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  1. ARKANOiiDe

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Both Vacuum and Fetch Mods now pull the items directly to the Warframe as opposed to the Sentinel/Pet. Pets in Warframe don’t mimic the same ‘follow’ logic like Sentinels, so they would end up running around with items instead of giving them to you. So basically very bad at fetching.... OMFG, I LOVE YOU <3
  2. ARKANOiiDe

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    I unlinked and linked my account again because there was some error in my profile page, put on Brozimes twitch, minimalized, muted, did go play Fortuna for couple of hours, did go back to orbiter and got 4 rewards, so its working :]
  3. ARKANOiiDe

    Bloodshed Sigil

    The new bloody sigil - is it only available with the Garuda Collection, or can i buy it separately? Or will it be available maybe later to purchase? Anyone knows? Dont want to buy the whole pack, i never buy frames from market, but i dont wanna miss out on this sigil 🙂
  4. ARKANOiiDe

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

    Im IN! Took around 15 Update Errors, but im in 🙂 Thanks DE! New content! Now off to hunt that new pet vacuum mod!
  5. ARKANOiiDe

    Fortuna: Update 24.0

    Theres a Nitain Extract alert going on right now and im getting update errors, come onnn ^^
  6. ARKANOiiDe

    PC - Fortuna This Week, But Not Tonight! (Nov 7)

    YES! Give me that pet vacuum! 😄
  7. ARKANOiiDe

    Normal Fury and Normal Reach

    I wouldnt bother with normal fury and reach(especially fury, also, you already use Berserker for speed), better mods to put on 🙂 For reach, also depends what weapon youre using. I wouldnt bother with reach on things like daggers or dual swords etc, maybe as a bonus stat from a riven. But it is worth a mod slot for weapons with already good base reach like polearms and whips.
  8. ARKANOiiDe

    Pistol rivens with negative fire rates.

    Thank you folks.
  9. So, i dont remember when i used pistols in this game, so no idea how bad the negative fire rates will affect those 2 weapons, but here are the rivens Besides the ugly negatives, the positives look great, what would you guys do with them? 😕 Any way to save them, maybe with slapping some fire rate mod for example? Or reroll/sell?
  10. ARKANOiiDe

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.1

    Please fix Kiteer Sekhara 😞
  11. ARKANOiiDe

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.4.0

    Kiteer Sekhara still bugged!
  12. ARKANOiiDe

    The Sacrifice: Prime Vault Hotfix 23.1.2!

    Where do the unvaulted relics drop!?
  13. ARKANOiiDe

    Celebrate Amazon Prime Day with Warframe!

    EA and Activision is making money from loot boxes in their games, should DE follow suit? We dont have a problem with stuff that is already in game given away for free, like prime Warframes/Weapons, but unique content that you can only get outside the game is a no no for me. At least make it obtainable from the Market like other cosmetics.
  14. God damn im using a wireless controller too(X360). And lately i started to observe strange behaviour with jumping/bullet jumping, sometimes my LB(crouch/slide) doesnt work, sometimes i try to slide and i end up just doing a roll, sometimes after a bullet jump i make a roll in air tho i didnt press it. Was thinking it is my controller failing, but it is 2 months old and it works perfectly in other games. Have similar issues maybe? EDIT: Never mind, turned out it WAS hardware issue after all, probably some dirt got inside and was screwing with me, used a can of compressed air, now works. BTW nice hardware you are selling Microsoft.... 😛