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  1. @[DE]Megan I've completed all of the Earth Proxima missions and have Intrinsic above 3 on all but Saturn Proxima isn't available. Would like to know what is wrong? Found out what was wrong the selection area for Saturn is off and that's why it wasn't selecting.
  2. I still don't understand why people bother with rivens. Riven RNG is completely wrong for this game. It wouldn't be a problem if we as players had some way of locking a stat and in doing so it restricts it being traded. Its disheartening to spend time rolling a riven only to have its disposition get changed because of a meta shift or just popularity. Or the fact you can roll 50+ times and never get a good roll and then see someone in trade chat with a "groll" on it being unveiled. The Riven sliver things, don't know what they are called since I'm on console and wont see them for awhile, would have been a perfect locking mechanic for rivens. But instead they allow you to get another slot machine riven. Having more rivens isn't what I want but I might be in the minority.
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