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  1. 2 heals him after using 4, so he doesn't go around without full health, and any he loses due to enemies he can recover it. 3 is not that bad of you are on a defense and the pod is surrounded.
  2. Again, wrong, and on two accounts: First, it is the same, since you are presented with a failure in a structure (one is a real structure while the other is virtual) you can take profit off but you SHOULD report so it gets fixed because it shouldn't be there. Second: while the scenario you describe is a mistake that benefits EVERYONE in an innocent way and has no actual repercussions in the game, the other only benefits those who know about the exploit, so only those with the high scores obtained with that exploit will get the rewards or the "fame". So, as you see, EVEN if it weren't an exploit but something legal, it would still be UNFAIR. Luckily, it is indeed something that deserves being punished for. If there is a wall and enemies are NOT supposed to go through them, don't push enemies through those walls to get the advantage, no matter if you CAN or how many methods there are to do so. If you get caught, you won't have the right to whine about it. Simple and clear.
  3. Wrong. It is indeed the responsibility of the developers to repair the bugs and problems in a hotfix, but it is yours to NOT use the bugs to your benefit. If you found a peep-hole in a wall to see inside the girls bathroom, would you look through it despite knowing it is wrong and you can get punished because of it or would you control yourself and report it so it gets fixed? Just because you can do something doesn't make it right. If it's not intended, just don't frigging do it! Either that or accept the consequences if you get caught.
  4. So, now that I've read all the pages in this thread and got all the info about the exploit and how to do it, I got to this conclusion: Players got caught red-handed doing something they knew they shouldn't do and are angry because they got caught and there are consequences for their actions. Yeah, that is the same story as always. Every single time someone finds a hole in the wall where you can take a peek at the bathrooms, there is people with one eye looking through it. Then, they get mad when the principal finds them using the hole and get punished. They should learn to play without using exploits so this doesn't happen. Should DE try not to give us maps and such with bugs that we could benefit from? Yes, sure. However, those are mistakes that EVERYONE can make, that is why there is a Support service, hofixes and such. Mistakes can (and will) happen and then be fixed. However, players that know something is wrong but do it anyway have no right to complain when they get caught. And the consequences are very clear.
  5. I see your point, but if I can use that tactic, which would help my friends and I in case our weapons don't cut it, it would be better to know.
  6. I have a question, if I may: Using Loki to kill de Demolyst is considered an illicit run, ok. Using that tactic to simply keep him away from the conduit or do it when he is about to explode so he doesn't affect the conduit is also considered illicit? You probably got this question earlier, but just in case.
  7. If they never upgraded because something may be buggy or glitchy, they wouldn't do it at all. It's the fact that they know things will get messy for a while everytime they implement something and try to fix it what makes this game one of the best ever. Risks are taken, but mostly they pay off. So, yes, every upgrade they implement will make the game better. Some problems along the way, but will end up better than before.
  8. Every upgrade you make will make this game even better. ^^
  9. Oh! That I didn't know! Nice! Thank you! ^^
  10. Allow me to quote you: "If you're going to ignore that, of course you're going to have a very skewed view " Instead of my reasoning, you are attacking me. That is called a personal attack and I just asked you not to do it anymore. I didn't derail the debate since I did counter your argument and only mentioned that as a "by the way". Since I am on a different page, I can't multiquote you to add to the debate, so this will have to do: "If you think the archwings don't have themes and synergy, I don't know what to tell you. I can use Amesha well enough I managed to get it to work alright for fractures albeit feeling like I was trudging through molasses for it. It's an extremely defensive set comparable to most of Trinity+Frost in one. Used well, Amesha can actually avoid getting knocked down for long enough to accomplish at least SOMETHING but somehow eventually even without abilities dropping the anti air rockets just ignore the bubble anyways. And they ignore shields and hp for all intents and purposes, too - surely you've experienced that? The reason itzal works is because he moves so fast they don't catch up, and K-Drive can be given the same and thus perform the same. Have you used archwings around a vrush turret, or whatever corpus ground unit acts like one in the vallis? You can build full hp/shield and it still won't matter for long if you aren't constantly moving at itzal speeds. How, exactly, is, say, Trinity's kit more "themed" or has more "synergy" than Amesha's? Can you explain that?" Trinity Has one theme: healing and being able to heal. The first part is done by using 1 and 4, whereas 2 and 3 are used for the second. The theme is complete. Itzal has a theme: kill a lot and not be killed. The first part is done by using 3 and 4 while invisible with the 2, and the second part by using 1 and 2 (the first to maneuver quickly and the other to not be targeted. Theme is complete. The other archwings, as far as I can remember, while having neat abilities (Amesha is my second favorite in that regard, by the way), they don't complement each other as well. Elytron is supposed to be a DPS if we check the abilities, but while the "killing everything theme" is there, the abilities themselves do not work together. They are one boom, one multiple boom and one big boom. That's it. And the other ability is to avoid projectiles, which