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  1. I'm not mad i dont even like the kohm, I only looked cause it seemed like an odd thing to be fixated on. I wanted to see if you had a habit of posting these kinds of threads as that would explain why you posted this but you dont have a history of it, or at least a recent one hence my post. It was a 50/50 piss-take/serious question. Still didnt answer my question, trying to bypass it by claiming im triggered is a low effort dodge.
  2. What made you so mad that you had to log in and post this thread after not having posted since 2016? Who hurt you? Should we invite an Oberon? If its serious perhaps a Trinity instead? Maybe in the meantime while we find one of those we can maybe get a Frost to cast freeze on your bum cause something or someone clearly burned it.
  3. locking off weapons by making an enemy 100% immune to a specific type of weapon isnt difficulty.
  4. they posted a clarification a little later in the thread, GD will retain the taunt mechanic.
  5. thats the "forma x times" challenge not the x3 forma pack reward.
  6. The difficulty curve for MR tests is all over the place, the MR9 test which is the one youre trying to do is one of the more difficult ones to deal with as there arent really any indicators for line of sight on enemies without using Enemy Sense or Enemy Radar or Ivara's passive so getting caught out can be pretty easy if an enemy rounds a corner behind you. My suggestion would be to either make use of one of those mods if you have it or take the test more cautiously. Take your time and wait so you can see the enemies patrol pattern and move when they arent looking. I would suggest that you also practice your upcoming mastery tests when you see that youre getting close to ranking up as you can practice it as much as you want before reaching the rank up point. As for not being able to use weapons, you can continue to use weapons if youre at max mastery rank(unless they are MR locked obviously) as the XP will not disappear into the void and will go into your total when you rank up. If youre three days into failure and cant for whatever reason do the test yourself watching a non-cheese tutorial video and repeating what is done will get you through it unless youre inept. *editing out my completely reasonable response to the tone of this thread is not cool mods.
  7. same, just saw this after finally get a decuron riven. went to go forma a slot for it only to see this bug. Warframe pls heres a gfy
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