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  1. cant help but wonder the same, didnt make much sense unlike the other two so i expected it to be a bug.
  2. ^ yea its like walking up to someone and kicking their dog then expecting them to be willing to help you move.
  3. Welp thats not how its gonna work. Split Flight for bows, not for bow launchers. Maybe they'll change their mind if enough people complain.
  4. More like youre assuming that anyone against your bramma getting more powerful is automatically a hater. i was gonan type more but we just got an answer, looks like youre just gonna have to live with your bramma not being quite as exposive as you want.
  5. Just go play something else man, I get it. I get frustrated when I want to play but I dont want to play whats in the game then whatever does come is hollow or too short but thats how its been for ages now. DE knows, believe me enough people complain that it would be impossible for them to not know but you would be better off playing less warframe and more of other games until they (hopefully) get stuff sorted. Forcing yourself to play isnt going to do you any favors.
  6. where are you pulling this crap from? thinking i dont want it to have split flight because i dont like it? jesus if you reach any further you might pull a muscle chill out. Bow or not, its effectively an AoE weapon, which is a class of weapon that was just wacked. How would it be consistent for DE to wack all AoE weapons then turn around and buff the one that a bunch of people consider the reason they were wacked in the first place? Again, it might be a bug for all of them, like cautious shot not working for the bramma but at least for the lenz and Bramma it would make sense for them to not get it given recent changes in the game.
  7. lolwut im not talking over you by replying to the thread and i dont have to "know you" to reply to a thread you post on an open forum. Imo its pretty plain as day that DE has no idea how to make challenging content or no desire to do so as they constantly tone down any amount of difficulty when the main portion of the playerbase cant manage it or complains too much. Just look at the double nerfs for the condrix scaling we just got as an example.
  8. Because it might be a bug or maybe it wouldnt work due to spagetti code? which is what i said in my first post. Theres legitimate reasons for it to not apply to the bramma and lenz, no gymnastics required. *Or maybe its a bug for all of them, it literally just dropped we wont know until some time passes.
  9. Consistency doesnt trump gameplay considerations. Bramma would pretty much only benefit from the mod as the -accuracy would have a negligable effect given how the bramma works compared to "normal" bows. DE just wacked AOE weapons why would they turn around and then give a massive buff to two of them.
  10. Youre playing the wrong game if you want challenging end game content.
  11. I disagree and until DE changes it apparently they do too. As for artemis who knows.
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