is good. This is what I mean they have no synergy, the abilities don't work with one another. Itzal, and to some degree Amesha too but not much either, does have that synergy. I did encounter them and I have been hit by them. They are not invisible, they don't kick you out of your Archwing right away and they are very easy to avoid. Your archwing can be hit at the very least once by them without dismounting you, and you should be smart enough to know that, the moment you feel them hitting you once, it's time to put some distance in between. The moment you are far enough, they aren't a threat, but you are to the fool who dared shoot them at you. And the itzal has a perfect way to counter them that doesn't involve running away: be invisible. simple as that. I don't get bothered by those rockets anymore. Well, they were originally made for space, where their maneuverability is way better. It was obvious that they would have problems on atmospheric situations. However, with Itzal I have found a way to completely break the momentum: since moving while invisible breaks the ability and is quite hard to completely stop an archwing, when you activate the 2 to become invisible you also stop dead. It can be used as a way to ress a friend by stopping quickly to his location and stopping right there without a problem. ^^
  11. Yes, when you get hit you dismount... in the middle or in front of the enemies that hit you and have at least 2 seconds of advantage over you and will keep shooting. Either stay on the ground from the beginning or use the K-drive/archwing to flee, not to attack. A 1sec use of K-drive, no matter how good the ability is, is useless if you get dismounted at the first shot. They are LESS than miniframes, because their abilities don't have an actual theme nor have a synergy like warframes are (except, ironically, Itzal, which actually has). In any case, those abilities are only used in space combat (where warframes skills are useless and need something to defend yourself with) or as a pseudo-support that isn't as good as an actual warframe but that has a couple of advantages on certain situations. So, the actual function of the Archwings is transport from one place to another, and by how it looks (like a big jetpack), then I guess I am correct in calling them that. by the way, my view is good, that you for your concern. However, I ask you not to make personal attacks unless you want to receive some. I respect your opinion and view even if I don't agree with it, so show me the same respect. When do Archwings get knocked out of combat when you try anything but Blink? They have shields and HP, you know? They can take a punch before you get knocked out of them. However, the K-drive dismounts you if you don't land properly or hit something you shouldn't contrary to what happens with Archwings
  12. So, you want to make high jumps in front of the enemies? Think that will stop them from hitting you? You actually want to make 100-200 meters high jumps with a skateboard? Do you think that is logic? Would that solve the problem of its speed or bypass any of the difficulties I mentioned earlier? no. You know what the problem with all that is? That you fail to see the "Loki paradigm": If you are invisible, you can't be targeted or shot at. That is why Loki is so good at any kind of mission that involves sneaking around or kill an army. As long as he is an option in your own personal rooster of warframes to use on missions, he is going to be, at least, on the top 5 best frames for it. Iztal can, while invisible, pull enemies towards you, making the shooting easier. And, to finish all that, it can summon drones that attacks enemies while you remain invisible. So Itzal would still be the best, you just wouldn't be able to use it "because you don't want us to". Since Archwings are all jetpacks, they all share one function, which is transport the warframe around. If all 4 of them are archwings and not one jetpack, one submarine, one space shuttle and one combat craft, they can't be separated that way. They all work the same, they all can work in the same places. So, your idea does not work unless you leave 1 Archwing, and 1 only; 1 submarine, and 1 only; etc... because that is what you are actually doing, and it will still not help with the problem that one will be better than the others. You are just forcing players to use the rest instead of giving them choices.
  13. Nerfing the Itzal to make the other model more appealing by, let's say, disabling the Blink will not change the player's choosing. Itzal will still have invisibility, radial pulling and a squad of drones as its abilities. That makes it the best no matter how you look at it. To make other models more appealing, you would have to completely redesign Itzal or get rid of it completely. Just the same as Ivara is the best at spy missions, Rhino at tanking, Nyx at CCing and Ash at One-target-killing is because they are the best at what they do. Itzal is, simply, the best at what it does, which is being an excellent space/suborbital transport and combat gear. Want the other models to be noticed? Make them more useful, not the Itzal less so.
  14. You know that Coptering was simply substituted by Bullet jump, right? They just made the process of obtaining that result easier. Getting rid of the very function that makes Archwings reliable transport for long distances will not make the game better, but the contrary.
  15. If all the utility goes to the archwings is because THEY CAN USE IT WAY BETTER THAN A K-DRIVE. Again, why do you want a K-drive to have an Archwing's speed if you are probably going to be hitting walls, rocks, trees, enemies and whatever in your way? Do you know why the archwings are so fast? Because up in the air THERE IS NOTHING TO HIT IN YOUR WAY! Why do you want the K-drive to use abilities if you are not maneuverable enough to use it efficiently and correctly BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL ON GROUND? Better yet, on a very awkward skateboard that doesn't allow you to move as fast as an archwing or as nimble as when on your own feet?
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