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  1. You see, this is what I worry about too. When people get all vindictive and it feels like a mob mentality forms. Just because people used Loki doesn't mean they were exploiting. Hell, some of them might not have even been USING switch teleport! Think about that! Imagine if their scores were reset just because of some exploiters? Imagine the outrage!
  2. I'll take before and after screenshots regarding this, cyanex research is currently in-progress for me so yeah.
  3. I got to 7k so, I dunno, I was a chromebook mesa. (Read as weapon jamming + shattershield) Like it's totally possible to get higher than 6k, it's just a matter of damage boosts and DPS, we had two wisps and an equinox so yeah. I dunno, I think it's totally possible to even get to maybe 10k if you have stupid enough rivens on the right weapons with the right kind of damage output going and enough damage buff stacking.
  4. How about adding gore support to new amalgam enemies, since they seem to be incapable of being dismembered? (rigorously tested via various slash weapons in the simulacrum) Other things I noticed were the fact the Amalgam Ripkas mod's gore chance seems to be a bit buggy as to whether or not it wants to work. So, when is Hall of Mirrors going to interact with speargun alt-fire and quanta alt-fire? How about multishot having any affect on speargun alt-fire? I've tested both of these, and if I have to test them again while recording and make a thread about it, I will. Multishot on spearguns has no effect on the damage the alt-fire does, even if it shows higher damage values in the UI, actual usage proves otherwise. As far as Hall of Mirrors goes, well, it's simply a matter of non-functionality. Mirror clones spears will not impact anything despite being thrown. And as for the quanta, it just doesn't even work outright. Another problem, a big one? Manual blocking when we have a primary and/or secondary. We need manual blocking WITH other weapons equipped, say you have a rhino or a nezha, you want to be able to use guardian derision to be 'SHOOT AT ME HAHAHA FEED ME BULLETS' for a better iron skin or warding halo, but you've taken away that choice and made it for us. People like freedom, ya know?
  5. Uhm, aren't Landing Craft are specifically Landing Craft because The Orbiter is a separate vessel that sits in some kind of void cloak or something? Is this no longer the case? Seriously, just wuuuh? If for some reason you aren't able to answer this, pass it along to someone who can, please, this change seems kinda... off. @[DE]Megan
  6. This. This would be wonderful. Just need a way to make it so we don't suddenly have a pile of umbral forma.
  7. The problem with this idea is that this can go a few ways, one of which is being a universal toggle for all buffs, separate toggles, or some weird concept that I can't think of at the moment. A universal toggle would be awful. Toggles for each individual buff would be nice, but then you have to consider how this would work as far as implementation goes and I can only imagine it would get pretty buggy pretty fast, and be painful to implement, despite how simple the idea seems. Seems kind of one-sided as far as 'win-win' goes tho Have you actually been told off for asking a volt to not speed buff you? That doesn't really force them to change the way they play, they just have to have a degree of situational awareness, which anyone should probably have already. smh this whole thing just seems stupid when I take a step back, like why is this even an issue.
  8. Faster than any volt player, ok, so why not go even faster if you can go faster? But that's besides the point, I guess. To anyone who has problems controlling their warframe at such speeds, bullet jumps allow for sharp turning, might need some practice at first. Additionally, maybe when the volt speed boosts you could just, I dunno, not sprint? Another idea is to ask the player using the volt to not speed boost you? Maybe this is just a problem with people being control freaks or something, I dunno lol
  9. Are we ever getting speargun altfire/throw multishot back? The fix that disabled it (back from 19.13.1) seems like it was a band-aid fix that was forgotten about. As things are, mirage's hall of mirrors gives no benefit to throwing your speargun, and multishot is a useless stat with no actual effect if you want to build for the throw.
  10. When will speargun alt-fire/throw multishot be brought back?
  11. I think a better solution for the syandana issue is to just add a 'closed/open' switch near the bottom of the interface, like how with Nidus in the appearance menu you have the mutation button, something like that so you can toggle the state of the syandana. That would also make doing certain holster positioning a lot easier too. Plus this would be independent of how it works outside of the arsenal, so yeah. Another thing, some bugs are pretty funny to where it seems like keeping them for the meme would be overall more satisfying.
  12. Hatred shouldn't be automated. Also, when a moderator manually bans you, often times, it will be silent on your side, so your chat will simply stop moving, and you won't know you were banned, why you were banned, etc. Additionally, often times things go straight to "well time to ban everyone who had anything to do with it without asking nicely if they could maybe not do that", so I feel like there are problems. And don't even get me started on the memes that users post. Sheesh. Like, how many people have you ever seen use them in a non-memey, legitimately, and intentionally malicious way? I don't think I've ever seen anyone use it maliciously. If the mere WORD offends you, then maybe it's not the word that's the problem, but you're just a little too thin-skinned. It would help to learn from that and get a little thicker skin, and grow as a person from that, because in life, if you have a thin skin, you are not going to have a good time. I don't know. Take this as you will. The whole situation is just. Heads in the sand, buried as far down as possible. I'm sorry if this post offends anyone. Hormones are fun.
  13. Is this the full change log, or are there additional changes/fixes/etc that have gone undocumented?
  14. Now, y'see, this right here. This bit. I'm scared of this, because you can't fill those spots back in with the way things currently work. That's not ok. This enables leeches, too. I don't care if someone thinks they can't effectively contribute, they can at least TRY to contribute. But when you have someone who gets no kills, didn't use any abilities, contributed literally NOTHING to the mission for an ENTIRE HOUR, then decides they are going to go sit on extraction AFK, now they can just get away with it too. Sheesh. Don't forget host migration issues either. Unless you have a plan to solve all of these above in one fell swoop when you launch this, you are all just creating more problems. Yes, yes yes yes, people want to be able to do this, people SHOULD be able to do this but have you thought about all the potential problems that can arise from it? If you have all that handled, if you've got it all nicely strapped down and bundled up, then I feel like maybe, maybe I can be optimistic. It's just, as of late, a lot of changes and what not I've seen seem to have been almost... impulsive. Like no one really thought farther than 'that sounds like a good idea lets do that' and to be frank that's a little concerning.
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