, potentially landing near the guy you were trying to kill without having harmed him" < "Landing while completing the slash animation all the way through, potentially killing the guy you were aiming at even though you've stopped being in the air"
  3. So that's how Vor keeps coming back? Something to do with the Void, and his famous Void Key... and doesn't he call his new body "this vessel" or something in the T4 invasion intro?
  4. Ordan was Dax? I haven't unlocked all the fragments, but I remember him saying that he killed many Dax, and that "we were mercenaries", and then there's the Bone Plug thing that Teshin doesn't seem to have... But the Red Vial, Immortality, Transference, Warframes and the Void, it's definitely linked.
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