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  1. ive not done any real testing but trumna seems to function well enough. Before I used the Exergis when it had rapid fire when the specter was in hold position but that was more because it was satisfying to hear that thing bust off rapid fire shots than because it was effective as hell.
  2. no change it to something neat like making the reload be a QTE where you fill it with liquid from a bottle but if you go even one ml under or over you have to start over also it takes 15 seconds.
  3. Another GOTL for a shotgun riven just went up, seems like we're getting a do over **Got a corinth riven so it worked properly the second go round.
  4. If you shoot an aimed missile from the Tenet Envoy and it hits a Nullifier shield it causes the beeping noise that plays while the missile is active to play on a loop. Sometimes the sound loop can be stopped if you fire another aimed missile and it successfully explodes but sometimes the sound bug lasts until the mission ends. This bug occurs in normal missions and the simulacrum, attached videos were recorded in the simulacrum for ease of recording. -Reproduction To trigger the bug: Using the Tenet Envoy, Fire aimed missile (hold RMB) at an active nullifier bubble. Very repeatable. To (sometimes) stop the sound bug after it has occurred: Fire another aimed missile and ensure that it explodes normally and does not hit a nullifier bubble. **However Sometimes this bug starts and firing another missile and ensuring it does not hit a nullifier bubble does not stop the sound bug. Once this occurs no amount of deliberate triggering of this sound bug has(so far) stopped the sound from playing and it continues until the mission is completed or abandoned. I do not know what triggers this second form of the bug where the sound is persistent and cannot be removed by another missile, I was unable to reproduce this in my session in the simulacrum but this has occurred in solo, host and client games in normal missions and can occur after the sound bug has been triggered and stopped already. This happens regardless of the weapon being modded or not and has occurred for me in solo, host, and client games. I have several videos (be sure to toggle sound on) This one shows the bug occurring and shows that it can be stopped sometimes by firing another missile. This one shows the bug occurring again, and shows that swapping to your secondary weapon does not stop the sound bug. It also shows the missiles floating in place where they hit the nullifier bubble This video shows that the sound bug persists in the simulacrum even when you go into the arsenal and switch weapons completely. (swapped from tenet envoy to acceltra) This video shows that leaving/finishing the current mission ends the sound bug.
  5. I'm a bit confused, are you referring to the damage the sister's weapon inherits being based on the frame you were using when you converted her or what frames I said I had used for the run? If you meant the former then that doesnt have anything to do with what I said, because I said you dont even need a specific frame to get the minimum kills required to spawn a sister. You just need a weapon, I imagine almost any weapon with an adequate build would manage it, it doesnt matter what frame you have on when it comes to killing the specters because you only have to kill a few instead of completing the full kill requirement. So you can use whatever frame you need to spawn the sister with the weapon damage bonus that you want. If you meant the latter then yes two of those frames can boost damage. nezha with his chakrams which I didnt use, I just shot the specter things with the corinths alt fire, and Zephyr who can boost crit while airborne and boost crit and damage overall against enemies in her tornadoes neither of which I did in that instance because the trumna alone was enough for the job.
  6. You dont need to max out the granum void to get the sister to spawn, just 25 kills which is doable with almost anything. Ive done it with nezha with a corinth, zephyr with a trumna and protea with her blaze artillery, dont even need to collect any of the time extensions since the kill requirement is so low.
  7. so how is the game seeing the Argonak and Stradavar fire modes differently than the Tiberon? i mean the only difference off the top of my head is that the Tiberon's zoom level doesnt change at all whereas the other two have differing zoom levels? Is thats whats causing this problem for these specific examples or is there something else at work? It may not seem like that big of a deal but i spent the time playing to get the skin(I had to farm the full amount basically i had like 9 pearls) and I cant even use it on my 2nd most used weapon and most used rifle, if its not too much trouble a specific and detailed answer would be very much appreciated.
  8. Argonak, Battacor, Tenora, Tenora Prime, Harpak, Stradavar, Stradavar Prime, Trumna, Kuva Hind, Zenith, Fulmin, Quellor, Stahlta, Acceltra, Basmu, Glaxion Vandal, Opticor Vandal. Only tested what I have.
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