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  1. mr 30 isnt "hard to get" it just takes time and the #*!%s to give about having a specific number next to your name. Stop acting like its some sort of grand display of skill and fortitude of character to rank up a bunch of gear.
  2. -The only frame that I leave the game on sight is limbo, the others are behavior based like frosts constantly leaving bubbles in disruptive places and not popping them or volts casting speed every 8 seconds. I dont want them to not use their stuff ever, I just dont want them to be annoying with it. The difference between those things and limbo is that use of limbos kit is inherently annoying even when that isnt the intention of the user. The solution to this is for me to leave the game, not tell them how to play or wish they would stop existing I also wouldnt take anything I mentioned fro
  3. corrosive strip is limited now at 80%, heat procs strip armor now too up to 50%. Shields now block slash procs but toxin still bypasses them. Exponential enemy armor scaling was removed so armored enemies are softer targets now. Viral/slash or Viral/slash/heat is a go to these days for armored enemies though corrosive/heat is still good.
  4. one did lead me to the other, as such things often do.
  5. it happens, theres like 400 weapons in the game with more bad-average ones than not so youre gonna be more likely to get something you dont want if all youre after is "the best ones". Honestly its really the same thing in reverse, it took me forever to get a harpak riven. I went through 40 or so veiled rivens before giving up and just buying one off of someone.
  6. no its just random, sometimes you get lucky with a redeemer or gram riven and sometimes you get a kunai riven. that just be how it do.
  7. -i never said anything about banning anything, Warframe is a visually cluttered mess once abilties and guns and everything gets going but thats not the same as my entire screen instantly changing color(usually to white) blinding me and in general looking like ass. Also rolling to avoid damage isnt the same as rolling to get out of the rift or out of volt speed, nice false equivalency there. -i dont see what youre getting at, i dont like other people negatively affecting my experience so i should go play a board game instead? is this some sorta "haha gotem" moment for you? -Youre righ
  8. why would i waste my time waiting to see if a limbo is gonna banish me constantly or not? why would i waste my time explaining to them that theyre @#&$ blocking the mission? Its far better for me to just dip out and reroll a squad. Its not my job to babysit someone else nor am I inclined to tolerate something that messes with my game, I dont wanna get banished, I dont wanna have to roll out of the rift, i dont want my guns to suddenly stop working, I dont want my eyes to burn and my screen to be covered in a S#&$ty looking filter, I dont want someone to just t
  9. ^this, not ideal but its better than being stuck with autoblock when you dont want it.
  10. The change actually made it significantly more useful, while it doesnt pull and hold enemies it can group them up well enough and is useful for pulling masses of enemies to tornados faster than they would normally be gathered. While its not as good as larva or pull its not worthless.
  11. well in that regard the trumnas ping is quite accurate as you have to have superhuman hearing to hear the ping as it is currently.
  12. the ping joke you made is about the garand tho, and that supposedly the ping could get you killed
  13. I like it, looks good shoots good but can the ping noise when you eject the magazine have its volume bumped up by like 400-500% please its important thank you.
  14. Replace condemn with pillage as its far better for building shields plus you get stripping from it aside from that i cant imagine why you would replace anything else.
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