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  1. Hagoromo was the first one I bought and is my favorite, the only ones I dont have is the Blade of the Lotus skin and Migisi and Monsoon helmets. I wasnt overly impressed by the BotL skin and the helmets are bad value imo since they cost almost as much as a full skin while only having a helmet, i cant bring myself to buy them at their current price.
  2. I was prepared to ditch warframe completely if DE messed up my bird, I play other frames but Zephyr is the only reason i kept playing through the constant content droughts and bs. The changes are great, being able to hover properly and having a good reward for doing so(cc bonus) was a long needed addition and soothed my hurt feelings after chroma getting an extra jump. The tornado changes are also great, theyre finally reliable enough so you dont have to babysit them to stop them from going off of the map. Airburst is still the weakest skill but the change to its pull easily made it 100% more
  3. cant help but think that divebomb damage is gonna get nerfed real quick.
  4. The Karak is essentially a Grineer Braton so if you want something essentially the same but a bit better then thats an option. Other options at MR5 include the Dera, Tetra, Boltor, Grakata and Gorgon. Dera isnt too bad but the Tetra kinda sucks, the Boltor is an alright weapon but its not hitscan like the rest of these guns so that might be a deal breaker for you. The Gorgon is a machine gun and has a bit of a wind up before the rate of fire is at maximum but its a solid enough weapon and would be a good upgrade over the Braton. Personally I would get the Grakata as it gives a good balance bet
  5. but helminth does, so rank up if you want access to the features the meat wall provides. *Having since seen your other thread about essentially the same topic and seeing that you actively choose to not progress mastery i cant help but laugh. you didnt get the response you wanted with that one so youre trying again but this time being like "think about all the low MR players" instead of "i dont like the consequences of my self imposed limitation so please cater to me so I can continue this nonsense without any negative repercussions" **Incase anyone cba to look fo
  6. got the same problem This is how it looks now when this is what its supposed to look like
  7. AOE, reload, and mag size do directly increase damage, the arsenal just doesnt reflect those changes. If you enlarge the AOE of a weapon you enable to to hit more enemies per shot therefore increasing its damage output. Increasing the magazine size or reload speed can affect your sustained damage output which is a direct increase to damage without actually increasing the damage you do per shot. More ammo or a faster reload means you spend more time doing damage and less time not doing damage. This is why these mods are not exilus mods, DE doesnt want the exilus mods to just be another slo
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