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  1. 1. The barrier to entry is too damn high In a setting like Railjack, the biggest problem is always making it out of the newbie zone, and for current railjack the only way to do so (without trading/buying from market, or joining someone else with an upgraded railjack) is to park the thing far away and play archwing only until gears and avionics are obtained. If they don't, they are subjected to the ship constantly being in the catastrophic failure state until revolite gives out, then they're sent back to the dock. With the new "aborting doesn't give intrinsics" rule set by DE to stop intrinsics farm, this takes the current new player experience and makes it even worse. This is absolutely unacceptable. Something must give: either crewships/enemy damage on earth is lowered or basic max health/armor avionics are given out that can reinforce the railjack enough to take more than a single salvo of crewship missiles, because they have no option of outrunning them without high piloting intrinsics at their level. Having crewships simply shoot less often on earth is also acceptable. 2. Buff Archguns damn it Because of the above-mentioned problem, archwing is the only way to get around early railjack content. Unfortunately, that only brings up the problem of how crap Archguns are to the surface. Hope you brought that Cyngas. If there's only two or three weapons with remotely comfortable time to kill, something's wrong, but everything's already wrong to begin with in Railjack. 3. Photors are still crap I thought Pulsars were the worst weapon, but Photors are also bad. Look, an incendiary status that does a Damage over Time effect must be fine, right? No. The Damage over Time doesn't stack, so anything inflicted by the Photors (and, god forbid, any archwing weapons) will tick for piddly squat damage and may as well not exist. If we were talking about a shotgun style nuke like Cryophon, it would be worth it, but on the Photors? No. If you switched the designs of Cryophon and Photors, I'd be very happy. A hitscan beam that freezes enemy fighters solid? Hell to the yes. A short range high-power fireball that inflicts damage over time? Awesome. However, I don't think this is happening. So, the only way for Photors to be good, besides buffing their damage, is to buff Incendiary status effect. The only way I can think of doing it right now is to let it stack infinitely like how multiple slash procs can tick at once, or each successive proc multiplies the current ticking damage. 4. RNG stat drops, but only 30 wreckage slots If the drops have RNG stats, 30 wreckage slots are not going to be enough if it is for every category of part combined. Now, if we were talking 30 slots for every different category, we wouldn't have this problem. However, this is also tied in with the next problem... 5. Repair costs are too damn high Repair costs are too damn high. That means even if you get parts you want, you'll be keeping them for a long time while farming the mats to repair them. By the time you get enough, you would have enough intrinsics to make it to the next area, even without the Ivara farm. This means you can join someone else's railjack squad and earn better parts. As it is now, it is even possible to make it to the veil before gaining enough to repair a set of mark 1 parts. The meta will ALWAYS be "never host until fully upgraded" until this is fixed. 6. Different roles, different rewards The optimal way to play (and the method that DE seems to want) is to give each member dedicated roles. One is the away team, one guns, one handles the forge and repairs and the host pilots or something. Unfortunately, people rush to be the away when the POI has something they want or if they're trying to Ivara farm. If they want to farm intrinsics the normal way, it's better to be an Engineer and repair. So, to encourage role diversity, ALL rewards need to be shared. That means affinity from killing mobs on crewship and affinity for repairing and forging. Yes, you can't share affinity that is multiplied through a stealth multiplier, but AT MINIMUM all drops that an away team picks up must be shared across all members. You already experienced this with Quellor and Pennant blueprints, now make it apply to all drops in Railjack. Resources dropped in any breakable containers, lockers etc. in the points of interest must be shared. Oh, don't forget that sentient ship too.
  2. Quellor really needs to be buffed, at least with more crit chance or MINIMUM faster reloads. If this was the weapon of the dax railjack crews, I'm not surprised they're all extinct because this gun can't handle them at all.
  3. Okay, I'll start with this: No game mode has a penalty for failing, other than wasting any entry costs (and nowadays not even that gets taken away in most cases). This is also partly to help anyone who host-migrates from being completely screwed. Now, in Railjack, host migration won't tax you, because that's not your railjack in the first place. However, for a host that has all their crew host migrate, they're left to solo. Then they will be forced to abort, because just trying to solo comes with a much higher risk now than playing it safe.
  4. I'm talking about NEW railjacks IN EARTH. That's as low tier as you can get, and they still get shredded because unless you have very high piloting (you don't, new player experience, remember?) you can't really dodge a crewship missile in railjack without just flying 30km away.
  5. Hell to the no. If new railjacks in the future are as cardboard as they are now, they'll never make it out of the infinite loop of losing due to bad railjack and/or being forced into the archwing-only meta. As it is now, the new player railjack experience is just lose all revolite > broke ship, discover archwing-only meta, play only that until railjack is fixed up or simply never host a game. You're going to have to implement fixes for that before even thinking of trying a penalty.
  6. Often, when leaving/entering railjack, weapon mods can lose effect.
  7. Their status effects don't match, but the damage type does. For example, if you go into archwing and shoot them with a main toxin status weapon, you will proc chem effect.
  8. Space dad in heaven your font size is huge "Hi everyone, in Colombia we have many players who have not been able to play after the empyrean update, because we cannot log in to the game, even several have not been able to download the update. Please help us. Thanks. "
  9. That's because it was a moveable gear item straight after release. There was a time between this and it becoming hidden.
  10. In orbiter, esc>profile>intrinsics Only method if you don't have one
  11. Yes it is, we're in space! Elements in Railjack combat were re-named: Impact: ballistics Puncture: plasma Slash: particle Heat: Incendiary Electric: Ionic Cold: Frost Toxin: Chem composite elements kind of "don't exist" except for blast.
  12. Away team pickups in asteroid bases etc. need to be shared with the rest of the team. As it is now, people who stay and protect the railjack or man the crew are at a disadvantage as they won't earn any BPs, resources etc and those resources might also be needed in the forge.
  13. does anyone have an ss of what a railjack rare container looks like?
  14. I watched it til the end and even staying past it and I didn't get it
  15. Old topic but now suddenly it wants me to have an extra 30gb of space and warframe takes up more than that by itself...
  16. As title says, the throw damage nerf also took away the power of Wolf Sledge throw, the only thing that made it stand out. Please fix.
  17. 1. The lich does one of their finisher/grapple animations on you 2. The lich tosses you off the map 3. you respawn but are now unable to move. Cannot be fixed by /unstuck, unable to do anything at all. Can't switch into operator either
  18. action MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2, AKA the Japanese, did allow choosing between sequencing 3 attack skills and linking each of the 3 mouse buttons to an attack skill. This was implemented around 2-3 years ago upon request..
  19. Machete's stance Cyclone Kraken no longer has the flip attack used at the end of the basic EEEE combo. That was my favorite part of the stance and I hate to see it gone.
  20. I said this earlier, but it is part of Fracturing Wind now
  21. no, covert lethality is the one that got the nerf
  22. sentinel weapon mod sharing when?
  23. Heavy attacks will only be worth it on weapons with low status and crit chance, meaning, stuff we'd literally never bring into a high level mission to kill with. The benefits from blood rush or weeping wounds is simply far, far too great to bother ever wanting to spend on heavy attacks. I guarantee you, in high leveled missions, as it is now, unless you absolutely need something like a demolyst in disruption dead, you'll never use it.
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