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  1. I never stated one way or another. It honestly does not matter to me. I farmed it a little bit, but not to a great extent, and never planned to. I was merely pointing out that it is an extreme nerf to how efficiently it can be acquired currently. A factual statement, that is all (unless otherwise disproven after this change). Thus, it is not "technically a nerf" it is an extreme nerf. Fine by me either, DE makes the rules.
  2. Currently, higher-level players with the right build can farm ~200+ Steel Essence in 1.5 hours vs. about 200 in a week, MAYBE with DE's new change, and that's with intentional and far more extensive play-time. Change is great for casual and new players who likely cannot or do not have time to farm SE, and I applaud that part of the change. For everyone else who farmed it, it is undoubtedly an extreme nerf. Simple as that. Edit: To address other's Reponses to my post. I'm not asserting if this is good or bad overall for the game. DE makes the rules its up to them. DE has stated the
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