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  1. I dont see a problem with this, since its for people who struggle with Nitains until season 2, but this: 4. 3 Orokin Cells is comical 😄 Should change it to 50 Rubedo ^^
  2. This is like the most broken update ive ever seen in WF, new content with gorillions of bugs, new bugs appear in old content, people getting downgraded in MR, this is some Bethesda level patch.
  3. RNG blessed me again, Wolf Mask in 28 runs, mixed both normal and hard ones. Did see less Wolf Sledge parts drop on easy tho. Thank god, if i ever hear the howl ever again i think im gonna jump ouf of window ^^ Good luck guys! E: Mask dropped from easy Wolf.
  4. Does the higher level Wolf has higher mask % drop chance? 😐 Not gonna waste 3 minutes on him, if i can pick easy and do it in 2, gotta optimize run 😕
  5. I think this happened to me yesterday. Was running a mission, for some reason hacked the alarms wich i never do usually unless full lockdown, and couldnt get past a specific door, doors had green light, and i could even hit enemies through them with melee, had to restart the mission. Thanks for the info that its the alarms tho 🙂
  6. Can you please get rid of all the "with friend or clannmate" stuff? My friends barely play the game, i run a solo clan, and i dont like being forced to make fake "friends" to complete content, this isnt facebook. At least change it to something like "in public group", if you insist on pushing player interactions, pls.
  7. Enter and exit your Archwing, this will respawn your pet by your side. I know its not a fix, but at least a workaround 🙂
  8. Fixes: - Potential fix for losing the ability to Melee or use Primary weapons after quick Meleeing. What the hell? Is this a joke? There is no quick melee anymore.... ? Did they add it back in? How do you quick melee?!
  9. Exploiter Orb Fixes: Fixed ability to destroy the Exploiter Orb’s vents simultaneously. One vent at a time!  I literally stopped farming the orb 2h ago solo with Nova, took 10-15 minutes for whole fight. THANK GOD i got all Hildryn parts and both shocking and freezing steps this quick "exploit" way. Why you ruin fun DE? If you force us to do phase 1 the long way, at least shorten the second phase, its too god damn long. All you do is throw couple dozens of canister at the Orb, and when you dont need a specific frame, you just can bring a immortal frame, it becomes very boring and tedius very quick. No point in damage frames like Chroma, no point in CC to to slow or clear the raknoids etc, just tank and throw.... Too long man.
  10. Is it only me here in Europe that somehow gets 6kb/s update? 😕 Thats a new one 😄
  11. ^This, i dont recall DE releasing a frame, and promoting it, and be only Pay2Play, gated behind some missions later, imagine a company like EA done this, the roast... :] Even the launcher says "hey im Hildryn, farm me... i mean pay plat for early access", i support you DE, but this move........ shady.... 😕 I hope that it was a first and last...
  12. Reset your controller settings back to Default, save. After that you can manually rebind it how you see fit, worked for me, everything functions as it was before.
  13. Had the same issue where LT would only channel melee, and couldnt aim with it. Go to your controller settings and reset everything to default, save. After that you have to rebind your buttons to how you like it again, worked for me.
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