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  1. Personally i like her passive and dont think it should be changed. it is a large proportion of the reason i play zephyr and if it was changed i would just stop playing her (which would mean i would stop playing warframe) like i stopped using my railjack after they nerfed its boost. But im with you on the chroma thing, wtf why does chroma get an extra jump. he doesnt even fly or have any mobility abilities beyond a normal frame, the only association with flying chroma has in game is that hes a "dragon" and dragons have wings and that his pelt flaps some wings to float in place. Its such a ridic
  2. The current implementation leads to the stationary tornadoes being less useful than they could potentially be. When you tap to deploy them in say a doorway they do not spawn on your crosshair, they spawn near it, with a bit of testing they seem to spawn at least one tornado within five meters of your crosshair and the others can be scattered around or further away, the furthest ive seen a stationary tornado spawn from my crosshair is maybe 15 or so meters. This isnt great because attempting to place them on a doorway can lead to the tornado being stuck in the wall next to the doorway. Thi
  3. so helminth? im a little confused as to why you want stuff we already have in our orbiters somewhere else? Seems redundant.
  4. I believe what youre looking for is called a Dojo.
  5. This has quite a performance hit for me(R5 2600, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM. 5760x1080 Mostly max settings), in plains of eidolon captura with no enemies I drop 30 fps from 90 to 60 in the same spot. On Earth I went from 108 to 80 in the same spot again with no combat or anything going on. Didnt really do anymore testing as I wasnt in the mood but I hope theres some room for improvement here, looks good though.
  6. you just said in a post above mine "But please don't down play MR30 effort, its pretty hard to get... ". "Pretty hard to get" implies skill is required, its not "pretty hard" to passively grind weapons while you do other stuff or grind out hydron. a goal that only requires minimal effort over time doesnt equal difficulty. As for how long it would take an "average player" it wouldnt, because an average player stops around mr14 (maybe 15 if they want kuva weapons) because they went for the meta gear and didnt want to bother building trash like the stugg. Or doesnt see any point in farming X
  7. ok so i can feed antiserum fragments to helminth now, cool. Suddenly the 12,000 fragment donation i gave to my clan for giggles years ago feels like a mistake. At least I have like 15k nav coordinates. Though I wonder why the severed bile sac wasnt added, we can feed helminth some numbers, some hot stuff, some cold stuff and some weird S#&$ we found floating in space but we cant have a bile sac in there because....reasons?
  8. mr 30 isnt "hard to get" it just takes time and the #*!%s to give about having a specific number next to your name. Stop acting like its some sort of grand display of skill and fortitude of character to rank up a bunch of gear.
  9. cant help but wonder the same, didnt make much sense unlike the other two so i expected it to be a bug.
  10. Welp thats not how its gonna work. Split Flight for bows, not for bow launchers. Maybe they'll change their mind if enough people complain.
  11. More like youre assuming that anyone against your bramma getting more powerful is automatically a hater. i was gonan type more but we just got an answer, looks like youre just gonna have to live with your bramma not being quite as exposive as you want.
  12. where are you pulling this crap from? thinking i dont want it to have split flight because i dont like it? jesus if you reach any further you might pull a muscle chill out. Bow or not, its effectively an AoE weapon, which is a class of weapon that was just wacked. How would it be consistent for DE to wack all AoE weapons then turn around and buff the one that a bunch of people consider the reason they were wacked in the first place? Again, it might be a bug for all of them, like cautious shot not working for the bramma but at least for the lenz and Bramma it would make sense for them to n
  13. Because it might be a bug or maybe it wouldnt work due to spagetti code? which is what i said in my first post. Theres legitimate reasons for it to not apply to the bramma and lenz, no gymnastics required. *Or maybe its a bug for all of them, it literally just dropped we wont know until some time passes.
  14. Consistency doesnt trump gameplay considerations. Bramma would pretty much only benefit from the mod as the -accuracy would have a negligable effect given how the bramma works compared to "normal" bows. DE just wacked AOE weapons why would they turn around and then give a massive buff to two of them.
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