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  1. I will acknowledge there are actual exploits out there, and if some actual exploits crop up, and people get punished for it, that's what I expect to happen. Now to my actual concern. Sorry if I come across as a bit rude, I tend to speak honestly and am rather blunt, and at times this comes back to bite me. There is a mental health reason for why I speak the way I do, but using that to defend myself is unsavory. So, again with this ability use exploit nonsense? While Switch Teleport during the last Operation was excessively cheesy, it was (in my opinion) using a feature of the game in a clever and inventive way, that suddenly the developers decided, to be quite blunt, 'This is an unauthorized method of using that ability' which again, in my opinion, is a bit of a slippery slope. I myself never did it, and only heard about it later on in the Operation. So how is that relevant to Scarlet Spear? If someone does something outside-the-box, and someone reports it as an exploit, and it's accepted as an exploit, at what point does the judgement of "it's ok to use this this way, but not that way" end?
  2. I have four suggestions, really. Ability to use emblems and sigils in addition to glyphs on the Railjack. (After all, having your clan emblem on the side of your Railjack would be pretty sweet.) Ability to have font displayed for Railjack name to be in corpus, grineer, orokin, or solaris. (The eternal battle of Prodman VS Clem) Also, one more thing. There's a no-build zone right here. I'd like to be able to build over this person, as I've done with the rest of the drydock. Oh, and uh, I'm going to mirror almost everyone else's feedback about flight here, because this looks like archwing 3.0 all over again. Remember all the people saying they were getting motion sickness? That was pretty bad. Thankfully, you fixed that right up, and you did a really good job of it too. I hope to see the same here. Actually, no, I know you can. You're good people. You care.
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