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  1. ARKANOiiDe

    K-Drive Controls Are A Huge Issue

    Agreed, im on PC playing with X360 controller, and i cant be bothered with K-Drive, because of the terrible controls. I played so much of games like Tony Hawk, Skate, SSX etc in all of my gaming years, and absolutely loved them. But yeah, those games had great controls :P They really need some serious work and tweaks.
  2. ARKANOiiDe

    Bugged enemies in Index

    There are some enemies in the Index that obviously dont follow the rules of gravity, they are standing couple meters high in the air, not doing anything because obviously the AI is confused as this is a glitch. Please fix, its annoying as hell when you run primarly melee. Example. They just stand in the air and dont move, ocassionaly shoot.
  3. ARKANOiiDe

    Lag spikes when interacting

    Same problem here, interacting with mod station/entering the upgrade screen of a warframe/weapon - game freezes for like 3 seconds. Never happened before, just recently started. FPS everywhere is great, the freeze only occurs when the game has to load mods it seems (mod station/upgrade screen). Its not happening if for example i interact with the foundry or appearance menus.
  4. ARKANOiiDe

    Small freezes

    Recently im experiencing small 2-3 second freezes when entering the "Upgrade" menu of a warframe/weapon, it never happened before, just for the last 1-2 weeks (?) maybe? Anyone with similar issue? My PC is a i5 4460, GTX 1060 6GB and 8GB of ram, game installed on SSD.
  5. Criticism is not complaining, and its healthy for the game. I like to see healthy criticism instead of swallowing everything the devs release, and have NO complains. "You dont like the 1% drop chance of the item you need to progress through ranks, go play another game and stop complaining". Yup, that will make the game better.
  6. Agreed. This is ridicuolous. Around 80 runs of the T2 bounty, not even 1 drop of Atmo Systems or the Repeller Systems, WTH are the dropchances? 1%?
  7. ARKANOiiDe

    The new hair is still broken

    HairWorks doesnt works 😕
  8. ARKANOiiDe

    How would you rate Fortuna part 2?

    Hate it, ONLY because the enemies. Like who the hell designed them? Any corpus shmuck hits me with a melee im stunned, and they can stunlock you, multum of nullifier units, those bubbles that throw you around, some zap mines than slow you down, looks like every enemy has some sort of CC and keeps spamming it etc. As a 99% melee player, Fortuna and its enemies are the most infuriating part of whole Warframe for me. It also limits my choice of warframes, either tank like Inaros/Wukong/Chroma, or something like Mesa, tho she dies quick even with shatter shield up and adaptation vs lvl 40+(im playing solo so everything focuses on me). Anything squishier and you end up on your back eventually and die.
  9. Increased the reward chance of Gyromag, Atmo and Repeller Systems from Profit-Taker Bounties. Well, just done 10 missions and nothing, feels same a before. But now we get 5 intead of 3 Systems yay! Shame that the actual DROP CHANCE is still abysmall like earlier it seems. Anyone has specific numbers for this? Hows your farming after the hotfix?
  10. ARKANOiiDe

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.3

    Uffff, tought i was hacked/banned. Yes, cannot login too. Forums are veeeryyy sloooow.
  11. Around 30 Tier 2 heist bounty runs, only 1 Gyromag reward. Niiiiiiice. Goodbye Fortuna, back to normal content i go.
  12. This has to be the lowest % chance to drop reward. Farmed mission 2 for Gyromag Systems, 12 runs, 7x relics, 4x mods, 1x 3 Gyros. This feels like the Medical Debt farm from bounties.
  13. ARKANOiiDe

    I love the orb fights. Am I the only one?

    God, dont give them ideas, delete this! ^^
  14. I dont think people complain its too hard, just that its too annoying/tedious. You already have to do it solo so its already adding to the challenge without having 3 more people with you, dont need to have a shi**y artificial difficulty mechanic like a timer, who tf likes timers. And yeah i can agree with them.
  15. ARKANOiiDe

    Little feedback about Heists

    Just run the max lvl archwing mission to rank up the archgun, and kill things with it 🙂